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10 Best Rock Lights for Trucks in 2022 – Reviewed by Expert Users

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Off-road driving without rock lights is unsafe for you and your car. You need to see the side road and get more illumination around and below the car as much as possible for the best driving experience.

Whether you have a raised or a low off-roading vehicle, there is definitely a set of rock lights that will give you great service but you have to match a set of features including lifespan, your battery power, and rock light cost before choosing your best rock lights.

To help you narrow down to the best rock lights for your off-road vehicle, this guide has put together the bestsellers with lights for any make or part of your car. Here is a look at the top 10 best Rock lights you can choose from for both a bright illumination and an appealing look.

Best Rock Lights: Editor’s Top Picks

Things to Consider When Buying Rock Lights

The rock lights in this guide are the market’s best sellers that will cover your budget, design, and lighting requirements. However, before you pay for any Rock light kit, here are the things you must consider.

  • 1. Durability

The most popular Rock lights are LED which are designed to give light for up to 50000 hours but most of them will shatter or die due to vibration and hits from fast-moving objects. For the Rock lights to give you value for your money, they need a shatterproof PC lens or strengthened glass casing.

Aluminum housings are always corrosion-proof and more resistant. You need to ensure your mounting holds the pods firmly in place although you have to be prepared to make some drills for the best mount.

  • 2. Wiring

Insufficient wiring can be a big nuisance. Heavy insulation is also good for more security and durability. The wiring should also be easy to install on the car surface with minimal exposure to reduce scratches when driving off-road. It is best to coil your wires together if you are making an extension to avoid any loose wires hanging below the car.

You have to ensure the wiring will connect all the pods you have and also combine with your harness to the vehicle’s battery.

  • 3. Beam Brightness and color

Most Rock light bulbs will have a 500lm beam but the angle of focus is very important. A closed focus with a lower view angle will only point at the ground which may not be enough for your desired illumination. You will be forced to buy more pods to meet basic lighting needs.

Although higher illumination may mean more exposure to destructive elements, a 120-degree angle of view is a good basic. RGB lights will give you an unlimited color choice but when driving in traffic, cool white light is always preferable.

  • 4. Ease of installation

Drill mounting brackets take long to complete but they are the best choice as most off-road driving can be bumpy and full of scratches which can rip off the wiring and the pods. Magnetic mounting pods are always as strong as the number and strength of magnets available in the pack.

However, the manual should help you set up easily and comfortably without affecting your electric system’s safety. You should always connect all the pods before connecting to your power source to avoid blowing your bulbs.

  • 5. Control

The remote control is the simplest control method for rock lights. They allow you to choose different colors and also sync with your music directly from your device. The provision for remote controlling has a tendency of increasing the cost of the Rock lights significantly.

You can settle on a single switch control If it allows you to manage the lighting without compromising your car’s wiring.

Installing Rock Lights

This is a simple process once you have the right headlights. The whole setup is a plug-and-play process except for the drilling that you have to make for the mounting brackets. If your wiring is insufficient, you will need an extra set of 22-gauge wires matching the factory set.

You have to bind the wires together to avoid loose wires under your truck or Jeep. You will have a manual for installation and these are the steps you will use to install your rock lights.

What do you need to install rock lights?
a) A drill.
b) A matching screwdriver.
c) Wire Crimpers.
d) Pliers.
e) A crescent wrench.
f) Drill bits.

  • 1. You have to test whether your rock lights and the control are working. You can do this by connecting all the pods to the harness then connecting it directly to the battery or a 12v power source. Test the app or switch to ensure the whole setup is working properly. Also, test your wiring length, extend the length to every point you want to install the pods.
  • 2. Choose where you want to install your rock lights. You should choose a place that offers a firm mount while allowing the mounting bracket to hold and still allow the lights to shine openly. It should be open enough to allow illumination full. Don’t install behind bars or drill into a vital car accessory. Linings under the tires, under your front bumper or the rear bumper, or other non-metallic surfaces, are always a good choice for the drill.
  • 3. Mount the pods and then connect the wires to the harness by attaching them to the strongest bars under the vehicle. You have to ensure your wires are compact and there are no loose pieces.
  • 4. Connect the positive and negative terminals to the respective battery terminals and test if the setup is working.

10 Best Rock Lights For Trucks:

1. The SUNPIE 8 Pod RGB LED Rock Lights


A range of all colors in all speed modes from the tap on your phone is what SUNPIE Neon LED RGB lights will give you. The greatest selling point is the unique engineering that fully encases all the 3 LED lights deep inside the housing while still providing 500lm beams at 120 degrees.

The final view after installing the 8 pods on your car is also great even with the lights off.

It can run in blinking mode, music mode, and automatic with a very bright illumination making this one of the best color-changing rock lights in the market. This is a very classy upgrade that gives your car a unique appearance at a price way lower than other RGB lights.

The casing is durable for the 50000hr lifetime of your bulb through a die-cast aluminum casing and the toughened glass casing. The little glass with more aluminum means a higher shatterproof ability as well as high vibration resistance which combine to give you a long service from these rock lights.

Highlighted Features:

  • A vibration-resistant weatherproof glass bulb casing that ensures maximum protection for a higher rock light durability.
  • The rock-solid design with little glass exposure and more aluminum protects the rock lights from fast-moving objects making it shatterproof.
  • The customized classy finish with triangular edges offers a classy appearance even with the lights off while still offering a firm grip with the steel bracket mount.
  • The app control has more options for any color in any mode with music synchronization included for perfect custom lighting.
  • 120 degrees of wide view at 500lm of beam output gives powerful off-road lighting at just 9 watts of power which makes them an economical lighting upgrade.


2. The MICTUNING 8 Pod RGB Neon LED Light Kit


Greater control of your lighting is allowed with these mistuning rock lights that are adjustable to 15 colors with total control of the rhythm using the app. The external aluminum casing is shockproof with quick heat dissipation.

The Advanced Mictuning app also allows you to control the brightness, stroboscopic speed, and color of your lights both inside and outside the car on different rock light sets. This allows you to upgrade at different times and still get the same function.

The RGB pack comes with two types of mounting pads for your wiring assembly and connection to the lamps. It is simple to set up, after connecting the lamps, simply attach the set to the power source and scan the QR code for app control.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple set control from the same app for a uniform upgrade with more pods.
  • Total autonomy over the light intensity and rhythm to suit different lighting needs for both the off-road and interior lights.
  • Two sets of mounting pads for both lamp connection and power source connection for easier mounting.
  • The wiring is ultra-insulated for more water and scratch resistance which offers a durable service.
  • The pods also have a glowing blue finish that gives the pods a classy appearance during the day.


3. SUNPIE 6-POD White Jeep Rock Light


These are the best rock lights for a busy road as they have a reduced glare but still offer great illumination for your rock crawling. Sunpie offers great designs for 4X4 jeeps and other raised vehicles with a strong 500lm white beam from each pod. The setup is well designed for the highest durability with a die-cast weatherproof aluminum casing.

You will actually find this to be one of the most pocket-friendly rock lights in the market. They use CREE LED chips that are more durable with a strong illumination when combined with the PC lens. Each pod has 3 9W CREE chip LED bulbs which are very power efficient and compatible with your wiring and also safe as they don’t overheat easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • A reduced glare for general road safety and DOT compliance that allows you to drive without blinding oncoming drivers.
  • A streamlined finish that sticks close to the surface with a non-scratch glass casing that gives your lights higher corrosion and water resistance.
  • The bright yellow glow finish gives the LED lights an attractive appearance during the day with a unique classy look.
  • The 3 9W bulbs are very power efficient and they don’t heat even with long hours of lighting.
  • One of the most pocket-friendly rock light upgrades with a one-year warranty gives you more value for your money.
  • The set has a setup manual with all the install accessories you need for the installation including a hub and enough wiring for a full-length efficient setup.


4. LEDMIRCY 12-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights


This is one of the brightest rock light sets for your raised SUV or truck. It is suitable for the most poorly lit country roads and actual rocky drives as it gives a fine edge-to-edge view of the road around you on any vehicle with a wide-angle focus. The whole pack is light and easy to install despite having 12 pods of 3 pc 9w bulbs in.

It is easy to install the stainless-steel mounting brackets securely on the fine edge smooth finish. The IP68 rated waterproof lens is flat against the aluminum housing to reduce dust gathering and the shatter resistance of each pod.

For a small vehicle, you may have an overcrowded underneath. You can use it for interior lighting as well. The package comes with a 1-year warranty with a 30day money-back guarantee to save your cash if they don’t meet your requirements.

Highlighted Features:

  • CREE LED chips are high-performance based for more illumination and they last longer than most conventional LED bulb chips.
  • With slim stainless-steel mounting brackets there is minimal drilling at installation which is well covered after installation with a firm permanent hold on the pods.
  • 12 350lm pods produce a very strong white light that can light both interior and rear and underside sections properly for the biggest motor vehicles.
  • The power-efficient low-wattage bulbs (3w) reduce heating on the bulbs for a safe ride.
  • The 12 pods are installed independently allowing you to load only the ones you need wherever you need them with perfect compatibility with your conventional car battery.


5. The LAMPHUS Stardust SDRL LED Rock Light



Lamphus offers a complete range of RGBW lights for your amber and cool white lighting. You can mount this one anywhere on your car with the flat and curved surface rubber pads to fit on any suitable location under the car.

The sets are housed in rugged shatterproof aluminum housings that use wide view polycarbonate lens to give you a wide-angle display both below and around your jeep.

Each housing contains 4 Led lights with a strong illumination at 650lm cold white and 500lm warm white beams both of which give an edge-to-edge view of rocks and undergrowth. This is one of the brightest rock lights that will shine up any weather or road in your off-road ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • A simple setup design with 6 flat and 6 curved rubber pads included that allows you to mount the aluminum housing cases securely on any part of the truck.
  • This is a standardly priced setup offering a range of RGB, amber, cool white and warm white lights for off-road, DRL and fog lighting.
  • A detailed setup manual with an accessory pack makes transporting and installing very easy.
  • The shatterproof aluminum casing with the IP67 dust and waterproof casing with a polycarbonate lens gives the rock lights a long-lasting upgrade.
  • Four powerful high-performance led lights in every housing with ultra-wide-angle lighting allow you to light up a wide area with three to four sets. You may not have to exhaust all the lights with the first installation if your vehicle is not raised.


6. OPPULITE RGB LED Rock Light Kit


These are a great set of 6 pods each having 3 54w RGB LED lights that deliver a great illumination on your off-road drive. The setup can be remotely controlled on your phone and music synchronize with a classy 25 DIY color unique flashing pattern. They also use a shatterproof die-cast aluminum casing with toughened glass for a long lifespan for your rock lights.

You can use the app to choose your most suitable color from the 15 color options with a music mode option for your road trip illumination. The whole set is power efficient running at 9v per pod which make it one of the best RGB rock lights for every 12v battery. This is a long-term service design rock light with a 50000hrs lifespan and they come with a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bluetooth running and app control allow you to turn on and change your lights easily.
  • A collection of 15 lights as well as music mode synchronization for classy customized lighting.
  • A 1-year warranty with excellent customer service makes this a pocket-friendly rock light choice.
  • A power-efficient voltage intake with a high wattage allows the LED bulbs to give a high illumination while saving battery power.
  • The waterproof housing can give illumination underwater allowing you to illuminate your drive even in the most dimming storms and foggy weather.


7. LEDMIRCY 8-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights


These are one of the brightest rock lights that can work on the underbody of almost any car including your jeep wrangler, Raised SUV or off-road Pickup truck. They are designed to work well underwater allowing you to see a detailed view of the road and undergrowth when driving off-road in the rain and snow.

Each pod has great illumination at 350lm with a standard 9W power intake releasing a regular 55w which is efficient for your battery as well. It uses a 2.75-inch IP68 rated toughened waterproof glass lens which is brighter and well designed to protect the bulb for the 50000hrs. These are one of the best rock lights for your car’s underneath and rear lighting.

Highlighted Features:

  • The drill installation is more stable giving a permanent installation to the pods to reduce vibration in bumpy drives.
  • The set of 8 white lights are brighter with the strong waterproof lens giving a wider view.
  • The vertical mount design offers better protection from corrosion and water as well as more heat dispersion making these rock lights durable and safer.
  • CREE-LED CHIPs are powerful lumen emitters with no Len yellowing for a long bright LED bulb lifespan.
  • The company offers instructions on installation with a 12hr customer installation support and a 1-year warranty which is very attractive if you are not handy with the wrench.


8. LEDMIRCY 10-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights


Designed to light up the underneath of an SUV, a boat, cranes and other machines, these are a great upgrade compared to the LEDMIRCY 8 pack starter pack. The whole set will prove cheaper and brighter than the 8 pack with the simple drill installation.

It has a simple harness with both positive and negative cathodes that match your battery and then you can control from a single switch. It is simple to install, after drilling small holes to hold the pods in place, simply connect the terminals to your power source.

The totally weatherproof die-cast aluminum casing and reinforced glass lens offer good performance with stable 9w current LED bulbs suitable for lighting a wide-angle view for off-roading.

Highlighted Features:

  • A weatherproof die-cast aluminum casing for durability under the harshest conditions.
  • Extra illumination with the wide-angle white light CREE Led bulbs that are very durable.
  • The 9w bulbs with a 32w output are manageable by most conventional batteries.
  • The package has 10 pods to cover more parts of your car.
  • The drill installation holds the lights firmly in place to reduce vibration and damage from bumpy rides and moving objects.


9. The MAX LUX LED Magnetic Rock Lights


You really don’t have to worry about the strength of the magnets and wiring stability, you get 3 Neodymium magnets for every pod with enough wiring to cover the whole extent of your car for both the red and blue light. These are very strong LED bulbs with a high watt output per pod which gives a blinding beam that will give you a classy look when driving both during the day and at night.

The pod is very slim well suited for a low profile side, rear and underneath installation. They are safe from vibration damage considering you are using 3 magnets per pod during installation. It may, however, not work well with the weight in regular bumpy rides.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 magnets per pod are enough to hold the rock lights in place in any weather or road condition.
  • Every pod has 4 LED lights which give a blinding beam enough to light every part of the car with every single pod.
  • The 14ft wiring for every pod allows you to connect effectively to the battery by connecting from beneath the car to avoid destruction from weather elements.
  • The pods use an impact-resistant resin casing for durable service.
  • The power consumption of the 22A bulbs is economical as it doesn’t weigh heavily on your 12v battery.


10. IMOSONTEC 6/8 POD RGB Rock Lights


These are some of the best rock crawling lights designed for a jeep wrangler but suitable for other off-road vehicles as well. With 500lm for every light, the CREE LED bulbs are the best high-performance alternative for any jeep.

You get a 4m wiring harness at purchase to connect directly with your wiring without modifying anything in your electrical system. It is controlled via a Bluetooth app compatible with your Android or iOS device which allows you to control intensity and speed with music sync too. This is one of the best-customized look rock lights that you can use for an upgrade.

It is also standardly priced for the 8 pods which allow you to cover every inch of your car’s front, underneath, and sides. It uses a drill installation with stainless steel mounting screws which are straightforward with an installation manual for easy setup.

It has an attractive 3-year warranty but the aviation aluminum housing ensures long-lasting service. The housing is designed to offer effective heat dispassion for a safe ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • A universal Bluetooth control set up that gives you control on light speed and color from your Android or iOS device.
  • The 4m wiring harness and 13ft lead wires are enough to connect the pods to the car power source from any side of the car.
  • 500lm output per CREE LED light is very powerful for a detailed ground view when rock crawling.
  • Aviation grade aluminum housings offer high resistance to weather elements and other distractors while giving the pods a fast and even heat dissipation keeping the electric system and the pods safe.
  • Performance and durability are also improved by the resin casing which has a wide-angle view to cover a bigger space below and around the car suitable for rock crawling on raised vehicles.


Frequently Asked Questions


benefits of having rock lights

1. Which are the best rock lights?

  • RGBW lights are always admirable as they will give you amber turning lights as well as cool white and warm white lights for style and enough lighting. However, the other lights are still useful for pure lighting roles.
  • You have to ensure compatibility and enough lighting for your driving style and weather. Choosing lighting that suits your precise lighting needs will save you money as well as your battery.

2. Will rock lights work in water?

  • Rock lights are designed to work well in the harshest conditions. The aluminum casing and shatterproof glass casing are designed to keep the led lights from weather elements while allowing you to light the road in snowy, foggy, and rainy weather.
  • LED lights have a limited life though and some may die due to vibration, overheating, shocking and many other destructors.

3. Do you need an extra battery for rock lights?

  • The rock lights should integrate with your car’s electric system. The bulbs will be 12v to 32v. Despite the bulb wattage, the 12 power of your battery is well suited to light the bulb.
  • However, keeping the rock lights running for long may be detrimental to the battery reserve power as well as cause overheating on your wiring and the LED lights.

4. Are rock lights legal?

  • Traffic rules differ for different states and regions but most of them will not allow you to drive on heavy traffic highways with your RGB rock lights running. They may earn you a traffic ticket because they blind oncoming drivers. You have to check the compliance of your cool white and warm white lights too.

5. What are the benefits of having rock lights?

  • Rock lights give you more lighting under the car, on the sides as well as the rear which is really necessary for off-road drivers, and sufficient lighting in extreme weather conditions. Many people go for rock lights for style and an appealing appearance which is still a great improvement.

6. How much do good rock lights cost?

  • The price of your rock lights will depend on the wattage of the bulbs and the intensity and color of light offered. Remote app-controlled ROG rock lights cost $70 up to $300 depending on quality while simple LED cool white bulbs may cost $50 or less.


Final Note

There are many types of rock lights on the market that can make the choice of the best rock lights quite daunting. However, if you are making your first purchase or simply making an upgrade, this guide has everything you need to get that extra illumination with value for your money.

Whatever your ATV, SUV, JEEP, or other off-roading vehicle model, rock lights are a great addition that will improve your driving experience significantly. Always test and install the lights during the day to avoid mistakes although the best time to test the power of illumination by the bulb is at night. With this guide, you have all you need to purchase your rock lights.

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