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Top 8 Things That Will Drain Your Car Battery

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When a car battery drains out, there can be real frustration on your end because it is a major inconvenience. Usually, when you make your way out to your car, you have precious minutes to get to work, school, or that coffee date you have been looking forward to.

Unfortunately, a car battery can get drained in a few ways. It may be hard to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. Luckily for you, there are a few things you should check so this problem does not happen again. In this article, we are going to hit the top 8 reasons that drain a car battery. So, let us hop right into it!


8 Reasons That Will Drain Your Car Battery

#1 – Human Fault

More often than not, humans are to blame for the car battery draining down. Headlights can be left on or the trunk was not completely closed. Maybe the dome light was left on as well. These problems can be easily fixed by your awareness as a driver.

Since all of these misuses utilize the electrical system, your car will be as dead as a doornail the next morning needing a jump. Even with the most modern vehicles, your battery may suffer. Do not even get us started with old cars because they will not stand a chance.

#2 – Defective Charging Technology

Sometimes, the electrical system can have some issues when connected with the alternator. Since the charging of the battery involves a healthy electrical system, the battery can drain quicker than you ever thought.

What happens with the electrical system is the fact that the belts and tensioners begin to lose their optimal functioning. Unfortunately, then the battery will continue to die day after day even with a charge. Something will have to give.

#3 – Other Electrical Issues

In the mechanic world, when a battery is drained by other electrical systems, they call this the “parasitic drain.” But, this drain is more common than you might first think. There are things in a car that run 24/7. Think security systems, clocks, and radio presets.

With this in mind, this can be some trouble spots that can drain a car’s battery without you evening knowing what was going on in the first place. If this is the problem, you may want to also check fuses, wiring, and poor installation to get everything back up-to-date.

#4 – Temperature Ranges

With temperatures going back and forth in many states across the country, sulfate crystals can start to build up causing major issues for you and your vehicle. If this happens, and your battery is dead, it will probably mean that the charging process will take even longer than you previously thought. Even if the battery is recharged, it might never recharge fullying again as long as you have it in your vehicle.

Additionally, the life of your battery can be stymied, lasting less than you thought it would. Your battery might even fail as well. Even short drives can be the culprit of a car’s battery draining down.

#5 – Overused/Weak Batteries

Not all car batteries live forever. Since everything has an expiration written on it, you can expect a car battery to only work for a couple of years. Most batteries on the market today will last anywhere from 3-4 years at a time. With every passing day, time will undermind your battery, limiting its durability for the future.

Still, not everything revolves around this type of battery. If you do not maintain your vehicle regularly, your battery will falter sooner than expected. Even poor driving habits can cause major issues leading to your battery being drained out.

#6 – Minimal Battery Cleaning

Just like everything in the world today, it is imperative things are maintained and clean. This is no different from a car battery perspective. However, you should be very careful when cleaning your vehicle’s battery because the acid from the product can be very detrimental to a human’s health.

So, this is what you should do. First, use a rag that is dry to take off any residual debris or dirt around the terminals of the battery. Never use a wet rag or material that could cause an electric shock. This way, you will be extremely safe when working to make your battery work better than ever before.

#7 – Corroded/Loose Battery Connections

Over time, battery connections start to lose their hold on the battery. Corrosion can play a big role in the loosening of the connections. What corrosion does is truly malicious.

First, corrosion blocks power cells from charging the way they should. Secondly, corrosion can lead to rust, which messes with the chemical compositions that move chemical energy to electrical power. When this negative process happens, the battery never fully charges as it should.

If you do start to witness corrosion on your battery, here is what you should do. (1) Clean it as soon as humanly possible. (2) Check the battery cable connections to make sure they have a stronghold to start your vehicle each time you need it.

#8 – Driving Short Distances

Some people want to retain their vehicles for as long as possible. Can you blame them? As soon as a new vehicle comes off the auto lot, the car loses its value. It is an outrage, but this is the truth of the matter.

With this in mind, limited miles on a car, along with short drives to the store and back, actually can cause havoc on a car’s battery. Even though this has more to do with a vehicle’s alternator, the battery is partially to blame here as well. When a battery gets charged, the alternator has to work to get juice around to the power cells of a car. To help keep the power cells fully stocked, driving a car long distance helps with the process, believe it or not.

So, if you only use your car for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, you may be caught with a dead battery before you know it. Even if you only drive short distances, keep your car running when you come to a complete stop. This way, the battery can start getting its chargeback again.


Final Verdict

At the end of the day, a car’s battery is essential for you to get from Point A to Point B. If you can watch out for human error, you will fix most of the problems that come with a drained battery. Furthermore, you will be a well-qualified car owner who understands the ins and outs of their vehicles.

Ultimately, we do not think about a car battery all that often until we need it replaced or it dies on us. With this in mind, give your battery more care and attention. This way, you can drive wherever you want, without having problems on the way. Safe travels wherever you roam and do not forget about your battery every now and again. In turn, you will have a vehicle that supports you and keeps you safe whether on the old country roads or the interstate highways.

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