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20 Best Laser Measure in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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For electricians, contractors, part-time handymen, and passionate DIYers, owning a quality laser meter is one of the best ways of ensuring that you work easier, faster, and smarter. But, as you might have guessed, choosing the best laser measure can be a complicated process unless you know exactly what to look for.

In this review and buying guide, we are going to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to which laser measure is the right one for your needs. For your convenience, we’ve also included an FAQ section, as well as a list of the top 10 laser measures available right now.

So read on and discover all the features that make a quality laser measure, the benefits of using a laser measure over traditional measurement methods, and much, much more.

Without further ado, let’s jump right to it!



Best Laser Measure: Editor’s Top Picks


Laser Measures Versus Traditional Tape Measures


Laser Measure Versus Traditional Tape


When it comes to a comparison of laser measures to traditional tape measures, there are many reasons why you should choose the former over the latter. A laser measure takes measurements quickly and offers greater accuracy, particularly over longer distances.

A laser measure, unlike a tape measure, computes other parameters in addition to distance. For instance, you can calculate the area or volume among other metrics. Also, it allows you to store up to 10 previous measurements or sets of data that you can use for future reference.

Yet another benefit of using a laser measure over a traditional tape measure is that it doesn’t require a helper and you don’t have to move about to get your measurements. You can use it by yourself no matter how long the distance is being measured. In addition to the multiple features and the unique functionality offered by laser measures, these devices are also offered at extremely affordable prices.

So, to recap, here are the main differences between laser measures and traditional tape measures:

  • Accuracy – Laser measures offer you more accuracy and precision (up to 1/32 of an inch) than you will get from traditional tape measures.
  • Ease of Use – A quality laser measure means that you can take all your measurements and calculations quickly and easily without the need for a helper. You also don’t need a pen and paper or any manual calculations as this handy little gadget does all that for you.
  • Convenience – In addition to being extremely simple to use, laser measures offer you the convenience of being able to switch between metric and imperial systems at the push of a button. This saves you a lot of time and effort, particularly for big jobs.


Things to Consider When Buying a Laser Measure


Laser Measure Guide


When it comes to choosing the best laser measure, you have to consider the type of work that you will be doing. This will dictate the particular functions you should value over the rest. However, listed below are the general features that every laser measure should have regardless of the type of work you do.

Use these factors to help you choose the right laser measure to suit your needs from the many available options on the market.

  • Functionality

Laser measures come with many different functions, including volume and area calculations, long-distance readings, and more. Basically, the more functions a laser measure has, the more you will get from it.

However, many of these functions are more relevant to those people who intend to use the laser measure frequently. For anyone who simply buying one for occasional home improvement tasks, then there’s probably no need to spend extra on additional functions that you might never use.

  • Accuracy

It’s very easy to misread the measuring results when using traditional tape measures. However, with a high-quality laser measure, you will be able to get more accurate results. Having said that, not all laser measures are made the same.

Some are more accurate than others. So if ultimate precision is vital to your project, then you may want to opt for a tool with 1/32 inches precision. One with 1/16 inches will do for carpentry, construction, DIY work, and so on. Just keep in mind that the more precise the model, the more expensive it’s going to be.

  • Display and Visibility

A display that is easy to read will save you a lot of time and frustration. Make sure that the tool you use has a backlight to make it easy for you to see at a glance what your measurements are. This is an important feature because you might have to work during the night or in dimly lit areas, and having a clear LED display will make things that much easier.

  • Range

This feature relates to how far your laser measure can reach while still giving accurate measurements. Some laser measures are accurate up to 50 feet while others can go all the way to 300. The important thing here is to consider the type of work you will be using the laser measure for.

For instance, for in-home DIY tasks, a tool measuring between 60 and 100 feet should be more than adequate. However, if you want one for professional use, then you may want to choose one with a reach of 200 to 300 feet, possibly even more.

  • Battery Life

For the most part, your laser measure is used for just a few minutes at a time after which you switch it off. This means that you may not have to worry too much about battery life if those are the kind of tasks you’re performing.

However, for anyone who has to complete big jobs, you may find that your battery needs to be charged or replaced every 2 to 4 hours. For such people, you may need to consider getting portable chargers or inexpensive replacement batteries.

  • Memory

The memory function of the best laser measure can hold multiple previous measurements. But, not all models have this feature. The memory of function is a great feature that will make it easier for you when completing larger projects. Just keep in mind that for home use, this may not be necessary.

  • Quality and Brand

You obviously want to choose a tool with high-quality construction from a reliable brand. By doing so, you ensure that you get a durable laser measure that will serve you well for a long time to come. Without durability, you may find yourself having to constantly replace your measuring tool if it’s dropped, stepped on, etc.

Since there’s a high chance of these types of accidents happening in your work area, it’s a good idea to choose a high-quality, durable laser measure from a popular brand that will be able to withstand the inevitable abuse.

  • Price

On our list of the 10 most popular options on the market right now, you will find laser measures that are offered to you at a wide range of prices. The goal here is not to reach for the least expensive one you can find, but rather to consider all the other factors mentioned in this buying guide together with the price of the model.

The good news is that we chose the options on our list because they are high-quality, durable models from reputable brands that are sold at extremely competitive prices. So no matter what your needs or budget, we’re sure you’ll find something that is ideal for your project needs.

  • Ease of Use

Even after ticking all the boxes, the last thing you want is to buy a laser measure only to find out that you can’t use it because it’s too complicated. Make sure the laser measure you decide to go with won’t leave you burning with embarrassment when you can’t even figure out how it works.

Lucky for you, the laser measures listed above are all straightforward to use which means that there won’t be any regretful returns. Now that you know everything you need to help you choose the best laser measure for your needs, let’s take a look at the main differences between laser measures and traditional tape measures.


The Best Laser Measure Reviews:

1. Bosch Laser Distance Measure


BOSCH GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825',...

This laser measure from Bosch, a well-known brand, is one of the longest and most accurate outdoor measuring tools that you’ll find on the market today. It measures distances of up to 825 feet and offers an accuracy of 1/25 inches.

It is precise and versatile, making it the perfect addition to your tool kit if you’re in the concrete and construction trades. The tool measures 11 modes, including the standard length, volume, and area measurements. In addition to that, it has continuous measuring, multi-surface, single indirect, double indirect, and combined indirect, as well as stakeout and trapezoid.

This unit can store up to 30 measurements within its memory and it has a user-friendly interface making it ideal for novices and experts alike. It also has an integrated viewfinder for any long-range projects. One of the features that a lot of people appreciate the most is the large backlit display that makes measurements easy to read. This is undoubtedly the best laser tape measure that you can get for the price.

Highlighted features

  • Extremely accurate offers 1/25 inches up to 825 feet
  • The versatile device provides 11 measuring modes
  • Convenient multisurface area mode
  • Built-in memory storage for up to 30 measurements
  • Enhanced functionality thanks to the integrated viewfinder

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2. Dewalt Laser Measure Tool


DEWALT Laser Measure Tool/Distance Meter,...

This laser measure will give you precise measurements for distances up to 165 feet with an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch. It has the ability to quickly and easily calculate volume and area, which makes your job estimates that much faster and more convenient.

In addition to automatic calculations, the indirect height measurements make use of Pythagoras to give you accurate measurements even when one or two of the points aren’t accessible for linear measurements.

If you’re searching for a great replacement for a digital tape measure, this laser distance measure from the Dewalt brand offers the best performance and functionality to suit your needs. It has a memory unit that stores the previous five measurements.

It also has a two-line backlit display which helps to improve screen visibility when you’re working in both bright and dim conditions. This unit boasts a durable design featuring IP65 water resistance and an over-molded housing. For the best quality laser measure at an affordable price, it’s worth checking this model out.

Highlighted Features

  • Indirect height measurements using Pythagoras
  • Automatic volume and area calculations
  • Two-line backlit display enhances screen visibility
  • The memory unit can store up to five measurements
  • 165 feet measuring range with 1/16 inches accuracy

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3. Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure 


Bosch Blaze Pro GLM165-40 165ft Laser...

The Blaze Pro measuring tool from Bosch is fully-featured yet extremely simple to use. The tool provides easy readings thanks to the backlit display which illuminates all your measurements even when you’re working in low light conditions.

With this laser measuring tool, you get real-time distance, area, volume, indirect measurement functions, and much more. It features a storage capability for previous measurements. It also has addition and subtraction functionality, which means that you can use it to add or subtract various measurements.

This model has default real-time measurements mode which means you can adjust the measurements closer to or further away from your target. It also has laser precision technology which offers reliable measurements up to 165 feet. You’ll be able to have accurate results in an instant up to +-1/16 of an inch. The unit also features a digital level and it’s compact enough to fit into your pocket easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely simple design that is easy to use
  • Long-range measuring with extreme accuracy
  • Backlit color display for easy viewing
  • Live-measuring feature for real-time measurement
  • The auto square function gives you square footage automatically

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4. Morpilot Laser Measure Pythagorean


QYSEA FIFISH V6s Underwater Drone with 4K UHD...

This laser measure functions with two bubble levels and this means that you get more precise and accurate measurements when compared to a laser measure with only one bubble. When you use a Morpilot laser meter, you get precise readings for up to 262 feet with an accuracy of +/- 1/16 of an inch.

This device is perfect for improving your work efficiency and thanks to its versatile function, you get quick, easy-to-read measurements in no time at all. The added value-enhancing glasses and target plate allow you to use the laser measure during daylight, even in very bright, sunny conditions.

All these amazing features are packed into a convenient and compact unit that can easily fit into your pocket. This tool also features data storage for up to 30 different groups, self-calibration function, single distance, and continuous measurement, among other features.

It has an automatic shut down after 150 seconds of idleness. This helps to ensure that you save energy and extend your battery life. This is undoubtedly one of the best laser measuring tools that you will get at the price.

Highlighted Features

  • Large, easy to read backlit display
  • Automatic shutdown after 150 seconds without operation
  • Data storage for up to 30 groups
  • Enhancement target card included in the package
  • Robust, durable IP54 waterproof and dustproof housing

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5. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure


Leica 838725 DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser...

This is the newest take on this brand’s classic model. It now comes with Bluetooth functionality, a fully-integrated intelligent end-piece, and a white display that is bright enough to use comfortably even in the darkest working conditions.

It has a measuring engine with ISO certification and offers accuracy of 1/16 inch over an impressive measuring range of 330 feet. With seven measurement modes, this little device features an intuitive LCD display and weighs only 4 ounces. It’s small and light enough to carry around in your pocket, which minimizes the risk of dropping it or misplacing it during your work projects.

You can flip out the endpiece to 90° and use it to hook onto outside corners. Alternatively, extend it fully for use on inside corners. This unit automatically measures from the end of the flip-out endpiece whenever it’s fully extended.

It also calculates the volume and area, and it has a memory storage function for the previous 10 measurements that were taken. This is the best laser tape measure for anyone who values the Pythagoras function when it comes to indirect measurements and wants super-accurate results at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Very high accuracy of 1/16 of an inch
  • Measures over a distance of 330 feet for consistent readings
  • Provides up to 10,000 measurements per set of batteries
  • Features Bluetooth 4.0 to easily transfer measurements
  • Pythagoras function gives accurate indirect measurements

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6. Tacklife Classic Laser Measure


The Tacklife Classic laser measure gives you accurate readings for distances up to 196 feet. It’s quick and easy to operate which will make your projects go that much smoother. The vertical and horizontal bubble helps to provide precision measuring.

This device is portable with a simple user interface. It contains versatile functions which cater to the needs of high precision measurements using innovative laser precision technology. Compared to one bubble, two bubble levels offer much more precise measurements.

With an accuracy of +/- 1/16 of an inch, this device is the ideal outdoor laser measure for anyone who needs the ultimate precision. The unit also has a fast measurement speed which will greatly enhance your work efficiency.

It has multiple functions and offers data storage for up to 30 groups. You can manually delete any unwanted data, and the unit also has self-calibration, a feature that many professional users will certainly appreciate.

Highlighted Features

  • The device offers higher accuracy thanks to two bubble levels
  • Simpler and easier operation due to the user-friendly design
  • This compact and convenient tool comes with a carrying pouch
  • Multiple measurement modes offer a wide range of applications
  • Includes a 24-month warranty for your peace of mind


7. Suaoki Laser Distance Measure


This brand is one that is known for always seeking to enhance the functionality and versatility of all its products. When you get this laser measuring device, you can rest assured that you getting the highest in quality, durability, and functionality at an affordable price.

It comes equipped with multi-measurement systems that are user-friendly. It has a lot of features packed into a portable size, making it easy for you to carry it everywhere. This is a great tool for professionals in real estate, construction, engineering, contractors, and many more professions.

This is a high-quality device that is rainproof, dustproof, and shockproof – meaning that you’ll be able to take it to any type of job without worrying about it getting damaged. It has high accuracy, optical reference, unit switch, and memory for 20 historical data groups. If you’re on the hunt for an all-terrain laser measuring tool, this is a great one for you to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to read LCD backlit display
  • Saves and recalls the last 20 data sets
  • The device has an optical reference point for convenience
  • Robust, durable reinforced rubber housing
  • IP54 rated for water and dust resistance


8. Bosch GLM 20 Compact Blaze


BOSCH GLM20 Blaze 65ft Laser Distance Measure...

If you’re searching for an easier, faster, more accurate way to complete your measurements, then this is one of the best laser measuring tools you can get to suit your needs. The GLM 20 is ideal for indoor use and has a 65-foot laser reach.

This compact tool easily fits in the palm of your hand which makes it ideal to keep in your pockets when moving from room to room. It delivers precision and accuracy in real-time measurements mode and you’ll be able to take instant, reliable measurements at all times.

This convenient tool ensures that a single person can size up jobs in just seconds. With its portability, this tool is likely to find a permanent home in your shirt or trouser pocket. It has a brightly lit display which offers easy viewing even when you’re working in dark or dimly lit areas.

With this laser measure, you have a simple one-button operation that gives you correct measurements to within 1/8 of an inch. All these features merge together to offer a high-quality, compact, and affordable product that will be a great addition to any professional or DIYer’s toolkit.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-range measuring offers extreme accuracy
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Very small and conveniently compact in size
  • Provides default live measuring
  • The display features a backlight for easy reading

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9. URCERI Measuring Device


Powered by two AAA batteries, this handy little device is lightweight and compact. It’s perfect for use on construction jobs and thanks to its size, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hands. It’s also smart enough to slip into your pocket which means no matter where you’re going or what kind of project you have, you can always have this tool on hand.

The package comes with a hand strap that allows you to prevent unnecessary accidents whereby the tool is dropped or inadvertently stepped on. It’s important to note that the wavelength of this laser measure matches that of sunlight, and because of this, it may affect the accuracy when working in bright daylight.

This makes the tool ideal for indoor use and it should only be used outside when accompanied by a light barrier. This laser measure has the capacity to save up to 30 units of historical data so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of data during use. In addition to this impressive storage feature, it also comes with auto-shutoff features to help save your battery energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Measures accurately up to 197 feet
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Multiple functions including area and volume calculations
  • Large LCD with backlight for better visibility
  • Maximum storage of 30 units of historical data


10. DinoFire Digital Laser Tape Measure


DinoFire Laser Measure 196Ft M/In/Ft Digital...

Although this little device cannot compete with the best outdoor laser measure when it comes to distance, it is certainly the best tool you can choose for indoor measurements. It comes with a portable carrying pouch so you don’t inadvertently drop the gadgets while carrying it from one worksite to the other. It is IP 54 waterproof and dustproof rating which makes it easier to work in harsh environments.

It also comes with an LCD and backlit modes for your convenience. This feature is one that you will greatly appreciate if you often work in very dimly let’s all extra bright environments. The automatic function will remember whichever unit you used last for your next use. If you are searching for a device with high accuracy, various measure modes, bright LCD display with a backlit mode, then this is a great one for you to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Super high accuracy up to 1/20 of an inch
  • Conveniently offers various measure modes
  • Multi-function laser measurement tool
  • Digital tape measure with wide applications
  • Comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer

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11. Bosch GLM400CL Blaze


BOSCH GLM400CL Blaze Outdoor 400ft Bluetooth...

Highlighted Features

  • Blaze outdoor technology measures up to 400 feet
  • Features a camera with adjustable zoom
  • The unit offers 1/16 inch accuracy and precision over long-range
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery for maximum runtime
  • Includes 11 useful measuring functions
  • High-quality, durable unit construction from a well-known brand
  • Class II laser product with <1mw power output

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12. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure


Highlighted Features

  • Extremely high accuracy thanks to laser precision technology
  • Measures up to 196 feet with 1/16 inch precision
  • A large backlit display provides better visibility at night
  • New settings to turn off measurement beep at will
  • Multiple measurement features including area and volume
  • Durable, waterproof, dustproof casing
  • Belt clip and hand strap for safety during transport and use


13. Spectra Precision Lasers


Spectra Precision QM55 Quick Measure Laser...

Highlighted Features

  • Strong, durable construction designed for long-lasting use
  • Measurement range of up to 165 feet with 1/16 inch accuracy
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Reduced errors even when measuring difficult to reach areas
  • Extremely quick measurement response
  • Large LCD backlit for easy viewing at night
  • The battery life offers up to 5,000 measurements

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14. Dewalt Laser Measure


DEWALT Laser Measure Tool/Distance Meter,...

Highlighted Features

  • This tool calculates area and volume quickly and easily
  • Performs simple addition, and subtraction functions accurately
  • The laser measure has a measuring range of 100 feet
  • Offers consistent and reliable accuracy of within 3/32 inches
  • Ideal for capturing linear measurements
  • The high-quality device is offered at a very competitive price

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15. Bosch GLM165-10 Laser Measure


Bosch GLM165-10 Blaze One Laser Distance...

Highlighted Features

  • Features long-range measuring accuracy of 1/16 inch up to 165 feet
  • Simple, easy to use design with one-button operation
  • The compact-sized unit can fit into a shirt or trouser pocket
  • Backlit color display for easy reading of measurements in the dark
  • Live measuring adjusts as you move toward or away from the target
  • The square function automatically calculates square footage

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16. Leica Disto Laser Measure


Leica DISTO D1 120ft Laser Distance Measure...

Highlighted Features

  • Simple, two-button operation offers easy and quick use
  • The unit contains a class II laser that has 1mW output
  • Maintains a 1/16 inch accuracy to meet Leica quality standards
  • 130 feet maximum working range with the ability to distance track
  • Bluetooth 4.0 allows connectivity with various apps
  • Leica Disto Sketch app allows you to create floor plans
  • Ability to select metric or imperial units

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17. Hammerhead HLMT130 Laser Measure


Hammerhead Rechargeable Compact 130ft Laser...

Highlighted Features

  • Super slim design easily fits into any shirt or trouser pocket
  • The device gives accurate measurements within 1/8″ up to 130 feet
  • Includes 3 operating modes, continuous measure, area, and length
  • The device has two units of measure, feet and inches, and metric
  • The integrated lithium battery can be charged via a USB port
  • High-quality products sold at an extremely affordable price

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18. Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter


Highlighted Features

  • Instantly measures up to 165 feet with extreme precision
  • Class II laser that has a power output of less than 1mW
  • A simple one-button operation makes measuring quick and easy
  • Offers advanced laser technology for the long-distance measurement
  • Built-in Pythagoras function can measure height indirectly
  • Offers quick calculation of volume and area


19. Morpilot Laser Measure


Highlighted Features

  • The budget-priced product offers high accuracy for measurements
  • Multiple measurements including distance, volume, and area
  • LCD backlight screen provides better visibility at night
  • The mute setting for use in libraries, classrooms, and other quiet places
  • Enhancement target card included for outdoor use
  • The robust housing is rated IP54 for water and dust resistance


20. LomVum Laser Measure


Laser Measure 165Ft - LOMVUM Laser Tape...

Highlighted Features

  • Laser precision technology offers extremely high accuracy
  • Portable and durable design for reliable, long-lasting use
  • The device conveniently offers multiple measurement modes
  • Bright LCD backlight for working in dark conditions
  • Comes with a hand strap and portable bag
  • Includes a two-year warranty and lifetime support

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How Laser Measures Work

Laser measures work in one of two ways to give you measurements. First of all, they use time-of-flight which is a method that measures how much time it took for the optical pulse to be reflected back to the measuring tool after hitting its target.

Another way is the phase-shift, which involves sending a beam from a sinusoidally modulated laser to a target and then comparing its reflected light with the power modulation’s phase. The distance is then determined using the amount of wavelength in the laser changes.

To use a laser measure, simply place the device at one end of the area to be measured while aiming the laser beam to ensure that it hits an object on the other end. If there isn’t anything opaque and solid on the other side, simply place a target at the exact spot that you want to measure. Once the laser is in the right spot, simply press the button and your device will calculate the distance and then display it on the screen.


Tips for Using a Laser Tape Measure


Laser Measure Tips for Using

There are a few tips that will make it a lot simpler and easier for you to get the most out of your laser measure. We’ve listed some of them below. Use them to get super accurate measurements each and every time you use your laser measure.

Use a Target

The easiest way to get accurate results with the laser measure is to always have a clear target. For instance, when measuring inside, you can use sticky notes, Velcro dots, duct tape, and so on. These types of objects work great when measuring short distances. When you’re outside, measuring distances of over 100 feet in the sunlight, there are special inexpensive reflective targets that you can use.

Zoom In

If you are going to be measuring long distances outside in the daylight, make sure you use your viewfinder. This is because bright sunlight can render the red laser dot virtually invisible, which makes your job a whole lot harder. So whenever working in bright daylight, use the magnification feature which can zoom up to four times to help make things easier for yourself.


depending on the type of job you’re doing, you may only need basic functions on your laser measure. However, it’s always a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with all the other functions in your laser measuring tool. For instance, you may need to measure your roof slope, and by knowing how to use the Pythagoras function, then you can do so without having to climb up the ladder.

Extra Keys

High-quality laser measures come with keys for addition and subtraction. A lot of users don’t bother with these keys and they typically stick to the basics of the device. However, you should note that these keys can be extremely useful, particularly when it comes to triangulating measurements when the isn’t an obvious target.

For instance, say you’re measuring the front of a building, you could move from one of the corners to a pillar, after which you move to the other corner then press the plus key. This measures up to the same point and you can follow that by pressing equals in order to get the entire measurement across the building.

You’re able to use subtraction in a similar way, and there many other possibilities that you will discover when you read the owner’s manual.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A laser tape mainly relies on the laser which is why it’s vital to ensure that you keep it cleaned as well as properly aligned. That’s the only way to consistently obtain accurate measurements. Use a good lens cleaner regularly and make sure that you pack your laser measure away in a safe place whenever you’re not using it in order to avoid getting scratches on the lens from other tools in your toolbox.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Laser Measure FAQs


Q-1: Is the Laser in a Laser Meter Dangerous?

  • Laser rays are generally harmful to the eyes as well as other sensitive parts of your body. However, the laser used in this type of tool is categorized as class II, which means it is considered safe for use and it won’t damage your eyes.
  • All the lasers that we researched, rated, and reviewed here are class II, which means that you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety of the device. Just remember never to look directly at the laser source.

Q-2: What Is Pythagoras Used for in Laser Measurement?

  • The Pythagoras measurement in your laser meter can be used for making quick indirect measurements. For any right-angle triangle, you can record the distance of the two sides and the device will immediately work out the length of the third side on its own. This feature may not be very useful for armatures and DIYers, but it’s been proven to be highly essential for contractors and other professionals.

Q-3: Does a Laser Measure Remain Accurate over Long Distances?

  • This varies depending on the quality of your measure. Each laser measure has a stated accuracy for stated distances. This means that it will remain accurate and consistent for that distance after which the accuracy level may fall. Contrary to what some people believe, accuracy doesn’t get better with short-term measuring distances.

Q-4: What’s the Biggest Target Surface for a Laser Measure?

  • As long as there is a smooth, solid object that has an opaque color, you can use it as a target surface. Also, there are specific target surfaces that you can buy for such a purpose. As long as whatever object you are measuring is not transparent, your laser measure will work fine.
  • So if, for instance, you are measuring the distance to a clear glass window, you might want to stick a post-it or a piece of tape on the window and then aim at that.

Q-5: What’s the Difference between the Laser Measure and a Range Finder?

  • Laser range finders are commonly used in situations where accuracy is not critical, such as in longer distances. This is where you’re simply trying to find an approximate distance between two points that are very far apart. Rangefinders are often used in golfing, hunting, and various other forestry applications. They can cover a range of up to 1000 yards. On the other hand, A laser measure is used for shorter distances where accuracy is important.


Final Verdict


Laser Measure Final

By now you’re convinced that laser measures offer superior alternatives to the old way of measuring using tape measures. These handy little devices are growing in popularity thanks to the convenience and ease that they offer to both professional and amateur users.

Use the information in our review and buying guide to help you choose the best laser measure that will serve you for years to come. Just remember to take into consideration all the different factors that are vital to the type of projects that you work on so that you get the ideal tools that will be a perfect addition to your toolbox.

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