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10 Best Jeep Wrangler Battery in 2022 – Reviewed By Jeep Experts

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Getting one perfect battery for a jeep wrangler can be a daunting task as you need a powerful start as well as deep cycling to provide for the high-performance demand of all jeep wranglers. Whichever wrangler you own, your stock SLI battery may not survive the heavy off-roading and accessory power needs of a jeep wrangler.

Whether you commute on your jeep or use it for regular off-roading, your choice of the best jeep wrangler battery should not just fit the car, it has to start the car and comfortably run your electronic appliances.

The choice of a high CCA and Amperage hour is a must making an AGM battery the best market option for Lead-acid batteries for both a starting and a deep cycling battery role. To avoid regular failures, unnecessarily expensive replacements, and electric system failures, this guide has put together everything you need to know before paying for any wrangler battery.

You need a combination of the right starting battery and a deep cycling battery to start with the right accessories such as a regulated charger, alternator, and a battery heater for a consistent amperage flow in the system.

Top brands like Odyssey and Optima have great sealed batteries for both starting and deep cycling, this guide has all the options you can choose from for a reliable 3 to 5-year battery upgrade that will give you value for your money.



Best Jeep Wrangler Battery: Editor’s Top Picks


Jeep Wrangler Battery Top Brands


  • OPTIMA Batteries

Optima Batteries is a brand that has been in the automotive industry for nearly 40 years. The brand has a rich history of providing technological innovation and engineering. In 1970, this brand manufactured its first maintenance-free batteries for both commercial and military use. Besides, Optima introduced the use of SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY in their batteries before adding more battery sizes in their line such as two DIN fitments (H6 & H7).

  • NorthStar

Another brand that’s quite vocal in the manufacture of quality batteries is NorthStar. Established in 2000, this brand is owned by a group of experts with a combined experience of over 100 years in the lead-acid battery industry. Today, NorthStar is proud to introduce reliable and cost-effective batteries that are used in over 150 countries. The company has also employed over 500 employees with major operations being in USA and China.

  • Delphi Technologies

Whether it’s a quality battery or a battery that can power all the electronics in your modern vehicle, Delphi Technologies has got you covered with one of the best batteries in the business. With these batteries, you get superb cold-cranking power (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). With CCA, your vehicle can start in any weather condition while RC ensures the battery has enough juice to power all your car’s electrical accessories.

  • ODYSSEY® Battery

ODYSSEY Battery is another line of batteries manufactured by EnerSys Energy Products Inc., a subsidiary of EnerSys. A global leader in automotive and stored energy solutions, EnerSys has built a name in the business by supplying quality products for automotive, military, and industrial use. With over 100 years of experience, EnerSys has built manufacturing facilities in 17 countries throughout the world. As for ODYSSEY batteries, these ones are built with strict quality standards to cater to all automotive, marine, heavy-duty, and Powersports applications.

  • XS Power Batteries

The last brand we’ll discuss is XS Power Batteries. Established in 2005, this brand has been in the front row in the manufacture of technologically advanced batteries. Most of their batteries are lab-tested for high-performance use. In fact, XS Power Batteries uses the highest density chemistry to manufacture AGM batteries, XSP for use in drag racing, boat racing, circle track racing, and salt flat cars among others.


Jeep Battery Cost


Before we discuss Jeep battery cost, it’s important to note that a Jeep Wrangler battery can last between 3-5 years. However, you should note that this lifespan is variable depending on factors such as your driving habits, your efforts in maintaining your vehicle, weather conditions, and the type of battery you have.

When it comes to the cost, your battery will cost around $250 depending on its power, size, and quality. You’ll also have an additional cost of around $150 for the parts and $50-$90 for labor. The cost of labor will depend on the mechanic doing the job, the type of battery being installed, your location, the effort taken to install the battery, and whether there’s another job to be done on your vehicle.


Jeep Wrangler Battery Size


The Jeep Wrangler has a couple of battery groups that vary depending on the year of manufacture. So, to help you pick the right battery, we’ve included a table that contains a full list of battery codes and dimensions in both inches and centimeters.

Battery Group Code L x W x H (Inches) L x W x H (CM)
H7 12 3/8 x 6 7/8 x 7 ½ 31.5 x 17.5 x 19.0
H6 12 1/16 x 6 7/8 x 7 9/16 30.6 x 17.5 x 19.2
34/78 10 ¼ x 6 13/16 x 7 7/8 26.0 x 17.3 x 20.0
34 10 ¼ x 6 13/16 x 7 7/8 26.0 x 17.3 x 20.0
58 10 1/16 x 7 3/16 x 6 15/16 25.5 x 18.3 x 17.7
56 10 x 6 1/16 x 8 3/8 25.4 x 15.4 x 21.2


Jeep Auxiliary Battery


When we talk of the Jeep battery, most Jeeps are equipped with a single battery that performs all the functions of the vehicle. But, when it comes to the Jeep Wrangler, this off-road vehicle is different as it has two batteries.

When we talk of two batteries, the Jeep Wrangler has a primary battery and a secondary battery commonly known as an auxiliary battery. The primary battery serves the purpose of cranking the engine when starting your Jeep while the auxiliary battery is tasked to provide electrical power to all electrical components in your Jeep.


10 Best Jeep Wrangler Battery Reviews:


1. The Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Red Top AGM Battery

Odyssey Batteries 34R-PC1500T...


The Odyssey Xtreme series is one of the most famous battery series designed for universal van and truck battery plates which means it will fit on your 07-11 JK wrangler without adjustment expenses. This is a sealed battery that requires no maintenance and compared to your conventional battery, you can use this battery for a quick startup as well as powering your high-performance off-road trips.

Odyssey has some of the best AGM lead-acid battery brands in the market. This is a CCA-850 AGM that can deep cycle with over 50% discharge with a short recharge time to avoid killing your battery prematurely if you only drive for short distances. This is your best jeep wrangler battery choice if you have no plan of investing in a second deep cycle battery after upgrading.

It can deep cycle up to 80% for over 400 cycles giving it twice the power of the conventional battery as well as longer life. With the 850-CCA, the battery will fire up your engine even I the coldest winters. Odyssey also uses pure virgin lead which is less prone to death due to severe sulfating in the summer.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 135-minute reserve capacity provides all the power you will need for all secondary appliance needs of your jeep.
  • The battery is sealed and maintenance-free which offers driving convenience with no terminal and water level checks and assured safety.
  • The battery has a high crank capacity and increased heat resistance allowing you to use it for all weather and offroad needs.
  • Odyssey offers a 3 to 4-year warranty meaning your money is safe for the whole lifetime of the battery.
  • High vibration resistance generally boosts the battery’s lifespan as well as your car’s electric system.
  • It takes a short time to recharge to avoid damage on short drives and remove the need for a battery charger.

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2. The Northstar 94R Starter Battery

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R (L4)...


With a 1650 pulse Cranking amperage, this is one of the most powerful starter batteries for any 11-18 jeep wrangler. It has an 840A CCA offering 1050 amperes at zero degrees for the coldest weather startup as well as large pure lead plates to reduce sulfating with a 400 deep cycling allowance.

This is more powerful than any conventional Group 9 battery. The battery can also be installed on the side which allows you to use it in a dual battery application with little or no adjustment on your Jeep.

Northstar has powerful plastic casings for heat resistance which increases the life of your battery as well as maintains the voltage above 10.5v for longer. It has 158 minutes of Reserve power capacity. This battery can power the heaviest off-roading jeep in almost any weather with no backup needed. The company also offers a 4-year warranty for it.

Highlighted Features:

  • The battery has a powerful AH rating of 76AH which provides a lot of off-engine power with a quick recharge.
  • The size is a perfect fit for all modern jeep battery cases with no need for modification.
  • Side installation allowance gives more room for installing in some battery plates.
  • An advanced plastic casing with no-spill technology and heat-resistant high performance for an extended lifespan.
  • The battery offers up to 1030A at zero degrees allowing you to start comfortably in the coldest weather.
  • 400 deep cycles with 80% discharge allow the battery to power heavy appliances on your jeep wrangler while offering maximum power for a quick start.

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3. The Optima 37/78 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima Batteries OPT8002-002 34 RedTop...


This is one of the best jeep wrangler battery replacement options for SLI in the market. With 800A cranking power and 10 minutes of reserve capacity, this battery will not do much deep cycling but it can provide the maximum crank power needed to start your car and power it on the toughest trails in any condition with up to 3 times the lifespan of your conventional battery.

It is designed to work well with deep cycling back up with more cranking power and a slower recharge time. This battery uses the Optima spiral technology on the pure lead plates which gives a clean and constant power flow.

The driving experience with the Optima red top batteries is also exceptional. Optima has the most compact spill-proof car batteries that you can install in almost any position. It allows you to install their batteries on any SUV with a universal fitting that allows it to power your Jeep in any weather. The battery weighs only 38 pounds with carrying support for easy placement into your hood.

It is virtually leakage and vibration-proof which partly explains the long lifespan of Optima car batteries. Optima offers a 36-month warranty. If you use a charger a 10A 13.8v-15v charger is the recommended standard or a standard alternator. It is useful if you do not have too many electrical appliances on your car as it is not up for a deep drain.

Highlighted Features:

  • A streamlined light battery design is suited for both independent and dual fitting in the battery plate.
  • The heating and vibration resistance of the battery allows it to offer strong bursting power for demanding drives such as races without interfering with the voltage and lifespan.
  • Optima uses a spiral technology with at least 99% pure lead with lead oxide coating for longer steady current flow and minimal sulfating.
  • The 36-month warranty cover signifies a longer lifespan than common starting battery choices in the market.
  • The battery recharges for about 6 hours on a conventional charger or alternator with no maintenance needed.

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4. The Optima D34M BlueTop Marine Battery

Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop...


The optima BlueTop battery is a dual terminal SIL and Deep cycling battery. It has medium-sized Lead-oxide coated plates that can accommodate a standard deep cycle while still releasing powerful crank power.

The biggest advantage of this battery is the quick 3 cycle recharge that allows it to perform both functions concurrently for a long time without extreme sulfating to achieve a higher lifespan than both standard AGM deep cycle and SIL batteries. This is the bridge of the gaps of the Optima starting battery.

Optima BlueTop is the best Jeep Wrangler starting battery for a commuter jeep that doesn’t have a heavy electric appliance load. It is specifically designed to start and run your engine.

This is a standard performance discharge battery with 750A CCA and 55AH which is basically a design for a quick recharge and powerful cranking in different weather conditions. It is also sealed with a stud steel frame that makes the battery spillproof.

Optima designed it with a 120-minute standard use reserve capacity for your power needs when the engine is off. This battery offers the extended cycling that your conventional starting battery cannot offer with a quick recharge for an extended lifespan.

The battery can last up to 4 years on your Jeep Wrangler if you don’t have high-capacity electronic appliances such as DVD players and you don’t do much off-roading.

Highlighted Features:

  • The dual-purpose design of the battery assures you a steady current for all types of road experience power needs, both cranking and deep cycling.
  • The battery has a quick 3 step recharge. With the right alternator, there are near zero risks of sulfating.
  • The standard-sized plates do not shrink away as quickly as regular SLI batteries
  • The spiral technology of the electrolytes also ensures a powerful crank despite the thicker lead plates.
  • The solid casing adds up to the vibration resistance to give the battery a longer and safer service for you and the jeep wiring.
  • The dual terminal with equally efficient starting and cycling reduces the cost of a dual battery.

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5. The Optima D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries OPT8014-045 8014-045 D34/78...


Optima has a wide variety with the Optima Yellow top battery designed to power up the most powerful energy needs of the car including hydraulics, stereo, DVD, the winch and other appliances you have put in the car.

This is actually a battery designed to produce the ultimate power for the jeep. It uses the same compact polypropylene material which gives a spill-proof design that can be installed in any direction. It has a 55A/20hr reserve capacity and quick recharge which will work perfectly without an alternator.

It is a high-performance battery designed to power up to 300 deep cycles which will definitely outlive your stock battery. This battery has a very slow discharge rate with a 120-minute stable performance reserve capacity for your off-engine service.

The 750 CCA provides optimum cranking power in some harsh weather as well making it ideal for independent SLI use.

Highlighted Features:

  • A quick recharge that can work perfectly without an alternator with a regulated self-smart recharge.
  • Wide plates designed for over 300 80% discharge cycles that offer long-term high performance.
  • The cranking power is almost as strong as your standard starting battery for a perfect dual service meaning you don’t have to invest in a second battery for starting.
  • The Optima Yellow Top battery is a spillproof maintenance-free battery with a pure lead plate that will not sulfate for up to 3 years.
  • The slow discharge ensures your battery works perfectly even after many days of being idle. It is the ideal battery for seasonal racers and jungle drivers.

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6. The ACDelco 48AGM Professional Battery

ACDelco Gold 48AGM 36 Month Warranty AGM BCI...


Maximum heat tolerance is the ACDelco that provides your battery a full-time lifespan in the hottest regions in the world. The battery is designed to provide a powerful cranking power at an 880A cranking amperage.

The AGM battery is also designed for deep cycling with pressure plating and calcium coating on the plates to improve current flow while reducing the wearing on the lead plates.

This provides the longest service with little sulfating in the hot weather. The battery has a vent cap for leakage-proof service and water loss prevention. The battery has a 70AH rating with 120 minutes of reserve capacity for application powering.

It has a 760 CCA that also allows your battery to crank powerfully in the winter. This is the best jeep wrangler battery replacement if you live in hot remote regions with lots of off-roading to do.

The high evaporation resistance is also supported with an envelope separator which improves acid circulation as compared to the free acid flow in your conventional SLI battery that exposes the electrolyte to overheating.

It has a 3-year warranty to cover any failure which ensures your financial security. This battery is also standardly priced compared to Northstar and Optima dual service batteries. It has powerful high-performance features despite the standard pricing making it economically attractive.

Highlighted Features:

  • Application of a high-density negative paste that is more heat resistant and electrolyte reactive to maintain high voltage as well as reduced wear.
  • This battery uses calcium coating on the lead plates which significantly reduces wear on the plates with maximum voltage for longer battery service.
  • The puncture-resistant envelope separator allows for an optimum acid flow with a vent cap to prevent leakages for better performance.
  • The battery has a dual performance focus with a standard price as well as 3 years of warranty giving you value for your money.
  • Calcium-coated positive plates maintain a stable current for longer with a high charge reception than pure lead plates allowing you to power your jeep appliances for a long.

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7. The Odyssey 34-PC1500T High-Performance Battery

Odyssey 34-PC1500T Automotive and LTV Battery


This battery will fit perfectly under your JK wrangler hood without loose terminals even in the bumpiest rides for best performance and safety. It is a heavy-duty Odyssey battery designed specifically for heavy off-roading.

This battery can pump out 1500A at zero degrees allowing you high cranking power in all weather with an evaporation and sulfating proof internal combination to give you long-term service.

It has heavy lead plates with a maximum deep cycle focus that allows you to run your winch and other powerful accessories without draining the battery. It has very large and high-density pure lead plates that can run up to 400 deep cycles with 80% discharge with 4 to 6 hours recharge time. This allows the battery to work for your jeep as a start and stop as well as high-performance.

This is one of the best single-use batteries that can serve up to 10 years although the Odyssey warranty stops after 4 years. The acid and gas flow are also concentrated on the inside to cover the large surface area of the lead plates giving a stable current compared to spiral lead plates.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 1500A crank power in 5 seconds is more powerful and faster than most deep cycling and starting batteries.
  • The battery uses large lead plates that offer a large surface area for reaction resulting in a stable current and a high reserve capacity.
  • The size is the original JK conventional battery for perfect case and terminal fitting.
  • The battery is vibration and spillproof which reduces the exposure to battery damaging elements.
  • The high crank power with more lead plates for more successful deep cycles and charge reception allows 100% 3 step recharges in a short time increasing battery life even with many short drives.
  • The quick-release tin-plated terminals are corrosion resistant for better service without shorts.
  • A sealed deep cycle design with a streamlined internal fluid flow due to the reduced spaces between the plates to support the wrangler’s long-term high-performance demand.

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8. The Diehard Advanced Gold 34AGM Battery

DieHard 38232 Advanced Gold AGM Battery -...


This is for your hottest summer off roads. The diehard internal and external vibration-proof casing is the main long service provider of this battery. It has a 55AH rating with a cranking Amperage of 775A which makes it a powerful starting battery with enough room for powering standard electronic accessories in your car.

The installation is more simplified with a spillproof all-side installation design.

It is a constant 55AH in a reserve capacity for 120 minutes. Diehard offers more sizes for the gold series including 34R, 35, 45, AND 49 offering all sizes for most jeep wrangler battery plate sizes.

The diehard spillproof and tamperproof design is not for battery safety only, it runs regulated recharge cycles with little evaporation and sulfating. This battery uses full-frame lead plates with an improved negative electrode that reacts fully with the acid to provide a stable current.

This is a standard size battery with an extended length designed to fit perfectly into your 11-18 jeep battery casing suitable for modern JKs. It is well suited for off-road and heavy secondary accessory cranking but not deep cycling. It will not work well with extended off-engine powering but it will fit well in a jeep JK dual battery tray if you need more power.

Highlighted Features:

  • This battery has a low price compared to similar models in the market.
  • The use of large full-frame lead plates for high electrolyte absorption allows the car to start up quickly even in extreme weather conditions.
  • The battery has a standard frame length that fits perfectly in the tray with easy lifting aids for quick and simple installation.
  • A heavy casing with a perfect fit terminal size provides more vibration resistance for better performance as well as longer life for the battery.
  • A heat-sealed tamper-resistant finish for more protection and longer battery service with more security to your electronic appliances.

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9. The ACDelco 34AGM Professional Battery

ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI...


ACDelco is the manufacturer of some original GM car accessories with powerful calcium-plated lead-acid batteries. The 34 AGM is a standard automotive AGM battery with an 890A cranking power and 740A at zero which allows it to crank your car in seconds in the cold winter as well.

This battery retains the vent cap design that resists evaporation in the hottest weather maintaining a standard voltage with no maintenance needed on terminals and water levels.

The electrolyte also flows in the envelope separator to give more contact with the calcium coated plates which reacts efficiently producing a very stable voltage. Group 34 is the standard 2015 jeep wrangler battery size allowing you to install this battery with little effort.

Calcium is also more reactive providing oxygen recombination in the electrolyte which reduces water loss to give your battery a longer lifespan and a quick recharge cycle. The battery has a 36-month full return warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • The use of a calcium and lead combination on the plates offers less resistance for long stable voltage outputs.
  • The battery uses a dense paste on the negative node offering more reactivity for faster cranking as compared to solid terminals.
  • High pressure is maintained on the plate to reduce wearing when you deep cycle for longer battery life.
  • The increased acid circulation with less resistance means less heat discharged in the battery keeping your battery cool with heavy performance.
  • The calcium coat gives a better reaction with the acid with more reception to quick charge as well as reducing water loss making this a great maintenance-free battery even with heavy-duty use.

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10. The Odyssey 48AGM Performance Powersport Battery

Odyssey Battery 0752-2020 Performance Series...


Unlike the Xtreme series, the Odyssey performance battery is designed as an SLI battery to start and run your engine with less auxiliary power for accessories. This battery is well designed to power a regular start-stop engine service for all your regular daily operations.

Unlike the highly-priced Xtreme series, this battery has a lower price. It has a high AH rating at 69AH which is still higher than your conventional battery with the large surface area Odyssey pure lead plate for a constant cranking and reserve power. Odyssey offers 18 to 48 months of warranty For the OEM battery.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slim full panel lead-plates for a rapid powerful start-up reaction that starts your jeep in under 5 seconds.
  • A maintenance-free battery design that allows you to install on any side for convenience under the hood.
  • The tin-coated terminals are corrosion resistant to avoid shortages, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  • This battery has a self-regulating valve for a smart recharge that keeps the battery in good shape.
  • The Odyssey fire redundant external casing is safe and spillproof keeping the battery in good condition with heavy-duty use.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Jeep Wrangler Battery


Jeep Battery Guide


The jeep wrangler needs high cranking power as well as deep cycling provision on the battery to support the accessories such as your winch and off-road lights. The price of the battery will directly depend on the AH rating and the cranking power both of which are important.

However, the best jeep wrangler battery price should reflect the best service the battery can deliver and these are the factors to consider before paying for your jeep wrangler battery replacement.

  • 1. Shelf life

You should note that batteries have a self-discharge when idle and the longer the batter stays on the shelf, the shorter its lifespan becomes. Any battery that has been on the shelf for over 6 months will definitely have a smaller price tag value with a short warranty as well which may not be the best option for the high-performance demand of the jeep wrangler.

If you get a dead battery, don’t go for a jump start, contact the supplier for a replacement to stay on the safe side of your warranty.

  • 2. Compatibility

Jeep has over 3 decades of models with group 34 applicable to the 07-11 wrangler. The terminals have since changed accommodating Group 91 and you may have to pay for an adjustment if you make the wrong choice. You have to get the right size of the battery casing under your hood for a perfect fitting battery that eliminates the cost of adjustments.

If you are upgrading to a dual battery system for the first time, you may have to get the adjustments to fit the dual battery case. A perfect-fitting battery is less prone to shortages and destruction due to vibration. You also need to get the right position and size for the terminals.

  • 3. The Amperage Hour rating

The AH rating determines the time a battery will continue delivering reliable current when the engine is off. A high-performance battery for a jeep should have at least a 60AH rating to power the engine and offer you enough power for the appliances and lights when the engine is off. This guide contains the batteries with a reliable AH rating value that will last at least twice longer than s conventional starting battery.

  • 4. Recharge time and voltage

The best battery should have a short recharge time although the shorter the recharge time the quicker the drain speed meaning most batteries will need secondary recharge provisions. However powerful the battery is, the recharge is a direct determinant of its ultimate lifespan.

You cannot avoid short rides and they have an impact of draining the battery without allowing enough time for a full recharge making a battery charger or a reliable alternator a basic requirement.

You will need a regulated battery charger to smart recharge the battery and avoid overcharging which has the same impact. 13.8V to15v chargers or a regular 15v alternator will work for the batteries in this guide.

  • 5. Cranking Amperage capacity and battery reserve current time

The CCA rating determines the amperage the battery will deliver at zero degrees Celsius which is an important consideration for the winter. Most extreme cold temperatures like Canada and Montana winters will need up to 800CCA but any 750CCA and above CCA will start your car in common winters.

Long reserve capacity also offers more convenience for a longer and better accessory powering. However, these qualities should depend on the number of accessories you have in the car. If you use your car for a simple start and stop travel without many electric appliances, a regular Odyssey, Northstar or interstate battery will serve you for long.

Dual batteries with a combination of SLI and Deep cycling will offer the perfect service for most jeep wrangler engines and accessory functions.

  • 6. Warranty

The warranty is the direct pointer of the manufacturer’s actual estimation of the battery’s lifespan. Shorter warranties are given to batteries with a long shelf life most of which have self-discharged up to 70% which may be cheap but dangerous.

To get value for your money, the best jeep wrangler battery replacement should have a warranty of at least 3 years for starting and dual-purpose batteries and 4 years for a deep cycling battery.

The batteries in this review are from the best manufacturers offering the best jeep wrangler battery options for high performance with a minimum of 36 months warranty. This will offer the required value for your money.

  • 7. Battery Maintenance and safety

Make sure your battery is sealed and maintenance-free to avoid the inconvenience of checking water levels and other specifications all the time. This guide has all the lead-acid maintenance-proof battery brands you can choose from.

Heat results from reaction during the recharge and discharge cycles in your battery, you should ensure the battery has a heavy internal and external casing that can contain the heat. Too much heat affects the voltage stability reducing the AH rating during the performance. Low heat tolerance also means more electrolyte evaporation that leads to more sulfation.


Types of Batteries


Types of Batteries


The jeep wrangler runs well on regular lead-acid batteries and there are three main types.

  • A starting battery:

This is basically designed to offer maximum discharge to turn on the engine. They have small lead plates that react faster with the electrolyte to produce a strong discharge up to 30% of their capacity. They will die in less than 50 deep cycles as the plates wear out faster. Odyssey and Optima have boosted starter batteries in this guide that survive more deep cycles.

  • A deep cycling battery:

This battery will have a high CCA rating signifying the ability to discharge over 80% of its capacity and recharge without wearing out the plates. They have large lead plates but they do not start up as fast and as powerful as starting batteries.

They, however, have the ability to provide a stable current for a long making them ideal for the electronic accessories on your jeep wrangler.

  • A dual battery:

Dual-purpose batteries are simply improved starting or deep cycling batteries that can power more accessories while still providing a strong cranking power. A dual battery system will have a battery for each of the two roles reducing the weight on one battery as the alternator discharges the right battery for the starting before switching to the deep cycling while recharging the starting battery.


How to Replace A Jeep Wrangler Battery


Jeep Wrangler battery replacement is a very easy 20-minute or less task if you have the right battery with matching terminals, a regular wrench mostly 10mm, check with your manufacturer for details, and a memory saver.

You also need gloves to keep the whole process clean and safe. The manufacturer will give you the step-by-step guide but these are all the steps you will have to perform when replacing a jeep wrangler battery.

  • 1. Install your memory-saving device on the terminals to keep the accessories safe and avoid resetting anything in the car memory.
  • 2. Loosen the cables on the terminals starting with the negative terminal.
  • 3. Loosen the fasteners on the battery hold-down panel and remove the old battery.
  • 4. Insert the new battery into the tray. If you got the right size, the new battery should fit perfectly with matching terminals. The Jeep JK dual battery tray terminals are connected directly to the alternator.
  • 5. Replace the battery hold-down panel and fasten it then replace the positive cable followed by the negative cable fastening each after replacement.
  • 6. Remove the memory saver then close the hood.


Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs Jeep Wrangler Battery


a) Which is the best battery for a jeep wrangler?

  • This question will get a new answer every time you ask anyone. You will be told of Odyssey, Diehard, Northstar, and Optima yellow top, Optima blue top, and Optima red top all of which are good for one role or another.
  • Cranking and deep cycling are indirectly related, Deep cycling batteries are more expensive but they offer better performance service but are not as powerful in starting as SLI batteries. This guide has all you need for whatever your jeep wrangler does the most.

b) How long will my jeep wrangler battery last?

  • The number of deep cycles a battery can perform before the plates wear out is the biggest determiner of the battery’s lifespan. All new batteries should last at least 3 years. However, if you choose a low-quality battery or an unreliable brand, the low-quality of lead or electrolyte may reduce the lifespan to less than a year. You need to insist on at least 36 months of warranty as it signifies high-performance confidence and also keeps you safe from premature battery failure.

c) What is the significance of the AH and CCA rating on battery?

  • The CCA rating signifies the amperage your battery will produce at zero degrees for 30 seconds before a voltage drop. Deep cycling batteries are better suited for powerful cranking in the coldest weather with 800CCA ratings being best suited for most wrangler engines in the cold weather.
  • The AH rating, on the other hand, shows you How many hours the battery can produce 5A before dropping below 10V. The rating is based on 100-hour testing. Most batteries will either deliver 5A or 10 A continuously for 20 hours. It is important in determining how long your battery can power more loads when the engine is off without compromising the ability of the battery to start your car which needs 10.5V.

d) Is a dual battery necessary for a jeep wrangler?

  • Jeep Wranglers are accumulating more wiring with an increased electric load which weighs too much on any single battery. However strong your deep cycle battery is, having a dual battery will elongate its service while still getting you anywhere you need to go. The setup is quite expensive but it offers the best powering service for a better road experience.


Final Thoughts


Final Jeep Wrangler Battery


The battery is vital for performance making it one of the most important parts of your jeep wrangler.  There is definitely a hard task and cost associated with every jeep wrangler battery price but narrowing it down to your specific needs makes your choice easier. This guide is a simplified solution for the choice of your best car battery choice. Ensure you have the right size from the manufacturer before making the order to avoid inconvenience. 

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