Track a Car Using Your Phone

How to Track a Car with GPS

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Do you own a car and fear of it getting stolen? Thanks to the advent of technology, unlike in the olden days where stolen cars took ages to track through an expensive investigative team and a tiring process, today’s stolen cars get traced instantly. Also, you get to locate your vehicle with ease if you had no idea where you packed it or had given someone to use. You may ask how. By use of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Like many people, you may wonder what a GPS is and how it gets used. You need not fret; in this article, you shall learn how to track a car with GPS.

A GPS is a radio navigation system operated through a satellite by the US Air Force but owned by the US government. By use of a GPS, you get able to know about your car’s movements. Here is how you use a GPS to track your vehicle.

How to Track Your Car Using GPS

Most cars come with inbuilt GPS, and the exciting thing is that they are free and valuable to use. You need not buy another GPS. But most manufacturers build a navigation system with a premium package that offers extra features that make tracking your car easy. If your vehicle does not have GPS software, you need not worry. The market gets flooded with quality GS software for you to choose depending on your needs, budget, and type of car. Some of the available free tracks include the Instamapper and the Google maps GS.

After acquiring your GPS locator, you then register your device and service based on your car’s specifications. All GPS comes with the company’s website responsible for hosting these programs. You, therefore, need to login to the site and fill in your car’s and personal details. For example, the model and color of your car and email. The GPS software you use will determine the type of technique to use to track your vehicle.

If you want to enjoy tracking your car using a free GPS, you should register your details successfully. A few minutes after registration, you should get a notification confirming the successful receipt of your details. Then you get sent a link via your email’s inbox to download the software. But when you buy a tracker, you need to install and hide it correctly in your car. No one should get to see or notice it with ease.

Advanced GPS models like the advanced A-GPS Car that get operated using a remote control are accessible. With these kinds of GPS, you can either install them temporarily or permanently. Fortunately, most tracking devices for cars get made tiny to help you hide them anywhere in your vehicle with ease where no one can see or destroy them. For instance, you can hide them anywhere in your steering wheels or cars. After installing it in a secure and suitable place in your vehicle, you then activate the GPS. Then browse your provider’s website to make a few changes to your device’s settings.

After changing the settings, you get to see your car’s exact location since the latitude and longitude are usually real-time. It also means that your car’s information gets updated every minute. What’s exciting about this GS device is the fact that you can adjust it to indicate those places that are risky and less risky. You get a notification through your email. Isn’t it amazing! GPS enhances your security.

It gets even better with these GPS models because the location they cover is unlimited. Also, you only pay once with no added subscription fees. You may get interested in free GPS. Are you wondering why? It comes manual free since it’s easy to operate. Also, the fact that it gets computerized makes it easy to handle any problem. You only need to contact customer service via your email if you encounter any issue with your GPS. They will help you locate your car at any time and day in case you experience any difficulty. Alternatively, you can find your vehicle using a mobile phone. Are you eager to know how? Check out the following;

How to Track Your Car Using Your Phone

First, connect your mobile phone to the internet. For smartphones, putting on Wi-Fi or your data will do. As a result, you get to locate your car in real-time. Search for the most reliable company offering tracking services via phone and sign up. Then go to your Google map application and switch it on. Make some essential settings changes like your phone’s id. After finishing with your settings, you will get a notification requesting whether the software can start tracking. Tap the okay button to accept the offer. Then switch it to silent mode and hide it somewhere safe from anyone. When the phone rings to indicate the location, it will alert people where it’s hidden and the fact that the car is getting monitored.

Because the phone can quickly get out of power, it gets recommended that you connect it to a reliable power backup. Alternatively, you can seek the services of an experienced and skilled technician to connect your mobile phone with the car’s car battery. In this regard, your phone will always be on, and you can trace your vehicle 24/7 without power interruption.

When you are through, login to the website of the company you choose to offer you the phone tracking services. Make sure the username is your name because if it indicates another name, you don’t get recognized as the real owner in case of any incident. If you see a dot blinking on your phone, know that your device’s Google map is active.

As your car moves, the dot indicates the location and the direction you are moving. What’s impressive about tracing your car with your phone is the fact that you can get full information about where your car went for the last four weeks. Thanks to the phone’s back-up memory. With your phone’s Google mapper, you get to see your car’s essential movement details like the direction, speed, mileage, or stations stopped at for one month. The only setback with tracking your vehicle using the phone is that the process is cumbersome. As a result, you get forced to use a small device called TrackR to easy the process by pairing it with your phone. Instead of fitting your mobile phone in the car, you install the tracker since it’s smaller than your phone. It’s the size of your phone.


The fact that your car can get stolen cannot get ignored. Your driver may also misuse your car by driving around. As illustrated above, installing a GPS in your car is essential. Alternatively, you can track your vehicle using your mobile phone. If you have the money, you can go for the premium GPS, as described above, because they come with added features. But free GPSs are equally good. Unlike before, when investigators physically searched for your car when lost and used much time and energy, you can be able to locate your lost or stolen vehicle almost instantly if connected with a tracking system. Besides, you would instead buy GPS software than buy a new car!

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