If you are someone looking for a chainsaw that can handle demanding work, then this article is for you. In it, we’re going to explore the best professional chainsaw for you to buy so you can cut through timber quickly and easily.

Professional chainsaws come with a slightly higher price tag than basic chainsaw models. However, they are easy to handle and will last you for years. All you need to do is ensure that you choose a high-quality professional chainsaw such as the ones in our review list.

So let’s take the confusion out of choosing the right tool for your needs with our in-depth review and buying guide. We’ve even included an FAQ section to make your job of choosing the perfect chainsaw for your needs a whole lot easier.

10 Best Professional Chainsaw: At A Glance


So let’s get right to it!

Top 10 Best Professional Chainsaw Review:

1. Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw

This is undoubtedly the best professional chainsaw on the market right now, and that’s why it made it to the top of our list. The gas-powered tool has an ergonomic design which allows the handler to control its power with ease. It’s powerful but easy to start due to its smart technology.

With this chainsaw, you will be able to quickly and easily bring down trees, pruned limbs, or cut up firewood. It’s no matter what type of job you have in mind, you’ll be able to get through it efficiently with this amazing tool.

It has an air injection centrifugal system for cleaning the air, and which is designed to help keep larger dust and debris particles from getting to the air filter, which helps to improve the engine’s life. It also has a LowVib anti-vibration system which helps to reduce vibration levels significantly, and this makes for a much more comfortable operation of this power tool.

This is definitely the best soul for part-time users and landowners who need a heavy-duty, high-powered, and responsive tool that works well in all cutting conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20-inch, 55cc gas chainsaw
  • Quick-release air filter for easy cleaning and replacement
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning system for quick adjustments
  • Automatic chain oiler for safe, effective use
  • 2-cycle engine and intertia-activated chain brake

2. DEWALT Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This cordless chainsaw features extremely low kickback and is constructed with outdoor cutting applications in mind. According to a lot of chainsaw reviews, this product from the Dewalt brand has a unique design that comes with the chain brake to give you additional kickback protection.

The bar tightening knob and tool-free chain tensioning allows you to exert the proper bar clamping force. This chainsaw also has auto oiling which means you can have continuous lubrication, making your cutting efforts as safe and effective as possible.

It has a quarter-turn oil cap to make your refills quick and easy, and this powerful tool offers up to 70 cuts with each charge. The 16-inch barrel length makes it ideal for cutting smaller trees, pruning branches, and cutting firewood. Backed by a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality, affordable, and great performing tool when you buy the Dewalt Cordless Chainsaw Kit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chain brake for kickback protection
  • Ergonomic lightweight design offers ease of use
  • Features tool-free chain tensioning
  • Auto-oiling offers continuous lubrication
  • Very low kickback great for outdoor cutting applications

3. GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw

The manufacturer of this chainsaw has definitely taken lithium-ion technology to another level. This chainsaw is one of the best gas comparable alternatives you’ll find on the market right now. With 70% less vibration and 30% more torque than the gas-powered chainsaws, this is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for a cutting tool with far more power, less noise, greater efficiency, and longer life.

This is an ideal chainsaw for users of all skill levels and experience. So whether you’re a veteran chainsaw user or if it’s your first time handling a machine such as this one, this is a great tool to help you get your work done quickly, and efficiently.

The saw features a heavy-duty,   Oregon bar and chain, chain break, and chain pitch, as well as an automatic boiler – all of which makes it extremely easy to use. It’s very easy to get the ultimate performance from this cutting tool, making this the best all-around professional chainsaw on the market right now.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brushless motor provides longer run time
  • Designed for more torque and power
  • Extended lifespan thanks to reduced wear and tear
  • 70% less vibration offers more user comfort
  • Single battery powers at least 25 tools

4. Black + Decker Cordless Chainsaw

This cordless chainsaw has a 40V lithium-ion battery which offers longer run time and significantly longer life overall. The battery can stay charged for up to five times longer. With this tool, you get smooth and fast cuts thanks to its 12-inch low kickback bar and chain.

Tool-free chain tensioning allows you to make chain adjustments quickly and easily during use. This tool also has a lightweight design which offers maximum maneuverability and ease of use. Its automatic oiling system helps to ensure that your bar and chain have constant lubrication for effective and safe use.

If you are searching for the best selling chainsaw, you won’t go wrong with this brand. Designed with the wraparound bail handle for increased comfort and control, this is undoubtedly one of the best models you’ll find on the market today.

Highlighted Features:

  • Green LED light flashes to show battery charging
  • 12-inch premium bar and chain
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Tool-free tensioning for easy chain adjustment
  • Longer run time 40V Max lithium-ion battery

5. DEWALT Li-Ion Chainsaw

Equipped with an auto oiling system to keep the chain and guide bar lubricated constantly, this chainsaw is one of the best models you’ll find out there. The oil level indicator will show you the level of oil in the chainsaw, and if it’s less than a quarter full, simply remove the battery and refill with the right type of oil. Just make sure to always empty the oil tank when you’re done cutting.

According to a lot of chainsaw reviews online, the 12-inch Oregon bar and chain on this model offer low kickback making it ideal for construction and various outdoor cutting applications. The high-efficiency brushless motor helps to maximize run time which, in turn, significantly increases the lifespan of your motor.

With tool-free chain tensioning and convenient bolt-tightening knob, this compact and lightweight unit is ideal for anyone who wants maximum user control and comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unit is part of 20V Max system tools
  • Boasts 25.2 ft./s chain speed
  • Compact and lightweight 8.8 pounds design
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Low kickback 12-inch Oregon bar and chain

6. Poulan Gas Chainsaw

For anyone searching for a powerful 20-inch chainsaw that is easy to start as well as to operate, this is a great option for you to consider. It is a high-quality, robust model that has a low weight for ease of use. This chainsaw is equipped with an OxyPower engine which guarantees a lot more power while offering lower emission levels as well as lower fuel consumption.

The soft start feature makes the chainsaw extremely easy to start, and it also has a purge and integrated choke-stop controls. Even beginner users will find this tool extremely easy to handle, and maintenance is a breeze thanks to the convenient side-adjust chain tensioning and the easy access clips on the unit’s cylinder cover which allow you quick access to the spark plug and filter.

For anyone searching for the best professional chainsaw on the market right now, this is one you seriously need to consider. It’s also backed by a two-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique engine technology provides additional power
  • 20% lower fuel consumption and 70% fewer emissions
  • Combi tool integrated into the rear handle
  • User-friendly choke/stop control for faster starting
  • Purge bulb is protected to reduce risk of damage

7. Remington Gas Chainsaw

This chainsaw was designed with massive jobs in mind. The gas-powered engine, while being 46cc, is powerful enough to rival even the best Stihl chainsaw in the same category. It has a 20-inch bar and chain which means that it can be used to cut down large trees as well as manage extensive storm damage.

This unit has quick start technology that you can rev up and get to cutting down trees right away. It has a professional-grade diecast chassis designed to withstand the test of time. You don’t have to worry a lot about wear and tear as all the parts in this model are designed to be long-lasting and durable.

The device has a side access tensioner which makes it easy to quickly adjust your chains during use. The ergonomic handles and enhanced grip help to keep vibrations as low as possible, which means your hands will not only be steady, but comfortable too. It comes with a well-written operator’s guide from the manufacturer to let you know how to use, store, maintain, and troubleshoot the machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Powerful engine with a high output of 46cc
  • Designed to perform big jobs well
  • Features quick start technology
  • Tool-free access to spark plug and filter

8. Echo Gas Chainsaw

This gas chainsaw from the Echo brand is extremely reliable and very easy to operate. It’s definitely among the best selling chainsaw models that you’ll find thanks to its high-quality construction as well as its affordable price.

With this saw, you’ll be able to slice through pines, oaks, ironwood, and various other types of trees. It has great power for chewing through thick cuts quickly and effectively despite its lightweight.

Always clean your saw after each use by taking off the covering chain to clean out the wood particles. This helps to ensure long-lasting performance. Also, keep a sharp chain on your saw and do your best to use small batches of fresh gasoline with stabilizers in order to prevent the fuel from getting old, which is something else that can negatively affect the longevity of your power tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight and very easy to carry and use
  • Great for small trees and branches
  • Comes with clear, well-written operator’s manual
  • Anti-vibration handles reduce fatigue
  • 18-inch bar length, 40cc engine displacement

9. Hitachi Purefire Engine Chainsaw

This Hitachi chainsaw has a PureFire engine designed for commercial users who need to be able to quickly and easily cut down large trees. It features a commercial-grade 50cc engine that provides clean and powerful performance while consuming less fuel.

This is undoubtedly the best 50cc professional chainsaw for anyone who wants a tool that is incredibly easy to start and control. It has a decompression valve for easy starting as well as bumper spikes and the sprocket nose bar for extra control during use.

The side-access chain tensioning system makes it easier to adjust the chain during use, and it also has an adjustable oiler to regulate the flow of oil to the bar and chain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Toolless access to the air filter
  • Professional-grade power tool designed for cutting large trees
  • High-quality craftsmanship offered at an affordable price
  • Powerful 50cc commercial-grade engine
  • Additional power with less fuel consumption

10. Craftsman Gas Chainsaw

With a 46cc full crank max output engine, this gas chainsaw is one that you should definitely consider if you’re looking for a great way of cutting through tough wood quickly and easily. With this saw, you’ll be able to achieve more efficient results as it is designed to withstand hours of brutal, prolonged cutting tasks.

It is equipped with easy-start technology which allows you to be up and running in just seconds with minimal pull-start effort. In addition to that, this saw has cushioned full-wrap handle as well as a 5-point anti-vibration system which helps to reduce hand fatigue during use.

This is undoubtedly the best 50cc professional chainsaw you’ll find for the price. It will make a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of tools for bringing down massive trees or chopping up large branches into firewood. No matter what you need this saw for, you’ll absolutely be blown away by the amount of power this compact unit holds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Comes with high-quality carrying case
  • Tool-free access to filter and spark plug
  • The effective anti-vibration system reduces fatigue
  • Quick-start technology for efficient pull-starts

11. Husqvarna 24 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Specifically developed for safety and high productivity
  • Lightweight design for ease of use and transport
  • Reduced wear and tear for long-lasting durability
  • High-quality construction from a well-known brand
  • Optimized center plate design for stability and centering

12. Dolmar Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Low emissions and 20% less fuel consumption
  • Features a large fuel tank that gives 30 minutes of operation
  • Extremely powerful engine with high torque
  • Intake centrifugal air pre-cleaning system reduces dirt particles
  • Toolless access for easy filter change and cleaning

13. Echo Professional Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • 50cc engine, premium-grade 2 stroke engine
  • Professional chainsaw with a 20-inch bar
  • Side access chain tensioner for ease of use
  • Clutch-driven oiler and reduced effort starter
  • Easy access, heavy-duty air filter prolongs unit life

14. Husqvarna 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers significantly lower fuel consumption
  • Air cleaning systems help remove larger dirt particles from the air filter
  • Smart start engine for easier, simpler starting with less effort
  • Snap-lock cylinder cover for easy access when cleaning
  • Impressive maximum power speed of 9,000 rpm

15. Makita Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-start spring-assisted starter for quick start using less force
  • Powerful engine for improved fuel efficiency and lower consumption
  • Improved durability and lightweight thanks to magnesium housing
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance cartridge air filter for extended life
  • 13,000 rpm with extremely fast acceleration provides more efficient performance

16. Jonsered Gas Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Clean power technology engines reduce exhaust emissions by 75%
  • Unique turbo intake air cleaning technology for optimal performance
  • Insulated chainsaw handles for lower vibrations and reduced fatigue
  • Quick-release snap-lock cylinder covers for quick access to spark plug and filter
  • Tool-free side-mounted tensioner to adjust chain quickly and easily

17. Oregon Electric Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique and convenient self-sharpening PowerSharp system
  • Low-maintenance blade backed by two-year consumer warranty
  • Powerful engine, Integrated chain brake designed for optimal safety
  • Ergonomic design for lightweight balance and lower vibration
  • Reduced kickback and tool-less chain tensioning system

18. Zombi Electric Chainsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • 58V 4Ah battery for dependable and efficient performance
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Low kickback 16-inch bar and chain
  • Includes chainsaw tool in a built-in compartment
  • Equipped with handguard, chain brake, auto-oiling, and indicator reservoir


Things To Consider When Buying A Professional Chainsaw

There are quite a few factors that you need to consider when choosing the best professional chainsaw. We’ve listed the most important ones below for you to consider. Take a look at each and then decide on the right chainsaw for your needs according to all the different factors.

  • 1. Engine

As a professional, you need a chainsaw that will be able to handle more serious workloads. You obviously want a powerful tool that will be able to slice through even tough conditions with ease. You’ll find cordless and electric chain saws out there.

However, for extremely heavy-duty work, gas-powered chainsaws typically perform better. This is why the first thing for you to consider is the chain saw engine as well as the amount of power that it delivers. When cutting down large trees, sewing through thick hardwood, and so on, you definitely need a tool with adequate power output such as that offered by gas-powered chainsaws.

A chainsaws power output is measured in cc. This means the higher the cc the chainsaw has the more power it offers. As a general rule, chainsaws used for professional work typically range between 35 to 80cc of power.

So while someone who’s cutting down small trees might find a model at the lower end of the spectrum adequate for their needs, if you’re doing heavy-duty work you will likely need a model on the higher end.

  • 2. Bar Length

A chainsaw bar is that long part that protrudes from the body and secures the chain. Whenever you’re using your chainsaw to harvest wood, you really don’t want to have to do one task for hours. Slow cutting speeds are time-consuming and even more importantly, slow cutting speeds wear both you and your tool down.

When you have a chainsaw with slow cutting speed, it not only saps you of your energy but it also shortens your tool’s lifespan significantly. This is why you need to take into consideration what type of work you’re going to be performing before choosing the right chainsaw for the job.

The first thing to think about is the average with any trees you intend to cut. So for instance, if you are going to be cutting down 60-foot high sycamores, you are obviously going to need a much longer bar length than if you are felling 8-inch diameter trees.

You can choose a smaller sized chainsaw which can easily handle this task by offering you a much larger cutting capacity as well as a higher performance. Consider the chainsaw’s bar length carefully. The longer the bar on the chainsaw, the deeper and faster that chain is going to cut.

You’ll find models that offer chainsaw bar lengths that range from 10 inches to 24 inches. You may find that chainsaws with bar lens up to 18 or so are capable of handling average-sized workloads, but for the really thick cuts, you may need to choose a model that measures closer to the 24-inch mark.

  • 3. Ease of Use

Chainsaws are extremely powerful tools that can also prove to be very dangerous. You need to ensure that the model you purchased is the ideal size and weight for your needs. If you buy a chainsaw that is too heavy for you to handle, or one that feels awkward or off-balance, you may increase your risk of getting injured while using the tool.

Trying to combat issues like these will take its toll on your body, and even worse, the motions in your arms and body can eventually lead to serious injury. In order to prevent this, make sure you look for a model that’s not too heavy to handle. You also need one that’s centered and balanced during use.

Of course, if you are buying a chainsaw online, this may be very hard to gauge. But luckily, there are tons of online reviews from other customers, depending on which tool you decide to buy. Read through these reviews to find out what other users are saying about that particular chainsaw.

Another feature to look out for is ergonomic handles which will allow you to not only maintain a firm, comfortable grip on your tool but also help to reduce hand fatigue particularly if you will be using your chainsaw for long periods of time.

If you’ll be felling trees for hours every day, you’ll quickly come to appreciate an ergonomic handle as it will undoubtedly boost your efficiency, allowing you to maintain much better control of your power tool which leads to quicker and more precise cutting.

  • 4. Maintenance and Care

As you well know, the better care you take of your tools the longer they will last, and the better the will perform over time. You need to choose a chainsaw that is easy for you to maintain and one that has minimal wear and tear as this can significantly reduce the life of your professional powerhouse.

The good news is that a lot of the products on our list are designed and built with extreme productivity in mind. Not only can they be disassembled quickly and easily for proper maintenance but you’re also able to swap out damaged or worn out parts then reassemble the tool easily so you can get right back to work.


Types of Chainsaws 

The type of chain saw that you ultimately decide to go with will depend a lot on the kind of work you want to do. But whether you want a chainsaw for domestic work or if you want a hard-wearing unit, the main thing is to ensure that the tool you choose is cost-efficient and satisfies all your work requirements. Listed below are the different types of chainsaws that you have available to choose from.

  • 1. Battery-Powered

These types of chainsaws are ideal for people who don’t want to have to deal with cords or fuel expenses. They are adaptable to smaller tasks and their batteries have a voltage which tells you how much power you can expect from that tool.

The higher the voltage of the batteries, the more power you’ve got to work with. As a general rule, manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries since they charge a lot faster and offer more compact energy. Some models have NiCad batteries which are a lot less expensive. These types of batteries function great except that they take much longer to recharge.

  • 2. Gas or Fuel-Based

Unlike the lightweights mentioned above, these models constitute the alphas in terms of the level of power that they possess. Fuel-based chainsaws have been around for quite a while and they are still as popular today as ever.

For people who have affordable fuel sources, this option is a great one to consider if you have a lot of heavy work to get through. The output of a fuel-based chainsaw is determined by its capacity which is measured in cc (cubic centimeters).

  • 3. Electric

These models typically come in sizes that are much smaller than petrol counterparts. However, they are capable of undertaking much larger workloads. To determine how strong a particular unit is, you can look at its amperage.

A higher amperage means more power at your disposal. These types of chainsaws are also great for the environment since they don’t produce any emissions. They do have a massive drawback in that you cannot continue to work if the lights go out since the machine needs to be plugged in at all times.


How to Maintain a Professional Chainsaw

A good maintenance routine will ensure that you get the most out of your professional chainsaw. Depending on which brand you choose to purchase, every manufacturer has their own specific instructions on how best to take care of your particular model.

However, as a general rule, you cannot go wrong by focusing on the following steps:

  • Read the manual before using your unit for the first time to ensure that you always know what it needs in order to function at its optimal level.
  • Don’t mix engine oil with another substance such as gasoline since the two are meant for vastly different purposes.
  • In order to prevent damage to the engine over time, always make sure you confirm the engine oil to gasoline ratio.
  • For units that have a two-stroke engine, always make sure that you buy two-stroke engine oil specifically in order to avoid mishaps.
  • Always mix the gasoline and engine oil well prior to refueling your unit.
  • If you intend to keep your gasoline/oil mixture for more than three months, always use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the unit from getting damaged by oil deposits.
  • For anyone who is not sure about how to mix the oil properly, it’s a good idea to consider buying premixed gasoline and engine oil that’s meant for the chainsaw.


Safety Tips on Using a Professional Chainsaw

To help you stay safe while using your chainsaw, here are some safety tips for you to follow. Read them carefully and you’ll be able to save yourself and others around you countless trips to the emergency room.

  • Always wear protective gear such as glasses and gloves. This helps to protect you from flying debris such as splinters of wood. Make sure you wear clothes that fit well because loose clothing may get caught or snagged easily in the machine.
  • Don’t leave your chainsaw unattended while it’s on and running. It’s possible for the unit to experience kickback which could ultimately harm people in the vicinity.
  • Always ensure that you have enough centering and balance whenever you use your chainsaw to avoid dropping it, tripping, or falling over it – all of which could result in grave injuries.
  • Make sure the chain is installed properly on the bar. This helps to prevent chain kickback which could hit you or others in the wrong place.
  • Don’t use the unit with a blunt chain because this stresses the engine which may cause the chainsaw to overheat or shut down.
  • Choose a unit that has anti-vibration features as this helps to combat various health problems that often arise from using vibrating tools over lengthy periods of time.
  • Make sure the unit you go with has anti-kickback chains to help you avoid frequent kickbacks.
  • Don’t point your chainsaw to any hard surfaces because the kickback will be worse than when cutting through wood.
  • It’s always a good idea to look for a saw that has a lockout because then the unit won’t be accidentally triggered since both hands have to be on deck to turn it on.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Chainsaw

Q-1: Which Is the Best Professional Chainsaw?

  • Choosing the best chainsaw for your needs comes down to a number of different factors, such as size, capability, performance, budget, and so on. There’s a lot for you to consider before you hone in on the ideal tool for your needs.
  • Also, you have to consider the type of wood you’ll be cutting, as well as the number of hours you’ll be working each day. This also plays a massive role in the type of chainsaw you choose.
  • Luckily, we’ve included all the information you need to help you make the right choice in this article. You’ll be able to use it as your resource to determine which chainsaw is the right one for your needs from among the many models that are available to you right now. And to make your job even easier, we’ve also included a list of 10 of the most popular options you’ll find on the market right now.

Q-2: How Do I Know When It’s Time to Sharpen My Chain?

  • It’s very easy to know when your chain needs sharpening because when it’s dull, it will force you to use more effort when cutting and it also spits out fine dust as opposed to larger woodchips. Whenever you notice either of these two things happening, you know it’s time to take the chain off of your tool and sharpen it or replace it.
  • This is the only way to guarantee that your chainsaw continues to perform at its best as well as to ensure your safety and a longer lifespan for your tool. Not using a sharp blade will not only slow down your chainsaw’s performance but it will also take forever for you to cut through even the smallest bits of wood.
  • This also causes premature wear and tear on your tool and poses a serious safety hazard. That’s why it’s vital to always ensure that your chain is sharpened at all times.

Q-3: Which Chainsaw to Professional Loggers Use?

  • There’s a vast difference between DIY enthusiasts and professional loggers when it comes to the type of chainsaw that they use. If you’re going to be cutting dozens of trees each and every day, you’re going to need an extremely reliable saw that can be used for hours every day.
  • Because of this, most professionals recommend gas-powered chainsaws that are designed to enhance durability and comfort. On our review list of the 10 best professional chainsaw models on the market right now, we’ve included that exact type of so which comes with increased power, and extra safety features.

Q-4: How Do I Know Which Chainsaw Is Right for Me

  • Since you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume that you’re not looking for your run-of-the-mill domestic chainsaw. To know which type of professional chainsaw you need, take a look at our buying guide as well as all the other informative sections in this article so that you know which power, speed, durability, etc. you need.
  • It’s pretty simple and easy to determine the right chainsaw for your needs. For instance, say you intend to trim branches and cut down smaller trees, then a chainsaw that has a 12-18-inch guide bar and 30 to 40cc of power will do great. However, if you intend to chew up massive trees quickly and safely, you may be looking at a chainsaw with a 20-24-inch guide bar and at least 50cc of power.

Q-5: Why Is a Safe-T-Tip Feature Necessary

  • The Safe-T-Tip feature is basically a plastic cover that sits on the chainsaw blade. It does not inhibit the movement of the blade in any way, but it does help to keep your hands from getting hurt in case the blades bounce upward.
  • This is an absolutely useful feature, particularly for young and inexperienced chainsaw operators. Chainsaws are extremely powerful tools, and it’s very easy for one to get away from its users because of the fast-moving blades.
  • This feature is one that will save you from a lot of accidental cuts during chainsaw use. Once you’ve grown used to using a chainsaw and you’re more comfortable when it comes to controlling its blade, you can then graduate to using chainsaws without this feature.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the best professional chainsaw for your needs. Use the information in this useful review and buying guide article to help you make a perfect choice. Also, keep in mind any additional features that may come in handy for the type of work you do.

On our review list, we’ve included many different designs and styles of chainsaws, each of which has some unique features that different types of wood fellers will come to appreciate. And the best part is, all the high-quality models are from well-known brands and they are offered at extremely affordable prices!

There are a lot of different ways that you can use to keep your yard or garden looking great, but one of the most convenient tools you can employ is an electric weed eater. In this article, we take a look at all the information you need to help you select the best electric weed eater that will help you cut back those stubborn weeds with ease.

We have devices from different manufacturers that are designed to suit your needs whether you have a large yard or small garden. We’ve included models of the highest quality that offer the most affordable solutions you’ll find anywhere.

As a homeowner, your home is one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever own and it only makes sense that you want to get the best tools that will help you maintain its appearance and value. So without further ado, let’s get right to our list of the best electric weeding tools available on the market right now.

Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eater: At A Glance


10 Best Electric Weed Eater Review:

1. Dewalt Brushless Trimmer

This trimmer from DeWalt offers precise power control and variable speed trigger function. It also has performance and run-time management featuring a high-low speed control switch. The brushless motor helps to maximize motor durability and efficiency. It has a patented gear design that provides a lot more torque while maintaining the cutting speed.

This machine comes with a dual 0.080-inch line that has bump feed and clears 13 inches. It comes with a 5Ah lithium-ion battery included, as well as a charger, guard, auxiliary handle, and 0.080-inch line that is rewound in the spool.

Manufactured in China, this is the best cordless electric weed eater that you’ll get for the money. If you are in the market for a machine that will quickly and easily eat up all the weeds in your garden, this is a great one to consider.

It takes the cup in terms of power, trimmer design, spring features, weight, and it even comes with a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. With the weight of just 14 pounds, you can be sure that no matter how large your back yard or garden, you’ll be able to easily and conveniently take care of all those pesky weeds with this machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • The unit has variable speed control
  • You can easily control the number of lines
  • High-quality, long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • The device is easy to repair in case of breakdown
  • Patented gear drive design produces 6,000RPM

2. Black & Decker String Trimmer

This impressive device comes packed with power drive transmission, as well as a 40V Max lithium-ion battery. The power string weed eater boasts an incredible amount of muscle that will allow you to easily take on those tough weeds and stubborn overgrowth in your garden.

It has an automatic feed spool which means you can work continuously without bumping. Other components that come in the package includes a fast charger, spool, guard, auxiliary handle, and a very detailed user instruction manual from the manufacturer.

According to a lot of online customer reviews from happy owners, this machine is arguably the best cordless weed eater for anyone looking for a powerful yet portable machine that has all the necessary features to take care of all your lawn maintenance needs.

With this weed eater, you’ll be able to get your job done a lot faster thanks to the additional power delivered by the power drive transmission. Also, you can easily convert it from a trimmer into an edger just by quickly turning the 52-inch shaft.

Highlighted Features:

  • Power drive transmission offers additional power
  • 40V Max lithium-ion battery with a long run time
  • Automatic feed spool for continuous working
  • Quickly and easily converts into an edger
  • Comes with a variable speed setting

3. Greenworks PRO Cordless Trimmer

This system from GreenWorks Pro comes with a range of commercial-grade features that are perfect for anyone who wants more power from their lawn trimming tool. It’s a 16-inch string trimmer that is powered by a high-grade for Ah battery which charges in under an hour.

This system features a front-mount motor that offers versatile use. It’s lightweight and more convenient for use on larger properties as it reduces hand fatigue. It comes with a variable speed trigger which gives you the ultimate control when it comes to power on demand.

With the 16-inch cut path, your work will be done in no time at all. If you are searching for a cordless electric weed eater, then definitely take a look at this product offered by a reliable brand. When you buy this weed eater, you can be sure that you getting high-quality, great performance, and durability for an extremely affordable price.

It offers you power that is the equivalent of a 26cc gas engine. This is a feature that even the professionals would greatly appreciate.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional-quality brushless string trimmer
  • Long-lasting for Ah battery with 45 minutes run time
  • Features a wide16-inch cut path
  • Ergonomic front mount for enhanced balance
  • Short 30-minute rapid charge time

4. Black & Decker String Trimmer GH900

Built with an extremely lightweight and ergonomic design, this string trimmer from Black & Decker can also be used as an edger. It has an adjustable height as well as a pivoting handle which helps to give you maximum control and comfort during use.

It has a 6.5 amp motor and high torque transmission – both of which help to provide maximum performance whenever you’re trimming tough weeds. This weed eater will smoothly cut through all kinds of grass, overgrowth, and whatever else stands in the way of a perfect lawn.

With just a twist of the shaft, it easily transforms into an edger that will give you professional-looking results every time. It has a power drive transmission that helps to prevent the device from bogging down when cutting heavy weeds and grass.

The automatic feed system helps to ensure that you can work continuously without having to stop and feet the spool. For anyone searching for the best corded electric weed eater, this is undoubtedly one of the most reliable products you’ll find on the market right now.

Highlighted Features:

  • AFS automatic feed system for continual work
  • High torque transmission for maximum performance
  • Auxiliary handle, guard, power source included
  • Power drive transmission helps prevent bogging down
  • Ergonomic pivoting handle with adjustable height

5. WORX Powershare String Trimmer

This cordless weed eater from Worx comes with a 20 V marks lithium-ion battery that delivers high levels of precision, function, and power. The battery has longer run time which means that you can quickly and easily take care of larger areas without having to stop and recharge the battery frequently. It helps that this string trimmer has a 12-inch wide cutting diameter.

The weed eater also has an innovative command feed system that helps you keep moving productively on your lawn maintenance projects. You’ll also be able to make height adjustments easily thanks to the telescopic shaft design and the quick release trigger.

The trimmer converts into an edger in seconds by simply pulling and turning the lever. It has an adjustable space guard that helps to protect vegetation and also acts as a guide for your edger. So if you want an electric weed eater that will cut the effort and time that you spend on your garden or lawn in half, then this could be the best battery powered weed eater for your needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual-position wheels for two-in-one function
  • High-power 20V Max lithium-ion battery
  • 12-inch wide cutting diameter
  • Instant line feeding for continuous work
  • Easily adjustable telescopic shaft height

6. Makita Li-Ion String Trimmer

The cordless string trimmer from Makita comes with a high-quality 5Ah lithium-ion battery with a run time of up to an hour on a single charge. This is great news for anyone with a large yard as it means that you don’t have to encumber yourself with heavy, polluting gas-powered weed eaters or drag a cord all over your large backyard or garden.

This is an extremely versatile solution for your landscaping needs, and you’ll be able to cut and trim to your heart’s content without having to frequently stop for recharging. This brand has one of the world’s largest line-ups of cordless tools, and this weed eater is among the best that they have to offer.

It’s a handy little device that weighs just 6lbs which means that operator fatigue is greatly reduced, and you’ll be able to complete your yard work in no time at all. The telescopic shaft is adjustable to give you the optimum cutting position, and it also has a five-position pivoting head to adjust the cutting angle when you’re trimming in very tight spaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best electric weed eater cordless
  • The motor provides 7,800RPM for faster cutting
  • 5-position pivoting head adjusts cutting angle
  • Extremely lightweight and compact in size
  • Telescopic shaft offers the optimum cutting position

7. Black and Decker Trimmer/Edger

This is an all-in-one mower, trimmer, and edger. This machine offers the ultimate when it comes to small yard versatility. It’ll leave your garden looking professionally maintained thanks to its varied landscape functionality. With this one compact tool, you’ll be able to take care of all your lawn maintenance needs.

Because of this weed eater’s small footprint design, it’s ideal for homes that have smaller yards as well as those with inclines and plenty of difficult to reach areas. This machine’s size also makes it a great addition to your gardening arsenal if you’re short of storage space.

This is the corded model that comes with a 6.5 amp motor and two height adjustment options to raise or lower the weed eater. It has a lightweight, ergonomic design with adjustable handle positions and heights.

If you are in the market for the best rated electric weed eater, this one is worth trying out. It comes with all the components you need to start using it right away, including a spool of trimmer string, guard, auxiliary handle, power source, and a detachable mower deck.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic feed system for continual work with no bumping
  • Gear drive transmission to prevent bogging down
  • Easy conversion from a mower to trimmer to edger
  • 5 amp motor for maximum performance
  • 6-2.4 inch cutting height

8. Greenworks 14-inch String Trimmer

This 10 amp, 14-inch electric string trimmer has a straight shaft split boom. It has a variable trigger speed, which gives you ultimate control over your work. It has an attachment cable design that accepts various attachments from multiple brands, including YardWork, Trimmer Plus, and Ryobi.

For anyone who wants a high-quality corded string trimmer with a wide cutting path and powerful motor, you should certainly consider this product from GreenWorks. With the large 18-inch cutting path, you will be able to speed up your trimming process significantly.

The entire device is lightweight. It has a simple electric start as well as a cord-lock feature that helps to make it very easy to operate. You can be sure that won’t have to experience a lot of operator fatigue when you purchase and use this device. It has a cushion and an over-mold grip for comfort during use, and the auxiliary handle offers even more control during trimming.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best electric weed eater corded
  • 10 amp power for ultimate performance
  • Design capable of accepting attachments from multiple brands
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Cushioned over-mold grip for comfort

9. Remington Lasso Trimmer/Edger

This is a great product that will allow you to trim your lawn with confidence. The Remington Lasso trimmer/edger has a 14-inch dual-line auto-release head which uses a 0.065-inch line. It’s ideal for anyone who wants superior coverage and super quick trimming.

It’s designed for effectively trimming weeds and grass along driveways, flowerbeds, and fences. It has 180° rotating handle as well as an edger wheel that lets you trim quickly and neatly around obstacles. The device has a telescopic shaft that adjusts to suit different user heights. The shaft also collapses to allow for easy storage for those with limited space.

This weed eater comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve made a quality purchase that the manufacturer stands behind. If you are searching for the best electric corded weed eater, look no further because this would make an ideal option to suit your needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two-in-one edger and trimmer
  • 180° rotating handle for efficient trimming
  • 5 amp electric engine offers great performance
  • 14-inch dual line with auto-release for superior coverage
  • Telescopic shaft adjusts to suit different heights

10. Craftsman Electric String Trimmer

This electric-powered string trimmer has a 13-inch wide cutting path which makes short work of any patch of grass or weeds. It has an auto-feed feature that allows the cord to automatically come out whenever it gets too short, which means you don’t have to do anything in order to activate it.

This machine comes loaded and ready to go, but when you run out of string make sure that you wrap the replacement cords tightly on the spool in order for the auto-feed feature to work properly. According to many online reviews, this is a great 5 amp trimmer that works exactly as advertised.

It has rubberized grip surfaces and excellent adjustability of both the head and the angle of the handles. You can also adjust the length of the shaft to make the Craftsman weed eater more comfortable to operate. If you are searching for the best cheap electric weed eater, this is an ideal option to consider. It’s powerful, ergonomic, and offers great value for money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-line auto-feed feature
  • Runs on a 0.065-inch diameter line
  • Rubber grip for enhanced control
  • Electric powered string trimmer
  • Convenient 13-inch cutting width

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Weed Eater

Electric Weed Eater

Choosing the best electric weed eater isn’t as simple as popping into the hardware store and picking the first (or cheapest) model you see. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a low-quality tool that will break after a few uses. Also, you want to ensure that the tool you buy has all the necessary features to take care of the type and size of the space you have in your home or business.

This is particularly true if you’ve never purchased an electric weed eater before. For first-time users, making the right choice can prove to be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve included this handy buying guide to help you determine the kind of factors that are important to you and then choose your tool accordingly.

So take a look at each of the factors below, and then make an informed decision before committing your dollars into buying this piece of equipment.

  • 1. Power and Battery

When choosing an electric weed eater to use in your yard or garden, one of the first things you need to consider is the power output of the model you choose. Make sure you choose one with high amps if it’s a corded one, and if not, make sure your cordless weed eater has high-voltage batteries. The more power your tool has, the more efficiently it’s going to be able to cut through tough weeds and grass.

So take your time to compare and evaluate both corded and cordless trimmers before making your choice. So, for instance, if you have a small yard, you may find that accorded trimmer works well for you. However, for those with yards that a sizable, then a cordless weed eater might work better for you.

Using weed eaters with cables comes with the advantage that you never have to worry about replacing a battery or having one dying on you while you’re in the middle of neatening up your garden. On the other hand, a cordless weed eater has the advantage of offering you unlimited mobility. So make your choice according to which benefits appeal to you the most.

  • 2. Trimmer Design

Ever since they came on the market, the design of these handy little tools keeps getting better and better. These days, some manufacturers make ergonomic handles that help to reduce hand fatigue while using the trimmer. Some designs also have evenly distributed mass, while others have excess weight near the top.

You need to choose a model that has controls that are smooth and easily accessible. Also, make sure the shaft is what transfers power to the lines cutting the grass from the motor. Electric weed eaters with straight shafts offer a significantly larger reach which makes your job a lot easier and quicker.

This type of shaft is also ideal for tall people as you will be able to easily and comfortably handle the tool. Models that have curved shafts are often lighter and more portable. Just ensure that your weed trimmer has adjustable shaft length so you can customize it to the right height for you.

  • 3. Weight

The weed eater’s overall weight is a factor that’s very important to consider because you don’t want a machine that will weigh you down, making your work harder than it needs to be. So don’t overlook this factor, otherwise, the next time you find yourself having to work for hours on a patch of land, your electric weed eater will be more cumbersome than helpful.

The good news is that there are a lot of lightweight models on our list of the best electric weed eaters out there.

  • 4. String Features

Another important consideration is the string features. Make sure you can easily restring the trimmer you choose and that it has great line feed abilities. You also want to check how wide the cutting path is. Make sure its width is broad enough to clear a large area with one sweep while being narrow enough to be used in tight spaces.

A cutting path of about 13.5 inches is the average, but you can go higher or lower depending on your individual needs. While still on the subject of string features, check if your model has an even mix of both single and dual feed lines.

For most yard types, a single line head will do just fine. However, dual lines offer much more cutting power which means they come in handy if you are fighting tough weeds or grass.

  • 5. Warranty

The vast majority of high-quality trimmers from reputable brands will offer an extended warranty. The industry-standard warranty for most electric weed eaters is 12 months. Make sure the weed eater you choose either meets or exceeds the one-year standard. You also need to check that the manufacturer has reliable customer service and offers after-sale services.


Types of Weed Eater

There are basically two types of weed eaters, electric, and gas. Let’s take a closer look at the two different types of weed eaters to determine the advantages and drawbacks of each.

  • Gas-Powered Weed Eaters

When it comes to sheer power and the ability to whack weeds, nothing compares to the cutting power offered by a gas-powered weed eater. That’s why professional landscapers often prefer gas over electric weed eaters.

In addition to offering more power, these types of weed eaters also provide unlimited time and reach, which makes them ideal if you have a large area of weeds to clear. So if you have a small yard, an electric weed eater will work perfectly for you. Whereas if you are looking at a large field filled with tough weeds and scrub, then you’re probably better off with a gas-powered weed eater.

  • Electric Weed Eaters

For the vast majority of people, electric weed eaters are ideal for the types of jobs they do around the home. They are a lot easier to use when compared to their gas counterparts. They have enough power for trimming and edging the lawn, and they will control most weeds that usually spring up around the garden or yard.

In addition to that, electric trimmers have zero emissions and they create a lot less noise pollution. This is of great benefit to you and your neighbors, as well as the environment. Electric weed eaters can come in both corded and cordless versions.

Corded Electric Weed Eaters – The corded ones use a power cable and their very light since they contain no battery, gas tank, metal pistons, and so on. However, their main disadvantage is that the length of the cord limits how far you can use the tool. But, for those with small yards, this isn’t really a big problem.

Cordless Electric Weed Eaters – This is a battery-powered weed eater that offers a lot of conveniences. It’s lighter than the gas-powered versions and doesn’t produce any emissions at all. In addition to being safer than gas-powered trimmers, there’s also no cord that you have to drag all over the place, either.

This means that you can easily take this to wherever you need to do yard work. However, a cordless weed eater has the main disadvantage of strictly being a light-duty machine. You have to charge the battery fully after each use otherwise you run the risk of having it die out on you while you’re in the middle of completing your yard chores.


Types of Weed Eater Head

Electric weed eater heads are divided into just three basic categories according to the design of the line feed. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. Bump Feed

The bump feed is a simplified technique that is derived from string advancement. It gives you control over how much line is used and in case of a breakdown, this type of electric weed eater is extremely easy and quick to repair. When used continuously, eventually the head wears out, which calls for a new replacement.

  1. Automatic Feed

The mechanism of an automatic feed electric weed eater is very similar to that of the bump head electric weed eater. But, instead of requiring manual effort, this one makes use of a line spinning motor. This means that you’ll be able to do your job much quicker. In case of a breakdown, it can be a bit difficult to replace the automatic feed motor, particularly for first-time users.

  1. Fixed Head

An electric weed eater with a fixed head uses individual line lengths that can be sorted into the tool one by one as needed. This type of electric weed eater is tough and durable. It doesn’t wear out too quickly or breakdown frequently, which makes it ideal for commercial use


Why Do You Need An Electric Weed Eater?

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to invest in an electric weed eater. It’s not only one of the most convenient tools you can use to keep your yard or garden properly maintained, but it’s also safe for the environment and doesn’t produce a lot of noise to annoy the neighbors.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily get rid of all pesky weeds on your property without having the inconvenience of a heavy gas-powered model. When it comes to lawn care tools, an electric weed eater is one of the easiest to use while being extremely effective at getting rid of unwanted plants in your garden.

In addition to trimming grass and weeds, you can also use an electric weed eater for thinning brush in any areas of your garden or yard that are hard to reach. As you can see, regardless of whether you choose a corded or cordless electric weed eater, there are still a lot of benefits that you can get from this handy little tool.

Here’s a quick recap of all the benefits that come with owning an electric weed eater:

  • Conveniently easy to use
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less noise pollution
  • Extremely affordable
  • Makes your job easier and faster
  • Less maintenance and repairs required


How to Use Electric Weed Eater Properly?

Using an electric weed eater the right way is a very simple process. All you need to do is ensure that you wear protective equipment that will protect your feet, legs, hands, and eyes from the debris and snapped lines that can potentially cause injury.

Once you’re protected, it’s time to check the ground that you intend to trim for bits of class, large pebbles, metals, etc. that might be caught in the line and transform into dangerous missiles.

Next, make sure that the weed eater handle is in a comfortable position. If you’re holding it, you shouldn’t have to stoop or lean over it. So make sure that the head is as close to the ground is possible and that you are in a comfortable stance.

Now turn the weed eater on and begin weeding by moving its smoothly from one side to the other. Make sure you hold the blades of the machine at a steady level and then continue this motion as you move forward.

Listed below are some of the tips for using a weed eater safely:

  • Don’t bump your trimmer’s head hard against the ground in order to feed out more line.
  • At all times, make sure that you keep the head level to the ground when weeding near obstructions.
  • Never use the weed trimmer right up against a tree trunk, or other large objects in your yard.
  • Removes rocks, pieces of metal, plastic, etc. from the grass before using your weed eater otherwise, they will wear down your nylon a lot faster.
  • Always make sure you wear proper eye protection, whether it’s goggles or a visor, to keep your face protected whenever using your electric weed eater.
  • Never put your hand near the trimmer head whenever it’s in operation.
  • Always check your electric cords before using the trimmer to ensure that they are in good condition.
  • Don’t force your electric weed eater to do more than it’s designed for. If you start to notice any kind of strain, stop for a few minutes and allow your equipment to cool down.
  • Don’t cut weeds all the way down to the ground because you’ll be wasting a lot of the nylon cord.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Weed Eater

Q-1: Are Electric Weed Eaters Easy to Use?

  • Most homeowners generally prefer electric weeders over gas-powered versions for the express reason that they are a lot easier and more convenient to use. This is particularly true for cordless weed eaters. They are often lighter than gas-powered alternatives since you’re not lugging around a gas tank and pistons.
  • They are also inherently safer and they don’t give out any noxious fumes that could possibly result in carbon dioxide poisoning. Just remember, if you opt for the cordless electric weed eater, always ensure that you to recharge the battery fully after each use to prevent it from going dead before you’re done trimming your lawn.

Q-2: Can the Weed Eater Trimmer Line Break?

  • At some point, your feed line will almost inevitably break. When this happens, you need to be able to re-thread the line properly. However, they are also a few steps that you can take to ensure that you minimize the chances of this happening. For the most part, trimmer lines break because of improper storage of the device which leads to corrosion within the head that can interfere with the machine’s proper functioning, causing the line to break.
  • Another reason is that there may be contact with bricks, sprinkler heads, and other foreign objects that may cause your line to break. To avoid this, you simply need to stay alert while working so you can keep an eye on what’s ahead in the space where you are using the weed trimmer so you can avoid any type of visible loose debris.

Q-3: What’s the Best Way to Maintain My Electric Weed Eater?

  • Caring for your weed eater is not a complicated process. These types of electric trimmers do not require quite as much maintenance as the gas versions do. To keep yours running perfectly for a longer period, make sure that you use the right gauge extension cord when powering it. Make sure the cord is heavy enough for the current your weed eater will draw because using an undersized cord causes the line voltage to drop, which results in overheating and loss of power.
  • Also, always make sure you check for damaged parts and clean the air intake slots prior to each use in order to help prevent overheating. Never immerse your electric string trimmer inside water, and don’t use the pressure washer to clean it. Store your machine indoors and away from the reach of children. By doing these things on a regular basis, you minimize the need for much larger repairs in the future.

Q-4: How Long Does the Battery on a Cordless Weed Eater Last?

  • The batteries for cordless electric weed eaters don’t last very long. Usually, you’ll get about 15 to 30 minutes of use before you need to recharge the battery again. This means that you either have to purchase additional batteries or you will have to work in shorter bursts.
  • Having said that, there are some battery-powered trimmers on the market that have superb battery life and recharge very quickly, which makes this less of a problem. Cordless string trimmers are the obvious option for anyone who doesn’t want to be restricted by electrical cords and also doesn’t want heavy, noisy, and air-polluting gas-powered weed eaters.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that electric weed eaters are convenient, practical tools that are gentle on the environment. These days, there are a lot of models for you to choose from, ranging from the super-lightweight models that are ideal for small-scale jobs, right up to heavy-duty alternatives that offer almost as much power as gas-powered versions do.

So use the information in this article to help you choose the best electric weed eater that will satisfy all your lawn maintenance needs no matter the size of your garden or yard.

For electricians, contractors, part-time handymen, and passionate DIYers, owning a quality laser meter is one of the best ways of ensuring that you work easier, faster, and smarter. But, as you might have guessed, choosing the best laser measure can be a complicated process unless you know exactly what to look for.

In this review and buying guide, we are going to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to which laser measure is the right one for your needs. For your convenience, we’ve also included an FAQ section, as well as a list of the top 10 laser measures available right now.

So read on and discover all the features that make a quality laser measure, the benefits of using a laser measure over traditional measurement methods, and much, much more.

Top 10 Best Laser Measure: At A Glance

Name of Product
Editor's Rating
1. Bosch Laser Distance Measure
2. Dewalt Laser Measure Tool
3. Bosch Blaze Pro 165' Laser Distance Measure
4. Morpilot Laser Measure Pythagorean
5. Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure
6. Tacklife Classic Laser Measure
7. Suaoki Laser Distance Measure
8. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze
9. URCERI Measuring Device
10. DinoFire Digital Laser Tape Measure

Without further ado, let’s jump right to it!

10 Best Laser Measure Review:

1. Bosch Laser Distance Measure

This laser measure from Bosch, a well-known brand, is one of the longest and most accurate outdoor measuring tools that you’ll find on the market today. It measures distances of up to 825 feet and offers an accuracy of 1/25 inches.

It is precise and versatile, making it the perfect addition to your tool kit if you’re in the concrete and construction trades. The tool measures 11 modes, including the standard length, volume, and area measurements. In addition to that, it has continuous measuring, multi-surface, single indirect, double indirect, and combined indirect, as well as stakeout and trapezoid.

This unit can store up to 30 measurements within its memory and it has a user-friendly interface making it ideal for novices and experts alike. It also has an integrated viewfinder for any long-range projects. One of the features that a lot of people appreciate the most is the large backlit display that makes measurements easy to read. This is undoubtedly the best laser tape measure that you can get for the price.

Highlighted features

  • Extremely accurate offers 1/25 inches up to 825 feet
  • The versatile device provides 11 measuring modes
  • Convenient multisurface area mode
  • Built-in memory storage for up to 30 measurements
  • Enhanced functionality thanks to the integrated viewfinder

2. Dewalt Laser Measure Tool

This laser measure will give you precise measurements for distances up to 165 feet with an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch. It has the ability to quickly and easily calculate volume and area, which makes your job estimates that much faster and more convenient.

In addition to automatic calculations, the indirect height measurements make use of Pythagoras to give you accurate measurements even when one or two of the points aren’t accessible for linear measurements.

If you’re searching for a great replacement for a digital tape measure, this laser distance measure from Dewalt brand offers the best performance and functionality to suit your needs. It has a memory unit that stores the previous five measurements.

It also has a two-line backlit display which helps to improve screen visibility when you’re working in both bright and dim conditions. This unit boasts a durable design featuring IP65 water resistance and an over-molded housing. For the best quality laser measure at an affordable price, it’s worth checking this model out.

Highlighted Features

  • Indirect height measurements using Pythagoras
  • Automatic volume and area calculations
  • Two-line backlit display enhances screen visibility
  • The memory unit can store up to five measurements
  • 165 feet measuring range with 1/16 inches accuracy

3. Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure 

The Blaze Pro measuring tool from Bosch is fully-featured yet extremely simple to use. The tool provides easy readings thanks to the backlit display which illuminates all your measurements even when you’re working in low light conditions.

With this laser measuring tool, you get real-time distance, area, volume, indirect measurement functions, and much more. It features a storage capability for previous measurements. It also has addition and subtraction functionality, which means that you can use it to add or subtract various measurements.

This model has default real-time measurements mode which means you can adjust the measurements closer to or further away from your target. It also has laser precision technology which offers reliable measurements up to 165 feet. You’ll be able to have accurate results in an instant up to +-1/16 of an inch. The unit also features a digital level and it’s compact enough to fit into your pocket easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely simple design that is easy to use
  • Long-range measuring with extreme accuracy
  • Backlit color display for easy viewing
  • Live-measuring feature for real-time measurement
  • Auto square function gives you square footage automatically

4. Morpilot Laser Measure Pythagorean

This laser measure functions with two bubble levels and this means that you get more precise and accurate measurements when compared to a laser measure with only one bubble. When you use a Morpilot laser meter, you get precise readings for up to 262 feet with an accuracy of +/- 1/16 of an inch.

This device is perfect for improving your work efficiency and thanks to its versatile function, you get quick, easy to read measurements in no time at all. The added value-enhancing glasses and target plate allows you to use the laser measure during daylight, even in very bright, sunny conditions.

All these amazing features are packed into a convenient and compact unit that can easily fit into your pocket. This tool also features data storage for up to 30 different groups, self-calibration function, single distance, and continuous measurement, among other features.

It has an automatic shut down after 150 seconds of idleness. This helps to ensure that you save energy and extend your battery life. This is undoubtedly one of the best laser measuring tools that you will get at the price.

Highlighted Features

  • Large, easy to read backlit display
  • Automatic shutdown after 150 seconds without operation
  • Data storage for up to 30 groups
  • Enhancement target card included in the package
  • Robust, durable IP54 waterproof and dustproof housing

5. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure

This is the newest take on this brand’s classic model. It now comes with Bluetooth functionality, a fully-integrated intelligent end-piece, and a white display which is bright enough to use comfortably even in the darkest working conditions.

It has a measuring engine with ISO certification and offers accuracy of 1/16 inch over an impressive measuring range of 330 feet. With seven measurements modes, this little device features an intuitive LCD display and weighs only 4 ounces. It’s small and light enough to carry around in your pocket, which minimizes the risk of dropping it or misplacing it during your work projects.

You can flip out the endpiece to 90° and use it to hook onto outside corners. Alternatively, extend it fully for use on inside corners. This unit automatically measures from the end of the flip-out endpiece whenever it’s fully extended.

It also calculates the volume and area, and it has a memory storage function for the previous 10 measurements that were taken. This is the best laser tape measure for anyone who values the Pythagoras function when it comes to indirect measurements and wants super-accurate results at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Very high accuracy of 1/16 of an inch
  • Measures over a distance of 330 feet for consistent readings
  • Provides up to 10,000 measurements per set of batteries
  • Features Bluetooth 4.0 to easily transfer measurements
  • Pythagoras function gives accurate indirect measurements

6. Tacklife Classic Laser Measure

The Tacklife Classic laser measure gives you accurate readings for distances up to 196 feet. It’s quick and easy to operate which will make your projects go that much smoother. The vertical and horizontal bubble helps to provide precision measuring.

This device is portable with a simple user interface. It contains versatile functions which cater to the needs of high precision measurements using innovative laser precision technology. Compared to one bubble, two bubble levels offer much more precise measurements.

With an accuracy of +/- 1/16 of an inch, this device is the ideal outdoor laser measure for anyone who needs the ultimate in precision. The unit also has a fast measurement speed which will greatly enhance your work efficiency.

It has multiple functions and offers data storage for up to 30 groups. You can manually delete any unwanted data, and the unit also has self-calibration, a feature that many professional users will certainly appreciate.

Highlighted Features

  • The device offers higher accuracy thanks to two bubble levels
  • Simpler and easier operation due to the user-friendly design
  • This compact and convenient tool comes with a carrying pouch
  • Multiple measurement modes offer a wide range of applications
  • Includes 24-month warranty for your peace of mind

7. Suaoki Laser Distance Measure

This brand is one that is known for always seeking to enhance the functionality and versatility of all their products. When you get this laser measuring device, you can rest assured that you getting the highest in quality, durability, and functionality at an affordable price.

It comes equipped with multi-measurement systems that are user-friendly. It has a lot of features packed into a portable size, making it easy for you to carry it everywhere. This is a great tool for professionals in real estate, construction, engineering, contractors, and many more professions.

This is a high-quality device that is rainproof, dustproof, and shockproof – meaning that you’ll be able to take it to any type of job without worrying about it getting damaged. It has high accuracy, optical reference, units switch, and memory for 20 historical data groups. If you’re on the hunt for an all-terrain laser measuring tool, this is a great one for you to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to read LCD backlit display
  • Saves and recalls the last 20 data sets
  • The device has an optical reference point for convenience
  • Robust, durable reinforced rubber housing
  • IP54 rated for water and dust resistance

8. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze

If you’re searching for an easier, faster, more accurate way to complete your measurements, then this is one of the best laser measuring tools you can get to suit your needs. The GLM 20 is ideal for indoor use and has a 65-foot laser reach.

This compact tool easily fits in the palm of your hand which makes it ideal to keep in your pockets when moving from room to room. It delivers precision and accuracy in real-time measurements mode and you’ll be able to take instant, reliable measurements at all times.

This convenient tool ensures that a single person can size up jobs in just seconds. With its portability, this tool is likely to find a permanent home in your shirt or trouser pocket. It has a brightly lit display which offers easy viewing even when you’re working in dark or dimly lit areas.

With this laser measure, you have a simple one-button operation that gives you correct measurements to within 1/8 of an inch. All these features merge together to offer a high-quality, compact, and affordable product that will be a great addition to any professional or DIYer’s toolkit.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-range measuring offers extreme accuracy
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Very small and conveniently compact in size
  • Provides default live measuring
  • The display features a backlight for easy reading

9. URCERI Measuring Device

Powered by two AAA batteries, this handy little device is lightweight and compact. It’s perfect for use on construction jobs and thanks to its size, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hands. It’s also smart enough to slip into your pocket which means no matter where you’re going or what kind of project you have, you can always have this tool on hand.

The package comes with a hand strap that allows you to prevent unnecessary accidents whereby the tool is dropped or inadvertently stepped on. It’s important to note that the wavelength of this laser measure matches that of sunlight, and because of this, it may affect the accuracy when working in bright daylight.

This makes the tool is ideal for indoor use and it should only be used outside when accompanied by a light barrier. This laser measure has the capacity to save up to 30 units of historical data so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of data during use. In addition to this impressive storage feature, it also comes with auto-shutoff features to help save your battery energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Measures accurately up to 197 feet
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Multiple functions including area and volume calculations
  • Large LCD with backlight for better visibility
  • Maximum storage of 30 units of historical data

10. DinoFire Digital Laser Tape Measure

Although this little device cannot compete with the best outdoor laser measure when it comes to distance, it certainly the best tool you can choose for indoor measurements. It comes with a portable carrying pouch so you don’t inadvertently drop the gadgets while carrying it from one worksite to the other. It is IP 54 waterproof and dustproof rating which makes it easier to work in harsh environments.

It also comes with an LCD and backlit modes for your convenience. This feature is one that you will greatly appreciate if you often work in very dimly let’s all extra bright environments. The automatic function will remember whichever unit you used last for your next use. If you are searching for a device with high accuracy, various measure modes, bright LCD display with a backlit mode, then this is a great one for you to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Super high accuracy up to 1/20 of an inch
  • Conveniently offers various measure modes
  • Multi-function laser measurement tool
  • Digital tape measure with wide applications
  • Comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer

More Laser Measure Products

11. Bosch GLM400CL Blaze

Highlighted Features

  • Blaze outdoor technology measures up to 400 feet
  • Features a camera with adjustable zoom
  • The unit offers 1/16 inch accuracy and precision over long-range
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery for maximum runtime
  • Includes 11 useful measuring functions
  • High-quality, durable unit construction from a well-known brand
  • Class II laser product with <1mw power output

12. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely high accuracy thanks to laser precision technology
  • Measures up to 196 feet with 1/16 inch precision
  • Large backlit display provides better visibility at night
  • New settings to turn off measurement beep at will
  • Multiple measurement features including area and volume
  • Durable, waterproof, dustproof casing
  • Belt clip and hand strap for safety during transport and use

13. Spectra Precision Lasers

Highlighted Features

  • Strong, durable construction designed for long-lasting use
  • Measurement range of up to 165 feet with 1/16 inch accuracy
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Reduced errors even when measuring difficult to reach areas
  • Extremely quick measurement response
  • Large LCD backlit for easy viewing at night
  • The battery life offers up to 5,000 measurements

14. Dewalt Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • This tool calculates area and volume quickly and easily
  • Performs simple addition, subtraction functions accurately
  • The laser measure has a measuring range of 100 feet
  • Offers consistent and reliable accuracy of within 3/32 inches
  • Ideal for capturing linear measurements
  • The high-quality device is offered at a very competitive price

15. Bosch GLM165-10 Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • Features long-range measuring accuracy of 1/16 inch up to 165 feet
  • Simple, easy to use design with one-button operation
  • The compact-sized unit can fit into a shirt or trouser pocket
  • Backlit color display for easy reading of measurements in the dark
  • Live measuring adjusts as you move toward or away from the target
  • The square function automatically calculates square footage

16. Leica Disto Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • Simple, two-button operation offers easy and quick use
  • The unit contains a class II laser that has 1mW output
  • Maintains a 1/16 inch accuracy to meet Leica quality standards
  • 130 feet maximum working range with the ability to distance track
  • Bluetooth 4.0 allows connectivity with various apps
  • Leica Disto Sketch app allows you to create floor plans
  • Ability to select metric or imperial units

17. Hammerhead HLMT130 Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • Super slim design easily fits into any shirt or trouser pocket
  • The device gives accurate measurement within 1/8″ up to 130 feet
  • Includes 3 operating modes, continuous measure, area, and length
  • The device has two units of measure, feet and inches, and metric
  • The integrated lithium battery can be charged via USB port
  • High-quality product sold at an extremely affordable price

18. Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

Highlighted Features

  • Instantly measures up to 165 feet with extreme precision
  • Class II laser that has a power output of less than 1mW
  • Simple one-button operation makes measuring quick and easy
  • Offers advanced laser technology for long-distance measurement
  • Built-in Pythagoras function can measure height indirectly
  • Offers quick calculation of volume and area

19. Morpilot Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • The budget-priced product offers high accuracy for measurements
  • Multiple measurements including distance, volume, and area
  • LCD backlight screen provides better visibility at night
  • The mute setting for use in libraries, classrooms, and other quiet places
  • Enhancement target card included for outdoor use
  • The robust housing is rated IP54 for water and dust resistance

20. LomVum Laser Measure

Highlighted Features

  • Laser precision technology offers extremely high accuracy
  • Portable and durable design for reliable, long-lasting use
  • The device conveniently offers multiple measurement modes
  • Bright LCD backlight for working in dark conditions
  • Comes with a hand strap and portable bag
  • Includes a two-year warranty and lifetime support


Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Buying Laser Measure


When it comes to choosing the best laser measure, you have to consider the type of work that you will be doing. This will dictate the particular functions you should value over the rest. However, listed below are the general features that every laser measure should have regardless of the type of work you do.

Use these factors to help you choose the right laser measure to suit your needs from the many available options on the market.

  • Functionality

Laser measures come with many different functions, including volume and area calculations, long-distance readings, and more. Basically, the more functions a laser measure has, the more you will get from it.

However, many of these functions are more relevant to those people who intend to use the laser measure frequently. For anyone who simply buying one for occasional home improvement tasks, then there’s probably no need to spend extra on additional functions that you might never use.

  • Accuracy

It’s very easy to misread the measuring results when using traditional tape measures. However, with a high-quality laser measure, you will be able to get more accurate results. Having said that, not all laser measures are made the same.

Some are more accurate than others. So if ultimate precision is vital to your project, then you may want to opt for a tool with 1/32 inches precision. One with 1/16 inches will do for carpentry, construction, DIY work, and so on. Just keep in mind that the more precise the model, the more expensive it’s going to be.

  • Display and Visibility

A display that is easy to read will save you a lot of time and frustration. Make sure that the tool you use has a backlight to make it easy for you to see at a glance what your measurements are. This is an important feature because you might have to work during the night or in dimly lit areas, and having a clear LED display will make things that much easier.

  • Range

This feature relates to how far your laser measure can reach while still giving accurate measurements. Some laser measures are accurate up to 50 feet while others can go all the way to 300. The important thing here is to consider the type of work you will be using the laser measure for.

For instance, for in-home DIY tasks, a tool measuring between 60 and 100 feet should be more than adequate. However, if you want one for professional use, then you may want to choose one with a reach of 200 to 300 feet, possibly even more.

  • Battery Life

For the most part, your laser measure is used for just a few minutes at a time after which you switch it off. This means that you may not have to worry too much about battery life if those are the kind of tasks you’re performing.

However, for anyone who has to complete big jobs, you may find that your battery needs to be charged or replaced every 2 to 4 hours. For such people, you may need to consider getting portable chargers or inexpensive replacement batteries.

  • Memory

The memory function of the best laser measure can hold multiple previous measurements. But, not all models have this feature. The memory of function is a great feature that will make it easier for you when completing larger projects. Just keep in mind that for home use, this may not be necessary.

  • Quality and Brand

You obviously want to choose a tool with high-quality construction from a reliable brand. By doing so, you ensure that you get a durable laser measure that will serve you well for a long time to come. Without durability, you may find yourself having to constantly replace your measuring tool if it’s dropped, stepped on, etc.

Since there’s a high chance of these types of accidents happening in your work area, it’s a good idea to choose a high-quality, durable laser measure from a popular brand that will be able to withstand the inevitable abuse.

  • Price

On our list of the 10 most popular options on the market right now, you will find laser measures that are offered to you at a wide range of prices. The goal here is not to reach for the least expensive one you can find, but rather to consider all the other factors mentioned in this buying guide together with the price of the model.

The good news is that we chose the options on our list because they are high-quality, durable models from reputable brands that are sold at extremely competitive prices. So no matter what your needs or budget, we’re sure you’ll find something that is ideal for your project needs.

  • Ease of Use

Even after ticking all the boxes, the last thing you want is to buy a laser measure only to find out that you can’t use it because it’s too complicated. Make sure the laser measure you decide to go with won’t leave you burning with embarrassment when you can’t even figure out how it works.

Lucky for you, the laser measures listed above are all straightforward to use which means that there won’t be any regretful returns. Now that you know everything you need to help you choose the best laser measure for your needs, let’s take a look at the main differences between laser measures and traditional tape measures.


Laser Measures Versus Traditional Tape Measures


When it comes to a comparison of laser measures to traditional tape measures, there are many reasons why you should choose the former over the latter. A laser measure takes measurements quickly and offers greater accuracy, particularly over longer distances.

A laser measure, unlike a tape measure, computes other parameters in addition to distance. For instance, you can calculate the area or volume among other metrics. Also, it allows you to store up to 10 previous measurements or sets of data that you can use for future reference.

Yet another benefit of using a laser measure over a traditional tape measure is that it doesn’t require a helper and you don’t have to move about to get your measurements. You can use it by yourself no matter how long the distance being measured. In addition to the multiple features and the unique functionality offered by laser measures, these devices are also offered at extremely affordable prices.

So, to recap, here are the main differences between laser measures and traditional tape measures:

  • Accuracy – Laser measures offer you more accuracy and precision (up to 1/32 of an inch) than you will get from traditional tape measures.
  • Ease of Use – A quality laser measure means that you can take all your measurements and calculations quickly and easily without the need for a helper. You also don’t need a pen and paper or any manual calculations as this handy little gadget does all that for you.
  • Convenience – In addition to being extremely simple to use, laser measures offer you the convenience of being able to switch between metric and imperial systems at the push of a button. This saves you a lot of time and effort, particularly for big jobs.


How Laser Measures Work

Laser measures work in one of two ways to give you measurements. First of all, they use time-of-flight which is a method that measures how much time it took for the optical pulse to be reflected back to the measuring tool after hitting its target.

Another way is the phase-shift, which involves sending a beam from a sinusoidally modulated laser to a target and then comparing its reflected light with the power modulation’s phase. The distance is then determined using the amount of wavelength in the laser changes.

To use a laser measure, simply place the device at one and of the area to be measured while aiming the laser beam to ensure that it hits an object on the other end. If there isn’t anything opaque and solid on the other side, simply place a target at the exact spot that you want to measure. Once the laser is it the right spot, simply press the button and your device will calculate the distance and then display it on the screen.


Tips For Using A Laser Tape Measure

There are a few tips that will make it a lot simpler and easier for you to get the most out of your laser measure. We’ve listed some of them below. Use them to get super accurate measurement each and every time you use your laser measure.

Use a Target

The easiest way to get accurate results with the laser measure is to always have a clear target. For instance, when measuring inside, you can use sticky notes, Velcro dots, duct tape, and so on. These types of objects work great when measuring short distances. When you’re outside, measuring distances of over 100 feet in the sunlight, there are special inexpensive reflective targets that you can use.

Zoom In

If you are going to be measuring long distances outside in the daylight, make sure you use your viewfinder. This is because bright sunlight can render the red laser dot virtually invisible, which makes your job a whole lot harder. So whenever working in bright daylight, use the magnification feature which can zoom up to four times to help make things easier for yourself.


depending on the type of job you’re doing, you may only need basic functions on your laser measure. However, it’s always a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with all the other functions in your laser measuring tool. For instance, you may need to measure your roof slope, and by knowing how to use the Pythagoras function, then you can do so without having to climb up the ladder.

Extra Keys

High-quality laser measures come with keys for addition and subtraction. A lot of users don’t bother with these keys and they typically stick to the basics of the device. However, you should note that these keys can be extremely useful, particularly when it comes to triangulating measurements when the isn’t an obvious target.

For instance, say you’re measuring the front of a building, you could move from one of the corners to a pillar, after which you move to the other corner then press the plus key. This measures up to the same point and you can follow that by pressing equals in order to get the entire measurement across the building.

You’re able to use subtraction in a similar way, and there many other possibilities that you will discover when you read the owner’s manual.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A laser tape mainly relies on the laser which is why it’s vital to ensure that you keep it cleaned as well as properly aligned. That’s the only way to consistently obtain accurate measurements. Use a good lens cleaner regularly and make sure that you pack your laser measure away in a safe place whenever you’re not using it in order to avoid getting scratches on the lens from other tools in your toolbox.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Measure


Q-1: Is the Laser in a Laser Meter Dangerous?

  • Laser rays are generally harmful to the eyes as well as other sensitive parts of your body. However, the laser used in this type of tool is categorized as class II, which means it is considered safe for use and it won’t damage your eyes.
  • All the lasers that we researched, rated and reviewed here are class II, which means that you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of the device. Just remember never to look directly in the laser source.

Q-2: What Is Pythagoras Used for in Laser Measurement?

  • The Pythagoras measurement in your laser meter can be used for making quick indirect measurements. For any right-angle triangle, you can record the distance of the two sides and the device will immediately work out the length of the third side on its own. This feature may not be very useful for armatures and DIYers, but it’s been proven to be highly essential for contractors and other professionals.

Q-3: Does a Laser Measure Remain Accurate over Long Distances?

  • This varies depending on the quality of your measure. Each laser measure has a stated accuracy for stated distances. This means that it will remain accurate and consistent for that distance after which the accuracy level may fall. Contrary to what some people believe, accuracy doesn’t get better with short-term measuring distances.

Q-4: What’s the Biggest Target Surface for a Laser Measure?

  • As long as there is a smooth, solid object that has an opaque color, you can use it is a target surface. Also, there are specific target surfaces that you can buy for such a purpose. As long as whatever object you are measuring is not transparent, your laser measure will work fine.
  • So if, for instance, you are measuring the distance to a clear glass window, you might want to stick a post-it or a piece of tape on the window and then aim at that.

Q-5: What’s the Difference between the Laser Measure and a Range Finder?

  • Laser range finders are commonly used in situations where accuracy is not critical, such as in longer distances. This is where you’re simply trying to find an approximate distance between two points that are very far apart. Rangefinders are often used in golfing, hunting, and various other forestry applications. They can cover a range of up to 1000 yards. On the other hand, A laser measure is used for shorter distances where accuracy is important.


Final Verdict

By now you’re convinced that laser measures offer superior alternatives to the old way of measuring using tape measures. These handy little devices are growing in popularity thanks to the convenience and ease that they offer to both professional and amateur users.

Use the information in our review and buying guide to help you choose the best laser measure that will serve you for years to come. Just remember to take into consideration all the different factors that are vital to the type of projects that you work on so that you get the ideal tools that will be a perfect addition to your toolbox.