Your best driving experience can be damaged if you go on an offroad trip unprepared. Hitting a deer or running out of gas may be in your top 10 list but getting stuck in the mud, snow or sand is never off the table. You need to prepare for anything that can mess your offroad trip and having the best recovery strap with you on every journey is the best way to start. You may not have to use it as often as your spare tire but it comes in handy whenever you are stuck and a tow truck is not down the road.

Furthermore, a recovery strap eliminates the need for a tow truck saving you both money and time. The choice of the best recovery strap for the money can be a daunting task considering a large number of sellers out there. Choosing the wrong strap for your car or offroad weather and terrain can be costly and life-threatening.

Best Recovery Strap: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. Sunferno Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap
2. ARB Recovery Strap
3. Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap
4. Smittybilt Recovery Strap
5. All-Top Tow Recovery Strap Kit
6. Titan Auto Heavy-Duty Recovery Strap
7. Motormic Heavy Duty Tow Rope
8. USWAY Gear Heavy Duty Tow Strap
9. Gear America Recovery Tow Strap
10. Mozzbi Tow Strap

This guide has a collection of 10 researched and tested straps that will offer long service at the best price.

Top 10 Best Recovery Strap Reviews:

1. Sunferno Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap


This is one of the strongest tow recovery straps for a 4×4 vehicle recovery. With a 35000lb breaking point and a 10% stretch, this recovery strap can safely retrieve a tractor, jeep, full-sized truck or an SUV with ease when winching or using an extraction vehicle. It also recovers quickly after an extraction meaning you can safely use it multiple times in a day. This makes it safe for any kind of offroad adventure and watersport. The other good thing about Sunferno Ultimate is the waterproof nylon material which makes it more durable, the material can repel sand and mud keeping the strap safe from cuts and scratches for the longest service.

Carrying and using this recovery strap is also easy. The strap comes with clear user guidelines and weighs only 5.8 pounds meaning you can carry it around and install unaided. The safety of this recovery strap is also assured since it doesn’t use metallic hooks. The reinforced eye loops are strengthened. When attached to the extracting vehicle they have a sturdy grip and safer if anything breaks. The other safety measure is the neoprene protective sleeve.

With high visibility, vehicle extraction even with low lighting is simple. Cleaning and storage are also made easy by the strap`s nylon material and the extra drawstring storage bag for convenience. You also get a free strap tie and a towing and recovery guidebook at purchase. This recovery strap is very effective for heavy-duty recovery with the best design for a simple stretch and pulls action.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be used to recover heavy vehicles
  • Made of weatherproof material
  • High visibility
  • Easy to install and use
  • High level of safety
  • Short recovery time

2. ARB Recovery Strap


ARB is a popular brand for some of the most durable recovery straps. With the ARB recovery strap, you can retrieve a vehicle at a maximum of 33000lbs with ease. Furthermore, this capacity accommodates any truck or SUV. This recovery strap also has a 20% elasticity due to the use of pure nylon making it very effective for snatch recovery. With the high elasticity, this recovery strap has a lot of kinetic energy that makes recovery quick and safe. The thick webbing is well suited for water and UV resistance.

ARB recovery strap also removes the disadvantage of weight on the extracting vehicle. You can effectively recover a heavier vehicle on this strap due to its high kinetic energy content. The strap is 30ft long making it suitable for extracting immobile vehicles using a secondary vehicle. This is one of the most effective recovery tow straps for mud and snow extraction. With reinforced loops for snatching, this strap has a strong grip making it effective and safe for both the vehicle and the strap users.

This ARB recovery strap is still one of the best recovery strap choices for an extension. At 30ft with the high elasticity, you can simply loop it on itself and join it with another strap for the best tow recovery experience. The loop paddings are easily removable to make your extension strap.

Highlighted Features:

  • High elasticity
  • Highly flexible
  • Fully made of nylon for heavy duty service
  • Very durable
  • Uses has safe padded loop ends for more safety

3. Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap


Rhino tow straps have an attractive lifetime warranty coverage with a provision for a full refund if you are not satisfied. The tow strap is 30ft long and 3 inches wide giving you over 30000lb capacity which is suitable for heavy-duty recovery even for full-sized SUVs. This tow strap is most suitable for the recovery of an immobilized vehicle. The reinforced loops are well designed to attach and hold sturdily onto the D-ring on both vehicles with enough distance between the two for an efficient maneuver.  The high visibility polyester/silk fabric is well stitched to withstand the strongest pull at each point for the best recovery experience.

The Rhino recovery straps are exclusively made in the USA with a design that will accommodate most offroading models with their accessories for easy and safe recovery. It has one of the sturdiest grips for tow recovery with reinforced loops for maximum safety. The other attractive features are the heavy-duty protective sleeves attached to every strap. The highly concentrated fabric for heavy-duty performance makes this one of the best tow straps made in the USA.

Rhino USA has great sales packages attached to this great tow strap. They attach a heavy-duty drawstring bag for carrying your gear. To add on, your package will include a well-detailed user manual alongside the lifetime warranty. The poly/silk fabric is also able to withstand harsh weather for durability. The whole strap weighs 6.9 pounds with a fine web knitting for even pressure distribution, this means there is even distribution of pressure across the strap length preventing breakage due to high stress at some points.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has protective sleeves for more safety
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Made of highly durable material
  • Easy to attach and use with two vehicles
  • A sturdy grip for effective recovery

4. Smittybilt Recovery Strap


Smittybilt is a popular brand for aftermarket accessories including heavy-duty bumpers and recovery gear. This is one of the best recovery straps for towing and recovering any 4wd. It has a double woven set of fabric making it a dual-purpose recovery tow strap. This makes shopping for your recovery gear cheaper since you don’t have to invest in a second strap for towing. It has low elasticity and a sturdy grip that allows you to perform recovery by winching or using a recovery vehicle. At 30,000lb, this recovery strap can hold 3 times the weight of your jeep wrangler or even a full-sized truck making this a basic accessory for any offroading enthusiast.

The other lovable features of the Smittybilt recovery strap extend to all aspects of your offroad trip. With the double stitching, this recovery strap is safe for use as a tow strap, recovery strap or simply an extension for any of the two. It features a conspicuous yellow black design which makes it attractive and highly visible even in low lighting. With these features, this strap can withstand any terrain or weather.

For convenience and ease of installation, this strap only weighs 5 pounds. You can simply carry it in one arm and install unaided whenever you need to use it. The ease of installation and recovery is also increased with the hoop design and the strengthened loops. The material is totally weatherproof and highly durable. Many people love Smittybilt for any type of recovery including watersports.

Highlighted Features:

  • Very light and portable
  • A genuine heavy-duty design
  • Weatherproof built
  • Suitable for both towing and recovery
  • Easy to install and use

5. All-Top Tow Recovery Strap Kit


This is a collection of almost everything offroad. With the All-Top kit, you are prepared for any hard spot your 4×4 can come across on an offroad trip. The most attractive component is the 30×3 pure nylon snatch strap. The strap is designed to hold a capacity of 32000lb making it one of the best recovery straps for a 4×4. It combines well with the adjustable neoprene sleeves which aid in getting a stronghold on the D-ring shackles. Nylon and Neoprene are both weatherproof and highly resistant to scratch and tear ensuring the durability of the strap.

This is a 22% stretch capacity strap delivering enough kinetic energy for a quick and safe snatch recovery. The additional pair of strengthened D-ring shackles also combines well with the strap`s strengthened loops to make recovery easier in any condition. This saves you money and time. A single purchase makes you ready for any kind of road trip fun.

The All-top kit has a lot of attractive packages as well. The material is compactly woven for even pressure distribution and quick recovery making the strap useful for multiple recoveries. It comes with a 3-year warranty and an allowance for a free upgrade to a lifetime warranty protecting your money if you run into trouble with the kit. You also get a rugged storage case from All-Top to store your recovery gear. This package includes a set of heavy-duty accessories that are necessary for any offroad driver. The whole package also comes at a friendly price making the All-Top kit one of the most popular offroad purchase choices for 4wd vehicle owners.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has adjustable neoprene sleeves
  • Designed for weatherproof service
  • Can handle heavy-duty recovery
  • Comes with certified D-ring shackles
  • Can stretch up to 22% and support 32000lbs

6. Titan Auto Heavy-Duty Recovery Strap


This is a reliable heavy-duty strap measuring 30×3.5 giving it a maximum breaking point of 35,000lb. It is a very strong recovery strap that can also be used for towing. With a 7% expansion, this strap has enough capacity to extract your heaviest Jeep, truck or even a tractor. It has strengthened loops with higher expansion to initiate the initial expansion that spreads across the strap to ease extraction, especially for light vehicles. The polyester fabric is light but tough with high visibility making a nighttime recovery and towing quite easy.

The protective padding on this strap`s loops protects the installation point on both vehicles and also keep the process safe. The fabric is tightly woven for extra strength with UV treatment and maximum weather resistance for durability.  Furthermore, this strap is designed to last long with multiple extractions due to its super quick recovery. You can use it to extract another vehicle minutes after another extraction as compared to low fabric density straps that need more recovery time.

At 30ft, this strap is highly versatile and suitable for easy maneuver when extracting with a recovery vehicle. It is suitable for extracting vehicles that have lost traction uphill, stuck in snow, sand or rocky terrain. It has a 1-year warranty with provision for a refund or a full replacement. Furthermore, this strap is very flexible, easy to install and use despite the high-density fabric.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extended width for more strength
  • It is weatherproof
  • Increased elongation at the loops
  • Heavy duty performance with 35,000lb capacity
  • It is UV treated

7. Motormic Heavy Duty Tow Rope


If you need a tow rope on a budget, this is probably the best four in one recovery strap in the market for that. The reinforced loops are narrowed for a strong grip on your anchor D-ring when recovering. It is made of Double weaved polyester tightly woven with high density at every inch of the tow rope. It has a standard 30ft length with an even high-density fabric for effective impact distribution. The protective straps are well designed for a tree recovery or use as an extension strap. With the fabric designed to withstand -40f lows to 215f highs, it is basically suited to work in the hottest summer or the coldest winter.

Furthermore, this tow strap has a 30,000lb breaking point but the double weave extends its capacity well over 40,000lb. The heavy-duty focus of the strap design with weather resistance makes this the best tow rope for 4×4 rescues. This fabric has high tear resistance making it suitable for multiple back to back recoveries which makes it the top recovery tow strap choice for professional tow service providers.

The other attractive feature of the Motormic tow strap is the durability of the strap. The polyester fabric is UV treated with maximum weather resistance. The tight web weave also makes this strap totally resistant to destruction by scratch and tear agents. It also comes with a heavy-duty storage bag that can hold over 15lbs to carry all your gear for offroading. With the multipurpose service, this top-rated tow strap is standardly priced allowing you to stock the best recovery gear on a budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protected contact points for tear resistance
  • Designed for multiple recovery purposes
  • Comes with a heavy-duty storage bag
  • Made of polyester for more flexibility
  • Designed to Work well in harsh weather

8. USWAY Gear Heavy Duty Tow Strap


USWAY recovery straps are popular for durability making them one of the best recovery tow strap choices for any outdoor sports enthusiast. This strap is also well designed for an all-weather performance allowing you to perform extraction using a tree or stamp if there is no recovery vehicle. It is the best way to go independent when offroading on rough terrain. It is well designed for Heavy-duty extraction with 30ft length and 3-inch width for effective extraction and towing. It has a 5-ton working capacity and a standard 30,000lb breaking point making it effective for extraction of your heaviest offroad vehicle including tractors.

The quality service of this strap makes it one of the best tow straps for your 4×4. Its 30ft length allows easy maneuver when towing an immobile vehicle. It has safety sleeves placed right at the beginning of the loop to ensure durability because the contact points are always the most vulnerable to tear. The protective padding for the loop is also made of highly abrasive neoprene to ensure a sturdy grip on the anchor when performing a recovery. The design makes this strap safe for both the users and the cars involved in recovery.

The other advantage attached to buying USWAY tow straps is the heavy-duty drawstring bag attached to the package. You also get a 2-year warranty giving you protection for your money in case the strap disappoints. The strengthened polyester fabric with high-density web weaving makes the strap weatherproof and safe when handling heavy extraction. This combination of features makes this one of the most trusted recovery straps for the money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly durable fabric
  • Suitable for both towing and recovery
  • Quality stitching for the protective sleeve
  • High visibility
  • Highly flexible and easy to use

9. Gear America Recovery Tow Strap


This is the best recovery strap for heavy-duty recovery if your vehicle’s GMV is too high for the standard 30×3 recovery straps. It has triple thickened polyester that retains flexibility with the 4-inch width which carries over 40,000lb. The loops are triple strengthened to keep up with the high density of the 30ft length making this recovery strap more effective than any standard recovery tow straps. The other attractive feature is the light reflecting protective sleeves that allow you to work under low lighting. It is also suitable for offroaders that need to remove logs from the road, extract large trucks or vans or tow any immobilized vehicle.

This is more than just a recovery strap, you can use this to bulldoze anything from a ditch, deep snow or sand. It is one of the strongest recovery straps with a 6.7-ton minimum working load. This means if you use a small or medium-sized SUV, this strap won’t tick during extraction. It has a 41,000lb maximum breaking point making it the best tow strap for 4×4 vehicles in any terrain. The loops have a higher extension to initiate kinetic energy which is very important especially for tree extraction. It has a 7% expansion allowing you to snatch extract easily and allow the strap to recover in the shortest time.

Furthermore, this strap comes tucked in a rugged heavy-duty storage bag to carry all your offroad gear. The polyester is UV treated and water-resistant to work in harsh weather. Gear America also has a lifetime warranty protection for this strap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Triple reinforced loops
  • Light reflecting sleeves
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Made of flexible and durable polyester
  • Can be used with lighter rescue vehicles

10. Mozzbi Tow Strap


If you are afraid of the next time you will get stuck in deep snows and are not ready to invest too much in a strap, this is the best choice for a budget purchase. Unlike the other members of these recovery strap reviews, this is a low tier tow strap with a 10,000lb breaking point. Despite the 2inch width, the double weaved polyester allows this strap to work for the heaviest extractions. It is weather resistant allowing you to get an SUV, cargo van or truck out of the snow or sand. It is also equipped with spacious latched hooks for gripping onto any stable anchor.

The strengthened alloy hooks are also designed for equal weather resistance to prevent rusting which weakens most hooked recovery straps.

It has a shiny lime color that makes it visible in the snow allowing you to work effectively. The strap is four meters long, it allows the rescuing vehicle enough room for maneuver. It is also a reliable tree save strap with weather-resistant fabric providing you higher durability.

The package comes with a classy travel bag for storing the strap and other recovery gear. Furthermore, with the strong latches, there is no risk of metals flying if anything snaps during recovery. The dual web knitting across the length of the strap also allows it to hold more weight and increase weather resistance. With the great features at the low price, this is the best recovery strap to get you prepared for harsh weather on a budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses latch hooks for anchor attachment
  • High visibility for extreme weather
  • Highly flexible and weatherproof
  • It is very easy to install and use
  • Designed for durability

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Buying A Recovery Strap

buying guide of recovery strap

Choosing one perfect recovery strap is difficult. However, once you know your vehicle`s weight read through this guide for strap options, your choice is easy to make. Before you spend your money on the strap, here are some critical points to look out for to ensure the best service and safety with every extraction.

  • Stitching

Most people overlook the amount of stitching when choosing tow straps jdm or even American. However, the more stitches your strap has the weaker your strap gets. When buying a recovery strap, you should choose a protective strap instead of a highly stitched strap. The stitching at the contact points on the loop and the joining to the metal hook should not be knitted directly into the webbing. Weak contact points wear quickly making the strap unsafe for multiple uses. An independently sewn protective padding is always the best choice.

  • Width

Basically, every extra inch of width increases the capacity of your recovery strap by 10,000lb considering the ply remains constant. Recovery straps need to have some level of stretch to use the kinetic energy to extract the stuck vehicle. Increased width makes the strap strong but reduces elasticity. You need to ensure that your vehicle can acquire the minimum working weight of the strap to induce stretch. These recovery strap reviews contain straps that will effectively handle most standard American SUVs, Pick-up trucks and other offroading vehicles as well as most standard exotic models.

  • Strap Length

This is a major concern for choosing the best recovery strap especially for extracting with a rescue vehicle or recovering boats. Although the length does not affect the breaking point to a large extent, it affects the pressure distribution at each point of the strap which affects the durability of the strap. 30ft straps are well suited for safe pressure distribution and safety in case the strap breaks. Maneuvering is essential for the rescuing vehicle and the standard 30ft is the most recommended length even for the straps in this guide.

  • Visibility

This is a concern if you have to work late into the night when extracting or snowy weather. It affects the extractors and other road users to a large extent. Reflector materials make the best recovery straps for low visibility recovering. This is why you should consider a brightly colored recovery strap.

  • Ease of Installation and Use

You may not have 1 hour to hook and unhook a strap to an anchor before getting a strong grip. This is why you need to be armed with every part of the gear needed to get your anchors. Portability is important especially when you have to do a tree recovery. D-ring shackles are the best way to be prepared for quick extraction and the good thing is that most of the straps in this guide have packages that include the shackles.

  • Contact Point Strengthening

The loops and connection to the latch hooks are the most vulnerable to wear and tear due to high friction making them the weakest point on the strap. However, a rope is as strong as its weakest point. Protective padding is an important component but the quality of the protective material matters the most. The best material for durable contact points is neoprene due to its high abrasion and weather resistance.


Differences Between A Recovery Strap and A Tow Strap

These two are used interchangeably in most reviews but there is a very fine difference that every offroader needs to understand. Most modern heavy-duty recovery straps are well suited for towing considering the immobilized vehicle retains steerability to prevent strong jolts which cause damage to both vehicles. However, there are straps designed specifically for towing and recovering. These are the main differences.


Stretch is the basic part of any recovery strap. When a recovery strap stretches, the kinetic energy stored in the strap is used to extract the immobilized vehicle as the strap recedes to its original size. This makes a recovery strap safer to retrieve a stuck vehicle as compared to using metallic chains which are more dangerous especially if they break. The rescuing vehicle can be used to induce the snatch energy in the process but the pressure from bare pulls from both sides makes the process dangerous for the users and the vehicles as well. Tow straps are designed to pull vehicles with no mobility and not stuck vehicles. Having a stretch on these straps would increase the jolt and make the pressure of the pull uneven.


Nylon has high density and elasticity making it the most popular material for recovery straps. Dacron is preferred for making tow straps due to its high density with no elasticity.

Contact Points

Hooks are easy to install and use when recovering an immobilized vehicle. However, they become very dangerous if anything breaks because flying metals can harm the users and even break parts of the vehicles. For safety, latch hooks are used for tow straps but they cannot be put on a recovery strap for safety purposes. Eye loops are the most preferred contact point choice for most recovery straps for safety.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Recovery Strap:

Q-1: Which is the best recovery strap?

  • The specifications of your vehicle especially the GMV is the main determinant of its best recovery or tow strap. You need to ensure that the maximum breaking point of the strap is at least twice the weight of your vehicle. Three times is actually safer. The higher the breaking point the better the recovery strap but you need to use the minimum working weight to ensure your vehicle induces the required stretch.

Q-2: How long does a recovery strap last?

  • The quality of the webbing and your maintenance of the strap will affect its durability. Low-quality straps will break in less than a year of purchase. However, all the recovery straps in this guide have at least a 1-year warranty and if you maintain it right, it may serve you for up to 5 years. You need to clean it well after use and keep it in a cool dry environment to keep the webbing intact.

Q-3: Can I combine a recovery strap with a tow strap?

  • This is highly discouraged. This guide has many straps designed for extension of your recovery strap. Having similar materials and stretch for your recovery strap ensures safety for both the strap and the vehicles. Having an elastic strap attached to non-elastic one interferes with pressure distribution across the strap making extraction unsafe.

Q-4: How much does a good recovery strap cost?

  • You can get a low tier strap at less than $20 but it may not be able to withstand heavy-duty service for a long time. However, the best recovery straps for heavy-duty extraction cost $30 or more depending on the quality of the webbing and the seller.

Q-5: Are recovery straps safe?

Once you know how to use a recovery strap, you will find them to be very safe. Cases of injury and death from recovery strap accidents are rare compared to chains. Metallic hooks are the main cause of accidents. These recovery strap reviews have straps researched for both safety and performance recommending only eye loops for recovery straps. If you feel unsafe when using a strap, you can add a jacket or some weights to prevent anything from flying off if the strap breaks.

Final Verdict

Offroading is one of the best driving experiences for 4wd drivers. However, there are difficulties that come with the rough terrain and the best offroading gear should put your mind at rest despite the difficulties you come across. Investing in the best recovery strap gets you prepared for anything that may immobilize your vehicle and also saves your money and time. For maximum safety and offroad fun, this researched guide has combined the best of these necessary components of an offroad gear collection to help you make the best recovery strap purchase.

If you are a DIY, a grease gun is a must-have tool in your garage or workshop. The best grease gun is an essential tool to have, and not just for DIYs but for everyone that has a bike, vehicle, power generator, and so on. These are equipment that needs regular doses of lubrication to function properly.

As you’ll get to learn in this post, grease guns come in different shapes and sizes. There is a grease gun for every type of job you can imagine. There are air-operated versions for power, battery-operated (cordless) versions for portability, hand pumps for power and convenience, and so on.

Best Grease Gun: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 Grease Gun
2. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun
3. DEWALT DCGG570B Grease Gun
4. Lincoln Electric Lubrication Grease Gun
5. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun
6. Milwaukee Cordless Grease Gun
7. Milwaukee Bare Tool Cordless Grease Gun
8. Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
9. Lumax Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun
10. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

The grease guns featured in this buying guide are designed for maximum convenience and versatility. You will also find other important information such as maintenance tips, tips on how to properly load grease in the gun, and so on.

Top 10 Best Grease Gun Reviews:

1. DEWALT DCGG571M1 Grease Gun


When it comes to grease guns, it does not get better than the DEWALT DCGG571M1. It is head and shoulders above other grease guns. What makes the DCGG571M1 the best mini grease gun? For starters, it is powered by a potent motor that produces a maximum grease flow of up to 5-ounces per minute at a maximum pressure of up to 10,000 PSI. The incredible pump and motor power are just the tip of the iceberg with this grease gun.

The DCGG571M1 comes with a variety of features that make it one of the favorite grease guns in the market for consumers. An anti-debris filter is perhaps the most useful feature of this grease gun. It acts as a sieve that keeps dirt and other forms of debris away from the pump to ensure that the lubrication isn’t contaminated. Unlike other grease guns, this particular Dewalt comes with a variable speed trigger that allows you to control or alter the flow of the lubricant to achieve maximum precision.

Other features that are worth a mention include a sophisticated charging battery system that allows fast charging at a maximum rate of 16 cartridges per charging session. This DCGG571M1 grease gun also provides an extra-long 42-inch hose that’s flexible to allow you to access and lubricate hard to reach areas. What’s more, this grease gun is also fitted with bright LED lights to help you illuminate dark work surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Motor Power: Delivers a maximum 10,000 PSI
  • Pump Power: Produces a maximum volume flow of up to 0-ounces per minute
  • Pump filter screen for clog prevention
  • Fast charge with up to 16 cartridges per charge
  • 42″ flexible hose
  • Bright LED light assists in locating hard to see grease fittings
  • 0 Ah, 20V MAX XR Premium Li-Ion Battery

2. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun


Besides being one of the cheapest grease guns, the Lincoln 1134 grease gun is one of the favorite lubrication guns among DIYs and professionals for many reasons. Despite its low price, this grease gun is surprisingly high-quality when it comes to its build materials and finish quality. For instance, you would forgive a flimsy handle on this gun, but even for its low price, the handle on this Lincoln 1134 feels sturdy and durable.

After careful examination and intense scrutiny, this lubrication gun is ideal for older generations of DIYs and professionals. It is no secret that this type of demography value tools with simple, intuitive operation over complex systems. Operation on this particular Lincoln can’t get much easier with its pneumatic air control system.

All you have to do is to open its seal, pour some lubrication, close the seal, point the hose onto the target then pump it to expel the lubricant. While its simple mechanism doesn’t allow the inclusion of some useful features and requires you to use energy to operate it, the Lincoln 1134 is one of the most reliable and durable grease guns on the market. Ultimately, this grease gun is for people that cannot afford power grease guns but want a durable tool they can depend on to lubricate moving parts for a smoother operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rugged cast pump head for maximum strength and durability
  • A jam-proof mechanism that prevents binding and accidental bending of the plunger
  • Heavy-duty follower spring allows continuous pumping action
  • Accessible check valve for an easy cleaning operation
  • Precision fit plunger prevents lubricant bypass for smoother operation and longer life
  • Item Weight: 2.8-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches

3. DEWALT DCGG570B Grease Gun


If you are the kind of person who uses more than five grease tubes a day for lubrication purposes, you won’t find a more suitable grease gun than this particular DEWALT DCGG570B. It is so much better than pistol guns, air guns, and other electric guns. For instance, the Lincoln 1134 mentioned above is a phenomenal pneumatic greasing tool. However, you cannot compare it to this DEWALT DCGG570B when it comes to continuous lubrication jobs.

This is because unlike Lincoln 1134, the DEWALT DCGG570B uses electrical power hence requires less effort to operate. Its self-priming capabilities further highlight its superior automated features and ease of use. With this electric grease gun, you are guaranteed faster lubrication times. When fully charged, its battery easily goes through up to four grease tubes at a go which means you will no longer have to waste time recharging it.

On top of the benefits mentioned above, the DEWALT DCGG570Bcomes equipped with two of the most rated motor and pump configurations. These two components work in tandem to produce a flow rate of up to 5.0-ounces per minute at 9,000 PSI. What’s more, this power is complemented with a long, flexible hose and bright LED lights to give you access across hard to reach places and illuminate dark surfaces respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • Motor Power: Delivers a maximum 9,000 PSI
  • Pump Power: Produces a maximum volume flow of up to 5.0-ounces per minute
  • Variable speed trigger to control precision
  • 42-inch flexible hose
  • Bright LED light for maximum illumination
  • Item Weight: 9.56-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 20.6 x 4.8 x 9.9 inches

4. Lincoln Electric Lubrication 1844 Grease Gun


If you are a professional looking for a high-performing and reliable lubrication gun with excellent battery life, look no further than this Lincoln Lubrication 1844. The battery of this electric grease gun is the one feature that makes it stand out amidst other electric guns. The Lincoln1844 comes with not one, but two 18-Volt batteries that have been optimized to work overtime. A fully charged battery can easily power through 10 grease cartridges before it runs out of juice. On average, the batteries on this Lincoln1844 provide roughly 30 percent more battery life than the competition.

On top of all of this, you also get fast-charging capabilities with this electric grease gun. As a professional, this should be one of your most sought-after features. This is because the fast charging feature translates to less downtime when charging theLincoln1844. The new battery system of this electric lubrication gun allows you to get more done and earn more money as a professional.

The Lincoln1844 is not a particularly cheap lubrication gun, but it comes with all the features you would expect for its price. Safety and comfort are taken care of by its non-slip grip handle and carrying case. Performance-wise, the Lincoln1844 is up there with the best grease guns. It features a potent motor with a maximum flow rate of 10-ounces per minute and a maximum pressure of 7,500 PSI. What’s more, you can regulate its flow rate and pressure using its variable speed trigger for precise operation.

Highlighted Features:

  • 18-volt batteries that last up to 10 grease cartridges
  • Variable 2-speed transmission trigger for pressure and flow rate adjustment
  • High-strength casting for maximum durability
  • Dual overload protection
  • High-torque motor for powerful performance
  • Item Weight: 16-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 23.1 x 14.5 x 4.2 inches

5. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun


Much like the Lincoln 1134 featured above, this Alemite 500-E is unique in that it is a pneumatic grease gun. As a pneumatic lubrication gun, the Alemite 500-E utilizes the most basic technology to operate – and as such is one of the cheapest grease guns featured on this review. Despite their pneumatic nature and low price, the Alemite 500-E and the Lincoln 1134 have nothing else in common. For instance, Lincoln 1134 uses a pumping mechanism to force out the grease while the Alemite 500-E uses a lever mechanism to accomplish the same goal.

In the case of this Alemite, this difference in operation is a good thing as its lever mechanism is more efficient at compressing air. With 21 strokes of the lever, the Alemite 500-E can produce a flow rate of up to 3-ounces at a maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI. What’s more, this lubricant gun comes equipped with a 16-ounce tank that can be loaded with lubricant in three distinct ways. You can fill it using 14-ounce cartridges, via suction, and from an aftermarket Alemite loader pump.

When it comes to its build quality, the Alemite 500-E doesn’t disappoint with its attention to detail. This high-pressure grease gun comes fitted with a vinyl-covered handle for maximum grip and a die-cast aluminum head for maximum durability and lightweight. The Alemite 500-Ealso features a bleeder valve. It is perhaps its most important safety feature as it helps prevent explosions. This vital component protects the gun from building excess pressure that cannot be contained in its cylinder.

Highlighted Features:

  • Type: Pneumatic grease gun
  • Utilizes a lever mechanism for pumping out grease
  • Produces a maximum pressure up to 10,000 PSI
  • Produces 1-ounce of grease per 21 strokes
  • Equipped with a 16-ounce capacity tank
  • Die-cast aluminum head to save weight and make it durable
  • Vinyl-covered lever for a non-slip grip
  • Item Weight: 3-pounds

6. Milwaukee 2446-21XC M12 12-Volt Cordless Grease Gun


Having a bad experience greasing your parts in the garage or at home? Don’t miss out on using the M12 Cordless Lithium-Ion Grease Gun. This equipment is one of the best grease guns because it is outstanding in many aspects and this makes it worth every penny. This gun delivers over 8000 PSI max operating pressure for heavy-duty applications and doles out a maximum of seven cartridges per charge. You do not have to suffer fatigue greasing your parts; it’s lightweight handle gives comfort during prolonged use. Its onboard fuel gauge helps increase productivity by reducing interruptions.

This gun is quite durable and will serve you in years to come. The best thing is, besides the grease gun, the package includes a carrying case, grease coupler, 36’’ Flex hose, 30-minute charger, and an M12 lithium-ion XC battery pack. Quite a steal, isn’t it? It comes with a five years warranty too. It is compatible with other Milwaukee tools thus making your garage experience more versatile.

You no longer have to exert a lot of effort into lubricating your parts. This grease gun will not only provide great efficiency but the ease of use too.  You can now lubricate anything you’ve ever thought about, anywhere and at any time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its 12-volt motor delivers over 8000 PSI max operating pressure.
  • Its best-in-class run-time dispenses up to seven cartridges per charge.
  • The package includes a 2446-20 grease gun, M12 lithium-ion XC battery pack, 30-minute charger, 36 ‘’ Flex hose, Grease Coupler, Carrying Case.
  • Its power source is cordless-electric.
  • It weighs 7.2 lbs.

7. Milwaukee Bare-Tool 2446-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Grease Gun


If you ever wondered which grease gun to use for your drilling, cutting or in any of your equipment’s moving parts, then you should consider buying the bare-tool 2446-20 M12. It boasts 25% more pressure and run-time compared to other grease guns in the market. It can reach as high as 8000 PSI max operating pressure that makes it ideal for heavy-duty uses. It is capable of dispensing up to seven cartridges per charge. It also has an air bleeder valve that ensures quick flow.

Luckily, this equipment features a lightweight handle design that is easy and comfortable to carry thus making it strain-free to use for more extended hours. Its integrated hose storage makes the grease gun more convenient to use. With this grease gun, you get to enjoy excellent workplace versatility because its M12TM Lithium-ion system is compatible with more than 20 Milwaukee tools. Talk about durability, this equipment will last you long and comes backed with a five years warranty.

If you are seeking to add a grease gun to your toolbox, that will offer excellent productivity. It will help you lubricate the toughest parts of your machinery fast without having to suffer cramping hands after your operations.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a voltage of 12 volts
  • Its power source is cordless-electric.
  • It weighs 7.35 pounds.
  • It runs up to 7 grease cartridges per charge.
  • Its charge time is 30 minutes.

8. Powerbuilt (940798) 4500 PSI Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Style Grease Gun


Make your work more comfortable and fun to do with the power built grease gun. Its beautiful red skin is not all that it has to offer, its performance and affordability makes it quite a buy. You are going to like the fact that it is made to be the most reliable tool in the market today. It offers you solutions for almost all situations that you may need to use a grease gun.

It features an anodized aluminum canister that is lightweight, and this makes it convenient to use. Anyone who has suffered fatigue due to the use of a heavy grease gun will appreciate this. Its durability is indeed a plus. Another thing that makes this grease gun a winner is that its barrel has rubber sleeves. You can easily grip it and hold it steadily without the fear of slipping out of your hands. The versatility it offers is astoundingly excellent thanks to its piston cup that can be used even in an upright position while still delivering outstanding performance. It has a 4500 PSI working pressure. Its proper sealing and high-quality material make it leak-proof, and this is one feature we cannot overlook.

If you are looking to own a grease gun that is reliable in matters performance and whose price will not make you break a bank, then this is the best bet for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • It weighs three pounds.
  • Its handle is rubber-coated.
  • It includes a 12’’ flex hose and a 5-1/2’’ metal extension with the coupler.
  • Its canister is heavy-duty aluminum coated.
  • It uses a standard 14 oz. Cartridge.

9. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun with 18’’ Flex Hose


This super-affordable grease gun should not fool you into thinking that it is rubbish. It has got those desirable features that a good grease gun needs. Made of 18-gauge, high-grade steel you get assured that it will last ages. The heavy-duty cast TM, cast alloy head with a heavier wall makes it durable too. You don’t have to keep buying new grease guns now and then, kiss low-quality grease guns goodbye.

About the irregular discharge of grease, the air bleeder valve prevents this by ensuring that any trapped air can escape. Additionally, it has a chrome-plated finish to ensure that corrosion does not take place. You can load it in three ways; suction, bulk fill and with a standard cartridge. Quite convenient, isn’t it? It has a rod lock that helps prevent grease from leaking when the gun is not in use. You can use one hand in the greasing hence making it easier for you. Its contoured, oil-resistant, pistol grip offers a comfortable greasing experience.

With all these features, this grease gun is a real bargain. At a low price, you get to own a heavy-duty grease gun that assures you of exceptional performance and durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a non-drip cap, four hardened jaws hydraulic coupler with ball check (LX-1400), an 18’’ flex hose (LX-1203) and the deluxe pistol grease gun.
  • It outputs 4 oz. of grease in every 100 strokes.
  • It develops up to 7000 PSI.
  • It has an air bleeder valve to allow the release of trapped air.
  • Can be loaded by bulk fill, suction or standard cartridge.

10. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun


Last but not least we have the Lincoln 1162 air operated grease gun. It is one of the high-quality grease guns that Lincoln has produced. It offers excellent performance, continuous grease flow and lasts long.

It has a customizable speed trigger that allows you to choose the speed that the grease flows. If you have used grease guns before, I am sure that you have noticed the effect trapped air pockets have on the discharge of grease. To counter this, this gun’s large pump design and long hose pump grease at high speed thus reducing air pockets. Its tube has a coupler and an attachment clip for easy access to lube points. You’ll love the fact that this gun’s operation is pneumatic and you no longer have to worry about batteries. Being a fully automatic grease gun, it offers continuous grease flow.

This grease gun pumps pressure at a maximum of 6000 pounds PSI and a minimum of 150 pounds PSI. This range makes it appropriate to perform various tasks. It offers a one year warranty that protects you against the risk of machine damage. Its tube material is steel assuring you of its durability.

The Lincoln 1162 grease gun is accurate in its application, can perform many tasks regarding grease application and is easy to use. It will offer you industrial-grade performance without having to cost an arm and a leg.

Highlighted Features:

  • It weighs 5.375 lbs.
  • Its air pressure ranges between 40-150 PSI.
  • Its grease pressure is 6000 PSI.
  • Backed with a year warranty.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Designed with a variable-speed trigger.
  • It includes a grease gun, male air nipple and a hose with a coupler and attachment clip.


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Grease Gun

When buying a grease gun, there are a few things you should know and consider before executing the transaction. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a lubricating gun that doesn’t meet your needs or wants. Therefore, in this section, we will explore everything you need to know and consider to help you select a tool that best suits your needs. Let’s start by answering why you need a lubrication gun in the first place:

  • Purpose of the Gun

If you’ve never owned a grease gun before, ask yourself; why do I need it? How often am I going to use it? How and where will I use it? Answering these questions will take a step closer in your quest to find the perfect grease gun. If you are a DIY, the chances that you’ll use your new grease gun sporadically. Therefore, a low-tier or mid-tier lubricating gun will easily cope with whatever you throw at it.

On the other hand, if you are a professional, the chances are that you’ll be using your new grease gun on a daily basis. For this reason, you might want to get a heavy-duty grease gun that’s both reliable and feature-rich to cope with the demands of various jobs you’ll do in the future. Lastly, if you’replanning to replace or upgrade your grease gun, it’s advisable to use the knowledge and experience you gained from using your previous gun to determine the features you want on your new grease gun.

  • Type

We will look at the different types of grease guns in detail in the section that follows, but for now, you should keep in mind that there are five types of grease guns; air-operated, lever, cordless, pistol grip, and pump.

  • Power

A motor and a pump power electric grease guns. If you are getting an electric grease gun, you need to look at its power rating to determine whether it is powerful enough to meet your needs. For instance, if you are a professional that works with a grease gun every day, you need it to be powerful to ease your workload. In such a case, a grease gun that produces a flow rate of 5-ounces per minute and a pressure of about 10,000 PSI would be ideal. You will be able to lubricate more things at a faster rate.

  • Features

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a grease gun. How long and flexible is the dispensing hose? A long, flexible hose will give you more access and reach when lubricating tight objects. If you want a pump grease gun, one important feature to have is a variable speed trigger for precision.

This trigger helps you adjust the rate of flow and pressure at which the lubricant is dispelled to suit the job you’re doing. It is also important to note that some grease guns come equipped with LED lights to illuminate dark work surfaces. The LED lighting can be important if you work in dark environments such as under vehicles.

  • Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use and convenience, these are some of the questions you need to answer about the grease gun. How convenient is the grease gun? Is it easy to use? How accurate is it when you pull the trigger? How heavy or light is it? Is the handle padded? How comfortable is it to hold for extended periods? What mechanism does the grease gun use to load up grease?

  • Price

As with everything else, the budget you set for your grease gun should be determined by your needs. For instance, if you are a simple DIY, you don’t necessarily need a professional-grade grease gun. You can do with a low-budget gun since you won’t be using it all that often. That said, electric grease guns with pumps are generally more expensive than pneumatic versions.

  • Warranty

Different brands of grease guns offer different warranty covers. Ensure you go through and compare the warranties provided by the different brands before you buy their tool.


Types of Grease Gun

There are five types of grease guns; air-operated, lever, cordless, pistol grip, and pump. Each type has its unique appeal and downside. In this section, we will explore the different types of grease guns and help you identify their pros and cons as well as their most suitable use:

  • Air-Operated

Air-operated grease guns are most suitable for industrial use and other heavy-duty projects. This is because they come equipped with a heavy-duty compressor that generates the required amount of pressure to handle large, complex projects. As you can imagine, you will have to dig deep into your pockets to afford an air-operated grease gun.

  • Pump

Some people refer to these grease guns as hand pumps because they come equipped with small, portable pumps. The work of the pump is to generate pressure within the gun’s cylinder to expel the grease. These grease guns are powerful, versatile and deliver accurate results. For these reasons, they are a favorite for professionals and DIYs. The only negative with hand pumps is that they are not the easiest to use. They require some level of technical knowledge before you operate them.

  • Lever

Lever grease guns are the most common and readily available type of lubricating guns. From their name, they use a manually-operated lever to dispel grease from the gun. All you have to do is simply stroke the lever for the grease to come out. With this grease gun, you can alter the rate of flow as well as the pressure by varying your stroke length. Faster strokes generate more pressure and hence a higher flow rate than slow strokes.

Lever grease guns are a favorite for most people for their ease of use versatility. You can use them in various types of jobs. The only problem with lever grease guns is their manual operation which can be tiresome to use for extended periods. These types of grease guns are suitable for homeowners that will rarely use them, and not professionals that will use them on a daily basis. Unlike with pump grease guns, operating lever grease guns require the use of two hands

  • Cordless

As their name suggests, cordless grease guns are equipped with rechargeable batteries that allow them to operate without the use of power cables. Cordless grease guns are unique to other types of grease guns in that they have batteries that let you use them even during power outages. They are convenient to use since they allow free movement that’s not restricted by cables. However, due to their great portability, cordless grease guns don’t have as many features as other types of grease guns.

  • Pistol Grip

Pistol grip grease guns get their name from their resemblance to pistol guns. Their defining characteristic is that they are small and can be operated by the use of only one hand. This makes them ideal to use in tight, awkward situations.


How to Load a Grease Gun Properly?

This section will show you how to load grease in a reservoir grease gun and a cartridge grease gun:

  • Reservoir Grease Gun

Step 1: Separate the reservoir from the grease gun by unscrewing it

Step 2: Open the grease/lubricant container

Step 3: Insert the open end of the reservoir into the container full of lubricant

Step 4: Suck the grease or lubricant into the reservoir by drawing back on the plunger rod

Step 5: Remove the reservoir from the grease container and wipe off spilled grease

Step 6: Reattach the reservoir to the head of the grease gun

Step 7: Test it


  • Cartridge Grease Gun

Step 1: Unscrew the cartridge cap

Step 2: Remove the plunger rod from the barrel

Step 3: Move the piston rod to the side and secure it into its slot to gain access to the cartridge

Step 4: Remove the cartridge

Step 5: Wipe the barrel with a clean cloth to clean grease that may have leaked from the cartridge

Step 6: Insert the new cartridge into the barrel securely

Step 7: Press the release tab to restore the piston rod to its original position

Step 8: Reattach the plunger rod and secure barrel to the head of the grease gun

Step 9: Test it


How to Maintain the Grease Gun?

Here are a few maintenance tips to help increase the lifespan of your grease gun:

  • Remove excess grease on your grease gun to minimize the bearing pressure
  • Be extra careful when loading grease to prevent contaminants which could potentially damage the gun
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions as some guns can only work with specific types of grease
  • Clean the grease gun before and after every use
  • Cover the grease gun with a piece of cloth during storage to protect it from dust and moisture
  • Store it in a cool, dry place
  • Run a diagnosis check to make sure all parts are correctly plugged in before use
  • Always depressurize the gun after use


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Grease Gun:

Q-1: What’s the use of a grease gun?

  • Grease guns are used for lubrication in garages and workshops.

Q-2: How to grease guns work?

  • Grease guns use pressure to project lubricant onto the desired surfaces. They are designed with a cylinder, a pressure-generating mechanism inside the cylinder and an aperture for letting out the grease.

Q-3: Which is the best gun type?

  • There are five types of grease guns. All have their advantages. The best type depends on the work you’re doing. For instance, a pistol grip and a hand pump are ideal for mechanics. If you are looking for portability and convenience, a cordless grease gun will serve you properly. If you are a DIY, a lever grease gun is sufficient to handle any task you throw at it. And of course, an air-operated model is ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

Q-4: What is the job of the hydraulic coupler and spring in a grease gun?

  • The best grease gun coupler is also known as the connector. This is because it links the hose onto the gun’s head. The spring component, on the other hand, is connected to the plunger. It moves the plunger by stretching and compressing to generate pressure.

Q-5: Can you control the amount of lubricant produced by a grease gun?

  • Yes. Grease guns have a trigger that gives you full control of the lubrication. You press the trigger when you want to lubricate and then release it when you’re done. Some grease guns also come with a variable speed trigger that let you control the flow of the lubricant. If you squeeze the trigger hard, the gun generates more pressure and a higher rate of flow compared to when you press the trigger gently.


Final Note

Trying to find the best grease gun to suit your needs is no easy feat. The number of options available on the market is mindboggling. Mechanics have a hard time sifting through the different options to find a correct grease gun.

Remember that these are professionals who use these tools on a daily basis. You can imagine how hard it must be for a first-timer to pick the correct tool. Luckily, I have narrowed it down to 10 of the best grease guns to make your choice a little easier.

Maybe your job requires you to commute at night or before the crack of dawn. You might also be a truck driver that often hauls cargo at night. If you fall into any of these categories or have similar experiences, you are familiar with the glare that comes from vehicles’ headlights. If your eyes are sensitive to bright lights in low-light settings, this glare can be disorienting. With this in mind, we compiled a list of the best night driving glasses to help improve your driving experience at night.

There are also safety issues involved with glare when traveling at night. If you are traveling in a low-light single carriage road with no additional streetlights, the glare from an approaching vehicle can blind you and cause you to lose control of your car. This is where nighttime driving glasses come into play. Their lenses are equipped with a tinted yellowish hue that protects your eyes from the excessive light that may blind you while driving at night.

Best Night Driving Glasses: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite
2. Blupond Anti-glare HD Vision
3. Blupond Night Driving Glasses
4. Duduma Polarised Sports Men’s Sunglasses
5. Duco Yellow Night-vision Glasses
6. Soxick Polarized Glasses for Men and Women
7. Soxick Vision Glasses for Rain Day Driving
8. Soxick Polarized Night Driving Glasses
9. Soxick HD Polarized Anti-Glare Safety Glasses
10. Soxick Night Driving Glasses Anti-Glare HD

Top 10 Best Night Driving Glasses Reviews:

1. Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite


If you want to feel comfortable driving at night yet look stylish, then these are the glasses for you. These glasses not only offer the clear vision while driving but also add on your fashion thanks to their gold stainless steel frames. The good thing about eagles night driving glasses is that they have special non-polarized lenses with an anti-reflective coating which are very useful in filtering out the harsh light that could affect your eyes.

The more nonpolarized technology fitted in their night-lite lenses, enhance visual sharpness, maximum visual definition, and clarity for the best night driving experience during fog and rainy seasons. Their micro-infused yellow lenses with optical grade anti-reflective coating absorb both harmful UV and scattered blue light and help filter out high-intensity glare. The scratch guards on both their inner and outer lenses help keep them in a perfect condition that will last for years. They are unisex making them wearable by both men and women can wear them.

These glasses are a result of many studies on vision and contrast enhancement under particular lighting conditions. They are aesthetically pleasing, durable and offer visual comfort which makes them worth spending a few bucks on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Their lens has an antireflective coating.
  • The lens technology used is of night-lite optical.
  • They have micro-infused yellow lenses.
  • Their frame style is full.
  • Their frame material used is stainless steel.
  • They have 2x scratch guard coating on both the inner and outer lens.
  • Their lenses are W 60 mm, H 50 mm. The bridge is 15mm and the Temple: 135 mm.

2. Blupond Night Driving glasses-Anti-glare HD Vision


Too often you may find yourself straining to maneuver through the roads in the dead of night. The glare of the bright headlights, LED lit signage, illuminated billboard, streetlights makes it quite hectic. Thankfully, the blupond night driving glasses offers a solution to this at a price that will leave you surprised. Sometimes you may be tempted to ask yourself; do night driving glasses really work? The answer is outright, yes they do. Night driving glasses help reduce the glare and increase the contrast, which in turn help you see clearly.

They are one of the best night driving glasses because they have all the right features that you would expect. Their lenses are yellow tinted to filter out any harmful blue light produced by an oncoming vehicle LED lights. The polarized night driving glasses help reduce the glare for more comfortable night time driving. Their lenses are capable of blocking UV rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength. The lenses are resistant to bumps and drops thanks to the polycarbonate material that makes them. Their frames are semi-rimmed to give a wider field of vision. They come in titanium, gold and black colors.

If you are looking to own a stylish pair of night glasses that is economical and offer great value, then this is suited for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Their lenses have a yellow tint which is a seven-layer composite system.
  • The classic Italian design makes them fashionable.
  • They are made with durable metal construction and reinforced hinges together with lenses that are shatterproof and have a protective coating.
  • They come with a high-quality case and car clip holder, microfiber cleaning cloth and a glasses pouch.
  • They have a semi-rimless design to improve your view.

3. Blupond Night Driving Glasses


Whether you are racing a car or riding a motorcycle safety is critical. You ought to avoid anything that could cause an accident. Enhancing your night vision could be one of the steps you should take if you care about your safety and that of others. These night vision glasses are one of the best night driving glasses that you’ve always needed. The comfort and durability that they offer give them a plus. They can be worn anywhere and at any time for your outdoor activities without leaving headaches behind.

They are super light making them effortlessly wearable. The spring-loaded hinges provide impact-resistant stability and extra comfort. The metal frames make the glasses durable. The shatterproof lenses are resistant to the inevitable drops and bumps.  They have yellow tinted lenses that filter out harmful blue light from your surroundings, no matter the source. The semi-rimless frames enhance your view by providing you with a larger field of view.

If you want to own the road all night long, in comfortable glasses that reduce glare, then you should try these glasses out.

Highlighted Features:

  • They offer uv400 Ultra glare.
  • They set your night sight to yellow and have an antiglare HD vision.
  • They have designer semi-rimless frames for a wider field of sight.
  • Their design offers effortless wear; leave no headaches behind.
  •  They have ultra-thin semi-light semi polarized lenses, integrated nose pads, and a rubberized support system.
  • They come with a night sight HD glasses accessory set and sunglass cleaning kit, EVA eye glasses hard case, screwdriver, sunglasses pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a glasses clip.

4. Duduma Polarised Sports Men’s Sunglasses


These glasses are the real deal when it comes to polarized sports sunglasses for golf, cricket, and all outdoor sports activities. The glasses give you an alluring and fashionable look. The night vision lens helps improve color clarity thus making driving at night safer and more comfortable. These glasses are not limited to one gender; both men and women can wear them. Their polarized black lens helps restore true color and filter out 99% of reflective and scattered glare. Their soft nose pad and earpieces made of rubber offer all-day comfort.

The 596(Yellow Night) frame is super light that you can hardly feel it on. The lightness is due to the combination of innovative, exclusive materials and advanced design technology. They have durable frames made of a flexible composite material which makes them bendable and will get back to their original shape even after being bent. With a lifetime breakage warranty on the lens and frame, you get the assurance that the glasses are of fantastic quality. They also have a money back guarantee of 30 days.

Enjoy your night runs, and bike rides looking like a million dollars with the super-efficient Duduma Tr650 night driving glasses.

Highlighted Features:

  • Product dimension-Lens height:43mm (1.69 inches); Lens width: 65 mm(2.56 inches); Leg length:135 mm(5.31 inches);nose bridge:12-30 mm(0.47-1.18 inches); frame length: 140 mm(5.51 inches)
  • They have a lifetime breakage warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee.
  • They offer night vision, have an adjustable nose pad, are super light, stylish, durable, clear and comfortable.
  • They have a specially designed lightweight frame for optimum fit and grip during your outdoor activities.
  • They have a TAC polarized lens with a 100% UV400 protection coating that helps block harmful UVB and UVA rays.

5. Duco Yellow Night-vision Glasses


Even the most professional drivers can attest to it that you need a pair of nighttime driving anti-reflective glasses. When bright light from vehicle headlights hits your naked eyes, you may not see clearly and might lose track. That’s where night driving glasses come in handy. A pair of the Duco Yellow Night vision glasses will offer a sharper and clearer vision even in the darkest nights. It is one of the best night driving glasses due to its excellent quality and efficient lenses.

The lens offers UV protection and is polarized. The yellow lens helps reduce glare, enhance contrast and increase visual clarity when you drive through darkness and fog. The frame made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy is stronger than standard metal frame but way lighter than the latter. The TAC polarized lens offers 100% UV protection and both impact and scratch resistance. It has flexible arms to fit various faces.

Do not be hesitant to try it out; it will give value for your money.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a TAC lens that offers UV400 protection.
  • The lens is polarized.
  • The frame material used is Aluminium-magnesium alloy.
  • The lens width:72 mm(2.83 inches), lens height: 38 mm(1.5 inches), bridge width:15 mm(0.59 inches), arm length:145 mm(5.71 inches).
  • The glasses have a night vision yellow lens, ultra-pure lens, and anti-glare coatings.
  • It comes with a glasses case, glasses cloth, and a glasses bag.

6. Soxick Night Polarized Glasses for Men and Women


If you love being trendy, at an affordable price, without having to give up on performance, then this is ideal for you. The soxick night driving glasses made for night time driving are a breeze. If these glasses’ sense of style will not fascinate you, then their features will.

Its polarised lenses not only eliminate glare but it also reduces eye fatigue. The lenses have an anti-reflective coating. They give full UV400 protection. The glasses are lightweight. The aluminium magnesium alloy which made the frame is adjustable and fits many face sizes and shapes. They are designed to give you long-lasting fog-free vision.

The best part about this product is that not only does it give a 30-day return policy but a 180 days warranty to every user to give room to those who are not convinced to try it out. With this pair of glasses you will get a crystal-clear vision throughout your ride and at the same time look fashionable. Besides, they will last longer. They come in four different colors that you can pick whichever suits you.

You no longer have to feel uneasy driving in the night or fog, these glasses got you covered. It has all the right features that the best night driving glasses need and this makes it quite a buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality polarized lenses.
  • The frame material used is aluminium magnesium alloy.
  • It offers complete UV400 protection against sun rays.
  • They have adjustable frames.
  • They have a 30-day return and 180 days warranty to every user.

7. Soxick Vision Glasses for Rain Day Driving


Avoid getting blinded by the bright lights while driving at night with this high-rated night driving glasses. Your eyes do not have to squint for you to drive, cycle or run in the dark.

These glasses feature one of the most durable and lightweight frames made aluminium magnesium alloy. Their flexible arms enable them to fit every face shape and size without having to break. They are super-light, making them even more comfortable to wear. They are safe to the eyes and do not lead to eye fatigue making them one of the best night driving glasses.

Their polarized lenses reduce the glare from all bright lights that come along with night driving. The pale yellow lenses enhance contrast in low light conditions making colors appear bright, and objects appear clear. They are the best for night driving, cloudy, foggy, rainy days driving and outdoor sportswear. They are stylish and sit firmly on your face making them perfect for high-intensity outdoor activities. In case your purchase did not satisfy you, you are allowed to return it within 30 days.

As the darker evenings come in, ensure that your safety is in check with these risk-reducing soxick glasses. You will be thrilled at how much they will reduce the effect of light glares and give you a drastic improvement on your visibility.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has polarized lenses.
  • The lens width is 2.52 inches.
  • It has a 30-day return guarantee.
  • Fashionably designed glasses.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They have an amber (yellow) lens with Anti-reflective coating.
  • Have an aluminium magnesium frame with flexible arms.

8. Soxick Polarized Night Driving Glasses


Just like other top-rated soxick night glasses, this one comes detailed with perfect features for an incredible night driving experience. The fashionable and classy glasses make you look glam as you drive or undertake your outdoor activities because it has excellent soldierlike qualities. Their aluminium magnesium frame is durable and is built to last. The light-weight, elastic arm ensures that they are comfortable making it possible to wear it for as long as you want. The frames are skin-friendly and do not react with your skin in any way.

Their 100% UV400 eye protection lenses effectively filter and block any glare that comes your way. Honestly, these glasses are a steal; their lenses color resolution can reach 99.6% hence giving you the perfect object detection and identification. The high definition lens enables you to have a clearer vision. The lenses are not only durable but are shatterproof making them resist breakage. Their 30-day money back guarantees you with top-notch satisfaction, and it wouldn’t hurt trying them out.

Grab the chance of owning one of the best night driving glasses that will help reduce the glare and increase the contrast to objects at night. Furthermore, they will last you long thanks to their high quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Their lenses are anti-reflective, HD polarized, anti-strong light, anti-glare, SO118 International Anti-light Standard.
  • Have an aluminum-magnesium frame.
  • The product dimensions are lens height: 37mm; lens width: 64 mm; temple arm length: 123 mm; bridge width: 12mm; frame length: 146 mm.
  • Have a lightweight elastic arm.
  • They come with a free carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Fashionably designed glasses.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

9. Soxick HD Polarized Anti-Glare Safety Glasses for Night Driving and outdoor activities


You do not have to hate driving or having your outdoor activities at night because of the vision problems that come with it. This soxick HD polarized safety glasses will give you a reason not to leave home without them if you are planning to run, ski or drive in the dark. Their great features make them excellent prescription night driving glasses.

These unisex glasses have polarized lenses that can filter our any glaring light from any source. The yellow filter relieves eye strain by softening harsh light allowing you to drive comfortably. It also helps enhance contrast in areas with low light hence making the road appear brighter. The yellow lens makes these glasses perfect for running, night driving, cycling, and many more outdoor activities. The aluminum magnesium frame makes it lightweight and durable. It offers a high color resolution that reaches 99.6%. It weakens the dazzling harmful ray of car lights. They have a 45-day return policy and 180-day warranty guarantee for every user. The warranty gives you even more confidence and trust in buying this brand.

With this pair of glasses, you will never feel regretful because you will have made a great choice. It is a pair of night vision glasses that you can rely on if you want to have your outdoor activities in the dark.

Highlighted Features:

  • They have a resin frame.
  • Their lens is anti-reflective.
  • The lens is polarized and has a yellow filter.
  • German military quality guarantee with a 45-day return policy and 180-day warranty guarantee.
  • The lens width is 70 millimeters.
  • The HD driving glasses have an aluminum-magnesium frame.

10. Soxick Night Driving Glasses Anti-Glare HD Clarity Polarized Lenses


Finally, we have these soxick night driving glasses; this pair is popular and much worth just like other night glasses we just reviewed. The best part about it is that it has a special filter that helps reduce strain which can cause head pains or migraines so that you can concentrate and focus.

The anti-reflective lenses dim oncoming car headlights and sharp reflections. The polarized lenses reduce the glare for a more clear vision while driving your vehicle. The lenses block 100% of UVB and UVA light to keep your eyes safer and healthier. The Soxick driving glasses for both men and women come in four unique, wraparound eyeglass frame styles and colors to offer you a more extensive selection.

Their versatility makes them one of the most common glasses since you can use them both indoors and outdoors for various daily activities, i.e., gaming, running, reading, driving among others.

The thought of driving at night should no-longer send chills in your spine. The fatigue and unclear vision will be long gone. You can embark on your outdoor activities at night without any mishaps as well. With these glasses, your night fishing, riding, and skiing will be a walk in the park, and your night driving trips will not only be fantastic but safe too.

Highlighted Features:

  • They have anti-reflective lenses.
  • They reduce eye fatigue.
  • Fitted with HD clarity polarized lenses.
  • Their frames are heavy duty.
  • The lenses have an anti-reflective coating.
  • They protect against UVA and UVB.
  • They are unisex and have four unique frame styles that are modern and unique.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Night Driving Glasses

If you are one of those people that have sensitive eyes, driving at night might be one of the most dreadful experiences for you. However, you can solve this problem by buying polarized night driving glasses. Here are some of the top things you should know and consider when shopping for these glasses:

Polarized Lenses

A polarized lens is the most important feature when buying night driving glasses. These polarized lenses minimize glare by only allowing angled vertical light to reach your eyes while canceling out the intense/direct horizontal light.

There are three types of night driving glasses to select. The first type is where the lenses are crafted with a naturally-occurring polarized material. Naturally polarized lenses are the most reliable as they never fade. The downside to these glasses is that they tend to block out most LCD and LED lights. It can be difficult to read your dash instrument panels when wearing these glasses.

The second type of night driving glasses is regular glasses that are coated with a polarized film to block glare. Polarized film glasses are the cheapest and hence most common glasses on the market. The downside is that the polarized film fades over time from scratching, wiping and general use.

The third and final type of night driving glass is where the lenses are polarized internally. Due to the complexities of this process, it has to be done in specialized labs. In turn, this makes these glasses reliable and resistant to fading over time. The only downside of these types of glasses is that they are expensive.

Lens Material

There are two main types of lenses used in night driving glasses; Tivex and polycarbonate glasses. Lenses that are made from Tivex are rare but provide the best night-time driving experience. On top of delivering clear images, Tivex lenses are lighter, more scratch and impact resistant than polycarbonate glasses. SR-91 lenses make for some of the best night driving glasses where SR-91 is a naturally polarized version of Tivex material.

On the other hand, lenses that are made with polycarbonate material are one of the most common for their affordability and high-level of durability. Most of these polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof – a useful feature if you are a clumsy person or have kids in the vehicle. Polycarbonate lenses also beat plastic lenses for their lightness. However, just like plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses are known to lessen the optical quality of images.

Lens Tint

Daytime sunglasses can have a variety of tint colors without affecting their usability. However, this is not the same case with night-time driving glasses. For night driving glasses to be effective, their tint has to be one specific color, and that is yellow. Different colored lenses react differently with light.

At night, yellow tinted lenses reduce glare by cutting down on white and blue lights while amplifying less glaring (yellow) light coming from vehicles’ headlights. While yellow lenses tend to distort colors in low-light settings, they enhance the silhouette of objects on the road. This allows you to see more clearly resulting in a better driving experience at night.

Size and Fit

As obvious as this seems, you want to try out the night glasses on to see if they are the correct fit. It is important to find glasses that provide just the right amount of comfort and grip. Loosely fitting glasses might be comfortable to wear for extended periods but can easily fall or slide out of place with sudden head movements. On the other hand, tightly/snuggly fit glasses are resistant to movement and stay in place as they should. However, they are uncomfortable when worn over extended periods and can restrict blood flow.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Night Driving Glasses:

Q-1: Do night driving glasses work?

  •  Yes. Night driving glasses help improve your driving experience at night.

Q-2: How do night driving glasses work?

  • Well, night driving glasses come equipped with a tinted yellowish hue that protects your eyes from the excessive light that may blind you while driving at night. The yellow-tinted hue traps direct/horizontal light from reaching your eyes, and only allows vertical light to enter your eyes.

Q-3: Are night driving glasses safe?

  • Yes. Night driving glasses reduce the glare coming from headlights as oncoming vehicles approach you. Without night driving glasses, the effect of bright light hitting your eyes might temporarily blind you causing you to lose control over your car.

Q-4: Are night vision glasses the same as night driving glasses?

  • No. Night vision glasses and night driving glasses couldn’t be more different. Night vision glasses use infrared technology to enhance visibility in low light settings while night driving glasses use polarized lenses to do the same. The difference is that infrared technology maps an area using heating signals while polarized lenses are designed to block glaring light.
  • These two types of glasses are designed to be used differently. If you shine a light directly on infrared night vision glasses, you might go blind as they are designed to take in as much light as possible. While they are suitable for military use, they are terrible for driving at night.

Q-5: What are some of the best night driving glasses?

  • There are many types of night driving glasses, and all have their appeal to different customers. However, I would easily recommend the Eagle Eyes one of the favorite night driving glasses. When it comes to night driving glasses Walmart, the Night Sight Polarized HD Night Glasses from the As Seen On Tv brand are a favorite among customers.

Q-6: Does the type of polarized lens matter?

  • Yes. There are three distinct types of polarized lenses. The cheapest and most common is a standard lens with a glued on the piece of polarized film. Objects appear distorted with this kind of lens.
  • Factory built polarized lenses, and naturally-occurring lenses such as the SR-91 Tivex are the other types of polarized lenses available. Oakley night driving glasses use these two types of polarized lenses in their glasses for their high-clarity levels, lightweight nature, fade-resistant properties, and durability.

Final Note

Ultimately, the main reason to purchase night driving glasses is to see the better when cruising down the road at night. With this guide, you are well-equipped to differentiate between good night glasses from bad ones, and ultimately decide the best night driving glasses for your eyes.

Different night glasses come equipped with various features, but all their extra features amount to less than nothing if the lenses have poor glare reduction. Based on our professional opinion, we highly recommend the Eagle Eyes glasses as our top pick night driving glasses for their excellent glare reduction properties in low light settings. We have made another buying guide about grease gun for you.

If you are reading this post, it is likely that we share the same passion for Jeeps. With your passion, the chances are that you live for weekends when you can explore the most challenging 4X4 trails with your Jeep. We, therefore compiled a list of the best winch for Jeep because we know that you are bound to get stuck at some point while powering up sandy hills, charging across streams, and plowing through mud.

Off-road terrains don’t care about your “best off-road driver” title. Getting stuck is an inevitability. It has happened to the best of us, but we don’t let it ruin our off-road experiences. We discovered that winches are like your personal “get out of jail free card” in off-road tracks. They get you out of trouble so you can continue enjoying your off-road adventures, and return home safely.

Top 10 Best Winch For Jeep: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV
2. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12
3. Smittybilt 98510 Synthetic Rope Winch
4. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch
5. Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch
6. X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch
7. Warn 87835 Synthetic Rope Winch
8. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope Winch
9. Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch
10. Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch

With that in mind, here is a comprehensive look at the best winches for your jeep:

Top 10 Best Winch For Jeep Reviews:

1. Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 ATV& Utility Winch


First on our list of the best winch for Jeep is the Superwinch Terra 45. Consumers describe this winch as a “serious workhorse,” and rightly so. Its power, versatility, and durability make it one of the best off-road winch for the money. If you are wondering about its maximum pull weight, this utility winch can tow a load of up to 4,500-pounds (2,046 Kgs).

But where does this pulling power come from? Well, the Terra 45 is powered by a potent 1.6 HP low-amp draw motor and driven by an all-steel 3-stage planetary gear system. This wide, sophisticated gear uses oil pocket bronze bearings to transfer the power from the engine to the tow cable more effectively. But that’s not all, the magnetic motor of this winch features a dynamic braking system with mechanical load holding.

So- Why is this particular winch regarded as the best in the business? We can spend an entire day breaking down its many of its excellent features, but the truth is that this Terra 45 winch inspires a great deal of confidence when you’re out in the wild with your Jeep. One of the major reasons why Jeep enthusiasts and off-roaders trust this winch is down to its robust steel wire rope. On top of giving the impression that it is indestructible, this steel rope provides automatic operation with its free-spooling clutch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powers load in and out
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 4500lbs/2046kg
  • Dynamic brake with mechanical load holding
  • Steel Wire Rope Dimensions: 55′ length and 1/4″ diameter
  • 6 HP permanent magnet motor
  • Weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker
  • Heavy duty latched hook with thimble
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Item Weight: 22.1-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 15.1 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches

2. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC Winch


The 1130220 is yet another winch from the highly respected Superwinch brand. If you are wondering what this winch offers to make you consider it for your Jeep, you are about to find out. Just as with the Terra 45 featured above, this Superwinch 1130220provides versatility and durability to its users. Another similarity is that both winches utilize the same planetary gear system.

However, you will notice that this winch is 1,500-pounds less powerful than its variant featured above. This difference in pulling power is because a slightly low-powered 1.2 HP motor powers this particular winch compared to a 1.6 HP motor in the Terra 45 winch. That said, the pulling power isn’t the only difference between these two models. The price also varies between these two models.

Fortunately, the Superwinch brand is reasonable enough to reflect the power deficiency in this 1130220 model in its price. It costs significantly less than the Terra 45. The steel ropes are another difference between the two models. The shorter and thinner rope of this particular winch feels just as robust and inspires the same confidence when off-roading in the jungle. Ultimately, the Superwinch 1130220 can be classified as a budget winch for novice off-roaders and intermediate-level off-roaders.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Line Pull: 3,000-pounds or 1,361 Kgs
  • Sealed 1.2 HP permanent magnet motor
  • Weather sealed solenoid and circuit breaker
  • Free-Spooling clutch with ergonomic control
  • Dynamic brake with automatic load holding
  • Handheld remote with a working radius of up to 12-feet
  • Steel wire rope dimensions: 3/16″ x 50′ (4.8mm x 15.0m)
  • Heavy-duty hook with a clevis pinned latch
  • Item Dimensions: 13.2″ L x 4.25″ W x 4.25″ H
  • Item Weight: 20-pounds
  • Two-year limited warranty

3. Smittybilt 98510 Synthetic Rope Winch


Third on our list of the best winch for Jeep is the 98510 winch from the highly-regarded Smittybilt brand. Anyone who’s ever used a product from this brand can attest to their functionality and reliability. Smittybilt has been around for over half a century, and this 98510 winch is among one of their many products that continue to carry on its excellent legacy.

If you are a serious off-roader, this synthetic 98510 might just be the winch for you. Upon much scrutiny, it is easy to see why many Smittybilt winch reviews rave about this particular winch. Yes, it might require you to reach further down your pockets or purse to purchase, but it is well worth it. From its high-quality build to its wide range of features, you have a trustworthy companion to bail you out of all kinds of sticky situations in the wild.

What makes this Smittybilt 98510 worth your buck? Simple. Its potent motor, sophisticated gear system and long synthetic line are up there with the industry best. This winch is powered by a 6.6 HP amphibious motor that produces a maximum pull of up to 10,000-pounds. Also, the comprehensive list of warranties that come with this winch is a testament to its quality assurance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Weatherproof winch
  • Max line Pull: 10,000-pounds or (4,535 Kgs)
  • 6 HP Series Wound motor
  • Remote control Switch with 12-foot working radius
  • A 3-Stage Planetary gear system
  • Gear Ratio: 218:1
  • Sliding Ring Gear clutch
  • An automatic Out-Of-Drum braking system
  • Textured Black finish protecting against corrosion and harmful UV rays
  • Cable size: 98.5′ Length and 3/8″ Diameter
  • Protected by a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 5-year electrical warranty
  • Item Weight: 99-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 14.5 x 24 x 11.5 inches

4. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch


The 97495 is the second Smittybilt winch in our list, and just like the Smittybilt 98510 mentioned above, this particular winch has a lot going for it. The Smittybilt 97495 is a second-generation winch from the XRC series. But how is this relevant? Interested parties will especially be glad to learn that the new Smittybilt 97495 comes thoroughly updated with the latest features and heavy-duty materials to enhance its performance and durability respectively.

Wait for it. That’s not all with the Smittybilt 97495 winch. As impressive as this winch, is its price It costs a fraction of the amount the Smittybilt 98510 costs and offers the same level of performance. It is probably one of the best bangs for buck winches you can find.

In a nutshell, the Smittybilt 97495 winch is an intermediary-level winch for off-road enthusiasts. For its price, this winch almost feels like an early holiday gift from the people at Smittybilt. This versatile winch is powered by a potent 6.6 HP engine that produces a maximum pulling power of up to 9,500-pounds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof: IP67 Rating.
  • Max line Pull: 9,500-pounds or (4,309 Kgs).
  • 6 HP Series Wound motor
  • Cable size: 94′ Length 5/16″ Diameter.
  • Remote Control Switch, 12′ (3.7m) lead.
  • Gear Train: 3-Stage Planetary gear system with 161.28:1 Ratio.
  • Sliding Ring Gear clutch
  • An automatic In-Drum braking system
  • Textured Black finish for durability
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty and a 5-year Electrical Warranty
  • Item Weight: 78-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 20.88″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 7.4″ (H).

5. Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch


The Warn 89120 ZEON is without a doubt one of the best 12,000 lbs. winch on the market. Before we explore its immense power output, you have to take a second to admire its excellent design and build quality. This is the natural response you get when you unbox this winch. Its exceptional build quality is highlighted by its muck-busting sealing and durable satin-black cast-aluminum housing.

Enthusiasts refer to the Warn 89120 ZEON winch as a “workhorse,” and like a real-life workhorse, you will have to cough up a significant amount of money to acquire it. A huge chunk of that money goes into the ZEON’s new potent motor and efficient gear train. These two components work together to produce a staggering 12,000-pound force of pulling power.

But is this ZEON worth its steep price? Well, its performance numbers and price numbers tell you a story. The story is that the ZEON 89120 is not a regular winch. Much like the Smittybilt 98510 winch mentioned above, this Warn winch is for Jeep owners who live and breathe off-roading. Ultimately, these are people that will utilize the full capabilities of this winch and won’t feel the pinch of spending a fortune on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Line Pull: 12,000-pounds
  • Sturdy wire rope with a uniquely balanced roller fairlead
  • Consistent design throughout the entire winch
  • Convertible control pack
  • Weather-sealed Warn winch solenoid
  • Black powder-coated finish with stainless steel fasteners and clutch to protect against corrosion
  • Large, lightweight aluminum winch drum for reducing rope wear
  • Item Weight: 16-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 26.2 x 8.5 x 19.8 inches

6. X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch


The X-BULL 12V is one of the most unique winches you can get for your Jeep. It is not often you find a professional reviewer like myself having a hard time categorizing products. This X-BULL winch is one of those rare products. This is because the characteristics of this winch are all over the place. But this mixture of characteristics is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, in the case of the X-BULL winch, this mixture of characteristics is a positive thing. How so? The manufacturers of this X-BULL took the best attributes of winches and created one of the best winches in the form of this 12V model. Faced with the conundrum of creating a unique winch, the manufacturers of the X-BULL 12V created one of the most powerful witches on the market but slapped a meager price on it.

Typically, a 13,000-pound winch is considered a high-end/premium winch among off-road enthusiasts. But if you take that winch and give it the price of an entry-level/novice winch, it becomes hard to classify the wrench into one group.

That said, you don’t care about these details. You are more interested in finding out if the X-BULL 12V is worth the risk. Simple. The answer is a resounding, “YES!” How can you not fall in love with its vibrant orange color? That color alone will earn your Jeep points on the “cool car” board.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a unique, vibrant orange color
  • Max Line Pull: 13,000-pounds
  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • 26-metre DYNEEMA SYNTHETIC cable
  • Comes with an overload protector and a winch cover to protect against harsh weather conditions
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Positive load control with power in and out
  • Clutch Lever
  • Power: Requires two 12V Alkaline batteries to function
  • Item Weight: 63.2-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 24 x 13.8 x 10 inches

7. Warn 87835 VR8000-s Synthetic Rope Winch


The 87835 VR8000-s is yet another Warn product on our best winch for Jeep review. If you are a Jeep owner that’s begun modifying your Jeep, Warn is a brand that doesn’t require any introduction. You have probably encountered it somewhere along your modification journey. Given our tough selection criteria, having two winches featured on our review is a testament to Warns immaculate products.

This particular Warn 87835 VR8000-s belongs to the VR series of winches that are famous for their pocket-friendly prices and high-performance levels. The Warn brand guarantees highly functional and durable products. To this end, the VR8000-s winch is fitted with all the bells and whistles that have become synonymous with the Warn brand. You get a 100-foot Spydura synthetic rope, a three-stage planetary gear train, and much more for a fraction of the price.

The most impressive thing about this particular Warn VR8000-s is its seamless way of delivering power. From its name, the Warn VR8000-s utilizes a motor that delivers a maximum pulling force of up to 8,000-pounds. With this amount of pulling capacity, the VR8000-s winch can pull you out of any trouble you encounter in your wild adventures. Also, as you expect from a classy brand, this winch comes with all Warn winch accessories and favorable warranty terms.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wire: 100-foot Warn Spydura synthetic rope
  • Wire Coating: Ballistic nylon sliding sleeve that protects against abrasion and wear
  • Max Line Pull: 8,000-pounds of pulling power
  • A three-stage planetary gear train
  • Exclusive brake design for maximum stopping power
  • Control pack with a remote control with a 12-foot working radius
  • Comes with all Warn winch tools
  • Protected by a full Warn Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Item Weight: 63-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 8 inches

8. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope Winch


The OFFROAD BOAR is one of the favorite Synthetic Rope Winches on the market. Like the Warn VR8000-s featured above, this OFFROAD BOAR is popular for its low price yet high-performance ratings. Together with the X-BULL 12V, this winch is the joint most potent winches featured on this review.

They produce a mind-boggling pulling capacity of up to 13,000-pounds. But that’s not where the similarities between these two winches end. Like the X-BULL 12V featured above, it is just as hard to classify this OFFROAD BOAR. This is because its performance levels outshine its meager price point.

After careful scrutiny, this OFFROAD BOAR is up there when it comes to providing value for money. That said, the chances are that unless you are an extreme off-roader, you will never utilize the full capabilities of this OFFROAD BOARwinch. However, you can take comfort in knowing that if you ever get stuck in a tricky situation, you can always depend on this winch to bail you out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof grade IP67
  • Rated line pull: Maximum pulling power capacity of up to 13,000-pounds
  • Rope Type: High-tensile synthetic rope
  • Rope Dimensions: 85-feet of length by 3/8-inch diameter
  • A reliable Three-stage Planetary Gear System
  • Powerful and highly-functional Series Wound (SW) motor
  • Free Spooling Clutch
  • Mechanical, Automatic load holding braking system
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • Item Weight: 61.2-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 11 inches

9. Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch


The Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch did not make it to our list by sheer luck; it has a lot going for it. One can spend days talking about the brilliance of this Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch, and fail to scratch the surface. This winch provides the perfect balance between price and functionality, a feat that has made it popular with enthusiasts.

The first impression you get when you unbox it is its phenomenal build quality. This heavy-duty wrench has a nice weight to it and is coated with a black powder paint that gives the impression that this winch is indestructible. Overall, the build quality of this Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch fills one with confidence that it will perform its job whenever the need arises.

In regards to features, this Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch has it all. With a potent 6.6 HP Series Wound (SW) motor and a sophisticated 3-Stage Planetary gear train, this winch utilizes the best equipment on the market. When you dig deeper, you realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg with this winch. Below are summarized features of the Smittybilt 97510 X 2O Winch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof: IP68 Rating.
  • Max line Pull: 10,000-pounds or (4,535kgs).
  • Motor: Potent and Reliable 6.6 HP Series Wound (SW).
  • Wireless remote control Switch with a 12-foot working radius
  • 3-Stage Planetary gear train with 218:1 ratio
  • Sliding Ring Gear Clutch and Automatic Out-Of-Drum Brake.
  • Finish: Textured Black for maximum protection against corrosion
  • Protected by a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty and a 5 Year Electrical Warranty
  • Item Weight: 91.5-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 7 x 24.1 x 14.3 inches

10. Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch


Last but not least is the LT2000 winch from Superwinch. This Superwinch LT2000 winch is unique in its own right. Despite not being the “typical” top 10 products we go for, this light-duty winch impressed us. The main reason we picked this winch is that it does what it was designed to do very well.

The Superwinch LT2000 is a light-duty, low-cost winch. There is no denying or sugarcoating this fact. In fact, the LT2000 embraces the tag that it’s a budget a winch for people that don’t want to break the bank but want a small, reliable and functional tool. The bare truth is that this LT2000 winch is for show purposes only. It is ideal for Jeep owners that don’t off-road. The kind of owners that want to have it on their Jeep to beef up its look but never actually use it in real off-road situations.

With a 1 HP PM motor that only produces 2,000-pounds of pulling force, the absolute reality is that this winch is next to useless when you are stuck in the wild. If your Jeep weighs over 1,300-pounds, good luck trying to rescue it using this winch. That said, at its price, this LT2000 is the best low-budget winch and as such worth it every penny in its price tag.

Highlighted Features:

  • Low Amp, 1.0 HP Permanent Magnet (PM) motor
  • Max line pull: 2,000-pounds
  • Pull and turn free spooling clutch.
  • Rope Dimensions: 49-feet of length by of 5/32″ diameter
  • Powers load in and out.
  • Circuit breaker protected.
  • Gear ratio 153:1.
  • Heavy duty latched hook with rope thimble.
  • Water-sealed, handheld control switch.
  • Protected by a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Item Weight: 11.9-pounds
  • Item Dimensions:11.2 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches

11. Rough Country 9,500lb Electric Winch

This electric winch from Rough Country offers professional recovery for all Jeep owners. The system is high-powered, high-quality, and IP67-rated. This means that it’s dustproof, waterproof, and safe for use in wet conditions. Whenever you find yourself in murky situations, where there’s mud, dirt, water, and sand, you’ll be grateful to have this machine on hand.

The winch system is built to withstand the elements. You will get reliable recovery every time thanks to the series-wound motor. If you’re someone who off-roads a lot and wants high performance from their electric winch, then this is an excellent option for you.

It offers exceptionally efficient performance even at higher speeds. Also, it’s less prone to overheating, which is another great plus. Compared to many other electric winch options in the same category, this product from Rough Country offers enormous value for money. It includes a Clevis hook for your convenience, as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Pro-series 9,500lb electric winch with synthetic rope
  • Powerful 5.5HP motor with 265:1 gear ratio
  • Includes wired remote control
  • IP67-rated for water and dust resistance
  • One-year electrical, two-year mechanical warranties

12. Champion 3,000lb Winch Kit

This Champion power system is equipped for pulling weights of up to 3,000lb. It’s ideal for anyone who’s searching for an ATV/UTV winch kit that includes everything needed for winching. With this kit, you get a mounting channel, ruler fairlead, and remote control.

With such a strong pull, you can mount this winch on your vehicle or side-by-side with a mounting channel. This will allow you to harness its 1.3HP-strength permanent magnet motor quickly. The winch comes with a 46 foot galvanized aircraft cable that is rugged and tough. It’s ideal for use in rough terrains, like rocky, muddy, or sandy areas.

The incredibly strong high-grade cable is guided into the drum through a reliable ruler fairlead. This helps to maximize the cable’s life and ensure safety during use. You get excellent winching control thanks to the three-stage planetary gear system. There’s also a free-spooling clutch as well as a handlebar-mounted remote control to help make your job easier.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 3,000-pounds max rated line pull
  • 1HP permanent magnet motor
  • Comes with bonus accessories and remote
  • Efficient dynamic braking systems
  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty

13. LD-12 Elite Heavy-Duty Electric Winch

This is a premium electric winch manufactured by Driver Recovery Products. It’s rated for a pull of up to 12,000lb. An upgraded 12V DC, series-wound motor offers maximum torque. It also allows a consistent flow of power through the duty cycle, compared to a magnet motor that may falter when heated up.

The motor is reversible, which means you can wind the cable both in and out. The components that make up the three-stage planetary gear system are specifically manufactured to provide smooth, efficient operation. This will help to eliminate slippage, wear, and tear.

There’s a convenient lever at the top that allows you to quickly engage and disengage the cable from the drum for cases where free spooling is ideal. A wireless controller is also included. It has a battery and a 75-foot range. This winch is super easy to install, mount it, connect the power, and ground – and that’s it. You’re ready to go.

Highlighted Features

  • The upgraded reversible motor has a power rating of 6.0HP
  • Compact yet robust design weighing in at 90lb
  • Includes a wireless remote control for convenience
  • Automatic braking locks the cable to prevent free spooling
  • Premium 87-foot abrasion-resistant wire cable

14. Orcish 13,000lb Waterproof Electric Winch

This electric winch from Orcish is IP67-rated, which means that it is waterproof and completely dustproof. This product can be submerged up to one meter underwater, and it will continue to perform flawlessly in normal conditions.

When you purchase this system, you get at the 10,000lb-rated 12V winch, a wireless remote controller, and a hand remote controller. You also get a pair of gloves, a user manual, and a set of wire cables. Basically, this winch kit comes with everything you need, including all the necessary accessories to complete the installation.

This is a great winch for Jeep owners who want the ultimate power and performance. It has alloy Hawse fairlead and automatic load-holding. It also comes with a high-tensile synthetic rope and a breaker for maximum safety.

With its heavy-duty sealed contactor and three-stage planetary gear system, this winch promises quality, durability, and outstanding service. You get positive load control thanks to the power-in and power-out motor. You’ll also be able to efficiently operate this winch with wired and wireless remote control options.

Highlighted Features

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating
  • Includes an overload protector and winch cove
  • Comes with a heavy-duty sealed contactor
  • The winch features 85 feet of Dyneema synthetic rope
  • Power-in, power-out motor for positive load control

15. AC-DK 13,500lb Electric Winch

If you need a winch that is tough both on and off the road, then this one from AC-DK is a good one to consider. It will pull you out of danger without a hassle every time. The heavy-duty construction from high-grade materials makes this winch utterly resistant to harsh weather.

In addition to that, it’s also resistant to corrosion and moisture. This means that you’ll be able to use your winch in all types of harsh conditions without having to worry about it breaking down. The vigorous pulling power you get from this machine is unmatched in its category.

It has dual molds that work with both wired and wireless remotes. This winch features automatic load-holding, and it comes with a heavy-duty sealed contactor, as well as an alloy Hawse fairlead. It also has a motor cooler to help avoid overheating during use. Overall, this is a great winch option for Jeep owners who are looking for a high-quality, affordable solution for all their winching needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty 13,500lb-rated winch
  • Comes in a vibrant orange color
  • Bonus accessories, including gloves
  • Includes two high-quality remote controllers
  • Two-year warranty from the manufacturers

16. MotoAlliance Viper Max 5,000lb Winch

The Viper Max winch is rated for 5,000lb. This powerful machine is ideal for UTVs, ATVs, and Side by Sides. It’s durable and robust, offering real pulling strength any time it’s needed. If you’ve been searching for an affordable high-grade, great-performing winch from a trusted manufacturer, this could very well be what you need.

It carries an IP67 rating, which means that it’s waterproof and dustproof. This is a feature that is essential for those who do a lot of off-roading in conditions that are less than ideal. You will be able to pull yourself or anyone else out of trouble, even in wet, muddy, or sandy situations.

This winch has a sealed planetary gear system and a 1.95HP permanent-magnet motor. It also comes with automatic brakes for additional safety during use. The unit features high-grade stainless steel hardware and comes with a waterproof handlebar switch.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique safety features including a dynamic braking system
  • Compatible with all the big brands
  • IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof
  • 95HP permanent magnet motor
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting  Winch For Jeep

To someone who’s never used a winch before, they can seem tricky, but the truth is that they are not. Therefore, when buying a winch for your Jeep, there are a few things you ought to know about winches. Here are the top considerations to make if you want to get the best value for your hard-earned cash:

  • 1. Rated Line Pull (Winch Capacity)

This is perhaps the most important consideration to make. Rated Line Pull (RLP) essentially measures the pulling power of a winch and is represented in pounds or kilograms. The tensile strength of the rope and the mechanical capacity of the winch are tested to determine the performance level of a winch.

Some of the most potent winches can have an RLP of up to 13,000-pounds while the lower-end winches can have an RLP as low as 2,000-pounds. But how much pulling power is enough for your Jeep? Well, multiply its Gross weight by 1.5 to establish the ideal pulling power for your Jeep.

  • 2. Electric vs. Hydraulic Winches

What is the main difference between these two types of winches? The main difference between electric and hydraulic winches is the work cycle. With a hydraulic winch, you can spool endlessly as long as the engine is running. Electric winches give you maximum spooling power even when the engine is dead, albeit for only five minutes.

Since hydraulic winches can run forever, they are ideal for continuous heavy-duty commercial activities such as farming and ranching. Electric winches, on the other hand, should be more than adequate for most adventure-seeking Jeep owners that want to have fun in their favorite off-road spots. Interestingly enough, Mile Marker is the only brand that produces hydraulic winches for 4X4s.

  • 3. Line/Rope Length

The length of the line is another important factor to consider. The length of most lines lies between the 20-foot mark and 100-foot mark. Obviously, a longer line gives you further reach than a shorter one. However, this can be costly in that it can get snarled up, jammed or kinked. For this reason, most people prefer 50-foot lines and below since they can purchase supplementary line extenders.

  • 4. Gear Train

Winches utilize three types of gear trains. Here are their different functions and features:

Spur Gear Winches: These types of winches use a pair of spur gears. The larger gear is mounted on the motor shaft while the smaller one is mounted on the winch shaft. These gears operate with low friction and as such are fast. But even so, the spur gear technology is dated as the only current winch using this technology is the old Warn 8274-50.

Worm Gear Winches: These types of winches are even more dated than spur gear winches. Manufacturers stopped using this gear technology. In fact, modern winches now use a combination of worm gears and spur gears for better load holding capacity and braking potential. However, despite their ability to tow massive loads, they are painfully slow. Ramsey, Pierce, and Superwinch are the only brands that currently produce worm gear winches.

Planetary Gear Winches: Planetary gear trains are considered the standard for winches. Nowadays, all the premium winches use this gear technology for its compact size, lightweight nature, and affordability. Performance-wise, planetary gears are fast and can handle a considerable load of weight. Their only drawback is their internal brake system that tends to overheat when spooling out under load.

  • 5. Winch Motor

Electric winches utilize two types of motors, Series Wound (SW) and Permanent Magnet (PM) motors. PM motors are light-duty and thus less costly compared to SW motors. SW motors are also more powerful, and generally, produce 10 to 15 percent more amps than PM motors. What’s more, SW motors are more durable and practical than PM motors. They are more tolerant of abuse and heat and don’t lose power in icy conditions.

How to Install Jeep Winch

If you decide to install the winch yourself, here is the complete step by step guide to follow:

  • Step 1: Safety comes first. Disconnect the negative battery cable followed by the positive wire to cut off all power in your vehicle when working.
  • Step 2: Install the fairlead at the front of the winch plate. Use a torque wrench to secure the provided fairlead bolts in place.
  • Step 3: Align the winch to the winch plate and secure it in place tightly using the provided winch bolts. These bolts are long and should easily penetrate winch for easy fastening.
  • Step 4: Undo the four bolts that hold the tow hooks in place on your Jeep’s bumper. This step requires an extra pair of hands to hold the winch in place.
  • Step 5: With your friend holding the winch in place, replace the bolts you’ve unscrewed then fasten the provided (longer) bolts. The provided bolts are longer and should attach the winch to your bumper securely.
  • Step 6: The next step is powering the wrench. Direct the red and black power cables to the battery. Run the cables through the grill, past the radiator and attach them to the battery and tighten them securely. The red cable (positive) should go to the positive battery terminal while the black cable (negative) should go to the negative battery terminal.
  • Step 7: Finally, re-attach the battery cables to the battery then turn on the engine to test your latest accessory.

As you can see, installing a winch to your Jeep is a straightforward procedure that anyone can do. If you’ve followed the steps as highlighted above, you can drive your Jeep to your nearest 4X4 track to test out your new winch.


Differences Between A Synthetic Line and Steel Cable Winches

Wire lines and synthetic lines are the two basic types of wrench lines/ropes. Here is a little information about both ropes:

Wire Ropes: These ropes are made up of bundled up strands of carbon steel wire. This traditional rope type is cheap to produce and is highly resistant to heat and abrasion. The downside to this rope type is that it is super heavy and vulnerable to crushing if wrongly re-spooled.

The 7X19 is the most common wire rope. It uses 19 strands of carbon steel wire that are intertwined into seven bundles. The 6X37 is a less common wire rope. Since it uses thinner carbon steel wires, it is more flexible but more prone to abrasion than 7X19 ropes.

Synthetic Ropes: These ropes are relatively new in the winch industry. They are popular with most manufacturers for their lightweight and rigidity. For instance, a 120-foot synthetic rope only weighs 5-pounds while a similar-length 120-foot wire rope weighs 28-pounds.

They are also generally stronger than wire ropes. Synthetic ropes and wire ropes of similar diameter were tested, and it turned out that synthetic ropes can handle more tension than wire ropes. If your winch uses wire ropes, there is no need to worry. Most manufacturers sell synthetic ropes separately in case you might need to upgrade your old wire ropes.


Frequently Asked Questions About Winch For Jeep:

Q-1: Which is the best winch for my Jeep?

  • Wow, there are many good winches for sale. Superwinch, Warn, X-Bull, Smittybilt, and Off-road Boar are some of the best winch brands on the market, and you cannot go wrong with them. Ultimately, the best winch for your Jeep depends on your needs and wants. But based on our professional opinion; the Superwinch LT2000 is the best budget winch while the Smittybilt 97495 XRC is the best winch for intermediate off-roaders, and lastly, the Warn 89120 Zeon 12 is the best heavy-duty winch on the market.

Q-2: How do I determine the ideal capacity/RLP (Rated Line Pull) for my Jeep?

  • Simple. Multiply your Jeep’s gross weight by a factor of 1.5 to determine the minimum RLP required for your Jeep.

Q-3: Can I install the winch by myself?

  • Yes. Winch installation is a simple process that anyone can do.

Q-4: Is a winch more effective than towing?

  • Yes. If your Jeep is stuck, a winch is better equipped to free you. It is safer, takes less effort and does a cleaner job at freeing your vehicle than towing with an extra car.

Q-5: Should I go for a wire rope winch or synthetic rope winch?

  • Synthetic rope winches are newer to the industry and are better. Synthetic ropes are lighter, more flexible, have appendage-friendly surfaces, and can handle more tension than steel wire ropes of the same diameter.

Q-6: Can I replace the wireline on my winch with a synthetic line?

  • Yes. This is possible. Most winch manufacturers sell aftermarket synthetic lines in case you damaged or needed to replace your old winch line.

Q-7: Should I install a hydraulic or electric winch on my Jeep?

  • You should install an electric winch. These winches are more appropriate for 4X4 SUVs than hydraulic winches. Hydraulic winches are more suitable for commercial applications such as large-scale farming, ranching, and other heavy-duty applications. Also, hydraulic winches are harder to come by than electric ones.

Q-8: Permanent Magnet (PM) motors vs. Series Wound (SW) motors. Which is the best motor type?

  • SW motors are more heavy-duty, powerful, reliable, durable and practical than PM motors. They are better equipped to handle abuse and are less likely to lose power in extremely cold or hot conditions.


Final Verdict

As we’ve established in this lengthy post, winches are essential accessories to have in Jeeps. This is especially true if you’ve embraced the off-roading lifestyle that’s practiced by so many Jeep owners. Your budget is critical when it comes to buying a winch for your Jeep, but shouldn’t be the determining factor when making the final decision.

Many other factors can guide your decision. For instance, some people install winches to enhance the aggressive stance on their Jeeps. If you fall into this category, it does not make sense spending over $1,000 on a heavy-duty winch that you won’t use when you can achieve your goal by spending less $200. We hope you enjoyed this post and acquired important knowledge on the best winch for Jeep to enable you to spend your money more wisely.

The entire Jeep community prides itself in being unique. Most people use warm, sunny weather to go to the beach, prepare barbeque, and start bonfires at night. While there is nothing wrong with that, Jeep enthusiasts have something different planned – Cruising twisty back roads “topless” in the company of friends and other Jeep enthusiasts. This guide will help you find the best jeep soft top to enhance your driving experience.

Imagine dropping the top off your Jeep, and driving on back roads with the music on full blast as the sun shines down on you and wind blowing through your hair. Tell me, is there a better feeling? You can turn this fairy-tale into real life by installing a soft top on your Jeep.

Top 10 Best Jeep Soft Top: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. Bestop 54853-17 Trektop Pro Hybrid
2. Bestop 54823-17 Supertop NX
3. Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197-35
4. Smittybilt 9970235 OE Style Replacement Top
5. Bestop 56820-35 Trektop NX Soft Top
6. Pavement Ends 51148-35 Replay Soft Top
7. RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 99835R Factory Soft Top
8. Pavement Ends 56840-35 Frameless Sprint Top
9. Bestop 56823-35 Trektop NX Soft Top
10. Sierra Offroad Factory Style Soft Top

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about these soft tops so read on to move a step closer into living through this blissful experience.

Top 10 Best Jeep Soft Top Reviews:

1. Bestop 54853-17 Trektop Pro Hybrid


Do you recall the feeling you got when you first laid your eyes on your brand new Jeep Wrangler? It was pretty cool, right? That’s the same feeling you’ll get once you install the 54853-17 Trektop Pro Hybrid Soft Top from Bestop. This soft top brings together versatility, durability, and extreme ease of operation. That’s why the product achieved the first position on our list of the best top for jeep wranglers.

Just like other soft tops from Bestop, the best Jeep soft top comes with patented features that every Wrangler enthusiast looks for in a soft top. This soft top not only comes with great features such as full hard top, but it also comes at a much cheaper price. It also weighs less and removes quickly than aftermarket hardtops.

The 54853-17 Trektop comes with a real glass rear hatch complete with gas-assist struts for hassle-free operation. Also integrated into the soft top is a rear glass defroster grid, as well as electrical connectors that are OEM compatible. As for the side windows, the soft top comes with glass sliding panels for increased ventilation and large dog noses. This soft top is available in premium twill fabric and a wide variety of colors, including black, granite grey, oak tan, navy blue, pebble beige, crushed red pepper

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for 2007-2018 Wrangler 4-Door models
  • The soft top comes with easily installable and removable side window panels and rear hatch
  • Rear glass hatch that allows for hassle-free operation and  easy accessibility to rear cargo area
  • Rear glass hatch comes with gas assist strut, and integrated defroster connect
  • Side windows come with slider panels that allow for extra aeration in the back
  • Features Bestop’s patented Sunrider flip-back panel that conveniently converts the soft top into a safari bikini top for open-air driving

2. Bestop 54823-17 Supertop NX


Bestop has pushed the limits of soft tops with this highly advanced and complete soft top kit for 07-18 Jeep Wranglers. The Bestop 54823-17 Supertop is made using triple-layer black twill fabric that has superior quality and durability that surpasses many other fabrics commonly used on soft tops for jeeps. The best soft top for jeep wrangler unlimited is quite flexible, has a softer feel, and features a smooth wrinkle-resistant appearance. This fabric is similar to the fabric that’s typically found on high-end sports and luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and BMWs.

The 54823-17 Supertop NX Soft Top also comes with replaceable and removable rear and side windows. It also features top of the line YKK scoop count zippers and extensive surface heat-sealing for protection against extreme weather.  For lifelong durability, the manufacturer has used 135 gauge polyester industrial threads all the way through with finished seams. The premium factory-style hardware is coated in black powder to offer resistance against scratching and corrosion.

Other helpful features that have been incorporated into the 54823-17 Supertop NX Soft Top include Quick-release bow knuckles, top arch bar, as well as adjustable tensioning. If you like driving in open-air, you will love the Bestop patented flip-back Sunrider sunproof panel that easily opens to let you enjoy the sun and fresh air while driving.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for all Bestop door kits (sold separately), lower fabric half doors, upper doors, element doors, and 2-piece doors.
  • Features a 30-ounce multi-layer fabric that’s extremely durable, soft, and wrinkle resistant
  • Features 40mm-thick tinted vinyl windows (31 percent tint) that offer privacy and UV protection
  • Comes with YKK scoop-counted zippers that guarantee durability and dependability
  • Has a fold-back Sunrider sunproof in JK, TJD, and models, allowing for open-air driving
  • This soft top folds compactly at the back of the rear seat for convertible top operation

3. Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197-35


Replacing your old soft top with the best Jeep soft top does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. This Pavement Ends Soft Top not only favors your pocket budget-wise but also offer more features and high-quality material. Its affordability has made it popular among many people in the recent years.

The soft top fabric is designed to fit over factory hardware and to offer quick installation using the existing factory hardware and frames. The automotive fabric is of exterior grade thus lasting long and giving your Jeep a great appearance. The vinyl windows are DOT approved and heat-sealed to prevent leakage and offer longer life. The soft top has upper door skins and tinted side and the rear windows.

This soft top is just what you need because it will give that desired fresh look for your Jeep at an inexpensive price and without having to give up on features.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its automotive grade fabric is durable and does not fade. It has 31 percent tinted vinyl side and rear windows.
  • Its replay kits require factory bows, tailgate bar and frames to be in good condition.
  • Its replay kits include rear and side windows, soft top fabric and upper door skins (where applicable).
  • It has sturdy OEM quality heavy duty plastic teeth zippers that feature jam-resistant technology.
  • The soft top requires factory hardware for installation.
  • The pavement ends fabric is mildew and UV resistant due to the vinyl-coated polyester, marine grade cotton fabric that makes it.
  • It comes with comprehensive, detailed instructions.

4. Smittybilt 9970235-Black Diamond OE Style Replacement Top


Nobody wants to ride their jeep in old or worn out tops. If you are considering replacing your old top with the best Jeep soft top, then you should go for the smittybilt 9990235 black diamond OE style replacement top. Not only will it replace your top but it will also give your Jeep that charming look that makes it appear as good as new.

The marine grade, vinyl-coated fabric used to make the OE replacement lasts long and does not fade or stretch to maintain its original shape. Smittybilt uses self-correcting zippers that are heavy duty and designed for smooth opening and closing. Materials used for the windows are DOT approved. The waxed coated 135 gauge threads resist mold and mildew. If you feel like you need more ventilation in your jeep, you can always zip out the rear window. You can check out your favorite color from the variety of colours available. You can now enjoy your favorite road trips without having to endure extreme weather conditions.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has self-correcting zippers that are durable and run smoother.
  • Made of marine grade durable vinyl coated OEM style fabric that does not fade or stretch. DOT approved first quality material is used to make the windows.
  • It includes front upper replacement door skins. Its rear window and side window can completely zip out in case you need full ventilation.
  • It fits original factory OE hardware or framework.
  • It fits over original factory OE hardware thus giving a complete replacement.
  • Its seams are sealed using heat to inhibit leakage.
  • Its wick stop threads are of fantastic quality and help seal the stitch holes.

5. Bestop 56820-35 Trektop NX Soft Top


If you are looking for a Jeep Wrangler soft top replacement, you can never go wrong with this Bestop 56820-35. This modern-styled soft top will without a doubt update the look of your Wrangler. Unlike the stock top that’s on your Jeep, the fastback styling on this Bestop 56820-35 fits on your wrangler snugly to give it a fresh, clean, new look. What’s more, installation is easy. It does not require traditional frames or bows.

On top of improving the look of your Wrangler, this particular Bestop provides excellent functionality. For starters, it features a full aluminum frame to reduce the overall weight of your Jeep, and improve its gas mileage. What’s more, the textured exterior of this Bestop 56820-35 features sailcloth fabric, an industry best when it comes to UV resistance and fade-free durability.

For those that are looking for the best Jeep soft top for their Wrangler, you will be glad to learn that the Bestop 56820-35 provides everything you desire in a modern soft top. It comes equipped with a Sunrider-style fold back sunroof and removable tinted windows. By folding down the sunroof and removing the windows, you can convert your Wrangler from a daily driver to a fun, weekend car.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 1997-2006 Wrangler (except Unlimited)
  • Next-generation styling
  • Material: Textured exterior, aluminum frame
  • Color: Black Diamond
  • Fold-back sunroof for more sunlight and air
  • Compatible with any Bestop door kit
  • Top Arch Bar system
  • Factory-style polymer door surrounds
  • Quick-release Bow Knuckles
  • Easy fit and function installation
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Item Weight: 43.2-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 75 x 32.3 x 6.3 inches

6. Pavement Ends 51148-35 Replay Soft Top


If you are looking for an affordable replay soft top for your Jeep Wrangler, the Pavement Ends 51148-35 should be one of your first considerations. Why is this budget-friendly soft top worth it? Well, the Pavement Ends brand is owned by Bestop which is a leader in producing some of the best soft tops on the market. This means that the 51148-35 and other soft tops from the Pavement Ends brand are made with the same precision as Bestop soft tops.

What’s more, this particular Pavement Ends soft top comes with all the features you could ever want in your replay soft top. You get tinted, removable rear windows, and a fold-down sunroof to let more sunlight into the cabin and give your Wrangler an airy feel when cruising down twisted back roads on the weekends. Another advantage of this replay soft top is that it uses factory frames, bows, and tailgate. These items make for an easy installation process that does not require drilling, cutting or welding.

The contents in the package include a fabric soft-top, upper door skins as well as side and rear windows. Despite the low price of this replay soft top, its contents are built to last for years. For instance, the soft top is made of marine-grade fabric cotton that’s fade, mildew and UV resistant plus its heavy-duty plastic zippers are jam resistant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler except for unlimited models
  • installation requires factory frames, bows, and a tailgate bar
  • Durable, fade-resistant fabric exterior
  • Color: Black Diamond
  • Removable side and rear windows with DOT-approved tints
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Item Weight: 15.55-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 32 x 9 x 9 inches

7. RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 99835R Factory Soft Top


If you are looking for a factory-fit soft top to install on your vintage Suzuki Sidekick, Samurai, Vitara or Geo Tracker, the 99835R soft top from RAMPAGE PRODUCTS is without the ideal product for you. The impressive thing about this Rampage soft top is that it is designed to be a direct replacement for the worn out soft top in your Suzuki.

It’s built with factory-grade precision and manufacturer specifications for an easy fit and function installation. All hooks, holes, fitting, and other mounting points align perfectly with your vintage Suzuki. This means that no drilling, cutting or welding is required to install this soft top. Installation requires the original hardware and equipment that came with your Suzuki’s factory soft top.

What are some of the features to expect in this 99835R factory soft top? Well, the soft top features OEM-grade fabric that’s built to last for years. The material is built to withstand all weather conditions with its water repellent and UV resistance properties. Last but not least, this soft top is also built and optimized for easy use and function. The self-correcting zippers on the windows of this soft top sum up its ease of use and user-friendly functionality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 1995-1998 Suzuki Sidekick, Samurai, Vitara or Geo Tracker
  • Fade-resistant marine grade, wick-stop threaded fabric soft top
  • Color: Black Diamond
  • Heavy duty zippers with self-correcting technology
  • Removable side and rear (tinted) windows
  • Easy installation
  • Protected by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Item Weight: 11-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 30 x 9 x 9 inches

8. Pavement Ends 56840-35 Frameless Sprint Top


The 56840-35 from Pavement Ends is one of our favorite Jeep frameless soft top. It is one of the best-looking soft tops currently on sale. No one can argue with the fact that it multiplies the coolness factor of your Jeep by at least ten times. Another impressive thing about this frameless soft top is that you cannot tell that it’s a product from Pavement Ends (a budget brand owned by Bestop). It looks just as premium as any premium product from Bestop.

What about the features of this particular frameless soft top? What else does it have going on for it apart from its excellent design and low price? Well, this soft top is designed and optimized to provide an open, airy feel when cruising down roads. This open-air experience is achieved through its features which include a flip back sunroof, removable windows, and removable curtains.

You can also expect maximum durability and excellent functionality with this soft top. Just as with other soft tops from Pavement Ends this frameless variant features an all-weather resistant fabric top. It is designed with a water repellent and UV resistant fabric to prevent stain and mildew formation as well as color fade. The soft top is also designed with factory precision for an easy, and drama-free installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • Factory-specification marine-grade thread soft top
  • Features: flip-back sunroof panel and Removable D.O.T. approved vinyl windows
  • YKK scoop-counted zippers
  • Removable side and rear curtains
  • Color: Black Diamond
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Item Weight: 43-pounds
  • Item Dimension: 58 x 18.1 x 5.7 inches

9. Bestop 56823-35 Trektop NX Soft Top


If you are looking for a soft top for your Unlimited Jeep Wrangler, the Trektop56823-35 from Bestop is one to consider. Unlike the other Trektop soft tops featured on our review, this particular variant is specifically designed to fit unlimited models of Jeep Wranglers. The others cannot be installed in Wrangler unlimited models.

As one of the premium soft tips from the Bestop brand, this soft top provides a Safari Bikini function for your weekend outings. With this function, you can remove the top and take out the rear and side windows to give you a relaxing, open-air driving experience. If you own a Wrangler unlimited, nothing is more fun than driving around your friends in Safari Bikini mode.

If you are worried about the practicality and durability of this particular soft top, you will be glad to learn that it is not just about the cool factor. The Trektop 56823-35 is a combination of premium materials and precise design from the excellent crafters at Bestop. You get maximum durability and simple functionality plus a snug, elegant and wrinkle-resistant fit for your Wrangler.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Features a next-generation design
  • Easy fit and function installation
  • Color: Black Diamond
  • Fold-back sunroof
  • Removable windows with YKK scoop count zippers
  • Compatible with all factory and Bestop replacement Door Kits for Unlimited Jeep Wranglers
  • Item Weight: 57-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 60 x 27 x 7.5 inches

10. Sierra Offroad Factory Style Soft Top


If you own a vintage Jeep Wrangler TJ and are in the market looking for the best Jeep soft top, you should consider the Sierra Off-road soft top. It features a factory-style design that fits perfectly in your Jeep’s original factory frame making it the perfect replacement for your old, worn out soft top.

When it comes to soft tops, you will find that most manufacturers only offer black-colored soft tops. But not Sierra Offroad. This brand is unique in that it gives the buyer an opportunity to choose soft tops with custom colors and patterns to match or contrast their Jeeps.

But how is the build quality of this particular Sierra Offroad soft top? Well, the materials used to build these soft tops are all of top-notch quality. The soft top’s fabric is made from a combination of denim and sailcloth vinyl. Sailcloth vinyl is considered more durable than diamond vinyl and has acoustic properties that cancel out wind noise at high speeds. The spice denim exterior is further laced with waterproof and UV resistant polyester threads.

When it comes to functionality, interested parties will be glad to learn that there are plenty of features to interact with this soft top. To name a few, the self-correcting zippers allow a smooth operation while the removable windows create an open-air driving experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 1997-2002Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • Features DOT approved windows
  • Marine-grade vinyl coated fabrics
  • Heavy-duty, self-correcting zippers
  • Factory-spec Velcro straps for a secure mount
  • Color matched wick stop thread
  • Easy fit and function installation
  • Item Weight: 14-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 35 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Jeep Soft Top

Here are some of the things you should know and consider when buying a soft top for your Jeep:

  • Hard Top vs. Soft Top

What is the difference between a Jeep Wrangler soft top vs. hard top? Let’s start with Jeep Wrangler hardtops. Their defining traits of hardtops are their durability and their superior insulation against cold weather and noise insulation when traveling at high speeds. Their drawback is that they are heavy and bulky. You need at least two or more people when installing and removing them

On the other hand, the best Jeep soft top is lighter and less bulky. This means installing and removing them is less of a hassle, and is a one-person job. Soft tops also look cool. The problem with soft tops is their short life cycle and their abysmal level of insulation. While you can get away with having a soft top Jeep during a hot summer season, you will struggle in winter. The soft top does a terrible job in insulating the cabin from the freezing cold.

  • Framed vs. Frameless Soft Tops

The supporting/attachment system is the key element when differentiating between framed and frameless soft tops. A framed top has a skeletal aluminum frame that attaches to the roll bar to support the fabric material. Meanwhile, a frameless top uses a series of rails that are connected to the roll cage to support the fabric material of the top.

Both configurations have their pros and cons. Framed soft tops are sturdy, but their skeletal frames limit space making it harder to load and unload cargo. On the other hand, frameless tops are a little flimsy due to their lack of sufficient structural support. However, their lack of frames means more cargo space as well as easier loading and unloading of goods as there are no obstructions.

  • Quality of Build Material and Price

The quality of the construction materials largely affects the durability of your Wrangler’s soft top. Soft tops are notoriously known for their tendency to break down as a result of wear and tear. If you are planning on utilizing your soft top every other day, it makes sense to buy the highest quality soft top.

It is always wise to buy high-quality things for their reliability and long lifespan. However, if you live in a cold area that rarely experiences summer, it is possible that you take your Jeep out only a couple days per year. In this case, you can be forgiven for selecting cheaper options. That said, be prepared to loosen your purse strings to get the best quality soft top.

  • Climate Condition in Your Area

It is not a secret that soft tops are terrible in winter conditions. If you live in hot climate areas that don’t experience winter, you can do with a soft top as your permanent roof. However, if you live in areas that experience freezing winter periods, don’t discard your hard top just yet. Store both tops safely and alternate between them depending on the season.

  • Features

What kind of features do you want in your soft top? There are many types of soft tops, and each type has its unique appeal. Fold down sunroofs, and removable windows are the most common features shared by most Wrangler soft tops. Some of the rarer and most sorts after features in Wrangler soft tops are; power retracting top for automatic opening and closing, Bikini Tops and Sunriders for an open-air driving experience, modular tops for their superior weather insulation levels, etc.

  • Installation and Removal Process

What if you want to take the top off completely? How hard is it? Is it a one-person job? How long does it take? It is important to find out the installation and removal process of a soft top before you buy it. This is especially true if you use your Wrangler frequently and live in an area with unpredictable weather patterns. In such a case, you might need to continually change between your Jeep’s hard and soft top as the weather continues to fluctuate.



Jeep Soft Top Removal and Replacement (Installation)

Finally, the day has arrived. You are removing your old, beat up soft top and replacing it with a newer top. Here is how you go about it;

  • Removing a Soft Top

Step 1: The first step is to unzip and remove all the windows

Step 2: Store the windows safely away from children, pets and high-activity areas. Insert padding between each window to prevent scratches.

Step 3: Next, undo all the clips and lower the soft top

Step 4: Fold the soft top material neatly and bundle it together with the help of bungee cords

Step 5: Undo the two Torx bolts to separate the Jeep’s roll cage from the top’s tubular frame.

Step 6: Wiggle the soft top loose and remove it from the Jeep.

Note: This entire process is a one-person’s job.

  • Replacing/Installing a Soft Top

Now that you’ve removed the old soft top, it is time to replace it with a new top. At this point, your Jeep is ready for the new top. This is also a one-person’s procedure. Follow the steps below to complete it:

Step 1: Start with the metal frame. Align it and lock its clips into place at the front of the Jeep and on the rear runner.

Step 2: Take the soft top material and place it on the metal frame making sure everything aligns

Step 3: If everything aligns, secure the bottom rear part in place by inserting the plastic runners into their sockets

Step 4: Next, secure the upper middle and rear soft top material to the frame. Get inside the Jeep to get better access.

Step 5: Install the windows by fastening the window retainers with the zippers provided. Fasten two retainers and two zippers on each side. The rear window requires three zippers to hold its large retainer bar.

Step 6: Secure the windows in place by strategically inserting pins into the grommets

Step 7: Enjoy your new soft top

How to Clean Jeep Soft Top?

Cleaning a Jeep soft top is a fairly simple process. One option is taking driving your Jeep through an automatic cleaner. The automatic cleaner is unlikely to damage your soft top. However, your Jeep’s interior will likely become wet due to the leakage caused by high-pressure water hitting the Jeep from multiple directions. Another drawback that comes from using automatic washers is that loud, scary noise produced by high-pressure jets blasting the soft top.

Is using a brush an effective way of cleaning a soft top Jeep? A brush is a good way of getting rid of stubborn stains in your Jeep’s soft top. However, if the bristles are too rigid, they can damage the soft top’s fabric and even severely scratch the soft top windows. In case you are wondering how to clean jeep soft top windows, the best method is by hand using a sponge or a piece of cloth. A quick tip when cleaning a soft top is if you are going to use soap or detergent, make sure you rinse it off completely and wipe with a soft, dry cloth to prevent unsightly water marks.

How to Fold Down Soft Top?

Step 1: Pull down the material on the top of the 4-Bow to undo the sail panel retainers on the lower rear of the Jeep.

Step 2: Neatly fold the sail panels and put them away safely

Step 3: Move to the front of the Jeep and unlatch the hooks from the windshield frame.

Step 4: Grab the unlatched hooks and 2 Bow then lift them top-back towards the rear of the Jeep.

Step 5: Fold the soft fabric material in a systematic “W” shape then rest the header part on top of the rear deck.

Step 6: remember to open the rear swing gate so as not to damage the rear-mounted brake light when lowering the top onto the rear deck.

Step 7: Next, undo the side bows, then slide the top back and rest them at on the rear deck of the Jeep

Step 8: Using the accordion style of folding, fold the soft material neatly at the back of the Jeep. Use the Velcro straps to fasten the folded soft top in place securely.

Step 9: Collect all the material hardware and store it safely in the Jeep

Step 10: Make sure everything is secured in place tightly so that nothing is hanging outside the Jeep

Note: Folding down a Jeep’s soft top is a one-person job, but having an extra set of hands will speed up the process and make it easier.


Frequently Asked Questions About Jeep Soft Top:

Q-1: Which is the cheapest frameless Soft top?

  • Well, there are many cheap frameless soft tops on the market to select. It also depends on your car’s make and model. For instance, if you are looking for a cheap soft top for your Jeep YJ, the Pavement Ends 56840-35 from Bestop is one of the favorite budget Jeep YJ frameless soft top.

Q-2: How do I know which soft top will fit on my Jeep?

  • This all depends on the make, model and year of your Jeep. There are a variety of soft tops on the market for jeeps. You can play it safe by choosing a factory replacement top which is a like for like model with the old top you’re replacing. Replacement tops fit like a hand to a glove. Other choices include frameless tops, replay tops, Trektop tops, and so on.

Q-3: What’s the average life expectancy of new soft tops?

  • The average lifespan is about 3 to 5 years. However, the lifespan can vary depending on how you use it, how you drive your Jeep, how you store it, etc.

Q-4: Can I get replacement parts for my soft top?

  • Yes. Replacement parts can vary from hardware pieces to an actual soft top. Depending on the brand you are purchasing, the replacement parts can be costly. Sometimes it is better to purchase an entire soft top kit over individual replacement parts. Therefore, do your due diligence to determine your best course of action.

Q-5: Can I install a soft top kit by myself or do I need professional help?

  • Installing a soft top kit for your Jeep is a straightforward task. If you have time, the right tools and are keen on saving money, we recommend you learn how to do it then DIY. If you don’t have the time, patience or desire to do it, you can use the services of a professional for a fee.


Final Note

There’s no denying that the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most versatile vehicles in the world. Its appeal stretches from soldiers who’ve used it in wars to off-roaders and celebrities who use it for various reasons. Taking the versatile Jeep and installing a soft top increases the cool factor and desirability of the Jeep.

Soft tops Jeeps are becoming increasingly popular, and are seen as a symbol of a “cool” kid. As you’ve seen in our review, these jeep wrangler soft top for sale come in a wide range of styles that match all personality types. In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our jeep soft top reviews and that our post provided some insight into which soft top suits you best. We wish you an exciting buying experience.

When updating the look of your rig and upgrading its off-road performance, one of your first actions should be upgrading its stock running boards. If you agree and are asking yourself where you can find the best running boards for your truck or SUV, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have modified your truck or SUV, with a lift kit and added larger tires, you also need to install an aftermarket running board. On top of helping the elderly and short passengers get into your rig easily, these boards also protect your car from tire projectiles when your vehicle is in motion. Check our another review and buying guide about the grease gun.

Top 10 Best Running Boards: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Star Armor Kit
2. APS Premium 4-inch iBoard Running Boards
3. APS 5-inch iBoard Running Boards
4. MaxMate Custom Fit 2009-2018 Ram
5. Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Kit
6. Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40068 RISER
7. APS iBoard Running Boards
8. Auto Dynasty Oval Side Step Nerf Bar
9. Genuine Toyota PT938-89100 Running Board
10. Westin 23-1680 Polished Step Bars

As you can see, installing running boards creates a win-win situation for everybody. So without further ado, below is a review of ten of the best running boards on the market today and a buying guide to help you pick out the best board for your vehicle:

Top 10 best running boards Reviews:

1. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Star Armor Kit


Give your Jeep a sleek look and get in and out of your vehicle without a hitch with the TG-JA2J2239B Star Amor Kit. The kit includes two step pads that feature a unique patented star design in a textured black finish that’s sure to make your Jeep Wrangler stand out. The step pads are designed to fit 2007-2018 4-Door Jeep Wrangler JK, save for the 2018 Wrangler JL models.

These step pads from Tyger Auto are crafted by laser-cutting technology and are welded to heavy duty 2” diameter & 0.12” wall thickness tubes. All tubes come with sealed end caps to lock out dirt, dust and water, and also to extend the life of the step pads. Also featured is a double girder system that offers superior wheel-to-wheel protection for both the underside and the rocker panel area from destructive blows.

Aside from the stylish design, Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts and hobbyists will also love how easily the TG-JA2J2239B Star Amor step pads can be installed. They feature a 1-piece design that allows for an easy bolt-on installation that doesn’t require any drilling. This means that you don’t need any specialized skills to install it. Once installed, you can expect your step pads to last for long, since the black bars are pre-treated to remove impurities and to increase rust resistance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for 2007-2018 4-Door Jeep Wrangler JK, except the 2018 Wrangler JL models
  • Features a unique patented star design
  • Dual-stage black powder finish
  • Crafted by laser-cutting technology and welded to heavy duty 2” diameter & 0.12” wall thickness tubes
  • Double girder system that offers the best possible protection to the underside and rocker panel area
  • Allows for easy bolt-on installation that does not require drilling
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

2. APS Premium 4-inch iBoard Running Boards


When looking for running boards that will make it easier for children or shorter passengers get into and out of your vehicle more easily, you’ll come across many options. iBoard running boards from APS are one choice you’ll definitely love. Unlike many other running boards that are oval or round in shape, the APS Premium 4-inch iBoard Running Boards boast a flat profile design that’s quite unique.

When you buy an iBoard package, you get 2 black running boards that come complete with brackets and hardware for a hassle-free bolt-on installation. The massive boards are 4-inch wide long, thus provide a broader step area for secure footing. The boards are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado, Extended Cab and GMC Sierra Double Cabs.

Aside from the unique shape that’s designed to look and feel different, the iBoard running boards come with various features that make it a valuable add-on to your jeep. These hairline texture polished 6061-t6 aircraft aluminum boards meet the highest standard of corrosion and rust resistance. Their surface is coated in full-length, premium quality ultra-violet resistant non-slip rubber. These heavy-duty brackets are capable of supporting up to 300 lbs without curving.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles, including 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado, Extended Cab and GMC Sierra Double Cabs
  • Features a flat profile design that gives your truck a unique look
  • Easy bolt-on installation with mounting brackets and hardware included
  • 4”-wide solid 1-piece bars that provide a broader step area for secure footing
  • Hairline texture polished aircraft aluminum boards that meet the highest standard of corrosion and rust resistance
  • Covered in full-length, premium quality ultra-violet resistant non-slip rubber

3. APS 5-inch iBoard Running Boards


Besides making it easy for you to climb in and out of your vehicle, running boards also protect your vehicle’s side panels, doors and windows from being hit by road debris. If you’re looking for this kind of protection, then the APS 5-inch iBoard Running Boards will provide you with that and so much more. These running boards are made using 100 percent aluminum (no plastic parts included), thus offer superior strength, durability and corrosion protection.

Just like the 4-inch iBoard running boards, these sleek, low profile 5-inch boards flaunt a unique and sleek design that’s sure to augment your vehicle’s look. Furthermore, the boards are entirely covered by corrugated rubber step pads that provide a comfortable, secure, and slip-proof step. The 5-inch iBoard running boards are also sturdy and durable and feature heavy-duty brackets that are capable of supporting up to 300 lbs without curving.

Whether are an adept DIYer or you’re not quite mechanically inclined, you’ll find the 5-inch running boards pretty easy to install. Installation manual, brackets, as well as all the necessary hardware are included in the package. You’ll find out that the rocker panel mount is easy to install, though some drilling may be required on certain models.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made to custom fit 2010-2018 Ram 2500/3500, and 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Pickup 4Dr
  • Made using sing 100 percent aluminum for superior strength, durability and corrosion protection
  • Low profile design that’s gives your truck a remarkably distinct look
  • Heavy duty brackets that are capable of supporting up to 300 lbs
  • Has a ridged rubber top that provides a solid, non-slip and secures footing
  • The package is inclusive of brackets, installation manual, all the relevant hardware

4. MaxMate Custom Fit 2009-2018 Ram


When it comes to your vehicle’s accessories, running boards are of utmost importance. MaxMate Custom Fit 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab/2010-2019 Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab 4 inch Oval Stainless Steel Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards (2pcs with Mounting Bracket Hardware Kit) is among the best running boards for Chevy Silverado. It has been tested, and you can use it with confidence as it comes loaded with all the great features you could be looking for in a running board.

It has been well crafted to cover both the driver’s and passengers’ side, ensuring that everyone gets to feel safe. It is made to survive even in the harshest weather condition, and that’s not all; it has been made with a unique styling that will turn heads as you drive. It is reluctant to UV offering you a non-slip step each time you stride on it.

MaxMate Custom Fit 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab/2010-2019 Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab 4 inch Oval Stainless Steel Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards only fits on crew cab with four full-size doors, and you should therefore not try to use it on a Mega cab or Quad cab as it may not carry out its intended purpose. If you are a DIY person, you will be happy to know that this running board is easy to install and you can do it in minutes. It is affordable, and its functionality will amaze you as it exceeds the value of the amount you pay for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is easy to mount and install as it requires no drilling
  • Fit: crew cab with four full-size doors
  • Comes with mounting hardware and DIY instruction, making it easy to use for everyone
  • It is UV resistant
  • Material: its step bars are made of heavy-duty 4-inch oval stain-resistant tubing covered with stain-resistant steel end caps

5. Tyger Auto TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Kit


Designed by TYGER AUTO, this running board is a new generation of running boards that have been designed to look, feel and function differently. One of the first things to notice when you lay your eyes on them is that they are unique, modern and clean which provides them with a glamorous and distinctive look that you could be looking for. Do not let their cute look deceive you; with its iconic running board review, this board’s functionality will surprise you. Even better; they are very affordable.

This auto accessory is among the best apg running boards which have been made to fit only the Crew cab with 4-full size doors, and it is made to offer maximum coverage for optimum comfort and safety both to the driver and the passengers when stepping out of the cab. It is not only well-built but also, you will not have to worry about it bending any time soon.

The running boards are resistant to rust and UV and even better; they make your vehicle look like it is brand new. Installing them is a breeze, and you can do it yourself within hassle-free minutes. Maintaining them is very easy as all you need to do is perform a non-abrasive cleaning and it will always be on its tip-top condition. They also have a dual girder system which protects the underside from any damaging impacts ensuring that they get to serve you for an extended period.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: they only fit crew cabs with four full-sized doors. You should not try to use the on quad cabs with two full-size doors or mega cabs as they will not function as intended
  • They are easy to install
  • They offer up to 500 LBS weight capacity on each side as they are made with heavy-duty 2’’ diameter tubes
  • They come with a five-year warranty

6. Tyger Auto TG-RS2D40068 RISER


These are considered as one of the best nerf bars for Chevy Silverado crew cab, and if you really want to get in your car easier and safer, then you should get them. Tyger is known for its incredible job when it comes to automotive accessories, and this is one of them. You can use it with confidence as it has been fully tested and proven to be reliable. It is well crafted with the step bars being made of 4” heavy duty mild steel tubing meaning they will stay on and serve for as long as you wish. The step bars are powder-coated, making them rust and UV resistant with non-slip step pads. What else could you probably ask for?

They are waterproof and you will be glad to know that they make your vehicle look like it is brand new. They are meant to offer safety and comfort when getting in and out of the cab and provide full coverage from one end to the other. They are easy to mount and install as they come handy with all mounting hardware and DIY instructions. Their benefits do not end there as they come with a five-year warranty against any damages.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: the quad cab with two full-size front doors and narrow rear doors. You should not mount it on crew cab or mega cab
  • Easy to mount and install
  • It is made of heavy-duty  mild steel tubing coated in black powder for rust and UV resistance
  • It provides optimum safety and comfort with its non-slip step pads
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Comes with a warranty

7. APS iBoard Running Boards


The iBoard FBA_IB-C5071B by APS is as good as advertised. These running boards are better than stock ones in every shape and form. When it comes to aesthetics, they give your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra a completely new side profile. While not everyone might notice the upgrade, you and every Sierra or Silverado enthusiast will definitely take note of them.

So, what makes this particular iBoard running boards unique? Well, for starters, the iBoard brand has been around for over 20 years, and they specialize in making the best running boards for trucks and SUVs. But, this information might be irrelevant to you; you are only interested in the quality of these boards.

When you see this running boards for the first time, you will hardly believe that they started as solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum undergoes a series of industrial processes to shape it. The aluminum is then coated with matte black powder paint to protect it from corrosion. Finally, it is enclosed in a durable 5-inch wide corrugated rubber pad for slip protection.

When it comes to functionality, this particular iBoard is up there with the best running boards in the business. Its lightweight nature means that it does not add any unnecessary weight to your truck. It comes with mounting brackets and an installation kit for an easy DIY job. And lastly, it can support a maximum load capacity of 350-pounds, which should be more than enough for most people.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 2007-2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab and Chevy Silverado
  • Easy DIY install
  • Material: Solid aluminum build for strength
  • Finish: Matte black powder coat for durability
  • 350 LBS load capacity
  • 5″ wide corrugated rubber pad covers for a secure, slip-proof step
  • Unique low profile design
  • Package includes: Two iBoard running boards with mounting brackets and an installation hardware kit
  • Item Weight: 42-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 88.2 x 11.5 x 7.6 inches

8. Auto Dynasty Oval Side Step Nerf Bar


These particular Auto Dynasty Oval Side Steps are considered as one of the best Nerf bars for Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. If you own a 2001 – 2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab, you can take solace in knowing that you can install these Nerf bars in your truck. How are they? Well, the first thing you notice when you unbox these running boards is their heaviness which comes from their high-strength stainless steel build.

When these oval-shaped tubes were constructed, the main agenda was to create high-strength Nerf bars that would protect your truck’s underbelly from damage. And to that end, these running boards don’t disappoint. Their heavy-duty nature gives the impression that they can take a beating in off-road terrain and protect your vehicle from damage.

However, despite their robust nature, these Auto Dynasty running boards are not just about grit and toughness. They are not a one-trick pony. These Nerf bars have other features and properties that have made them one of the favorites among truck users. They have slip-resistant rubber steps pads to correspond with each door for easier and safer truck access.

The team at Auto Dynasty realized that some people installed after-market Nerf bars purely based on their appearance. For this reason, they rounded the edges of the steel tubes to create an appealing symmetrical oval-shape and added a chrome coat to enhance the style of your rig and also protect the steel tube from corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 2001 -2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab and Chevy Silverado
  • Material: Durable, Rust-Resistant, Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Corrosion resistant polished chrome coat with Large Slip-Resistant Step Pads
  • Design: 5″ Wide Oval Tubing Nerf bars
  • Maximum load capacity of up to 500-pounds
  • Package includes: Two running boards with mounting brackets and an installation kit
  • Easy DIY Installation

9. Genuine Toyota Accessories PT938-89100 Running Board


The main appeal with the Toyota PT938-89100 Running Board is that they are designed for functionality, and they do that exceptionally well. These running boards are designed for you to step up and step into your Toyota effortlessly. They are built for Toyota owners who are not interested in stylish or gimmicky running boards.

These running boards are meant as replacement boards for contractors that own Toyota trucks or SUVs who might have damaged their running boards on their work sites. Toyotas are known across the globe for their reliable products and being genuine Toyota running boards; you can trust these will be the last replacement boards you will ever have to buy.

What these running board lack in style, they more than make up for it in practicality and functionality. You get super-light running boards which reduce your vehicle’s overall weight. You also get an easy installation where no drilling is required as each nut, screw, bolt, and washer fit seamlessly in their dedicated spot.

Lastly, you can step up and step into your Toyota effortlessly with the help of the skid-resistant step pads which also protect the running boards from corrosion. To wind up, these Toyota running boards are ideal replacements for professional-based rigs where their users value functionality over style.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: Toyota 4 Runner Trail Edition
  • A high-quality OEM running board replacement for Toyota trucks and SUVs
  • Protected by a one year or 12k warranty
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Item Weight: 40.4 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 71 x 12.7 x 9.8 inches

10. Westin 23-1680 Polished Step Bars


The Westin 23-1680 is part of the Westin Signature Series of Nerf bars. The Signature Series is a favorite for DIY GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado enthusiasts as they are designed to fit perfectly in these rigs. This package comes with two running boards, mounting brackets and an installation kit. Installing this particular step bar in your Sierra or Silverado could not be easier as no drilling or welding is required. What’s more, all holes align perfectly, all bolts, screws, and washers fit perfectly in their dedicated spots.

When it comes to design, these side steps are not much to look at. The tubular design is a little tasteless, but its polished chrome finish/coating will sure add some vibrancy to your Sierra or Silverado truck. One thing to keep in mind is that the buyers of this particular set of running boards bought it for its excellent practicality and durability.

To start with, these running boards are made of marine-grade stainless steel for maximum protection of your rig’s underbelly. Next, the conspicuous chrome coating is designed to increase the durability of the running boards by protecting the steel frame from corrosion. Lastly, each running board is fitted with a polymer step pad in each of the doors to facilitate a slip-resistant entry point.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 2001 -2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab and Chevy Silverado Crew Cab
  • Material: High-strength, marine-grade 3″ stainless steel tube
  • Finish: Polished chrome with a UV-resistant molded polymer step pad
  • Package includes: Two running boards with mounting brackets and an installation kit
  • An exclusive 5-year protection warranty
  • Easy bolt-on installation that does not require drilling or welding
  • Item Weight: 43-pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 84 x 17 x 5 inches


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Running Boards

When buying running boards for your rig, there are a few things you ought to know and consider before executing the purchase. Below is some knowledge that will go a long way in helping you figure out the best running boards for your rig:

  • 1. Purpose

What is the motivation behind installing a new set of running bars? Different people have different reasons for replacing their running boards. Some people simply want to enhance the look of their rig; others want to beef up the underbelly of their rigs for their off-road excursions. For instance, Ionic factory style running boards are an excellent option for people that want the best of both worlds. They get a stylish look without sacrificing safety and functionality. The bottom line is that you can find a set of running boards to address your purpose.

  • 2. Build Material

Running boards are primarily built from steel or aluminum. Each metal has its pros and cons. Steel running boards are known for their rigidity and their ability to take heavy beatings in off-road terrain. However, their heavy-duty nature further adds weight to your rig resulting in poor gas mileage.

On the other hand, aluminum running boards are lighter and help improve your rig’s gas mileage. They are however not ideal for off-road terrain as their light-duty nature can’t offer the same level of underbelly protection as steel running boards.

  • 3. Type of Finish/Coating

The two main types of coating used on running boards are shiny polished chrome coats and matte black coats. These coatings are vital in prolonging the lifespan of these running boards. They protect the running boards from corrosion and harmful UV rays. You can use the finishing to differentiate between steel and aluminum running plates. Often, most steel boards have a shiny chrome finish while aluminum boards have a matte black finish.

  • 4. Side Step Material

Good running boards are built for strength, support, durability, and protection. But just as important, running boards are supposed to provide safety in all weather conditions. You should look for running boards with thick and wide tread pads in your rig’s access points. The treads are designed to keep you safe even in rainy and snowy weather conditions. The grip in the tread keeps you planted by creating maximum friction between the running board and sole of your shoe.

  • 5. Length

The length of your new running boards should be dictated by the length of your vehicle’s wheelbase. Remember that the maximum length board you can choose for your car is one that runs the entire length of your vehicle’s wheelbase. However, depending on your needs and preference, you can install shorter running boards.

  • 6. Weight Capacity

Fortunately, most running boards have a maximum weight capacity of above 300-pounds. While this load capacity should be more than enough for most people, you can choose reinforced running boards for heavy-duty use. These high-load capacity running boards can support weights of up to 600-pounds, but also cost significantly more than standard variants.

  • 7. Cost

The cost of running boards is affected by many factors. To avoid overpaying, make a comprehensive list of everything you want in your new set of running boards. Be as specific as you can when listing down the style you want, the material, weight capacity, and so on. Finally, make a shortlist of the products that have met your criteria, and select the winner based on its price.

  • 8. Ease of Installation (DIY)

Installing running boards is a straightforward process. All you need are tools. If you’ve decided to save money and install the running boards yourself, you want to buy a set of running boards that are compatible with your rig. A wrong size running board means you have to drill, cut and even weld some pieces into place. I can tell you for a fact that you don’t need that extra work. Therefore, select a running board that aligns perfectly with your rig. The whole installation process should be an easy bolt-on procedure.


Advantages of Running Boards

Running boards have different appeals for different people. The diverse tastes and opinions of car enthusiasts mean that what you consider an advantage might not necessarily be viewed as an advantage by another person. With this in mind that we compiled a list of benefits that most car enthusiasts will agree upon. Here they are:

  • 1. They are Stylish

While style is subjective and varies from person to person, most car enthusiasts can agree that running boards add an element of style to your rig. If you are planning to take the standard look of your truck or SUV and convert it to an imposing off-road menace, running boards will play a huge role in achieving that look. They play a major role in enhancing your rig’s side profile and widening/beefing up its stance.

  • 2. They Offer Easy Access

Everyone agrees that running boards help improve the accessibility of your rig. If you have a lifted rig, getting in can be a huge challenge for young children, elderly, weak and short passengers. Running boards provide a lowered step to help people get into the vehicle more efficiently.

  • 3. They Protect Vehicles’ Sides and Underbellies

A lot of things happen to the wheels of your vehicle when it’s in motion. Most enthusiasts will agree that the tire tends to launch rocks and other debris into your vehicle’s side and underbelly. This happens in varying degrees in both paved and unpaved roads.

The speed at which these objects are projected can dent the body, chip the paintwork, break glass or even damage vital components found in the underside of your vehicle. Running boards protect your vehicle by blocking and deflecting these objects.

  • 4. They Promote Clean Interiors

When a vehicle is in motion, its wheels launch various objects towards the car. When sand and dust are kicked up by the wheels, they creep into a vehicle’s interior making it dusty. To some small extent, running boards block the dust getting into the interior. That said, running boards also act as doormats where passengers can wipe off mud and other debris before entering your rig.


How to install Running Boards

Installing running boards is a simple procedure that anyone can do with the right tools. It’s a two-hour job that shouldn’t take you more than an hour to install on one side. Below are the tools you need and the procedure to follow:

Tools Required

  • Ratchet and Socket Set
  • Wrenches (Box end)
  • Safety Gear: Protective glasses and gloves
  • Creeper
  • Jack Stands (if your vehicle has a low ground clearance)

Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: Raise your rig for better reach under the vehicle

Step 2: Detach the stock OEM board by undoing its bolts

Step 3: Install bolt plate into factory holes then attach all (front, center, and rear) brackets

Step 4: Fasten the bolts into the underside of the board channels

Step 5: Place the board with the bracket using the provided hardware set

Step 6: Once the board, brackets, and truck align, feed the bolts through the appropriate slots

Step 7: Tighten the bolts to hold the new install in place securely

Step 8: Make sure the board is firmly in place before lowering the vehicle

Step 9: Repeat the process on the other side

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Boards:

Q-1: What is the difference between Nerf Bars and running boards?

  • Nerf bars are also referred to as tube steps for their tubular shape while running boards are shaped like a step. Another difference is that Nerf bars have individual padded stepping areas under each door (entry point) while the entire length of running boards is padded with a non-slip material.

Q-2: Do retracting running boards actually work?

  • Yes, they do. APG running boards are some of the best in the industry in this regard.

Q-3: What are the maximum load capacity of Nerf bars and running boards?

  • The maximum weight capacity differs with each model. However, standard Nerf bars and running boards can easily support 300-pounds and below.

Q-4: Can I get a running board that supports more than 500-pounds?

  • Yes. These variants are commonly referred to as heavy-duty running boards exist. They are feature reinforced steel and generally cost more than standard running boards.

Q-5: Steel vs. Aluminum. Which is a better material in running boards?

  • Both metals have their upsides and downsides. The answer to this question depends on how you are planning to use your rig after the upgrade. Aluminum boards are light and better if you use your rig as a daily driver. The heavy-duty nature of steel boards makes them suitable for construction sites, unpaved roads, and other unforgiving terrains.


Final Verdict

As you’ve witnessed throughout this post, running boards and Nerf bars have many benefits. As a vehicle owner, installing a running board increases your cool factor. Your vehicle’s improved stance and aggressive look will turn heads everywhere you go. Next, running boards create a safe way to access a raised truck or SUV.

The passengers in your vehicle will have an easier time getting in and out of your rig. You also can’t forget that running boards protect your vehicle against damage from stones and debris while in motion and sloppy passengers getting out of cars parked next to yours. All these are valid reasons why you need to invest in a new set of running boards.

Maybe you’ve purchased a Jeep to fulfill your off-road fantasies or are a Jeep owner that’s seen a modified Jeep that took your breath away. Whatever your motivation, it is only natural to want to transform your Jeep. With this in mind, we created this Best Jeep Bumpers review and buying guide to help you get started.

Upgrading your Jeep’s stock OEM bumper with a steel one raises your vehicle’s ground and tire clearance resulting in better wheel articulation when off-roading. On top of enhanced off-road capabilities, a new steel bumper exposes your Jeep’s wheels to give it a cool, muscular and menacing stance.

Top 10 Best Jeep Bumpers: At A Glance

Editor's Rating
1. EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Off-road Front Bumper
2. Smittybilt XRC Gen 2 Front Bumper 
3. EAG 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ Front Bumper
4. Restyling Factory - Black Textured Front Bumper
5. Razer Auto Black Textured Rock Crawler Front Bumper
6. Smittybilt 76810 XRC Front Bumper
7. Havoc Offroad GEN 2 Wrecking Ball Front Bumper
8. EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper
9. AUTOSAVER88 07-16 Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper
10. Razer Auto Front Bumper

One thing to keep in mind is that getting your jeep to look like your dream vehicle is a long process that involves a lot of time, money and effort. However, you have to start somewhere, and you might as well start with your front bumper.

10 Best Jeep Bumpers Review:

1. EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Off-road Front Bumper


The E-Auto grilles front bumper is a stylishly designed front-end part that will prove to be more than just an auto embellishment – it will also earn you extra points for safety on the road. It was tactfully made to be a direct bolt-on solution for trail headed jeeps. It fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models, save for the 2017 JK Rubicon Recon Model.

This jeep JK stubby bumper comes with various features that off-roaders come to appreciate. Included in this front bumper is a grille guard hoop, as well as 2 high-strength D-ring mounts. With this all-in-1 front bumper, you are sure to enjoy rugged protection and easy recovery operations wherever you go.

The EAG front bumper is also an excellent pick for night-time trail runners, as it comes with OE sized fog light mounting points that enable you to effortlessly swop your vehicle’s factory fog lights. The integrated grille guard hoop features 2 mounting points that can be used to mount circular auxiliary lights. For the money, this front bumper will look great on your ride for far less than the big name brands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Models
  • Easy and direct bolt-on installation, with all the relevant hardware and instructions included.
  • Features a heavy duty construction that combines 5/32-inch thick mild steel sheet and 2-inch x 0.120-inch steel tubing for superior strength and durability.
  • Coated in a high quality textured powder to provide protection against corrosion.
  • Front bumper is outfitted with 9,500 lb. rated D-Rings on sturdy mounts and a rigid tube over rider with extra light accommodations.
  • Features a built-in winch plate, which is capable of hold up a 12,000 lb. winch.
  • Features OE size fog light housing

2. Smittybilt XRC Gen 2 Front Bumper 


If you are thinking about adding a new heavy duty bumper to your jeep, the Smittybilt XRC Gen2 front bumper is certainly a good pick. This front bumper, which is one of the all-new XRC jeep wrangler bumpers, reveals a totally innovative design with more aggressive styling and heavy-duty features that give you the ultimate protection for off-roading and rock crawling. This sturdy and durable front bumper is devised to fit all 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wranglers.

The Smittybilt XRC Gen2 front bumper is made of 3/16″ cold rolled steel and then mechanically welded to precise specifications. The welds have been ground down, smoothed out, and coated in a 2-stage matte black finish. Also welded both in the internal and external sides are a jack point mount and D-ring mounts.

Featured on this front stinger is a 1-3/4″ tubing complete with light tabs that can hold a maximum of two 9-inch lights. This bumper is also winch-ready and is capable of carrying a winch with a rating of up to 10K lbs. It has a conveniently lowered winch plate to allow for better airflow to the radiator.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect fit for all 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wranglers
  • Made using 3/16″ Cold Rolled Steal that makes the bumper sturdy and durable
  • 2-stage textured matte black finish that’s sure to complement any vehicle
  • High-degree angle and elevated corners for better entrance and outlet angles and to maximize ground clearance in extreme conditions
  • Jack point mount and Solid D-ring mounts welded both inside and outside
  • The bumper is winch ready and can support winches with up to 10k lbs. rating
  • Stumpy design winch plate  to allow for better airflow to the radiator
  • Front Stinger has a 1-3/4″ tubing with light tabs that can hold two 9-inch lights

3. EAG 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ Front Bumper 


If you own a 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler, this specific front bumper will do. It comes with an array of features that present jeep owners with modern trend-setting styling at a very affordable price. This is one bumper that can give your jeep serious protection without compromising its good looks.

The EAG 97-06 front bumper features a heavy-duty, one-piece design that’s made to endure any obstacle that gets in its way. Besides providing the serious reinforcement you need for your jeep, this smartly designed bumper is also sleek enough to give your jeep a very stylish look.

Like other jeep front bumpers from EAG, this specific model is designed to be a direct bolt-on upgrade. It’s pretty easy to install as it doesn’t require cutting or drilling. With just a few basic hand tools, you will be set for a quick and hassle-free installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed to work well with all 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler models
  • Made from 5/32″ cold rolled steel sheet that makes it sturdy and durable
  • Features 2″X0.12″ steel tubing
  • 1-piece welded design for ultimate resilience and strength
  • Coated in a textured black finish for protection against corrosion and durability
  • D-ring mounts welded both on the interior and exterior sides for increased strength
  • Comes with D-rings that have a capacity of 4.75 ton each
  • Integrated winch plate that can hold up a winch with capacity up to 12,000 lbs.
  • The hoop is welded to offer maximum protection to the front side of the jeep
  • 2 tabs on a pre-runner hoop that allows for additional off-road lights
  • Easy installation that doesn’t require drilling or cutting

4. Restyling Factory – Black Textured Front Bumper


This off-road front bumper has been designed and tested to withstand the harshest of environments. It offers a heavy duty design with maximum coverage, yet it is sleek enough to keep your jeep well protected even in the most extreme conditions. This front bumper is designed to fit all 07-18 jeep wrangler JK models.

Made from heavy-duty 5/32” steel sheet and 2″x0.12″ steel tubing, the Restyling Factory – Black textured front bumper is meant to be as protective as it is stylish. It is coated in a textured black powder finish that helps with corrosion protection and for durability. It boasts a direct bolt-on design that makes its installation a one-man job.

The Restyling Factory Black Textured front bumper comes with two D-rings that have a capacity of 4.75 ton each Both D-ring mounts are welded on the inside as well as on the outside. Also included is a built plate that is capable of supporting most of the 12,000 lb winches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for all 2007 to 2018 jeep wrangler JK models
  • Made from heavy-duty 5/32” steel, as well 2″x0.12″ steel tubing, thus sturdy and resilient
  • D-rings are welded both on the interior and exterior
  • Comes with a built-in winch plate capable of holding up to 12,000 lb. winch
  • Coated in a tiger textured black powder that helps prevent corrosion and to maximize the product’s lifespan

5. Razer Auto Black Textured Rock Crawler Front Bumper


Right off the bat, the first impression you get when you open this well-packaged Razor is the top-notch quality of the bumper. The bumper is made of steel and has a nice weight to it which gives the impression that it is sturdy. But that’s not all, the finishing of this bumper is just as impressive. It is coated with a black powder that not only looks cool but also protects the bumper from corrosion.

If you can’t wait to get the bumper on your jeep, you’ll be glad to learn that its installation is a breeze if you have the proper tools. What’s more, this bumper is made to fit on all Jeep Wrangler JK models from the year 2007 to 2018. If your Wrangler JK is from these years, installation is pretty straightforward. You don’t need to cut or drill holes in your Wrangler or bumper to fit it. Simply secure a few bolts, and you are ready to go.

All things considered, this is one of the best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers JK. By itself, this bull bar will transform the look of your Wrangler from handsome to aggressive. You can even go the extra mile and install a winch to enhance your Jeep’s look further and to help you get out of tricky situations in your off-road excursions. Its built-in winch plate can support a 12000-pound winch. When installing this bumper, ensure you install a skid plate under it to protect the underbelly of your Jeep and to give it a cleaner look. Also, this bumper comes equipped with a fog light housing where you can fit bright off-road lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler all models
  • Bumper Size: 65″ width and 22″ height
  • Rugged appearance with maximum tire clearance
  • Materials: 5/32″ Steel Sheet with a black powder coat to protect against corrosion
  • Two 4.75 ton D-Rings
  • Built-in Winch plate that can support a 12000lb winch
  • OEM Fog Light Housing

6. Smittybilt 76810 XRC Front Bumper


The Smittybilt 76810 XRC is specially designed for all modern Jeep Cherokee SJ models. It is designed to offer your Cherokee maximum ground and tire clearance for your off-road adventures. But how is this product like? Well, the first thing you notice with this bumper is its substantial weight, which is an indication that it’s well-built.  Its weight comes from its heavy-duty steel construction which is built to withstand the toughest of off-road terrains.

What’s more, the finish of this bumper is just as impressive as its sturdy steel build. The black textured coating looks cool, feels pleasant to touch and also protects the steel bumper from corrosion. The bumper is also fitted with two light tabs where you can install up to 9-inch lights to give you maximum illumination in your wild off-road adventures.

On top of enhancing your Jeep’s look, the Smittybilt 76810 XRC bull bar is an essential component to have in your Jeep when you get stuck in the jungle. Your off-road buddies can attach tow cables on its Solid D-ring mounts to get you out of trouble. But that’s not all; you can install a 15000-pound winch on the bumper to help you get out of impassable 4WD tracks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Materials: 3/16 inch cold rolled steel and 1.75-inch steel tubing
  • Wide winch plate for winch installation
  • 2 Solid D-ring mounts
  • Two light housing tabs for bright off-road lighting
  • Built in winch plate
  • Finish: Corrosion resistant black texture
  • Item Weight: 124 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 70.8 x 23.3 x 113.4 inches

7. Havoc Offroad GEN 2 Wrecking Ball Front Bumper


Why is the Havoc Off-road GEN 2 considered as one of our favorite Jeep Wrangler bumpers on sale today? Well, for starters, its half-length size serves two purposes; enhancing look and off-road capabilities. This mid-width front bumper was christened “the wrecking ball bumper” as it only occupies the middle part of your Wrangler. This exposes your beefy off-road tires to give your Wrangler an extra aggressive look.

The Havoc Off-road GEN 2 is also without a doubt one of the best Wrangler bumpers for off-road enthusiasts. Again, this has to do with its size and positioning. As expected it raises the ground clearance of your Jeep, and its compact nature means that there is less of material in your way when rock crawling and doing other wild off-road challenges.

The best thing about the Havoc Off-road GEN 2 bumper is that its mid-width size does not affect the number of features you can install on it. As you would expect in a proper off-roading bumper, this bumper comes equipped with solid D-ring mounts and a winch plate that can house a 12000-pound winch to get you out of any sticky situations. I would recommend this wrecking ball bumper to any off-road enthusiasts that own modern Jeep JK Wranglers and are regulars in off-road parks and 4WD trails.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mid Width front bumper that’s ideal for rock crawling
  • Material: high-strength steel tubing
  • Finishing: textured black powder coat that protects against corrosion and UV damage
  • Mounting tabs allow the addition of off-road lights
  • Compatible with factory OEM fog lights
  • Winch plate that can accommodate a 12000-pound winch
  • Item Weight: 74 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 64 x 10 x 8 inches

8. EAG 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper


Next on our comprehensive list is the EAG 07-18 front bumper. Like the wrecking ball bumper featured above, this Jeep JK stubby bumper is most suitable for Wrangler owners that spend a lot of time in 4WD trails. Since this bumper is shorter than a standard full-length bumper, it opens up your approach angle when doing wild off-road challenges such as rock crawling. As with most off-road bumpers, your vehicle will get a cool, menacing look when you install this bumper.

As its name suggests, the EAG 07-18 is designed for all models of Jeep Wrangler JK models of year 2007 to 2018. With proper tools, installation of this bumper is a breeze. No cutting, drilling or any modification is required. All you are required to do is take off your stock OEM bumper and secure this steel bumper in place with bolts in its factory mounting points. With the right tools and help, this job can be completed within two hours.

What’s more, this EAG 07-18 stubby front bumper comes with various types of plates, mounts, and housing that support the installation of additional features. You can install a 12000-pound winch on the bumper to bail you out when your Wrangler gets stuck in muddy puddles or swampy terrain. And if you are yet to install a winch, this bumper has two4.75 ton capacity D-ring shackles on standby in case your Wrangler JK need to be towed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stubby front bumper provides maximum approach angle and tire clearance.
  • Fit: all 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK models.
  • Material: 2 3/8″ x .120 wall steel tubing and 5/32″ steel sheet.
  • Finish: Textured black powder coat for durability.
  • Winch tray that supports up to 12,000-pound winches.
  • Two D-ring mounts with two 4.75 ton capacity D-ring shackles
  • OE size fog light housing and two pre-runner hoops for extra off-road lights.
  • Easy bolt-on installation.
  • Item Weight: 56 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: L 48.62″ x W 10.28″ x H 17.76″.

9. AUTOSAVER88 07-16 Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper


If you are into extreme off-road challenges, the AUTOSAVER88 bumper should serve you well. This front bumper is designed for all Jeep JK Wrangler models from the year 2007 to 2016. When you beef up your Wrangler with the AUTOSAVER88 bumper, you will be able to crawl the largest rocks with great ease. Why? This bumper provides your Jeep with maximum wheel articulation and increased ground clearance to avoid large rocks.

Also, because of its top-notch quality, the AUTOSAVER88 bumper can take a beating without getting damaged. It’s made of high-strength steel that can withstand massive impact from rocks and still offer maximum protection to the vital engine components in your Jeep’s underbelly. What’s more, this bumper is coated in a black powder paint to protect it from corrosion and harmful UV rays.

Like you would expect in a proper off-road bumper, you can attach a power winch on this steel bumper. You can install a 12000-pound winch on this particular bumper to drag your Wrangler out of sticky situations. The AUTOSAVER88 bumper is also fitted with two fog light housing and two pre-runner hoops for installing extra off-road lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: All models of Jeep JK Wranglers (2007 to 2016)
  • Construction: heavy-duty steel plates and tubing
  • Built-in winch plate that supports a 12,000-pound winch
  • Finish: Textured black powder coat for durability.
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Item Weight: 86 pounds
  • Item Dimensions:64 x 17 x 14 inches

10. Razer Auto Front Bumper


Last but not least is the Razor Auto bumper. This is the second bumper from this brand to feature on our list, and just like the first variant, this Razor Auto is optimized for rock crawling. As expected, this particular Razor Auto bumper shares some features with its earlier mentioned variant. For this reason, I will power through its main features and characteristics.

This steel bumper is specially designed to fit the front of all 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler models. With the right tools and help, installation is straightforward and should take more than 2 hours. If you are going for a new look, you will be glad to learn that the installation will completely transform your Wrangler. This bumper lifts your Jeep’s ground clearance and exposes its front wheels to give it a cool, menacing look.

The first thing you notice about when you unwrap this bumper is that it is stubby. This characteristic enhances your Jeep’s rock crawling capabilities by increasing its ground clearance and allowing maximum wheel articulation.

The strength of this bumper allows your Jeep to excel in harsh off-road conditions. It’s fitted with high-strength D-ring mounts and shackles that can be used to tow your Jeep when it gets stuck. What’s more, this particular Razor Auto bumper supports many features. You get a winch plate that supports 12000-pound winches as well as housing and hoops for installing off-road lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit: All 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler models.
  • Materials: high-strength 5/32 steel sheets for maximum protection.
  • Finish: Black powder coat for maximum durability.
  • Built-in winch tray that supports 12000-pound winches.
  • Stubby bumper provides maximum ground clearance and wheel articulation.
  • High-strength D-Ring mounts with two 4.75 Ton capacity D-Rings shackles.
  • OE Fog Light Housing and two hoops for extra light installation.
  • Simple bolt-on installation.
  • Item Weight: 86 pounds.
  • Item Dimensions:53 x 16 x 11 inches.

11. Hooke Road Jeep Wrangler Bumper

This Hooke Road Jeep Wrangler bumper has a built-in winch plate measuring 10x 4.5″. It is rated for up to 12,000lb. This entire bumper boasts a heavy-duty construction from 5/32″ steel. It also has 2″ tubing for added durability and strength.

The bumper also features a two-stage, textured, black powder-coated finish that is resistant to rust, scratches, and dents. This Jeep Wrangler bumper from Hooke Road also comes with LED accent lighting, as well.

It has two 18-watt LED lights that provide impressive styling. Two D-ring mounts make for easy towing. The bumper is easy to mount, thanks to its simple bolt-on design. The mid-width bumper is engineered to be installed without the need for cutting or drilling. You won’t have to use anything other than the most basic hand tools.

This Jeep bumper is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace their free spirit. It provides an excellent complement to all levels of Jeep builds. For the ultimate in performance, durability, and affordability – this is the bumper to choose.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 to 2018 and Wrangler Unlimited
  • Includes two high-strength D-ring mounts and two D-rings
  • Built-in 12,000lb heavy-duty steel winch plate
  • Rust-resistant, two-stage textured powder-coat finish
  • Comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer

12. LEDKINGDOMUS Rock-Crawler Front Bumper

The rock crawler front bumper from LEDKINGDOMUS is easy to install. It is a one-piece welded design with bolt-on engineering. This means that these no drilling, cutting, or expert help needed during installation.

It’s made using high-grade 5/32-inch steel plates and tubing to make it durable and robust. It fits Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 to 2018 models, as well as JK Unlimited models. The bumper has 290W LED lights and 4-inch fog lights with white Halo-ring Angel eyes.

When you purchase this package, you get all the wiring necessary for the installation, as well as the harness and intelligent remote control. The bumper has a stylish black surface finish that is textured. This helps to make it rust-resistant, as well as scratch-resistant.

LEDKINGDOMUS designed this front bumper with two D-rings mounts that are welded inside and out to offer additional strength. Each of the D-rings has a 4.75-ton capacity. There’s also a 12,000lb built-in winch plate mount. With this bumper, you’ll be ready for anything you come across during your off-roading adventures.

This front bumper is perfect for anyone who wants high-quality and durability merged with stylish elegance.

Highlighted Features

  • The bumper comes with a built-in 90W LED lightbar
  • Heavy-duty construction from high-grade steel
  • Quick and easy, bolt-on installation
  • Two solid shackle-mounts and D-rings
  • Textured, powder-coated, corrosion-resistant finish

13. oEdRo Rear Bumper Combo

The oEdRo brand is well known for providing high-quality automotive products, and this rear bumper is no different. It fits Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 to 2018 models, including Rubicon, Unlimited, and Sahara. The bumper has a textured black color, which gives it a stylish look.

Installation is easy thanks to its bolt-on design, and you won’t need any professional assistance or complicated tools. The bumper is made from high-grade 5/32-inch steel plates and two-inch steel tubing. This ensures that it maintains its rugged properties throughout your on and off-roading excursions.

There are four built-in lights. Two of them are LEDs that will light up your path during nighttime rides. The bumper has strong D-ring mounts that are welded both inside and out to give additional security. Also included are two D-ring shackles, each rated for 4.75 tons. This bumper provides excellent fitment and performance. It comes with a oEdRo’s quality promise for long-lasting durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 to 2018
  • Made from high-grade, durable steel material
  • Includes two square LED lights and 2-D rings
  • The textured, powder-coated finish will never rust
  • Comes with 20W flood-beam fog driving light

14. TKY Toyota Tacoma Replacement Bumper

This Toyota Tacoma chrome replacement rear bumper from TKY comes brand-new in the box. It offers excellent quality fitment and performance. It’s designed to meet and exceed OEM specifications. For anyone who wants a high-quality, high performing bumper that is provided at a competitive price, then this is the ideal bumper for you to get.

It not only looks great, but it also installs easily, too. The bumper comes with all the necessary hardware included, as well as an easy to follow instruction manual. According to a lot of satisfied customers, this bumper can genuinely handle the elements thanks to its high-quality construction using only top-grade materials.

You will be happy to know that it is precisely the same as the stock rear bumper, and if you’re looking for a replacement, then you don’t have to search any further. This kit comes with everything you need.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely easy to install without professional help
  • Made from high-grade materials for durability
  • This product’s quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • The bumper is designed to meet OEM specifications
  • The stylish, good-looking finish will enhance any vehicle

15. Crash Parts Bumper Cover

This Crash Parts Plus front bumper replacement is a perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler 2007 to 2015 models. It offers a cost-effective option to customers who want high-quality and high performance at an affordable price.

The bumper is very easy to install. You don’t have to drill any holes or use complicated tools. You will be able to have it correctly secured on to your Jeep in under half an hour by following the instructions on the installation manual.

With regard to value, this is an excellent bumper cover offered at an incredible price. It has a simple, elegant design that will enhance the look of your Jeep Wrangler. For anyone looking for a replacement bumper cover for their vehicle, this one will be a great fit.

Highlighted Features

  • Exact replacement for OEM bumper
  • Made from high grade, durable materials
  • High-quality fender sold it’s an affordable price
  • Perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler 2007 to 2015 models
  • Comes with all limited mileage warranty from the manufacturer

16. OE Replacement Front Bumper

This Jeep Wrangler front bumper cover is designed to fit all models from 2007 to 2014. It’s a high-quality product that can be purchased at an affordable price. It comes with a range of features and a sleek finish. You can use it as a direct replacement for your old bumper, and it will bolt up perfectly without any alterations.

As aftermarket products go, this is a great one that is easy to install. It looks great and offers the perfect match to keep your Jeep looking and performing its best. This is an extremely affordable alternative to many of the more expensive options on the market right now. The package comes with everything you need to complete the installation.

Overall, this bumper provides a great fit and finish for those who seek quality, performance, as well as aesthetic beauty. For anyone who wants to replace the damaged Jeep Wrangler bumper, this is the ideal product for you to go with.

It is affordable and comes as advertised. The bumper is also covered by the manufacturer’s limited mileage warranty for your peace of mind.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy, durable replacement bumper cover
  • Competitively priced to offer more value to Jeep owners
  • Easy installation, perfect fit for replacement
  • The sleek finish offers instant aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with a limited mileage warranty


Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Selecting Jeep Bumpers

Bumper Design

If you are not a keen observer, aftermarket Jeep bumpers may all look the same, but with keen observation, you start to notice differences in their build. You’ll notice that they differ in their design, length, features included, material and so on. With so many excellent brands and types of Jeep bumpers to choose from, here are some important things to consider when selecting a new bumper for your Jeep:

  • 1. Bumper Weight

The weight of your bumper determines the overall quality of the bumper. It also affects the fuel consumption and off-road performance of your Jeep. A heavy bumper is great for off-roading but bad for your fuel consumption. A light bumper is great for fuel consumption but not suitable for off-roading.

  • 2. Approach Angle

This is the angle between the furthest points of your front bumper to the front wheels. A wide approach angle means that your Jeep has a high ground clearance which makes it better for climbing steep hills and crawling over huge rocks.

  • 3. Full Width vs. Mid Width vs. Stubby Bumpers

The width of bumpers refers to the length of the bumper across the front of the Jeep. Let’s look at the different appeals of these bumpers:

Full Width: These types of bumpers run from fender to fender and normally cover part of the tires. One advantage of these bumpers is that they shield the tires from low hanging branches and other objects that may puncture them. One disadvantage with these full-length bumpers is their weight.

Mid Width: As their name suggests, they are shorter than full-width bumpers. Their shorter length means they are lighter and improve the vehicle’s ground clearance. One disadvantage with mid-width bumpers is that they leave your jeep’s tires exposed.

Stubby: These types of bumpers are characterized by their short width. They only cover the area between a Jeep’s headlights. Stubby bumpers are lightweight and increase the approach angles of your Jeep. Like mid-width bumpers, stubby bumpers expose your Jeep’s tires to objects that may puncture them.

  • 4. Design

This comes down to your taste and personal preference. The stinger bumper is a popular choice for Jeep owners. Its name comes from its protruding design which makes the statement that your Jeep should not be messed with. If you want to go under the radar, you could go for a plain (reserved) tubular design bumper.

  • 5. Features

Here are some of the features that you might want in your new jeep bumper:

Bull-Bar Additions: On top of protecting your Jeep from external impact, bull bars add a bit of aggressiveness and menace to your Jeep’s looks.

Skid Plate Mounts: Bumpers that support the addition of skid plates are the best. The job of skid plates is to protect vital engine components in your Jeep’s underbelly from damage.

Grille Guards: Ensure that the bumper you are eyeing comes with a grille guard to protect your radiator from flying branches and other debris.

Winch Plate Mounts: If you are an off-roader, you might need a bumper that allows the installation of a winch. Look for winch plate mounts and determine the maximum tow capacity the bumper. Most bumpers support winches that have tow capacities between 10000 and 15000 pounds.

D-Ring Mounts and Shackles: These are hook attachments on the bumper where tow lines go when your Jeep gets stuck in the mud and other trouble situations.

Finish: Do you want a glossy, textured, matte or diamond plate coating? Whichever it is, make sure it protects the bumper from corrosion.

Light Housing: Make sure your front bumper has a light housing where you can attach OEM fog lights and hoop mounts where you can install extra lights for your off-road adventures.

  • 6. Cost

The cost of Jeep bumpers depends on many factors. The brand, type of material used in its construction, and the accessories offered with the bumper affect the price. It is important to remember the most expensive bumper isn’t necessarily the best one for your Jeep. Therefore, determine what you need in your bumper, set a budget and look through the products of different brands to find the best deal.


Installation of Jeep Bumpers

This section looks at how to install a steel bumper jeep wrangler. It gives you step by step instructions to help you detach your Jeep’s stock OEM bumper and mount a new one. As you are about to see, this whole procedure is pretty straightforward. If you have time, you can install the bumper yourself as a DIY project and save the money you would have otherwise paid a professional to do. Without further ado, here are the tools you need and the steps to follow:


  • Flathead and Phillips head screwdriver
  • Socket extension bar
  • 18 mm deep well socket
  • 11/16 inch and 5/8 socket
  • Flex Head Ratcheting Wrench
  • Socket swivel attachment
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Socket wrench
  • Small Pry Bar and Breaker bar to loosen bumper mount bolts
  • Two jack stands

Step by Step Installation Instructions:

Step 1:

  • Separate the splash guard from the bumper by removing the 6 pins holding them together

Step 2:

  • Unplug the OEM fog lights by reaching inside the bumper, depressing the plastic catch and disconnecting the plastic plug from the light.

Step 3:

  • Undo the eight 19mm nuts from the bumper to detach it from the support beam of the vehicle

Step 4:

  • Remove the bumper by undoing the two push pins holding the top part of the bumper to the vehicle

Step 5:

  • Use a Philips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the four screws on each fog light

Step 6:

  • Mount the OEM fog lights on your new bumper. Most bumpers provide bolts and screws that allow you to secure the fog lights into the bumper’s housing.

Step 7:

  • Align the bumper to the front of your jeep and secure it tightly to the frame using the supplied washers and nuts.

Step 8:

  • Plug the fog light wiring and route the wire above the frame rail for a cleaner look.


Frequently Asked Questions About Jeep Bumpers:

Wrangler JK models

Q-1: Can Jeep front bumpers TJ be used in Wrangler JK models?

  • Yes, they can. This is because both models are Wranglers and as such have the same dimensions at the front end.

Q-2: Can these bumpers be installed in both 2-door and 4-door Jeeps?

  • Yes. 2-door and 4-door Jeeps have the same dimensions at the front so the bumpers can be mounted on both types of vehicles.

Q-3: What standard accessories and equipment can I expect when I purchase a Jeep front bumper?

  • Most bumpers come equipped with attachment tools that include screws, bolts, nuts, and washers as well as a lighting kit that includes LED lights, wiring harness, and a toggle switch.

Q-4: Do these bumpers come equipped with a winch?

  • Unfortunately, most brands don’t include a winch when you purchase their bumpers. However, most bumpers come equipped with high-strength D-Ring mounts and shackles that allow your Jeep to be towed.

Q-5: Can I install the bumpers by myself?

  • Yes, you can. The task is quite straightforward, and with the right tools, you can install the bumpers in under two hours.

Q-6: What materials are these bumpers made of?

  • Most bumpers are made out of high-strength steel and coated with powder paint to protect the steel from corrosion.

Q-7: Do I have to get rid of my front parking sensors when I install a new bumper?

  • Most front bumpers are not built to support front parking sensors, but you can retain your sensors by doing some modifications to the bumper.


Final Verdict

There you have it folks, the 2018 buying guide, and review of the best Jeep front bumpers. As someone who’s completed this project, I understand all concerns and decided to address them in this guide to make your work easier.

Personally, one of the main challenges I faced was selecting the correct bumper for my Jeep from the many brands that are currently on the market. Fortunately for you, you won’t suffer as I have addressed this issue and many other issues that you may encounter when upgrading your Jeep’s front bumper.  I hope you enjoyed it and found it insightful.