Who Makes Supertech Oil

Who Makes Supertech Oil and Is It Any Good?

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If you’re an enthusiast driver, then you’re aware of how vital motor oil is to your engine’s mechanical components. In fact, most mechanics term it as the lifeblood of your engine and a vital element that improves your engine’s performance. But, while that’s the case, one question slowly creeps in, what’s the best oil for my vehicle? If you’re a Walmart shopper, the Supertech Oil is likely to be your first as it’s a great value motor oil that’s exclusive to Walmart. But, there’s another question. Who makes Supertech Oil?

Although Walmart is known for offering an affordable range of Supertech Oils, it doesn’t produce the oil itself. Since most Walmart customers love the quality, performance, and affordability of Supertech Oils, most of them are eager to know who exactly produces this quality motor oil.

With that said, this guide will walk you through a lengthy discussion to determine who makes Supertech Oil. We’ll also discuss its history, its benefits, its composition, and how it fairs when compared to other major oil brands in the market.


But First, What Kind of Oil is Supertech?


Who Makes Supertech Oil Kind


When choosing motor oil, the first thing you need to consider is the type of oil you’re buying. In today’s market, there are different types of oils available. They range from premium, high mileage, conventional to synthetic oils.

Since picking the right type of oil is vital for your engine’s performance, it’s always important that you pick an oil that’s recommended for your specific vehicle. In the case of Supertech Oil, this type of oil is fully synthetic motor oil.

What this means is that this oil is man-made or rather made from chemically modified materials. This includes a combination of premium base oils and special additives to allow the oil to adjust excellently under extreme temperatures.

In fact, this is one of the major selling points of Supertech Oil as its among the oils that meet GM standards of Detox 1 ratings. An oil such as the Supertech Oil SAE 5W30 is considered one of the best as it doesn’t lose its viscosity when used under extreme temperatures. It also has a superior engine wear protection of around 10,000 miles, which is considered higher than most organic motor oils.


What’s the Quality of Supertech Oil?

Now that you understand what type of oil Supertech is, the next question you’re likely to ask yourself is whether this motor oil is the best quality. The simple answer is Yes. Supertech Oil is good quality oil and it’s worth buying.

Despite the oil being cheaper as compared to other major brands, the manufacturer hasn’t sacrificed quality over affordability. So, in case you’re concerned about the quality of this oil, then there’s nothing to worry about. In fact, the low-price range and excellent quality of this oil is one reason why most Walmart shoppers prefer it over its closest rivals.

Now, other than the high customer reviews, one of the factors that make Supertech Oil one of the best is how it ticks the quality-proofing checkbox. Here, this oil has complied with all standard guidelines, procedures, and requirements as stipulated by various institutions.

Starting with the USA, Supertech Oil has met both API and ILSAC specifications. API stands for American Petroleum Institute while ILSAC stands for International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee.

Here, Supertech Oil consists of an API Donut stamp at the rear, an API Service stamp around the top, and an API Starburst stamp stamped on the star. With such approvals, it means the Supertech Oil has met rigorous quality standards making it suitable for engine use. Besides, this oil has positive effects on fuel efficiency and is good for emissions control.

But, other than passing API standards, Supertech Oil has unbelievably passed GMs stringent oil standards. These standards were set in 2011 and they stipulate that a good quality oil should hold up well when used under extreme heat and pressure.

This stringent GM rating is called Dexos and Supertech Oils have met this high standard earning a Dexos 1 rating. This makes the oil a reliable choice for all GM vehicles manufactured from 2011 to date.


Why is Supertech Oil Cheaper?

After such a lengthy discussion, it makes sense when you ask why Supertech Oil is way cheaper than its competitors. The reason for this is that most stores such as Walmart order Supertech Oils in high volumes. As a result, manufacturers decide to sell the oil at much better prices. In the end, Walmart sells the oil at affordable prices settling with a small profit margin.


So, Who Makes Supertech Oil for Walmart?


Who Makes Supertech Oil Walmart


Now that we’ve discussed a lot about Supertech Oil, one question you must be asking is who exactly makes this oil? Although Supertech is a Walmart exclusive brand, Walmart is just a retail giant and not an oil manufacturer. So, who manufacturers the oil?

Well, according to most sources, Supertech oil is manufactured by Warren Oil Company Inc. While that’s the case, you need to note that Warren Oil Company is not the only company that manufactures Supertech oil for Walmart. Other giant companies that produce and supply Supertech oil for Walmart include ExxonMobil and Pennzoil. Since this can be confusing to some, let’s discuss each manufacturer in detail.


Warren Oil Company


Warren Oil Company is a subsidiary of Warren Petroleum Corporation, a company that was founded in 1976 in Dunn, North Carolina by Warren and his wife. While the company formerly operated in a small building in North Carolina, the business took a positive twist in 1991 when it became one of the largest producers of natural gasoline and LPG propane gas.

Besides, the company went on to purchase 5 additional blending and packaging companies to broaden the scope of the business. Today, Warren Oil Company has employed hundreds of employees with the brand setting up additional facilities in different states across the USA.

Additionally, this brand manufactures other automotive products besides motor oil such as steering oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, chemical cleaners, and antifreeze among other products.




Who Makes Supertech Oil Exxonmobil


Other than Warren Oil Company, another manufacturer that’s well known for producing Supertech Oil is ExxonMobil. Now, ExxonMobil is a brand that was created in 1999 after a merger between Exxon and Mobil.

Initially, these two companies were one big brand named Standard Oil Company. In fact, the company was founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. However, following constant pressure from both the government and the general public, due to what was termed as an unfair marketing strategy, the company was split into different smaller companies to cut monopoly.

Two of these companies were Jersey Standards, which later became Exxon, and  Sacony-Vacuum, which later became Mobil.




The last company that supplies Supertech Oil to Walmart is Pennzoil. This company has operated as an independent company from its formation in 1913 until 2002 when it was purchased by Royal Dutch Shell.

Today, this brand is known for making a wide range of automotive products such as full synthetic motor oil, brake and transmission fluids, conventional motor oils, and air/oil filters for cars, trucks, and SUVs. For brand identification, Pennzoil uses a unique yellow packaging.


So, How Do You Identify Each Manufacturer?


Now that you’re aware of the different brands that deliver packaged Supertech Oil to Walmart, there’s one key question you’re likely to ask yourself—how do I distinguish each manufacturer’s oil? The answer is simple. Just inspect the oil bottles to see where each manufacturer puts their brand marks.

  • Warren Oil Company: Starting with Warren Oil Company, this brand was the first to manufacture Supertech Oil. For that reason, you’ll see their mark represented with a white rectangle on the front or at the back of the bottle. The rectangle can be blank, contain a serial number, or have a scannable QR code.
  • ExxonMobil: When it comes to ExxonMobil, the easiest way to distinguish the brand from the rest is by looking at the bottle cap. Here, the caps are larger and exactly similar to caps found in Mobil 1 bottles.
  • Pennzoil: Lastly, there’s Pennzoil. In most cases, their oil is packaged by Constar. Therefore, their Supertech Oil will have a Constar mark that’s represented by a C and a star inside it. But, you need to note that Warren also uses Constar containers when they’re short of containers.

Therefore, to distinguish them from Pennzoil, you need to check whether the container has a white rectangle at the back or in the front.


Supertech Oil vs. Other Brands


Other than Supertech, several other motor oil brands in the market have successfully established their market share in this business. Some of these oils include Mobil1, Castrol, and AmazonBasics.

Although we’ll discuss them in detail, it’s important to note that the best motor oil is the one that meets the technical and weight requirements of your vehicle. Since each motor oil has its unique composition, you need to buy the right oil for your car and ensure that you replace it on time.

By doing this, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of your oil such as removing sludge and lubricating the engine. That said, let’s discuss each of these competing brands.


Supertech vs. Mobil1


MB Supertech vs Mobil1


The greatest competitor of Supertech Oil is Mobil1. The reason why it’s a great competitor is the fact that it’s highly recommended by most car specialists and automotive companies. Another reason that underlines its popularity is the fact that it’s the official motor oil for NASCAR and several Formula One Racing Teams such as RedBull Racing, Williams, and McLaren.

Its also endorsed by giant auto-maker companies such as Aston Martin, Bentley, and Cadillac among others.

Due to such a successful run, Mobil1 is regarded as one of the most expensive motor oils. But, despite being twice as expensive as Supertech, Mobil1 has a lot of similarities with Supertech.

For instance, both of these oils are fully synthetic oils, they’re Dexos certified, they’re high-mileage, they work with both old and new gasoline engines and they comply with both safety and environmental regulations as set by API and ILSAC.


Supertech vs. Castrol


Who Makes Supertech Oil Castrol


Another oil that has proven to be a great competitor to Supertech is Castrol. Now, both of these brands are SAE certified meaning they share the same features and specs. In fact, both of these oils are excellent when it comes to protecting engine parts in any weather even extreme conditions.

However, these two oils have two major distinctions. One of them is the price where Castrol is considered a bit pricier than Supertech. Another huge difference is the change duration. While Supertech oil demands a change every 7,000-10,000 miles, Castrol can last up to 15,000 miles.


Supertech vs. AmazonBasics


The last oil that’s a huge competitor to Supertech is AmazonBasics. Just like Supertech, AmazonBasics is cheap and excellent in managing emissions and improving fuel economy. But, despite the similarities, these two oils have several differences.

One, AmazonBasics has the highest SN rating which makes it the highest-rated motor oil in the USA. Two, AmazonBasics protects the engine even in extreme temperatures. However, Supertech tends to outperform it slightly in winter conditions.


Pros and Cons of Supertech Oil

Supertech oil is one of the best full synthetic oils on the market. But, despite receiving hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews from Walmart shoppers, this motor oil has several merits and demerits when compared with other oils.


  • One of the major pros of Supertech oil is that it doesn’t react to changing temperatures. What this means is that this oil doesn’t thicken when it’s cold nor does it break when it’s too hot.
  • Another advantage of Supertech oil is that it has a very powerful formulation. This formulation has active additives that reduce sludge to help the engine run clean. This oil also helps to lubricate the engine to give the moving parts longer lasting life.
  • The third advantage of Supertech oil is the low asking price. In fact, this is considered one of the major reasons why Walmart shoppers prefer this synthetic oil over its closest rivals. Being a cheap oil means that everyone can afford it without digging deep into their pockets.
  • The last advantage of Supertech oil is that it has passed all the rigorous tests set by API, ILSAC, and GM. This makes it a fully certified oil that’s safe to use in any standard vehicle.


  • As a synthetic oil, Supertech Oil is not the best to use on new vehicles. That’s because new engines require breaking in for them to run efficiently. Since synthetic oils don’t produce enough friction that’s needed, petroleum-based lubricants are hence required in such situations.
  • Supertech Oil has been edged out by most notable brands when it comes to the duration of an oil change. While it demands an oil change every 7,000-10,000 miles, other brands, such as Castrol can last up to 15,000 miles.
  • Lastly, Supertech Oil is not recommended for high-performance cars. While it works perfectly in conventional engines, it’s not suited for powerful HEMI engines.


Final Thoughts


Who Makes Supertech Oil Final


With the above information, I think we’ve answered the question of who makes Supertech Oil for Walmart. In this case, it’s Warren Distribution. This company also supplies Supertech Oil to Sears and Amazon store brands.

You see, one good thing with Supertech Oil is that it offers the same quality motor oil as other highly-rated brands but at a cheaper price. What this means is that motorists looking for cheaper yet high-quality motor oil will have a chance of getting it without overburdening themselves.

Although this oil cannot get to the level of elite brands such as Mobil1, its quality, reliability, and affordability are among the factors that allow it to compete head-to-head with the most expensive brands.


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