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7 Best Jeep Grab Handles in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Grab handles are one of the most important safety features of any Jeep. Getting in and out of Jeep can be extremely dangerous especially if the Jeep door handles are not attached properly, are poorly designed or manufactured, corroded, or non-existent. Slip and fall injuries are a common occurrence for Jeep drivers because of the relatively high height of the Jeep, and thus it is important to have the best Jeep grab handles to prevent many accidents. Most of the injuries normally happen when the weather is poor such as when it is rainy, icy, or snowy. Also, you can get slips when a Jeep is packed on uneven ground.

Jumping down from your Jeep can be dangerous since high impacts can end up exerting more pressure on your ligaments and joints.

While round-stainless steel tube handles have been the most common Jeep grab handles on the market for many years, they may not be the best option, especially during poor weather as they are round and smooth and thus can become slippery.

Fortunately, today there are many better options manufactured to replace the traditional grab handles.

If you are on the market looking for the best Jeep grab handles, we have you covered. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about grab handles and the best in the market. Buckle up for a long read!

Without further ado, here are the top 7 best grab handles in 2019



Best Jeep Grab Handles: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying Jeep Grab Handles

Jeep Grab Handles

Before pulling out your credit card, you need to ensure a grab handle have the following features;

  • Sturdiness

Sturdy grab handles result from a combination of durable materials and effective attachment methods. A grab handle can be attached with bolts or welded onto the Jeep or truck itself. Welding offers a more secure connection for enhanced security. However, strong bolting is also acceptable.

In terms of materials, go for a handle made of high-strength steel as this will not warp or bow and is extremely durable. It can also withstand long-term use.

  • Aerodynamics

An ideal grab handle should have little to no effect on your Jeep aerodynamics. Creating unnecessary drag means extra fuel and grab handles manufacturers, and drivers know that every penny counts when it comes to fuel. Noise associated with a poorly designed grab handle can also be disturbing especially when going for long road trips. A great grab handle should be designed in a way that minimizes drag and noise.

  • Rust resistance

Grab Handles Rust Resistance


Appearance is important for any Jeep or car. A poorly maintained vehicle portrays a driver as a person who is not attentive to details. Considering a Jeep status, you should install components that match the class and status a Jeep offers. That’s why we recommend you go for a handle that is made of high-quality steel with a powder coating to prevent rust and different levels of corrosion.

Having a jeep grab handle that is made out of high-quality, rust-proof material is important in terms of dependability.

  • The right fit

Grab handles should not interfere with other functionality of the Jeep or door. Therefore, ensure that you go for handles of certain shapes and sizes that match your car interior.

In addition to this, having a handle that has an ergonomic design or contoured shape can help reduce the risk of a hand slipping off. Also, longer grab handles are better simply because they offer more surface to grasp.

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to find the best grab handle for your Jeep. As long as you get the right size and shape of the handle, you will find a Jeep grab handle to be a convenient and safer option for your vehicle.


Top 7 Best Jeep Grab Handles Reviews:

1. Rough Country 6501


Rough Country Front Black Steel Grab Handles...

First on our list is a heavy-duty full kit for any Jeep owner. This kit gives you a super sturdy handle. Your Jeep wrangler grab bars will make a statement when it comes to these sturdy handles. They are made of solid steel which makes them resistant to different levels of corrosion and rust.

With Rough Country 6501, you will have an easier time getting in and out of your lifted Jeep. These heavy-duty grab handles are very easy to install since you don’t need to drill anything thanks to the easy bolt-on design. Made from a 7/8- inch solid steel construction, these handles are sturdy and long-lasting. They have durable rubber grips featuring the Rough Country logo for easy grabbing.

These easy-to-install grab handles fit into the existing mounting points on your Jeep with no complicated modifications or drilling required. You only need to swap the existing bolts with the extended bolts that are included in the kit to upgrade to these quality handles. They connect to your Jeep tightly and thus won’t budge as you lift yourself out or in the Jeep.

And the best thing with these steel grab handles is that Rough Country offers a limited lifetime replacement warranty on them.

Features that make Rough Country 6501 stand out:

  • This grab bar is a great choice for Jeep: 07-18 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4WD/2WD and 07-18 Wrangler JK 4WD
  • The handle is made from solid steel making it resistant to rust and corrosion
  • It has an easy installation process- no drilling is needed as it uses the existing mounting holes in your Jeep
  • They are made of high-quality ¾-inch solid steel construction
  • These handles also feature durable rubber grips that prevent slipperiness
  • You are given all the hardware you need for installation

Once you install this Jeep door handles, you will find it easier to get in and out of your Jeep. Besides, they are black and thus will go with virtually any interior color of your vehicle. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is easy to install. It is one of the best Jeep grabs handles on the market.

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2. GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handle


GPCA - GP Grip PRO Handle, Foldable Patented...

These grab handles are made from high-quality materials. They feature an ergonomic design that makes them easy to hold in your hand and easy to grab. They are black but have a red, sturdy plastic wrap on each of them.

Thanks to the beautiful combination of black and red color, these handles are easy to spot and will look stylish on your Jeep. GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handles are made to last thanks to their intelligent, ergonomic shape and durable materials. They are specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler and fit both the back seat and front seat easily.

With a flip-away handle, they will not obstruct your view if you want to get a full window view or bump your head when getting out and in your Jeep.

The handles have cushioned wraps to offer more comfort and grip. They also feature outer pouches where you can keep your life-saving emergency tools and also secret inner pockets where you can hide your emergency money, keys, or cards.

Their sophisticated design and solid-built aluminum metal elevate the interior design of your Jeep. These grab handles are made from outdoor-grade materials for long-lasting use.

Features that make GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handle stand out:

  • The handles are made from aero-grade aluminum metal while the wraps are made from quality outdoor materials for long-lasting use.
  • It also has foldable wraps on its handles that make getting in and out of the Jeep easy. Also, you can fold it up to enjoy a full window view
  • Features inner pocket where you can hide your small belongings as well as outer pockets where you can put handy tools, sunglasses, or lights
  • Has a relatively easier installation process
  • The kit comes with everything you need for installation

Without GPCA GP-Grip PRO Grab Handle, you will be having dangerous adventures with your Jeep as you might slip and fall while trying to alight from it. However, all the worries disappear as soon as you start using these Jeep grab handles during those exciting road trips.

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3. Rough Country 6502


Rough Country Black Steel Rear Grab Handles...

These grab handles are a good option for ensuring you stay safe while enjoying your road trip rides in your Jeep. They help you gain easier access when getting in and out of your lifted Jeep.

Made from heavy-duty handles, these grab handles offer an easy way to get in and out of your Jeep and are easy to install. They also offer convenient handles that you can hang on when hitting the road

The Rough Country 6503 handles are made with high-quality, thicker 7/8-inch thick steel constructions and have rubber grips that are made of high-quality materials. The rubber grips make the handles comfortable to hold.

You don’t need to be a professional to install Rough Country 6503 as they fit into the existing mounting sockets on your Jeep JK- there is no drilling or any modifications required to fit these Jeep grab handles. You only need to replace the existing bolts with the current ones that come with this kit, and that’s all. To upgrade to these grab handles is an easy job.

They fit tightly and thus won’t budge out as you lift yourself in and out of your Jeep. The best of all is that Rough Country 6503 comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Features that make Rough Country 6503 stand out:

  • It has an easy bolt-on installation process. There is no drilling required as it fits in the existing mounting points of your Jeep
  • They are made with high-quality 7/8 inch solid steel construction and also feature durable rubber grips
  • The kit comes with everything you need to install this handle. It comes with 2 front grab handles, 2 rear grab handles, and all the mounting hardware you need for the job

Rough Country 6503 is one of the best car ceiling grab handles and is made to satisfy any car user. They enable you to take your off-road trips to a new level by increasing comfort and safety when you are hitting the trail.

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4. AUTOSAVER88 Grab Handle Roll Bar


AUTOSAVER88 Front Grab Handles Roll Bar Grip...

These grab handles are of high quality, and you will use them for a long time. This is the main reason why they are popular among many Jeep owners. They are compatible with 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK & JK.

These handles feature a non-sleep rubber grip to enhance the safety of passengers, especially when driving on a bumpy road. It allows children, the elderly, and ladies, to get in and out of the Jeep comfortably and safely.

The grab roll bars are made of a ¾-inch thick steel tubing making it a durable and strong handle. A special black powder coating and e-coating finish are applied to the surface to make it reflective and rust-resistant.

In addition to these features, this handle is easy to install; you don’t need to drill new holes in your Jeep as they fit in the existing mounting points. They come in sets for installation on the driver’s side and passengers’ side.

In terms of the warranty, AUTOSAVER88 offers a limited lifetime warranty on this handle against manufacturing defects.

Features that make AUTOSAVER88 Grab Handle Roll Bar stand out:

  • It is powder-coated to help resist corrosion and rust
  • It is made of a strong material making it durable
  • Includes black dual layer rubber grips to make it comfortable for your hand
  • These handles are made of 3/4 –inch steel bar
  • They have a streamlined ergonomic design for comfort
  • The kit comes with everything you need to install the process including 2 front grab handles, 2 rear grab handles, 2 short screws, 2 long screws, and 4 sleeve nuts.

In this package, you will get 2 pairs of grab handles, which are all you need for your Jeep.

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5. Rugged Ridge 13505.30 Paracord Handles


Rugged Ridge | Grab Handle Kit, Paracord,...

These grab handles come in a variety of combinations of black and other colors. They are a great option to make sure you stay safe while riding your Jeep. You can choose the color that will work best with the interior design of your Jeep. There are combinations of black and white, black and grey, and black and red. They might not be the cheapest option on the market, but they offer a long-lasting service and are thus worth the money.

Rugged Ridge 13505.30 Paracord Handles are constructed of a high-quality 550 nylon parachute cord that is intertwined into a ‘Double Cobra’ style knot that feels comfortable on your hand.


Each handle secures 2-3 inch diameter roll bars with loop straps and a heavy-duty hook for a stable and firm connection.

They will not only enhance the interior appearance of your jeep but also help you to get in and out of your heavy machinery. These handles are sold in pairs.

Features that make Rugged Ridge 13505.30 Paracord Handles stand out:

  • Double-wrapped Paracord gives a custom look to any Jeep or off-road vehicle
  • It has a wide, cushioned grip that provides a comfortable grasp to ease entry and exit from a Jeep
  • Comes with a limited 5-year warranty
  • Offers three strong hook and loop fastening straps to lock the grab handle in place for stability
  • Packed in pairs of different color combinations to accentuate your Jeep interior

This is one of the best paracord jeep grabs handles on the market, and it is well worth every penny it cost.

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6. GraBars Steel Handles


Made in The USA GraBars Steel Grab Handles...

Most people, especially kids, ladies, and the elderly, need a little help to get in and out of Jeep Wrangler. To avoid using your steering wheel and tearing your seat trying to climb in, it is a good idea to use grab handles, and one of the best Jeep grab handles is GraBars Steel Handles. These handles are incredibly convenient and complement any Jeep to the extent that you think they were included from the factory.

GraBars not only help users get in and out of a truck, but they also provide more safety when you are driving off-road or hitting the trail. They are easy and simple to install as no drilling or modification is required. Coming in six different grip colors, you can be sure that you will find a matching color to your Jeep interior.

These handles are produced by a team of Jeep enthusiasts who ensure they meet the quality needed for longevity. From the selection of a solid steel handle to the tough powder coating that prevents rusting, you can be assured that this handle will last for a long time.

Features that make GraBars Steel Handles stand out:

  • They are made in America, and thus you can be assured of their quality
  • Have an easy installation process as they require no drilling
  • Made of ¾-inch solid steel
  • Made from military-grade material to ensure longevity

These are quality handles that your Jeep deserves. With a simple installation process and quality materials, they are one of the best grab handles on the market.

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7. Xprite Black Front&Rear Grab Bar


Xprite Black Aluminum Front & Rear Steel Grab...

This grab handle is great for a Jeep Wrangler JK. It is made of solid steel with a powder-coated layer that makes it resistant to different levels of corrosion and rust.

They will not only be a great help when you get in and out of your Jeep but also during those off-road trips. And you can choose between red and black to suit your vehicle’s interior.

In terms of installation, you don’t need to drill any holes as these handles fit in the existing mounting sockets on your Jeep. It is one of the best exterior truck grab handles.

Features that make Xprite Black Front&Rear Grab Bar stand out:

  • They feature a convenient design and ensure better security. These handles have non-slip rubber grips for a comfortable grip to facilitate safe entry and exit from your Jeep.
  • They have a ¾ inch aluminum alloy construction and black powder-coated finish that resist corrosion and rust
  • These handles are easy to install as bolts fit into existing mounting points on your Jeep

This is one of the best handles to install in your jeep wrangler door hinges.


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How to Install Jeep Grab Handles

Remove the bolts in the upper corner of your Jeep’s windshield frame. Take caution when removing the side bolt to prevent it from falling behind the plastic cover.

Install the short bolt through the top hole of the handle and then via the short spacer. Tighten the bolt into the upper hole of your car’s windshield frame. Place the long spacer on the side hole and add the long bolt through the handle and the long spacer. Tighten the bolt. Now tighten the upper bolt and then the side bolt.

Make sure to install the left handle on the left side and the right handle on the right side. You get to know the side by the countersunk points for the side bolts.

That’s how you install grab handles for the front side. Installing the rear grab handles will call for a similar process.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Grab Handles FAQs


Q-1: Why do I need a Jeep Grab Handle/grab bar?

  • A handle or grab bar allows you to get in and out of your Jeep safely and with ease and also allows you to rest your arm while driving. This makes it an essential part of a jeep. However, there is more to grab bars than safety and comfort. For instance, some come with versatile inner pockets and external pouches for storing your small tools and accessories.

Q-2: What are the different types of grab handles?

There are three different types of handles namely;

  • Plastic grab handles. These have been there for many years and are relatively cheap.
  • Metal grab bars are great for getting in and out of the Jeep, but they block part of the window.
  • Paracord handles are great for personalization and are soft and comfortable to hold.

Q-3: Are handles easy to install?

  • Yes. Most of the grab bars are easy to install and also manufacturers include an instruction manual in the packaging. Most of them fit in the existing mounting points on your Jeep, and thus you will not need to make new holes to install the newer grab handle.

Q-4: If I have large hands, are their handles designed for me?

  • Most of the grab handles are designed to fit all hands as they are made to be wider and lengthier than the average adult palm.
  • Is it important to have handlebars on both the driver and passenger sides?
  • Yes. You should install grab handles for both your passenger and you. Safety and comfort for everyone in the Jeep are important.


Final Verdict


Grab Handles Final


Finding the best Jeep grab handles should not be an overwhelming process if you know what you are looking for. By following our exhaustive guide, you can be sure that you will buy the best handle for your needs.

Therefore, check out all the handles and grab bars we have reviewed here and see which one best suits your Jeep. Remember that your safety is always paramount and thus a high-quality handle can make a big difference during your frequent Jeep rides especially off-road.

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