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10 Best Dirt Bike & Motocross Helmets in ­2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hunting for the best motocross helmet? Forget about finding cool riding gear since there’s a ton more to base on than what appeals to the eye. Here is a free takeaway on what to look for in a motocross helmet, the buying guide, and some of the finest choices for your next ride.

There’s no better sense of freedom off-road than riding on a motorcycle. Unlike a vehicle, which is enclosed, motorcycles and ATVs have no structural safety for their riders. In case of a crash, the most vulnerable part that needs maximum protection is the head. However much of an experienced rider you are, you’ll always need a helmet.

A recent statistic has shown that motorcycles are responsible for 60% of all road crash deaths. The major cause of death is head damage and brain injuries. These protective gears are 37% effective in the prevention of motorcycle deaths.

Motocross is one of the toughest races in the world with the highest degree of physical fitness and life-threatening accidents. Since it is difficult to predict a crash occurrence, a helmet comes in handy to reduce any form of impact from rotational forces.

Let’s delve into the best motocross helmet for your next purchase…



Best Dirt Bike & Motocross Helmets: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying a Motocross Helmet


Motocross Helmet Guide


Unless you understand the cost of your brain, a helmet is one gear that you should not compromise with especially when it comes to quality and price. We are all charmed with style and class but these aspects should be at the back of your mind when shopping for the best motocross helmet.

How about we explore the buying guide…

Types of Helmet

  • Full Face

A full-face gear will protect and cover all sides of the head. It comes with a face shield for keeping away dust, harmful UV rays, or rainwater. For this reason, it is the perfect helmet for off-road trips and motocross sports.

  • Open Face

An open face gear only covers the top, sides, and back of the head. Unlike a full face mask, it neither protects your chin nor the eyes. However, its field of view is wide with more visibility.

  • Touring Motorcycle Helmet

These gears are meant for long-distance off-road or motocross riders. They include extra chin protection, sun visors, and vent ports. Some of these helmets accommodate Bluetooth speaker systems.

  • Dual Sport

These helmets are great for adventure, doubling as on and off-road gear. Most of them have integrated visors but only a few have face shields.

  • Modular

This type is a combination of the open and full-face helmet. Its versatility allows you to flip down the lower part and use it without the chin bar protection.

  • Skull Caps

These barely protect the head, as they only cover the top part while exposing the rest.

Size and Fit


Motocross Helmet Size and Fit


A non-fitting helmet will either hang loose or bring you pain around the neck and the ears. Although some people blame a brand for not being true to their size, the shape of your head might be a contributing factor. Over the years, manufacturers are working to ensure that they come up with a size that fits all.

Some of the aspects influencing how the helmet fits include the materials making up the gear, its size, the cheek pads, and the foam liners.

How to Determine Your Helmet Size

  • Place the measuring tape above the ears, at least 1” above the eyebrows
  • Determine the circumference of the head
  • Compare the measurement to the helmet’s sizing chart


A heavy gear will negatively affect your riding posture and lead to a sore neck and irritating pain in the ears. How then should a helmet weigh? Let me explain. Anything less than 3lbs is okay. Some of them might even be 1.5lbs but that’s still all right for as long as the strength of the shell is not compromised.

If you find a helmet as heavy as four pounds, don’t hesitate to add to your cart especially if it has excellent features.


Go for a helmet with enough venting ports. There’s no need for protecting your head from crash injuries, only for you to suffocate on something minor like your sweat.

To maintain freshness within the helmet, make sure that the foam liners are efficient at wicking moisture and sweat. They should also be removable, washable, and replaceable.


We agreed not to discuss the price of a helmet, right? After all, what has more worth between your brain and the 800-dollar helmet? By saying so, I don’t mean that you should purchase a high-end model, which only covers the head while leaving your arms, spine, and legs at a greater risk of injury.

Advanced Protection Features

A good helmet should protect you against any form of impact. From our top 10 choices; you’ll realize that some helmets use the omnidirectional system while most of them embrace the multi-directional impact protection technology. Other features to consider include fully adjustable breakaway visors and a dirt bike helmet face shield for keeping away dust, snow, rain, or wind.


Top 10 Best Motocross Helmets Reviews:


1. Bell Moto -9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet


Bell Moto-9 Flex Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet...

If you’re looking for a lightweight helmet with maximum protection without sacrificing your comfort, then Bell’s Moto-9 Flex is what you’ve been missing.

Weighing 3.19 pounds, this product is among the lightest helmets on the market for all kinds of riders. It is for this reason that Moto-9 is featured in our best motocross helmet. The gear is available in all sizes and assorted colors for both the young and old folks.

Boasting three progressive layerings, Moto-9 Flex assures you of ultimate safety in case of a crash. These liners manage energy in case of high, mid, or low-speed impact scenarios.

Be sure to like the magnafusion magnetic chin pads incorporated in this gear. They are not only removable but washable. In the event of an impact, rescuers will have no trouble removing the cheek pads before taking off the helmet.

Although it is recommended that you replace your motocross helmets after every three to five years, Bell’s X-static XT2 antimicrobial technology will give you limited protection. This silver liner is clinically-endorsed for protecting the user against possible odors and bacteria.

Another important aspect of Moto-9 Flex is velocity flow ventilation. This feature acts as a natural engine with precise ports for efficient air circulation. These ports are strategically positioned such that air flows from the front ports via the head to the backend.

This helmet is a great companion for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, and off-road motorcycles. In fact, Moto-9 Flex is among the best bell ATV helmets on sale.

Highlighted Features:

  • The interior is made of X-static anti-microbial silver lining for preventing the build-up of bacterial or odors
  • Removable cheek pads, which are also washable and replaceable
  • A velocity flow ventilation system for maximum air circulation
  • Three-layer impact liner for low, mid, and high-speed impacts
  • Lightweight 3K carbon shell construction for comfort
  • Eject system ready

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2. Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet


Shoei Neotec II Helmet (X-Large) (Black)

This newest model from Shoei is the perfect helmet for long-distance motorists or cross-country riders.

Neotec II features improved aerodynamics performance, thanks to wind tunnel testing. Regardless of your riding position, the helmet guarantees you stability and a perfect cycling experience. Air circulation is made possible by the two deflectors along the chin. Besides, the shell spoiler streamlines the aerodynamics, hence, reducing lift and redundant air turbulence.

Shoei Neotec 2 engineers had you in mind when they came up with this riding gear. The helmet features a high-density EPS liner and shell technology for protecting the rider against crashes. This EPS foam liner and the shell construction are meant for impact absorption and providing strength and elasticity throughout the ride.

Securing this helmet in place is effortless. The micro ratchet chin strap makes it easy to put on or remove the gear. If you want to lock up the chin bar in place, the 360 pivot locking mechanism will sort you. Note that the face shield and the chin bar share an axis. Therefore, lifting the chin bar while the face shield is open will close both of them.

The best thing about Shoei Neotec 2 is its compatibility with Sena SRL Communication System. You can buy this kit separately and Bluetooth with your gear. At least, it allows you to enjoy and make phone calls, tunes, or use the GPS navigation app, at the comfort of your ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding aerodynamics
  • An internal sun shield for protecting the eyes without blocking the view
  • A seal beading in the upper part of the helmet to direct water away from the interior
  • A vent on the chin bar for cooling your face and defogging the face shield, especially in extreme conditions
  • Noise isolation cheek pads for a quiet ride

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3. 6D ATR-2 Circuit Helmet


6d ATR-2 Circuit Helmet-White-M

Low-speed impacts are the leading cause of off-road accidents. Up to 2013, no helmet company seemed to have discovered this fact. However, the discovery prompted 6D to come up with the idea of incorporating low-impact liners into their helmets.

Boasting an Omni-directional suspension (ODS) system, 6D ATR-2 will certainly protect your head against crashes. ODS sets in motion immediately a force is felt on the shell, hence, ensuring that there’s low-threshold energy transmission to the brain.

The ODS system comprises an outer EPP (expanded polypropylene) multi-impact liner and an inner EPS (expanded polystyrene) replaceable liner. Though the previous ATR-1 helmet has isolation dampers on both liners, ATR-2 has damping towers only on the outer liner. Therefore, its energy management is perfect in both angular and linear acceleration.

With a 6D ATR-2 helmet, ventilation is achieved in two ways. On a hot day, the dri-lex liner will absorb the sweat and bring a cooling effect. Well, don’t imagine that this liner will drench in sweat since the drying process is faster than you think. The other reliable means of venting is through the nine inlet and six-outlet ports.

What intrigues me about 6D is the fact that it is rebuildable. Instead of buying a new model all over again, you can just send back the shell and have them fix the internal components at a lower cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced Omni-directional suspension for energy management under low, mid, or high-speed accelerations
  • Emergency release cheek pads
  • A genuine dri-lex liner. It is washable, soft, and soothing to the skin.
  • Air-gap ventilation system
  • A sturdy shell for additional protection
  • Cervical protection zone for protecting the rider in case a crash happens and the helmet pushes its way down the neck, shoulder, or spine
  • Shear-away visor screws

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4. O’Neal 5 SRS Men’s Off-Road Blocker Helmet


O'Neal - 0200-214 2Series Adult Helmet, Spyde...

O’Neal 5 SRS is not just a standard off-road motorcycle helmet but also an excellent gear for ATVs, street-motor scooters, utility vehicles, and snowmobiles. Being in the motorcycle industry for close to five decades, O’Neal Company has made a name for itself. An experience of over 40 years has given this corporation enough skills to manufacture trustworthy motorcycles, helmets, spare parts, and related accessories.

O’Neal 5 SRS is the lightest among the helmets we’ve already reviewed. At 3.04 pounds, you’re sure not to feel any more burdens on your head.

Featuring a CoolMax liner, this helmet leaves you comfortable throughout your ride. When sweating, this padded inner layer will wick away the sweat and keep you dry. If you feel it is too dirty, you can easily pull it out, wash, and replace it.

For maximum air circulation, a 5 SRS helmet has been engineered with multiple air vents. The side-by-side vents allow air inside the gear while the four ports at the back act as exhaust channels.

If graphics and design fascinate you, then you’ll surely fall in love with this gear. It is multi-colored with vivid hues and beautiful luster. For the features, it is undoubtedly among the best motocross helmet under 200.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two vents on either side and four on the rear end
  • Ultra-weight
  • Coolmax liner for comfort
  • Adjustable visor design
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Vivid multi-colored graphics

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5. Arai VX-Pro 4 Helmet – Spike


Arai VX-Pro4 Spike Adult Off-Road Motorcycle...

Let’s forget about appearance and fancy designs and focus on the rich features of a helmet. If your buying guide has targeted helmets with protruding edges and related artwork, you might miss out on better deals like the VX-Pro 4.

To start off, Pro4 is the best dirt bike helmet with a visor. You might argue out that every other helmet comes with a visor, right?

Let me explain why VX-Pro4 is unique…

Unlike most gears, this product has a longer and wider visor for unparalleled protection against scorching sun rays and head-on impacts. On its underside, you’ll notice a black sticker for reducing glare. Besides, the visor has large vents for facilitating air circulation.

Inside the shell, ventilation is attained by the venting pieces located at the top and rear end of the helmet. Due to the stiffness of the shell, there are minimal vent holes.

Everything with VX-Pro4 is about comfort. Its shell is made of costly super fiber, whose tensile strength is 30% greater than standard fiberglass. Moreover, the material is highly resistant to penetration. In point of fact, this is the major reason why the product stands to be among the most expensive helmets on the market.

Arai Company ensures to manufacture the smoothest shells based on the R75 concept. As a result, their helmets assume a round and smooth shape. In case of an accident, the rider will most likely roll on obstacles rather than hitting or snagging them. Rolling off means there’s minimal resistance, hence, fewer injuries to the victim.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long and wide visor
  • Supportive emergency release cheek pads for a snug and secure fit during the ride
  • Strong shell with high tensile strength
  • Multi-density foam liner for comfort and protection against all forms of impact
  • Quiet, thanks to the small relief zones
  • Washable liners

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6. 2018 Fox Racing V3 Helmet


The 2018 Fox Racing V3 helmet made it to our top 10 list of the best motocross helmets for two main reasons. First, this gear is lightweight. The large-sized one is only 1.9lbs. The most outstanding feature is the magnetic visor release technology. This system programs the visor such that when a crash occurs, it will automatically be released.

To enhance comfort to the rider, V3 comes with dri-lex liner and comfortable cheek pads. If a crash occurs, the slippery multi-directional impact protection system will cause the head to slide from the point of impact. This technology has been incorporated between the EPS and the helmet liner. Essentially, it functions to reduce any rotational injuries that might damage the brain.

Optimum airflow in the V3 helmet is attained by two frontal vents and another pair at the rear portion around the neck area. During hot summer days, the airflow is more than enough to bring a cooling effect so that you don’t drench the gear with sweat. Even in extreme weather conditions such as cold winter or rainy seasons, the helmet keeps you warm without letting in the dripping rainwater.

Highlighted Features:

  • A magnetic visor release system
  • 14 inlet and 4 exhaust vents to allow maximum ventilation
  • Long chin bar
  • Multi-material composite shell with three different sizes
  • Multi-directional impact protection system for energy management in case of high, low, or mid-velocity impact
  • Dri-lex comfort liner for comfort and a snug fit
  • A beautiful matte finish


7. Scorpion VX-R70 Blur Off-Road/Dirt Motorcycle Helmet


Scorpion EXO-R710 Focus Street Motorcycle...

The scorpion VX-R70 has excellent features, which you can’t even find in high-end helmets.

Its shell is not just made of ordinary material. Scorpion utilizes an exclusive Thermodynamic Composite Technology (TCT) for a light but a strong shell. A combination of this tri-composite material and the dual-density EPS system guarantees you protection even on impact. The EPS liner covers the entire chin bar.

Most dirt bike helmets will never accommodate large-sized goggles but the case is different from VX-R70. If you’re used to your eyeglasses, don’t fret because the helmet has a large eye port for a wide field of view.

Another notable feature is the AirFit system on the cheek pads, which allows you to customize the fitting. In case the pads are loose to the cheeks, you can pump them up for a snug and comfortable fit.

Featuring several vents, the VR-R70 won’t suffocate you with sweat and heated air within the shell. This helmet is breathable. It boasts three ports at the brow for letting in cool air and four exhaust vents for releasing hot air. Besides, there are five more ports at the chin bar for optimum circulation of air.

Additionally, VR-R70 includes an anti-microbial KwikWick II liner for keeping moisture under control. This fabric will keep you warm during cold weather and bring a cooling effect in hot and sweaty conditions. The best thing is that this liner is removable, washable, and interchangeable.

Highlighted Features:

  • An air fit liner inflation system for inflating the cheek pads to customize your fit
  • AeroTuned visors with utmost resistance to breakages
  • AeroTuned ventilation to maximize air circulation within the helmet
  • An easy-to-remove washable KwikWick II liner fabric with anti-microbial protection
  • Dual-density EPS system for efficient energy management during impact
  • A thermodynamic composite shell consisting of organic poly-resin fibers, aramid, and fiberglass.

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8. HJC IS-5 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet


HJC IS-5 is engineered with an ultra-weight polycarbonate composite shell. This material assures you of maximum stability and enough head support.

Forget about the helmets that pinch your brows and limit your vision. This product includes an amber-tinted sun-shield, which is resistant to scratches. Unlike other models, you get to enjoy a wider field of view with a clear picture of what is ahead of you. Furthermore, the eye-ports are wide enough to contain oversized goggles. It is no doubt the best ¾ helmet in the market.

The cheek pads of the HJC IS-5 fit snugly on the rider. Once they are dirt, you can easily remove and wash them. Though foam liners are washable, dipping them in the dryer will destroy their texture. If you want them to last longer than the lifespan of your helmet, air drying them is the in thing.

This helmet features a three-button visor, which snaps on/off easily. The visor acts as an excellent shield against the scorching sun or oncoming car lights during the night. You get up to three adjustment options, i.e. near the eyes, mid-way the face, or flip it down completely. When you don’t see the need for riding around with the visor, you can unscrew them.

Summarily, HJC IS-5 is round with a beautiful finish. The helmet is comfortable, has a wider vision, true fit, and average weight. Precisely, the large size is just 3.9 pounds. There’s absolutely no need for venting ports since this is a three-fourth gear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Polycarbonate composite shell construction
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Scratch-resistant sun-shield with a wide view
  • 3-button visor, which effortlessly snaps on/off
  • Anti-bacterial fabric for wicking away sweat and moisture
  • Single-density EPS foam liner for absorbing mid-speed impacts
  • Chin straps with D-ring technology to minimize wobbling


9. YEMA YM-915 Off-road Dirt Bike Helmet


Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet DOT Approved...

With over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of motorcycle gears, Yema is the brand you can trust. All their helmets meet up to seven safety standards, including the DOT approval. If you’re looking for fine but inexpensive gear for your dirt bike, scooter, street bike, or the best ATV helmet under 100, here’s a deal.

Yema’s YM-915 unisex helmet is made of ABS shell with multi-density EPS foam. The shell is aerodynamic for proper ventilation and the optimum circulation of air. Although the inside of the helmet is packed with soft liners, you still get some extra room for your goggles and Bluetooth speakers. For a snug fit without annoying pains on the ears, neck, or jaws, you should order a size larger.

Let’s talk about the interior… YM-915 includes an anti-microbial liner for wicking away moisture and sweat. The foam is removable and washable with anti-bacterial features, which inhibit the formation of odors or bacteria.

The YM-915 helmet has an outstanding ventilation system. All the intake and exhaust vent ports are adjustable. At least you’re assured of a constant flow of air for a cool, dry, and comfortable ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Aerodynamic ABS shell construction
  • Multi-density EPS for protecting the rider against low, high, or mid-velocity impact
  • Tool-free sun visor system, which snaps easily in place
  • A quick-release double D-ring buckle
  • Reinforced chin straps
  • Cozy liners and cheek pads

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10. Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off-Road Motocross Dirt Bike Helmet


Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off Road Motocross...

Since its establishment, 24 years ago, Vega is still a leading brand in the production of high-quality helmets at a cut-rate price. You might not afford your brain in case of a fatal crash but at least you can part with less than 100 bucks for the Vega VRX helmet.

What about the design? VRX is a full-face gear with a large eye port for providing a clear view and accommodating your goggles. It has a beautiful glossy shell with a smooth finish in six different colors. If you don’t like the masculine red venom graphics, you can go for a sassy pink motocross helmet.

Vega’s VRX features several airflow vents. This multi-channel airflow system ensures the maximum circulation of air with an excellent cooling effect during long intense rides. The max-flow liner is soothing to your skin. It is fully removable, washable, and replaceable.

Another notable feature is the detachable visor. It has multiple adjustments in case you of scorching rays, overhead car lights, dusty roads, or it begins to rain. You can also take off the visor if you feel it is necessary.

Highlighted Features:                                                                    

  • Washable max-flow comfort liner
  • Sturdy polycarbonate shell with a high-density EPS liner for absorbing impact and managing the energy transmitted to the head
  • Multi-channel airflow system for maximum aeration
  • A fully adjustable padded D-ring
  • Detachable visor with venting ports
  • Lightweight design for eliminating fatigue on long rides
  • Meets the standards of DOT and ECE

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Importance of a Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet


Motocross Helmet Importance


Unlike motor vehicles, motorcycles do not give structural protection to their riders. Therefore, the user ought to buy separate gear for protecting their vulnerable body parts such as the head.

Although all body parts are equally at risk in case of a fatal crash, the head is the most delicate organ and would cost your life. You can survive without arms, legs, or a broken spinal cord but your life is always dependent on the brain functions. Brain injury equals brain death, which is synonymous with the end of life.

So, why spend money on a motocross helmet? Find out…

  • High survival rate

It increases your chances of survival in case of an accident. According to the statistics carried by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 60% of motorists escape death because of wearing helmets.

  • Low healthcare costs

If you don’t put on a helmet, chances are, you’ll have more serious injuries than a rider who used protective gear. The more critical your condition is, the longer the hospitalization and the slower the recovery process.

  • Insurance cover

Most insurance firms won’t give a damn if they realize you never armed yourself with a helmet. At this point, the bill is likely to be settled by public funds, which suffer high taxes, insurance rates, and lost revenue.

  • Compensation

Do you own a helmet? Worry not because you’re likely to receive your compensation in case you sustain head or neck injuries. The motocross helmet laws vary from state to state and so you’ll need advice from your attorney.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Motocross Helmet FAQs


Q-1: How do you know if your helmet fits properly?

A well-fitting helmet is not necessarily one that matches the size of your head. Once you slip it down your head, check out the following;

  • It should fit evenly on your head
  • Ensure it is not tilted back as a hat does
  • The right size will be comfortable with a secure and snug fit
  • If it is oversized, the helmet will hang loose, move around the head, act noisily, or even come off with the minimal impact
  • The cheek pads should softly press on the cheeks
  • There should be no space between the inner liner and your temples. If so, get yourself a smaller fit
  • Ensure the gear neither touches your chin nor nose, especially when some force is applied to the chin bar

Q-2: When should I replace my helmet?

  • You ought to purchase a new helmet every three to five years. However, if you have a crash or the gear hits a hard surface, you need immediate replacement. Riders who own 6D helmets have an advantage, such that they might only need to rebuild the inner components at a lower price. However, this applies only when the outer shell is still in good condition.

Q-3: Does wearing a helmet cause hair loss?

  • To some extent, helmets might lead to hair loss. Regular wearing of the helmet, too much sweat, rough movements, and fungal infections are the contributing factors to this effect.
  • You can minimize hair loss by gently slipping the helmet over your head such that you don’t pull any hair. Besides, maintain proper hygiene by washing the liners and applying anti-microbial solutions. This step is essential in curbing scalp infections. Remember also to do frequent scalp massages for relaxing your muscles.

Q-4: Which is the best type of helmet?

  • The full-face helmet will always win because it gives your head a full covering.

Q-5: Which is the best motocross helmet for long rides?

  • It should be light but strong, comfortable, and fitting. A full-face helmet is excellent because it comes with a sun visor and face shield for keeping away dust, rain, wind, UV rays, and debris. Besides, the gear ought to have enough vents for a maximum flow of air.


Final Verdict


Motocross Helmet Final


Finding a motocross helmet is not always about style but the advanced features that will protect your head in case of an accident. Even if you’re on a tight budget, never try to compromise with safety because no riding gear is as expensive as your life.

The best thing about buying a dirt bike motocross helmet is that you can use it on any motor ride. Whether you’re doing some casual street biking, sporting with your ATV, or racing on your off-road motorcycle, you should shop for nothing less than a motocross helmet. If you’re stuck on what exactly to look for, find out from this review.

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