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10 Best Driving Shoes in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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How often have your shoes caused you pain when driving? Have you felt unsafe because of the apparel on your feet when driving? If this is you, it sounds like you are in need of some new driving shoes in 2019. You are not alone because the best driving shoes are a priority for a lot of people these days. Individuals want to feel safe on the road. They can do this by purchasing shoes with no-slip protection.

This way, there will be no manual brake, gas, or clutch issues because of your quality shoes. Also, these shoes need to be comfortable, especially if you are traveling long distances throughout the year.

In this buying review guide, you will get to sort through the Top-10 driving shoes on the market today.



Best Driving Shoes: Editor’s Top Picks


Why Do You Need Driving Shoes?


Driving Shoes Need

Some might question why you need a driving shoe, but they are more important than you may think. Driving shoes, or “drivers,” were originally created as footwear for men. First created in 1963, the “car shoe” was made for professional car racers. Then, it trickled down to the commercial market for all to enjoy.

With rubber nubs on the heel or sole, they are perfect to slip on when you go out for a drive in your vehicle. Many are made of nubuck, leather, suede, or other skins that look amazing. With a ton of colors to enjoy, you need driving shoes because they are stylish and comfortable all in one.

Traditionally, the darker the material, the more formal your loafers actually are. The lighter loafers are great for a casual get-together.

Many people think they can just hop into a vehicle with any type of shoe on, but this could not be further from the truth. The truth is men and women will have the best driving experience when they have driving shoes on. These shoes will keep you safe, especially if you need to hit the gas or brake very quickly.

Also, when you are driving long distances, driving shoes are made for comfort. Many people need to stay comfortable because they drive for a living. Truck drivers, limousine drivers, UBER or LYFT drivers, or taxi drivers should invest in these shoes since they live 8 hours or more a day in a vehicle. This will make the workday a whole lot more enjoyable.

The last reason why you need driving shoes is that they help your body stay fresh and healthy. Some shoes can start to bring about medical problems in the body. Driving shoes will not cause any problems, and will actually get you feeling better than ever before if you have foot, ankle, or back problems.


Things to Consider When Buying Driving Shoes


Driving Shoes FAQs

Before you buy the best men’s driving shoes, it is important that you sort through a few factors first. These factors include comfort, fit, grip, lightweight, quality, style, and wear-ability.

  • 1. Comfort

When looking for the best driving shoes that are comfortable, you have to start with the insole. An insole that is breathable and soft will actually become more comfortable over time. Also, a great insole should have a supported heel and arch to help with balance wherever you walk. This will allow for greater comfort, too. The flexibility of the material is important for comfort as well. No matter if you are sitting, changing gears, braking, or walking, the comfort level of your loafers should stay the same.

  • 2. Fit

Fit should be another priority for you. Nothing is worse than you slipping out of your shoe. This is a safety concern if you slip out of your loafers, while you are driving. On the other hand, it can be just frustrating if the foot’s circulation becomes compromised. Your feet will become cramped and all you will be thinking about is your awful shoes.

To make sure you have a perfect fit, measure your feet. Start with the sole, using a measuring tape, and look at a comparison chart to help you along the way. Also, look for a brand that has free returns. This way, you can really purchase the best driving shoes for you.

  • 3. Grip

When driving or walking, you want to make sure you have essential traction. With textile gripping, you will grip the pedal, if you are driving, or when you are walking up the stairs, so you do not slip. Some are great in the water, while others will make you skid around.

  • 4. Lightweight

Nothing is worse than your loafers feeling like bricks on your feet. Great loafer options are made of lightweight materials. This is perfect for driving, so you can have comfort wherever you travel to. Make sure that when you are looking for the right driving shoes, you notice the weight of the loafers. Some brands put the weight per shoe. Others weigh the shoes per pair. By doing your homework upfront, you will know exactly what you are getting.

  • 5. Quality

When you have the best driving shoes for you, quality is something that you should expect. In turn, this will keep you safe and comfortable mile after mile. You will definitely know if you have quality shoes or not. Low-quality loafers will make your feet sweat a lot, cause your feet to stink, and/or bring about blisters. Other poor-quality loafers will stretch too much, not allowing for a great fit. Additionally, the loafers may tear, forcing you to buy new loafers sooner than expected.

  • 6. Style

Everyone has a different kind of style that fits him or her. When searching for the best driving shoes, know that style should next supersede durability or comfort. However, after those factors are settled, style is next. Do not be that person who starts with style. Then, he or she is unhappy with the purchase. Instead, set yourself up well and then pick the colors and styles you want.

  • 7. Wear-Ability

This may seem like one of the lower factors you should be concerned with, but wear-ability is essential to think about, too. Some people want a great slip-on. Make sure that the shoe allows for what you want. Or maybe you want added stability with the shoe conforming to the back of your foot. Then, get a loafer that fits this category best. You will then live a long life enjoying the loafers that you choose for all the right reasons.


Top 10 Best Driving Shoes Reviews:

1. Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin


Cole Haan mens Gunnison Driver loafers shoes,...

These driver moccasins, made by Cole Haan, are some of the best shoes for driving. Made of 100% brown leather, these imported models add a rubber sole for extra stability. The leather is hand-burnished while allowing for a classy croc print that will wow anyone you come in contact with. Furthermore, with its classic moccasin feel, you will love the collar that is slotted and the amazing driver heel.

The outsole is super-grippy, so you will not have to worry about any slippage at all. This mode is really fashionable, too, because of its hand-stitched construction. At less than 2 pounds, these Gunnison Driver Moccasins will not hold you down. Instead, they will bring about sure footing wherever you go.

Driving moccasins have never been better with this model because they can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America. However, they are not shipped internationally. As you look to size these race-driving shoes, trust that the size you pick will be true to form.

Many customers purchased the regular size, which fit medium and wide feet, and they had no problem having them fit exactly. More often than not, these shoes will last you year after year. If you at any time run into the shoe-wearing down in the first year, you can return it for a new pair of moccasins.

Highlighted Features:

  • Amazing comfort
  • Perfect to wear without socks
  • Made of flexible material
  • Quality coloring
  • Stylish enough for big events

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2. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer


Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Wes Penny...

With three-color options, the Polo Ralph Penny Loafer is one of the best driving loafers money can buy you in the 21st Century. The colors include smooth black, tan, and navy. Made of 100% leather, this imported leather has a strong, synthetic sole to boot. With the heal measuring out at 0.25”, you won’t notice the added lift that raises you above the competition.

As a classic moccasin, the contrast stitching makes this a stylish best leather-driving shoe. The design of this shoe mimics the East Coast Ivy League to make you feel extra special every time you wear these best driving shoes. Ralph Lauren made these shoes to help you feel like you are living a preppy life while wearing their icon product. When figuring out the right size for you, trust that these shoes are true to size, so you will not have to do any guessing.

The toe box is just right for customers and the width of the shoe is true to form. If you are looking for arch support, you can find moderate help from this shoe, too. However, these shoes are not water-resistant, so watch out or your shoes may start to shrink. Still, they are perfect to wear with or without socks depending on the occasion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well-made construction
  • Won’t have any cuts or blisters from these shoes
  • Very comfortable
  • Provide amazing traction wherever you go
  • Easy maintenance as the shoe ages

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3. Twisted X Men’s Leather Lace-Up Rubber Sole Moc Toe Driving Moccasins


Twisted X Men's Bomber Leather Lace Up...

If you are looking for the best shoe for truck driving, you may have found them with the Twisted X Moccasins. With over 15 color options, you will have plenty to consider, if these are the shoes for you. This leather, imported varieties are some of the best in the business because they have a genuine rubber sole that will not wear down over time. Experts who have been in the business for years handcraft each of these moccasin boots. Expect excellent quality from these moccasins and extra comfort when driving long distances.

Every pair of Twisted X Moccasins are made with the very best leather money can buy. This material can also be washed if they get dirty at all. Take out the insole to clean, but expect it to mold nicely back into the shoe when you are ready to roll. With moisture-wicking tech, enjoy these best shoes for driving long distances.

The outsole has an amazing grip that will not wear you down. The slip-resistant technology is superior in the traction department. Even in the rain or snow, these moccasins hold up. Being made in the United States of America assures buyers that this product is built for the toughest environments on the planet. You can trust Twisted X and its track record.

Highlighted Features:

  • Essential for casual or professional events
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfort is second to none
  • Sensational style options
  • Fast delivery
  • Lightweight material
  • Insoles are as snug as gel

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4. PUMA Men’s Vedano Leather Slip-On Shoe


PUMA Men's Vedano Hook and Loop Sneaker

Some other best men’s driving shoes include this next possibility from PUMA. These shoes are made of 100% sheep leather that is imported. It also has a rubber sole attached. The shoes are fashioned after racecar fashion that has a silhouette that is streamlined. The Velcro loop closure allows for added support and stability, as well as a non-slip outsole. Each PUMA shoe uses a textile lining and a footbed that is cushioned nicely.

You can wear these shoes for hours, and still not even know you have shoes on. That is how comfortable these race-driving shoes actually are. The Vedano is great for the casual wearer, as it looks and feels like an amazing sneaker. You can slip these loafers on with ease, and see how comfortable they can be.

If you are looking to purchase this marvelous option, PUMA ships anywhere across America, as well as military posts across the world. PUMA has prided itself on being one of the best in the business, and they can prove it to you with this amazing model. Expect these shoes to last for you year after year. Enjoy the surprising vibe of this shoe, so you will see how these best shoes for driving can really be.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to break-in
  • Perfect to wear every day of the week
  • Outstanding grip for terrific traction
  • Smooth and sleek shoes for any individual
  • Inspired by driving and soccer shoes
  • Throwback design
  • Elasticity works because of the stretchy fabric

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5. CLARKS Men’s Ashmont Race


Clarks Men's Ashmont Race Driving Style...

The best leather driving shoes come could be in the form of this next model from CLARKS. These Men’s Ashmont Race shoes are made of pure imported leather that also included a synthetic sole. The upper part of each shoe is a breathable material, so your feet will not sweat and cause the shoes to stink.

With the thermoplastic rubber design, you should expect traction and overall comfort. The foam beneath the leather is Ortholite, so you can expect comfort and medical strength in every step you take. For any casual affairs, you can wear these fashionable shoes that will vamp up your life.

The CLARKS Men’s Ashmont Race shoes have 6 colors for you to choose from Cognac Leather, Light Tan Leather, Tan Leather, Brown Smooth, Dark Brown Leather, and Dark Brown. At less than 2 pounds, these shoes are super lightweight, as you walk from Point A to Point B. Each shoe is made in the country of China. The toe box design is perfect and so is the width, which is true to size. Also, there is decent arch support to keep your feet feeling good. As a slip-on loafer, you will see how it comes to the other big brands in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well-made quality shoe
  • Fit to size
  • Nice looking shoes for any occasion
  • Essential for walking and driving
  • Loafers wear in very nicely
  • Amazing price for the product you purchase
  • Feet stay relaxed even if you are standing for long periods of time

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6. Serene Women’s Leather Cowhide Casual Lace-up Flat Driving Loafers


Serene Womens Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up...

Some of the best women’s driving shoes come from Serene. Rubber sole and cow leather compile these imported options. There are also amazing color options like beige, black, blue, dark blue, burgundy, light green, orange, pink, red, brown, dark brown, light brown, gold, white, light yellow, and silver. The upper portion of the leather is stretchable allowing your foot a natural contour.

These best driving shoes can be laced up or slipped on to perfection. As a durable shoe option, you will not slip with anti-slip protection. Enjoy every walking experience you ever have. The casual design makes you look good at every event, whether you are inside or outside.

You may think that tennis shoes might be more comfortable, but these loafers are just as cozy and durable as the former. At just over 1 pound, these shoes are light enough that you will not feel like you have bricks on your feet.

Made in the country of China, you can expect these shoes to work for you month after month. They are also easy to clean if they get dirty. Use saddle soap or other manufacturer instructions. When wearing them, you can wear them with or without socks and still feel an amazing comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extreme comfort
  • Free returns on every Serene purchase
  • Flexible leather construction
  • The design looks like an expensive German option
  • Artificial supports built into the shoes
  • A unique creation that does not have copycat fake options

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7. ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer


ECCO Men's New Jersey Slip-On Loafer

ECCO also makes an amazing brand of loafers as well. The fabric consists of 100% leather that is imported with a synthetic sole. Each platform measures out at 0.5”, so you can rise above people, but not too much.

These slip-on alternatives have side inserts and look like traditional bicycle shoes with an amazing toe box. One of the great things about these ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafers is they are made of one component that has a shock point. This way, your shoes will take the load off and give you more traction for success.

With an amazing fabric lining and an embellished logo, you can expect this full-grain leather to shine. These loafers are elegant enough to wear for big events but low-key enough to wear around the house, too. ECCO prides itself on making footwear that meets the needs of its customers.

If you are taking the stairs, these loafers will work. If you need to walk around the big city day after day, these shoes will do. Maybe you are working your way up the mountain? ECCO will deliver you a quality product that fits your lifestyle.

Highlighted Features:

  • ECCO’s Freedom Fit gives you a toe box with added room
  • Leather is made from ECCO’s own tanneries
  • Polyurethane Soles retain their shape like memory foam
  • Weigh just over 1 pound
  • Insoles can be added to these loafers
  • The Comfort Fibre System pushes air through the lining of your shoes

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8. Labatostyle Women’s Casual Leather Loafers Driving Moccasins Flat Shoes


Labatostyle makes another best women’s driving shoe. With 8 sensational flat options, you can purchase shoes in the color black, brown, khaki, light blue, red, royal blue, wine red, and green. Made of synthetic materials, the rubber sole allows for great traction when you walk around. Anti-slip protection is shock absorption, so you will stand standing without any problems. Additionally, you will not feel hard rocks or debris as you walk around.

Each shoe is hand-stitched and double reinforced, so your product will last and last. Excellent craftsmanship allows you peace of mind, knowing professionals made your loafers. Breathable lining keeps blisters and/or corns away from your feet. The back heel can fold down to wear them as slippers or as driving loafers by keeping the heel up. The shoes are very flexible to contour your feet. You may even think you are getting a massage wherever you walk to.

When you first receive this product, air out the shoes to help with ventilation. When you start wearing them, you can use them to drive, travel, walk, shop, and/or dance, among other things. At just under 1 pound, these shoes hardly weigh anything at all. The high arches give you added comfort, while the width and toe box are as advertised.

Highlighted Features:

  • Astounding color options
  • Soft leather construction
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • No Slippage with these sweet loafers
  • A casual and cute style that you should wear with jeans


9. Mio Marino Men’s Loafers


The Mio Marino Men’s Loafers are some of the best shoes for truck driving. The first thing you will notice is the design and color. They are truly amazing because they offer 3 tan, 3 black, and 1 chocolate color possibility. These loafers are made from leather with a rubber sole. The road-style design is bold for men looking for a casual loafer. They are so comfortable; you may never want to take them off. If you are enjoying warm weather, these shoes are perfect for the summer months.

The Italian leather quality is something that you can feel with every step. You can even test them in the rain because they are waterproof. They will not fade in the sun, so wear them when the rays are the brightest.

Additionally, the leather will not crack in the sun, so there is no maintenance to worry about. When you purchase your loafers, they come in amazing gift-wrapping, no matter if you are buying them for yourself or a friend. There is also a great waterproof bag that they come in.

If you are not completely satisfied with these loafers from Mio Marino, understand that you have a risk-free purchase. You have up to 45 days to exchange or return your loafers. Also, this will not cost you anything extra. Lastly, there is a 180-day warranty if your shoes have any problems at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Open Road Style
  • Half-sized for perfect fits
  • Weigh just over 1 pound
  • Authentic leather
  • Amazing packaging


10. Rockport Men’s Luxury Cruise Penny Tan Loafer


Rockport Men's Luxury Cruise Penny Tan Loafer...

The last loafers on the list are some of the best shoes for driving long distances. The make-up of these shoes starts with 100% leather. They are imported with a synthetic sole. With shock-absorbing technology, your heel will be cushioned step after step. The rubber outsole allows you to grip whatever terrain you walk on. A footbed that conforms to your foot allows extra cushioning. They feel like moccasins, as they wrap nicely around your foot. If your leather gets dirty at all, do not worry because they are really easy to clean. If you stay up with consistent cleaning, you can expect these loafers to have an extended life.

The construction of these loafers has a toe box that will give room for any person’s foot, as well as perfect width. No matter if you are going on a luxury cruise or wearing the shoes around the house, get pumped to wear these loafers from Rockport. Wherever you may roam, take the Rockport Loafers along for the ride. You will not regret your purchase because your loafers will not cause you any trouble at all.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft enough that it fits like a glove each and every time
  • Light materials that you will not even feel
  • Engineered flex allows you to move freely
  • Rockport has been making shoes since 1971
  • Made in the country of Brazil in South America
  • Weigh less than 1 pound per shoe
  • Includes a penny keeper strap

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Shoes to Avoid When Driving


Driving Shoes Avoid

When driving, it is important to put on some incredible driving shoes. But, there are definitely some articles of footwear that you should stay away from. To start, never drive barefoot or in your socks. It is very easy for your feet to slip in the most crucial of driving situations. Your footwear may be the difference between you stopping on a dime or hitting the car in front of you.

Next, steer clear from sandals and flip-flops. This footwear has terrible traction, which could cause a driving problem, too. Now, some might think that running shoes would be fine when driving, but you should not wear them either. Since running shoes are thick and have great cushions, these shoes have trouble with feeling. It is important to feel the pedal when driving, as mentioned before, and athletic shoes are not the answer.

You really should just keep driving shoes in your car and swap in and out of them when you get out of the car. But, in today’s day and age, driving shoes are so classy; you can wear them wherever you want. This way, you will keep looking good no matter the affair.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Shoes Guide

Q-1: Where is a good place to wear driving shoes?

  • Preferably, driving shoes should just be worn when driving. With a thin sole, these shoes feel a vehicle’s pedal much better than other shoe options. But, they become more adaptable year after year. With many driving shoes, your foot will get tired and start to ache. However, many of the options mentioned above pride themselves on being multi-use. Just check with certain brands for more information.

Q-2: When picking a driving shoe, what is the most important factor to consider?

  • When considering driving shoes, comfort should be your number one priority. How your sole and heel feel should be essential to you and your lifestyle. If the soles are too wide, you could hit the wrong pedal when driving. Imagine the detrimental trouble this could cause. Also, the grip should be a top factor, too. If you can’t grip the pedal appropriately, the loafers you are considering should drop from your list of choices.

Q-3: Are high-heels a good option when driving instead of loafers?

  • High-heels truly are a safety hazard if you wear them to drive. You could catch the heels on something at the most inopportune time, whether it is an unwanted acceleration or braking. Your reaction time will be severely limited with high heels on your feet.

Q-4: Can I wear old loafers when driving?

  • If you are in a pinch, old loafers could get you from Point A to Point B. However, driving should be a positive experience, and old loafers will only cause you pain when traveling long distances. Your grip could be worn down, leading to trouble previously mentioned. Additionally, your feet and body may be sore the next day. Use new models for the best results.

Q-5: How important is it for me to wear socks with driving shoes?

  • This is more of a preference question, but many say driving shoes should not have socks between your feet. Since driving shoes are specifically designed for better grip and traction when driving, do not hinder the process by placing socks in between. Then, you will have less feeling. If you must wear socks low-rise options or invisible liners as best. The less sock you have, the better the loafer experiences you will have.

Q-6: How bad is it to drive with bare feet?

  • Many may ask why driving shoes are important at all. If driving shoes are designed to feel the pedal better, would not barefooted be the better option? Unfortunately, our feet do not have a great grip. A barefoot will slide off a pedal with ease. By having driving shoes, you will assure comfort and great grip wherever you drive to.


Final Verdict


Driving Shoes Final

At the end of the day, it is imperative that you have driving shoes that are best for you. Find shoes that bring about comfort and style together in one package. Do not settle for minimal quality, and pay what you can afford. But, do not settle for the second-best. Many people drive in a vehicle every single day, so they should make their driving occurrence the best every time. Fashion and color are cool, but how your shoe grips and feels is a lot more important than anything else you do. Next, make sure to enjoy the process. Buying driving shoes are not something you do every day. So, when you do make a decision, go about it with a clear mind and get excited for your very first opportunity with your very own driving shoes. Now, go out there and make a great loafer purchase.

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