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The Best HID Headlight Conversion Kits in 2022 – Top Models Reviewed!

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If you buy a new vehicle from a car dealership, it likely comes with halogen bulbs fitted. Although these bulbs are affordable, they’re not the brightest nor the most effective when it comes to driving in low-light conditions. Halogen bulbs also emit a lot of heat that causes them to consume a lot of power. With most motorists now aware of these setbacks, most of them are now turning their attention to the best HID kit.

An abbreviation for High-Intensity Discharge, HID kits are fast gaining popularity for their crisp illumination and excellent visibility. Unlike halogen bulbs that generate excess heat, HID kits generate less heat thus allowing them to consume less power.

Now, the HID technology was developed in 1991 and was first used on the BMW 7 series. Though expensive at the time, this technology gained popularity quite fast and since then, most car manufacturers are fitting their vehicles with these headlights to enjoy the many benefits they offer. That said, this short post will discuss everything you need to know about HID kits.



Best HID Headlight Conversion Kits: Editor’s Top Picks


Types of HID Kits

Now that you’re aware of the main benefits of HID light kits, our next discussion is to list two major types of HID kits. In most cases, the type you pick will depend on your budget and specific needs.

  • Single Beam:

A single beam HID kit is best suited for vehicles that require two bulbs for high beam and low beam needs. In this case, you’ll need two kits to cater to each bulb. With this kit, you’ll have the freedom to operate both bulbs independently.

  • High/Low Beam:

Also known as dual-beam, this type of kit is designed for a single bulb that switches from high to low beams. In most cases, these dual-beam bulbs are available in two types that include Hi/Lo or Bi-Xenon bulbs.

In Hi/Lo beam kits, the low beam automatically converts into HID while the high beam remains as a standard halogen.

In Bi-Xenon kits, the single bulb used converts both high and low beams into xenon lights without sacrificing the quality or clarity of the illumination. These kits are way better than their Hi/Lo counterparts.


Benefits of an HID Kit

  • Excellent Visibility

The first major benefit of HID light kits over halogen bulbs is the intense white light they produce that’s brighter and less distractive when driving. With halogen bulbs, you get a dimmer yellow light. But, with HID lights, you get a blue-white light that mimics the mid-summer sunlight. With a color temperature of about 4300K, HID kits produce better visibility that lets you see road signs and also react to emergencies much faster.

  • Energy Efficiency

When it comes to power efficiency, HID headlights are more energy-efficient than traditional halogen bulbs. In fact, the amount of energy they consume is 25% less compared to halogen bulbs. Since these headlights are efficient when it comes to converting electrical energy to light, they end up consuming less battery power.

Additionally, HID headlights are efficient when it comes to lumens per watt. Since they generate around 110 lumens per watt, these headlights are long-lasting meaning they can be used for years.

  • Durability

When it comes to longevity, HID headlights are estimated to last at least ten times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. According to most statistics, the ballasts and burners of HID headlights can last for nearly 3,000 hours. In fact, they can sometimes last as long as your vehicle is in operation. This helps to lower your maintenance costs as you won’t have to replace your headlights often. However, you should note that HID headlights tend to lose nearly 25% of their brightness when they hit 2,000 hours.

  • Ease of Installation

Another advantage of HID light kits is that they have an easy installation process. When buying these kits, you usually get a complete package that consists of the bulbs, screws, zip ties, ballast holders, and built-in igniters. Since the package also includes an instruction manual, installing these kits on your headlights is straightforward.

  • Excellent Appearance

If you’re concerned with the looks of your vehicle, then perhaps you can consider installing HID headlights over halogen bulbs. With HID headlights, you get a cleaner and fresher appearance that lets your vehicle stand out from the rest. This is the main reason why HID headlights are associated with luxury vehicles.


HID Kits Brands


Kensus Inc is a brand that was established back in 2009. Based in the US, this brand is hailed for providing cutting-edge solutions in the automotive business by manufacturing some of the best car lighting and accessories. One of the areas they thrive most is in the manufacture of high-standard HID and Xenon bulbs.

  • Sylvania Lighting

Sylvania Lighting is a brand that majors in providing high-standard professional and architectural lighting solutions to its customers. Founded about a decade ago, this brand is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Sylvania has huge expertise in the manufacture of lamps and luminaries making it one of the major HID Kit brands.

  • OPT7

OPT7 is another brand that’s hailed for manufacturing some of the best HID light kits in the business. Based in California, this brand was launched back in 1998. Today, OPT7 manufactures some of the best lighting and automotive products such as aftermarket HID kits and C1/C2 off-road LED light bars.

  • Morimoto

Finally, we have Morimoto. Just like most automotive lighting brands, Morimoto is based in the USA and was established back in 2008. This brand manufactures some of the best automotive lightings that perform well in harsh driving conditions.


1. The Innovited HID slim conversion kit

This Brand joins the best hid kit review for the ease of installation and a collective package of all colors for almost any bulb size. The brand has some of the best ballasts in the market with a 55w strength for all versions.

The Bi-Xenon bulbs light on a 3900lm light with a 5500-hour lifespan. It is a plug-and-play HID headlight and you will install it within 30 minutes with the installation manual.

It also has a 2-year warranty.

The AC current used by the kit integrates with your car battery without much voltage change ensuring compatibility with even motorbikes.

Highlighted Features:

  • A universal ballasts fit for almost any car and motorcycle.
  • The ballasts are very strong and weatherproof for durability.
  • Support for all color and bulb strength at the same Bi-Xenon quality beams.
  • Suited for any model of a car including motorbikes without circuit interference.

2. The OPT7 HID Blitz Relay bundle


This is simply OPT7’s combination of 2 35w ballasts, 2 bulbs, and a relay harness that works well as a strong HID kit. It is simple plug and plays and all you need to do is join the kit to your wiring and get an HID experience.

These HID headlights use the 3100lm light with a strong Xenon beam that lights nearly 4 times brighter than your factory halogen bulb. The main attraction to the OPT7 is the powerful Ballasts associated with this Blitz series.

The best version for most car brands in the TPIM version. The version is designed to draw a smaller quantity of raw power that prevents strain on your wiring.

The company has a wide range of bulbs compatible with most vehicles. You have to check the Philips website for your best-fitting bulb and use the installation guide to install it.

Highlighted Features:    

  • The choice for both HI-LO and Bi-xenon beams for select bulb options.
  • The integration of the non-cycling technology for a non-flickering glow.
  • A stainless steel casing that is water-resistant for durability.

3. The Xentec HID conversion kit

The power of upgrading to a bright high white beam halogen through a DC connection is the main attraction of this HID brand. It is one of the best HID kits in the market using the Bi-xenon 35w alloy slim ballast. The HID headlights rely on HI-LO cool white halogen beams for a strong light that is less prone to flickering due to the stable current flow.

However, the DC wiring puts more stress on your battery reducing the wiring convenience of your car.

Xentec offers a two-year warranty on their products with customer service available only through chats and email. The installation is also quite simple with a straightforward manual attached to the kit. This bulb is compatible with many car brands. Xentec offers 6000k compatible with sizes HB5, 9004, and 9007.

Highlighted Features:   

  • Stable lights with little flickering.
  • The standard pricing is quite worth the service.
  • Durable bulbs with up to 5000 light hours.

4. The SDX DC Xenon Headlight


This is simply another extension of the Kensun HID bi-xenon bulbs sold under the SDX brand. This particular brand comes with all the advantages of Kensun 2 year warranty and customer service. Kensun is still the best HID brand with great customer assistance and some of the best hid ballast in the market.

The installation time is recommended at 20 minutes with full assistance from Kensun customer service. The ballasts retain the same durable features inbuilt in Kensun’s top HID converter kits. SDX sells the HB4-8000k ballasts with the 3 times more power as compared to factory-provided bulbs.

This kit uses a DC connection directly from your battery with a standard 3 amp power consumption in full use mode. The bulbs are compatible with sizes HB4, 9006HP, XS, HIR, and HIR2.

The Sylvania and Philips websites have this product with customer assistance offered under the SDX meaning you will get it at a lower price compared to the Kensun direct purchase.

Highlighted Features:   

  • A DC connection that draws a stronger power to the HID headlight to avoid flickers.
  • A standard price with high-quality service.
  • Replacements are readily available in the market.


5. The Kensun 55w HID Xenon conversion kit

Alternative Product

This is famously known as the best self-service HID kit. It is a simple plug-and-play HID kit with a 20 minute unaided installation time for most cars. This is the nature of all of Kensun’s top brands.

If you require professional assistance, the Kensun team offers a full assistance package for free. The famous extra aluminum case is an interesting addition. The package also includes a 2-year warranty.

The kit achieves high intensity through the 55w 12v ballasts that maintain a high light after the ignition of the gas. It also conserves power by reducing individual bulb consumption to 3 amps after the initial 20 amp ignition consumption. This is way lower than any HID headlights in the market.

The conversion kit comes with a set of super-bright 55-watt bulbs that can produce 5 times more brightness than your standard halogen bulbs.

The bulbs in this package are Bi-Xenon – 600k compatible with sizes HB5, 9007, and 9004. This AC HID kit simply integrates with your initial car wiring without affecting your battery or the flow of current. The only thing you have to do is check out your car’s bulb size and reach out to your seller on Philips.

Highlighted Features:   

  • Low power consumption for both headlamps and offroad lights.
  • An easy-to-use installation guide that allows quick unaided installation.
  • A large variety of colors including pink, bright yellow, blue and white lights.
  • The package is universal for almost any car brand with fog lights, off-road lights, high beams, and interior lights.

6. The Morimoto Elite H11 HID kit

Morimoto is famous for its HID systems that can be easily installed even by amateurs with ease. The company has high-quality beams and this kit has a range from 35w to 50w capacity. This kit comes with high-quality H11 5500k. Morimoto bulbs with a high-quality double relay harness are compatible with almost any car wiring.

It is one of the easiest plug-and-play installation interfaces.  The company offers some of the longest warranties in the market with this elite kit having 5 years for the 35w ballast and bulb and 3 years for the 55w ballast and bulb. You can still get your bulb replaced for free if it goes dim after three years. Customer support is available by phone, chat, and email.

Highlighted Features:  

  • Durability standards are incorporated in all appliances including the harness.
  • Long warranty 0f 3 to 5 years with reliable customer support.
  • Easy to install interface with very little hands-on experience required.

7. The Aukee Super Canbus HID Conversion Kit


The Aukee brand has tried to bridge most power consumption shortcomings of most HID kits. It is basically the most power-efficient HID Kit with a startup consumption of just 8 amps and 4.2amps full use power.

The 55W ballast is also powerful with a strong cold white xenon glow that can light up a very long distance. The integration of the canbus connectivity technology reduces errors and extends bulb life to over 30, 000 light hours.

The Aukee HID kit is compatible with almost any bulb in the market. The kit comes with 2 6000k Aukee xenon bulbs and a harness and installation manuals. The ballast has a 55w output capacity that can light up a bulb to 85% brightness within 3 seconds.

The beam lights at 4300lm with bulb durable features make this one of the best HID kits for universal cars and bulbs used. The brand, however, doesn’t integrate with Dodge Ram and Ford 150 cars. Other cars of the same make may have connection problems with the canbus system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Achieves peak brightness in a short time with low start-up power consumption.
  • Universal bulb compatibility with no brand restrictions.
  • Long-range bulb focus with a long life of over 50,000 hours.
  • Very easy to install as it is compatible with the factory halogen system eliminating the need for modification.


8. Xtreme vision Xenon Slim HID conversion kit


This Xenon kit by HD warehouse is best suited for both DC/AC connections that makes it suitable for any wiring. The Xenon beam is produced on a 35w ballast with 6000k plug and play bulbs.

Installation is simple if you use the installation manual. Tech support is also offered by HD warehouse via phone, chat, and email.

The battery harness is a little complicated and you may need professional assistance to get the right wire length for big vehicles. The main disadvantage is the unreliable current that leads to a flicker on the lights and weak plastic bulb casing quite vulnerable to water, dust, and pebbles.

The manufacturer has a free return policy on the product.

Highlighted Features:  

  • Connect via both AC and DC currents.
  • The 35w Asic ballast is quite reliable with low power consumption.


9. The HID warehouse Xenon Conversion Kit


HID warehouse has great ballast too but the greatest attraction is the standard pricing for all their products. This particular release of the 35w xenon ballast with slim ballast and 35w 8000k bulbs is very affordable.

The 35w ballasts are compatible with many car models but you may need a harness or a canceller cable for some models. The brand offers all colors and almost every bulb size allowing you to even upgrade your bulb to your desired brand.

If you buy this brand, you should consider getting more spare bulbs or another brand of bulbs. Their bulbs are made of a plastic casing which leaves them vulnerable to the weather. The integration with the DC current is also poor leading to flickering lights sometimes.

You should consider checking for bulb compatibility before replacing your halogen bulbs with HID warehouse Xenon conversion kits.

Highlighted Features:

  • A large variety of colors with universally fitting 35w bulbs.
  • A standard price for the whole package is affordable to most users.
  • The digital ASIC ballast integrates well with almost any 35w bulb.


10. The JLM premium HID conversion kit


This is like an upgrade of the Xentec HID kit. When talking of the best HID kits in the market, this German technology kit is still among the best for medium-range HID conversion kits.

The 3600lm xenon bulb lights at 3 times the brightness of a standard halogen bulb. The electricity saving at 35% with both HI-LO and BI-Xenon beams supported.

The non-cycling technology is incorporated to reduce flickering. The HID kit is compatible with all standard OEM bulbs making it universal. The insulated wires and grade 7 silicon alloy casing allow for durability and prevent overheating and shock. The package comes with H11 500K cool white bulbs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal standard OEM bulb compatibility.
  • Durability design with insulation on wires and casing making it weatherproof.
  • The non-cycling interface prevents flickering.
  • The UV-cut quartz 35w bulb prevents light scattering while maintaining a clear beam.


Things to Consider When Buying an HID Kit 

What should your best HID kit have?

  • A warranty

HID conversion kits are long-term investments that have to offer you value for your money. Before making a purchase, you have to look at the period of warranty offered and the services attached to the package. The best warranty should involve free service and replacement in case any accessory has a defect within the specified time. Avoid partial warranties.

  • Ease of installation

The plug-and-play HID kits should have a manual guide on the best way to install and the best car electronic system considerations. The package should include a mounting bracket and a manual among other accessories such as a harness. Complicated installations can be dangerous as you may make a damaging mistake.

  • Power consumption

The power consumption needed to ignite the bulb and the voltage which runs from 80v to 100v is a very important consideration. 35w bulbs are easier on your car’s electronic system as compared to 55w bulbs which in turn produce more powerful beams. AC kits are gentler on the car battery as compared to DC kits which take more power from the battery.

  • Customer assistance and availability of spares

HID bulbs light by burning gas which uses a high voltage and their lifespan is limited. A suitable HID kit should offer easy access to replacements in case a bulb malfunctions. Customer service should help you choose the best bulb fit for your car.

  • Customization flexibility

You may love a feature about one kit and a different accessory from another kit. Compatibility with many bulb sizes and colors will make it easier to customize your most required HID experience. Flexible HID conversion kits also make your switch less expensive as you can retain some items with no need for a fresh installation.

  • Year of release and supported models

Legal requirements such as capacitors and other traction requirements change all the time and HID conversion kits need to adhere to these. Some kits may not be upgraded to adhere to the latest rules leading to a legal problem. You need to check the state laws and enquire from the seller whether their HID kit adheres to them.


Tips for HID Kits


  • When buying HID bulbs, always make sure that you pick the right size that matches your specific car model. When buying, make sure that you mention all the minor details to avoid getting the wrong size.
  • When buying HID light kits, make sure that ballast is present in the deal. Unlike halogen bulbs, HID bulbs require the ballast to control the supply of electric current to the bulb and to keep the bulbs balanced.
  • Always confirm the quality of the HID kit you’re buying at all times. Make sure you’re buying from trusted vendors, and most of all, read customer reviews and ratings.
  • Always buy HID light kits that have an easy plug-n-play installation process. if the kit requires a lot of work during installation, then you should pass it and opt for an alternative kit.
  • Lastly, check the warranty information to ensure that it covers most of the essential parts. These include the ballast and the bulbs.


How to Install HIDs


  • Step One: To install new HIDs, start by opening the car’s hood to access the back of the headlights. Here, you can remove the bulbs directly, if possible, and if not, remove the bolts holding the headlight housing.
  • Step Two: Next, unplug the stock harness and remove the stock bulb.
  • Step Three: Now disconnect the negative terminal and proceed to remove the stock headlight bulb.
  • Step Four: With the stock bulb out of the way, pick your new HID bulb and remove it from the plastic shell. Make sure that you don’t touch the bulb’s glass. But, in case you touch it accidentally, clean it with some rubbing alcohol.
  • Step Five: Now connect your new HID bulb to the headlight housing.
  • Step Six: Connect the wiring to the ballast then connect the ballast back to the stock harness.
  • Step Seven: Test the HID bulb to ensure it’s working. Once you’re done, mount the HID ballast with zip-ties then finalize by screwing back the headlight housing.


Frequently Asked Questions about HID Kits


1. Which HID headlights are the best?

  • Kensun HID lights are still the best brand due to their design. They have a powerful set of bulbs and ballasts that is still gentle on the car electronic system. However, all these are best HID kit reviews and you can check out your most desired features and the kit that suits you best.

2. What are the benefits of an HID headlight over LED and halogen bulbs?

  • HID headlights produce a bright light that imitates sunlight making night and bad weather driving safer.
  • HID bulbs have a longer lifespan compared to halogen bulbs while producing 3 to 5 times more light.
  • HID bulbs also consume less power leaving your battery stronger.

3. How long will my HID bulbs last?

  • Most bulbs have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. (30,000 to 50,000 hours)

4. Are HID kits permanent?

  • The whole kit can be removed if you want to replace it. You can easily upgrade to another kit or go back to your factory bulbs whenever you wish.


Final Verdict


Whether you are buying a hid headlight for the first time or simply looking to make an upgrade, a fact-based purchase will help you get a better driving experience. After purchasing your HID kit, you have to ensure your battery is disconnected before installing the kit.

In case you realize the HID conversion kit is interfering with your car’s electronic system, you should seek assistance from a professional to remove or repair it. Now you may go for Rock Lights.

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