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14 Best Kids Motorcycles in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The best kids motorcycles are not just a child’s plaything, but the life and breath of a youngster. Just because a child does not have a driver’s license does not mean that they can’t have some fun off-roading. Young children get to take in the beautiful outdoors while practicing safe and effective techniques when going in the backwoods. There is nothing better for a young kid to experience this with parents who trust them on their own.

But, before a child can enjoy a motorcycle, parents need to know what to buy. With so many options out in the world today, it can be a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Have no fear though because this buyer’s/review guide has you covered. Let’s start with the top 14 products to consider.



Best Kids Motorcycles: Editor’s Top Picks


Different Types of Kids Motorcycles

There is a multitude of bikes to sort through in this day and age, but it is important to navigate through a few things before you buy the correct one. Let’s start with the experience level. If your child has never used a motorcycle before, you should start with something that does not have a lot of power, and does not weigh a lot either. This way, your child will enjoy the riding process, without the added stress of holding it up or losing control of the vehicle. At this point, the smallest motor is about 50cc, and perfect for a child 7 years of age or younger. Maybe consider a 4-stroke engine here as well.

As a child grows up, you can start to move from a 50cc engine up to a 125cc alternative. Only purchase a 125cc engine if they have loads of experience on a bike. For children who are even older and have much more experience, the model of an engine can go up to a 250cc variety. But, these are full-size options, so only purchase this choice if the child can hold it up and can control its power safely.

The look of a bike might be another important attribute your child wants in a ride. These kinds of bikes have blasting music, a working lighting system, exotic colors, and storage options, too. Having a powerful bike is not the focus here, so you can expect to have a battery-powered engine, instead of one that runs on gasoline. So, let your child know they have a choice between power and how it looks.

Speaking of power, let’s dive more into 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, shall we? When it comes to a 2-stroke engine, they can rev at higher rounds per minute (rpm), but they are harder to control at lower speeds. On the other hand, a 4-stroke engine might cost more money, but they are easier to handle for your child’s safety.

The last focus type involves increasing speed. Many children want a bike that increases speed rather than having a fast option. So, if your child goes through tree areas, make sure they have a bike that can maneuver easily, like a 4-stroke. Whatever you decide, think about your child’s safety and protection because you want your child to have a great experience instead of a traumatic one.


Why You Should Buy a Kids Motorcycle

There are a plethora of reasons why you should buy the best-rated motorcycle for your little tike. The first reason involves adventure. Owning a motorcycle instills a love for the great outdoors from the very beginning of their life. They can try new things and learn the value of safety and protection. Riding a motorized bike allows for independence and faith from the parents.

Some worry about safety when it comes to a motorized bike, but owning one is not as dangerous as play8ing the game of football or hockey. Every activity involves some sense of risk, but your child will learn to be cautious and trusting. If you want to give your child some confidence, get them a motorcycle to learn something new and de-stress their lives. By adding less stress to your child’s life, you will see added peace as they grow and develop. This is truly what every parent wants to see.

Lastly, a child has to be disciplined when they are on a bike. If they are not, they could crash, hurting themselves or others. This shows true responsibility, which is a great attribute that many there ages do not exemplify in the 21st Century. Fantastic values can be learned on a motorcycle, so give your child the chance to prove you right about allowing them this phenomenal opportunity. Without an opportunity like this, your child will not be able to develop the best way possible by biking.


Things to Consider When Buying Kids Motorcycles

There are many things you should consider when finding the best kids motorcycles. A bike shop is a great place to get some advice. However, if you do not live near this kind of shop, make sure you know what you what when it comes to these concepts. Let us start with the price.

  • Getting the Right Price

Make sure that you look at a few brands and varying businesses, so you get the best price around. Nothing is worse than getting shafted for getting a bike that costs way too much. Check out the reliability of the option you want, and look around for the best price. Do not feel like you have to buy the first model you see.

  • Warranty Options

As you know, when you pay for your bike, you may be paying for a warranty as well. Some warranties come standard with the motorcycle, but others you have to pay extra for. The most common warranties include a 30 to 90-day warranty option, but you can pay extra for ones that last up to a year. Check out the reviews to see how long a bike lasts in general. This way, you can decide if you need a warranty to help protect the motorcycle for longer or not.

  • Replaceable Parts

There are quite a few brands that can replace parts if you have a problem with your great bike. Of course, a warranty will cover that, but specific brands will send you a replacement part for free. Another option is to have the company charge you for the specific chart. This all truly depends on what kind of money you are willing to spend on your bike, based upon the money you on it in the first place. Common replacement parts include tires, battery components, or engine pieces. No matter what you need, just make sure you know that the brand will cover and what they will not.

  • Finding a Bike Based On Age

They are a ton of motorcycles for kids on the market these days. But, you have to take into account how long the motorcycle will last for your child. For example, a toddler bike may be awesome at first, but your child might grow out of it within a few months. Make sure you check out the brand and know enough as to if the bike can still be used and manipulated to grow with the kid. If not, you may waste a lot of money on something your child will barely use.

When finding a bike that works for your kid, make sure your child can sit on the seat while touching the ground with their feet, or at least have their feet come 2 feet or less to the pavement. Additionally, make sure the child can hold the motorcycle upright if there are no training wheels. This way, the bike will not be too heavy, if it falls on them somehow. Lastly, the handlebars need to be at a comfortable level for the kid to hold onto. Since acceleration and braking are done with the hands, for the most part, it is essential to have the kid reach them comfortably. Some use a foot pedal, so having the feet reach is very necessary.

  • Type of Engine

There are a few engines that people should be aware of during the process. The three ones include battery power, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke engine. When it comes to battery power, the cost of gas is non-existent, but these options will not go nearly as fast as the other engines. Also, they only last up to an hour, while gas varieties can run for a couple of hours.

The difference between the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke engine has everything to do with power. The 4-stroke engine is the fast of the engines, but they also consume more gas. A 2-stroke engine will not go near as fast, but you will not have to spend as much money on gasoline.


Top 14 Best Kids Motorcycles Reviews:

1. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Off-Road Motocross...

One of the best dirt bikes for kids is this Razor model. As a compact motocross option, this selection runs on a 650-watt motor that runs all on electricity. This bike peaks at 17 miles per hour (mph), which kids will enjoy and parents will love how safe their child rides. The bike looks like a legitimate dirt bike, in terms of its framing.

The bike also uses dual suspension, so you will be able to ride smoothly. Risen handlebars also allow your arms to sit comfortably, while not falling asleep on the job. Lastly, with amazing tires, the power transfer, variable speed, and chained motor all transmit flawlessly. As long as the individual is over 16 years of age, this motocross bike is perfect for them.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 90-day warranty to see if you like the bike
  • The weight limit is 220 pounds
  • Charging time takes 12 hours
  • The product weighs 114.3 pounds
  • Quick assembly time
  • Battery life lasts for 1 year

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2. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike


Still, looking for a ride-on motorcycle for kids? Well, this 4-stroke engine is one of the best in the business. As a single-cylinder option, this 4-speed manual clutch is easy to use for any age group. With hydraulic disc brakes, there are front and rear options to keep you safe wherever you go.

The tires for this bike are sensational as well. A 17-inch wheel in the front and a 14-inch wheel in the back will hold you upright. Additionally, there is a 36.5-inch seat as well to keep you safely off the ground. This air-cooled option has a max power of 7,500 revolutions per minute (rpm), which packs a serious punch for a dirt bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • The fuel capacity holds over 1 gallon
  • Made using a sturdy steel frame
  • The bike weighs under 150 pounds
  • Ships from the state of Indiana
  • A depress lever shifts gears
  • Comes 80% assembled
  • Perfect for beginners


3. Power Ride-On Motorcycle Dirt Bike Toy w/ 2 mph Max Speed


Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On...

This flashy bike is perfect for the new rider and comes in colors red, green, and orange. With added training wheels, it also has lights and music that plays while you travel around. As a realistic kid’s motorcycle, it comes with an exhaust pipe and an amazing sporty engine.

Also, the training wheels can come on and off, depending on if the rider is ready for 2 wheels or not. This is a sensationally realistic experience for a child of any age. By using a 6-volt (V) battery option, you can charge this battery quickly. In turn, you will not need another battery because the one you have is more than enough.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for riders over the age of 3
  • The weight capacity tops off at 44 pounds
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • The bike weighs just over 20 pounds
  • Great to ride on a sidewalk or driveway
  • Charging time will take 10 hours

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4. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter


Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro-Style...

If you are looking for a phenomenal European look-a-like bike, this next Razor option is for you. First off, there are 7 color options to customize and personalize the bike the way you want it. The motorcycle for kids uses a great electric motor with limited assembly required. With accented streamers on each handlebar, this flashy option could be perfect for you.

Also, the bike uses 12-inch tires for both the back and the front. The bike maxes out at 15 mph, while you sit comfortably on a padded seat. You can also store things under the seat, while you are traveling around. Check out this selection if you are over the age of 13 and weigh less than 170 pounds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses a retractable kickstand
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Runs on a 24V system
  • Charge time takes 12 hours
  • Can be used for 40 minutes
  • 10-mile travel on every charge

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5. 12V Police Motorcycle


12V Police Motorcycle

There are 3-speed options for this crazy cool police motorcycle. With two forward speeds that max out at 2.5 and 5 mph, there is also a 2.5 mph reverse speed, too. All the speeds are used with a hand accelerator, but headlights, signal lights, and hazard lights can all be turned on by hand.

For this model, this motorcycle can hold an individual up to 110 pounds. With storage capacity at the back of the motorcycle, you will be able to hold your most prized possessions. Along with side-view mirrors and amazing mirrors, you will love this authoritative option. By using a 12V battery, you will be able to recharge it whenever the charge runs low.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with an easy-to-use user manual
  • Perfect for children starting at 5 years old
  • A battery can run for 50 to 60 minutes
  • Sensational sound effects are super realistic
  • Customer service support comes from the United States and Canada

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6. Qaba 6V Kids Electric Battery Ride-On Motorcycle


Qaba 6V Kids Motorcycle Dirt Bike Electric...

The company Qaba makes another motorcycle choice. As a realistic object, the motorcycle is like you are riding on the real thing. When looking to decide on what motorcycle option is best, make sure your kid is over the age of 5, so everyone is safe. The user can move forward with just the press of a button. To stop the motorcycle from moving, just release the button to slow down to a complete halt.

With flashy lights and cool music, the rider will love this model for as long as they can use it. There are two heavy-duty wheels and training wheels, too, that can move up to 1.5 mph. This makes this motorcycle a safe and sturdy ride, by using a 6V motor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great to ride on asphalt, brick, and cement flooring
  • The charge takes 6-8 hours
  • The battery will last for 45 minutes
  • Holds a 55-pound individual
  • The bike only weighs 17.6 pounds

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7. Mega Moto 80cc Youth Mini Bike


If you are looking for dirt bikes for 8-year-olds, then you should check out the brand Mega Moto. For an easy ride, the 8-cc engine uses a great easy-to-use automatic clutch system. There is a large seat that will allow you to sit easily. With great super grip tires, your ride will be controlled wherever you go.

When your product arrives, it will come somewhat assembled along with a tool kit to help put it all together. With adjustable handlebars, you can place them however your arms will stay comfortable. This product is made from a welded steel frame and fenders that will not dent made out of polypropylene. Construction like this will be able to handle the great outdoors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Disc brakes bring this motorcycle to a stop
  • Great decals you can place wherever on your ride
  • The bike weighs 78 pounds
  • The purchase comes with oil for the bike
  • The top speed is 25 mph


8. Razor MX650 17 MPH Motor Bike for Kids


RAZOR MX650 Dirt Rocket High-Torque Electric...

The last Razor option we have on the list is this sweet alternative. As a cheap motorcycle for kids, Razor does an amazing job to make up a stellar bike. This model is also battery-powered for a speedy ride wherever you go. With disc brakes, you can use your hands to make stopping a breeze. To push your bike ahead, just twist the handle for the quickest burst of pace.

This is one of the heavier options at 113 pounds, but it is perfect for a younger child who is looking for some responsibility. Check out the black and white model, or you can look at the yellow, black, and red option. Then, you will be able to have personalization with your motocross selection.

Highlighted Features:

  • Saves money by not using gas
  • Very easy to put together
  • Battery life works well
  • Comes with a 60-day warranty
  • The charge can last between 45-60 minutes

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9. 3-Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle for Kids


Kids Motorcycle Ride On Toy – 3-Wheel...

This is the first 3-wheeler on the list. This kids electric motorcycle allows toddlers on up to the age of 4 years old to have a positive experience riding. With two cool colors, maroon and black, you will ride around town looking amazing wherever you go. As one of the easiest rides around, this battery option simply turns on when you push the pedal.

There are amazing decals, great sound effects, the ability to reverse, and headlights that go on and off. This motorcycle can be used safely inside and outside. Made of the highest-level plastics, this bike can hold 50 pounds of weight. Parents, though, need to make sure to watch their child when using this bike for safety in case the bike falls on the user.

Highlighted Features:

  • The top speed goes up to 3 mph
  • Battery uses 6V
  • The bike only weighs 24.1 pounds
  • The durability of this product holds up well over time
  • Very easy to put together
  • The battery will last for years to come

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10. Coleman Powersports 98cc Mini Trail Bike


This is one of the most powerful child motorcycles around. Coleman uses a 4-stroke engine with 1 cylinder. Not only does this motorcycle have power, but it is always a fuel-efficient model as well. When you are riding on this bike, you will notice the smooth ride wherever you go. With a tire pressure that allows for a non-bumpy ride, you will not even have a problem on poor terrain. When needing to stop, this bike has great drum brakes.

Look to its heavy-duty metal frame that will hold up on the dirt or concrete. This model can hold 150 pounds and can run on 3 hours of gas. For this bike, it is recommended for people who are 13 years old and up.

Highlighted Features:

  • The bike weighs 82 pounds
  • The purchase comes with a tool kit
  • The motor is made by Hisun Motors
  • Wheelbase is 34-inches
  • Amazing value for the money you pay


11. Costzon Ride On Motorcycle


Costzon Ride On Motorcycle, 6V Battery...

A foot pedal to stop and start the vehicle operates these best kids motorcycles. On flat surfaces, this vehicle reigns supreme. With its 3-wheel design, this is perfect for young toddlers and children. Included with this vehicle, there are a music and horn button. There are also working headlights that turn on and off with the click of a button. If the vehicle needs to go in reverse, you can quickly switch the direction you want.

For storage, the back compartment allows you to put toys and things in the back end. This vehicle uses a rechargeable battery for 40 minutes of consistent driving time. As a perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays, you can use this vehicle inside and outside.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for cement and wood floors
  • Minimal assembly required
  • The charging period takes between 8-12 hours
  • The product only weighs 22 pounds
  • Very good maneuverability

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12. Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On


This next model is perfect for a young boy or girl. As a sensational kid’s electric motorcycle, you will enjoy its power whenever zooming around the neighborhood. By using battery-powered technology, you can recharge this 12-vole battery, so it can run for up to an hour. The top speed hits 5 mph, as well as having 3 different speed options.

This motorcycle has great safety options, too. When hands are taken off the bike, the motorcycle will come to a complete stop. There are great electronic sounds that make for a fun experience. With headlights and turning signals, any kid will enjoy the exciting intricacies of this bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stellar for 5-9-year-old children
  • The product weighs less than 150 pounds
  • Charging time only takes a few hours
  • Comes with spare fuses if needed
  • Assembly will take less than an hour
  • The weight limit is 100 pounds max
  • Straightforward directions for putting the bike together


13. Hover Heart Kids Electric Power Motorcycle


The next option might be the flashiest of options. Made by Hover Heart, this child motorcycle is perfect for children ages 3-12 years of age. When using this bike, adults need to oversee for safety reasons. The maximum weight limit is 70 pounds, and it uses a DC12V motor. A 6V rechargeable battery, which charges in 10-12 hours, allows for up to an hour of driving time.

With a maximum speed of 3.2 mph, this bike can fly for a young child. By using sturdy and durable construction, this motorcycle holds up under the harshest of conditions. This bike weighs 32 pounds, so it will stay grounded wherever you go.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for children over the age of 5 months of age
  • Comes with an elaborate user manual
  • Wheels light up
  • A bike can ride for a ¼ of a mile on one charge
  • Has training wheels to help with balance


14. Kid Motorz Lil Patrol 6V


Kid Motorz Lil Patrol 6V, Blue and White...

Here is the last motorcycle on our list, and it is another policy option. This kids ride motorcycle has a storage area on the back of the vehicle, for whatever you want to haul around. There are also working headlights and a flashing siren whenever you are pulling someone over. Make sure you have your ticket ready to give out as well.

This model uses a 6V rechargeable battery that runs for up to 1 hour. When charging your battery, the process takes about 10 to 12 hours to be full. There are also 6 color options, in case you are looking to customize your ride. A bike like this really will stand out wherever you travel to.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can hold up to 33 pounds
  • A vehicle can go forward and backward
  • The top speed is 1.2 mph
  • Great 3-wheel option
  • Very easy assembly
  • Perfect for children 18 months and older
  • Essential concrete and asphalt

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How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Since we are on the topic of safety, let us spend some quality time in this category. The very first thing we need to hit involves helmets. Never have your child use a motorcycle without a helmet. The majority of problems that child run into involves having their head unprotected.

As the first piece of protective gear, you should think about, bruises and cuts can be minimized with this equipment. Never buy a helmet that does not have the Department of Transportation (DOT) seal on it. This seal guarantees its authenticity and protection. Remember, if your helmet ever gets damaged, make sure to buy a new one. Your child will be risking their health with a helmet that has a crack through it.

Having the right goggles is the next priority. As your child drives around on their motorcycle, things will try to fly in their eyes. By having the right goggles, you can be sure you stay away from certain disasters. This could include but is not limited to, dirt, mud, and bugs. If the eyes are not protected, then an eminent crash could happen. With goggles on, the object will just bounce off and they can keep riding with no problems at all.

A chest protector might not be on your radar, but your child needs this piece of equipment to stay safe on the motorcycle. With debris flying all over the place, it will not only hit your eyes but the rest of your body as well. By having a chest protector, you will be shielded from rocks and other nasty things that come your way. Also, if your child does fall on their bike, they will have safety equipment that could protect against muscle tears, cuts, bruises, and/or broken bones.

Gloves are essential, too. They are really useful for children specifically because they will have extra padding. This will give them the best grip possible while riding, as well as protect them if they somehow fall off their bike. There are a ton of options that keep a pair of hands warm or look super stylish wherever you ride, so do your homework.

Boots and socks should not be overlooked either. The feet and legs are important pieces of the body to cover as well. A fall of the bike could hurt the lower body, but not if you have the right boots and socks. When falling off a bike, the user will notice, with the right equipment, that their clothing may be impacted negatively, but not their body. The right socks and boots can also help with circulation and/or keeping the body warm or cool.

Training wheels should be looked into as well when it comes to your child’s safety. Of course, these types of wheels are for young kids, but they can be used for inexperienced rides, too, which are looking to build some confidence. The right training wheels can be taken off and put back on, depending on the confidence level of your child. This can take away a lot of unnecessary stress that two weeks can put on a young kid, giving them hope for the future.

Lastly, there are a ton of bike accessories that you can investigate further. Elbow and knee supports are ideal for a child who crashes a lot and needs that added protection. Since elbows and knees are usually the first to hit the floor, protection might be essential for your risk-taking child. There are also accessories out there, like mirrors, to make sure that they are driving safely around on their bike, checking for blind spots.


Final Verdict

The best kids motorcycle is buying one of your choosing. Sift through all the options, brands, and prices, and resolve by finding one that fits your child. Nothing is worse than not spending the necessary time to make the correct purchase. Remember that the process should be taken seriously, while also expecting it to be fun, as you prepare to excite your child with a new piece of technology. Whatever bike you decide to go with, go out with your child and have some fun. This is a big world ready to be explored by your young one.

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